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  1. Finlo stated that he was having a third of his salary deducted at source and used a figure of £3k pm as an example I’m merely demonstrating he’s wrong or being royally screwed by his employer as it's more like a fifth deducted.
  2. In his example £3k pm ie £36k pa he's only paying 20% tax on £17k. His total IT is £4,050 which equates to 11.25% of his gross pay, even adding employees NI of c. £3,300 his total deductions is still only 20.4%. A fifth not a third.
  3. After deductions your net should be at least £2.3k, deductions equate to about 22%.
  4. is the mountain road shut?

    What if you live on the closed road, for example the sloc is closed but there are properties off the road whose only access to other roads is via the sloc. A few hours is ok but it’s been days, are they not allowed to leave their properties?
  5. Actually I think its closed down, looks like its a fancy goods shop now.
  6. There's a fancy dress hire shop in Castletown.
  7. Rob callister mhk

    A decision on Lawrence Skelly's position cannot wait until January. Either he or Howard Quayle need to make a statement about his position.
  8. Shrinking economy

    Also it'll affect the calculation for vat sharing with the UK.
  9. Shrinking economy

    Didn't Eddie Teare's targets for balancing the books assume a certain level of economic growth? If the economy continued to shrink won't it throw Alf's forecasts out the window, particularly with regard to funding psp's?
  10. Sunday Opinion 13/9/15

    You can get a boarding pass downloaded onto your phone before getting to the airport
  11. Tesco to stop providing free plastic bags

    We were using it 40 years ago and definitely refers to spina bifida. It may refer to different things now but that was its origin. In the same way calling someone a phlid came from thalidomide.
  12. Tesco to stop providing free plastic bags

    It's slang for someone who has spina bifada. Not very pc.
  13. Sunday Opinion 13/9/15

    Manx Radio has been scrapped?
  14. Bushy's to lose TT site?

    You wouldn't say that if you'd been there last night, it was absolutely rammed.
  15. Interesting

    Been told the same thing. The unproven figure was nearer £70k allegedly. Was also told that she thought she'd be found not guilty because she'd paid it back.