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  1. Trueblood

    China Crisis coming over in August

    I'll be there, last gig in PSM was brilliant
  2. Trueblood

    Govt Pensions Revealed

    What gets me is the percentages of final salary that they eligible too. A firefighter can get 67% of their final salary as a pension, that's nuts because there's no way during their employment that they would have contributed enough from their salaries, as over say a 30 year period, for the most part, they would have been earning nowhere near their final salary and their contributions would be in line with what they were earning at the time, not what they were going to earn in the future.
  3. Trueblood

    Game of Thrones - what next?

    The books are brilliant better than the tv series as you get more depth of character and plot, also the style is different as each chapter is based on one main characters perspective, which wouldn't work for tv. The casting for the tv show is very good using a mostly british cast and in particular Peter Dinklage is fantastic as Tyrion Lannister. The production is amazing for a tv show and set new standards for tv drama, it's arguably a landmark tv show as fantasy is notoriously difficult to translate to the screen, LOTR being the obvious exception.
  4. Trueblood

    TT2018 - entertainment, tents and that

    The only issue would seem to be the lack of a tender process for the Villa gardens
  5. Trueblood

    What's missing?

    Used to be a decent Tex Mex in Douglas, Ejays?
  6. Trueblood

    What's missing?

    Watched Rick Stein's last series when he was in Mexico and some of the food looked amazing.
  7. Trueblood

    What's missing?

  8. Trueblood

    What's missing?

  9. Trueblood

    Manx Radio

    Family requested name withheld
  10. Finlo stated that he was having a third of his salary deducted at source and used a figure of £3k pm as an example I’m merely demonstrating he’s wrong or being royally screwed by his employer as it's more like a fifth deducted.
  11. In his example £3k pm ie £36k pa he's only paying 20% tax on £17k. His total IT is £4,050 which equates to 11.25% of his gross pay, even adding employees NI of c. £3,300 his total deductions is still only 20.4%. A fifth not a third.
  12. After deductions your net should be at least £2.3k, deductions equate to about 22%.
  13. Trueblood

    is the mountain road shut?

    What if you live on the closed road, for example the sloc is closed but there are properties off the road whose only access to other roads is via the sloc. A few hours is ok but it’s been days, are they not allowed to leave their properties?
  14. Actually I think its closed down, looks like its a fancy goods shop now.
  15. There's a fancy dress hire shop in Castletown.