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  1. Security is handled by a private company from Ireland and have a minimum manning level regardless of time of day. The peak times at IOM airport are no real different to other airports. Mon morning, Fri + Sun late afternoon and early evening and a little on Sat mornings, being when leisure travel is at it's most and hence why airfares are cheaper Tuesday thru to Thursday morning. Travelling last Sunday it was clear people arrived around 25mins before take off time for easyjet and often see it too, so joe public doesn't always help themselves!
  2. Sadly it isn't. All public paying carparks that operate a barrier system have a free grace period to allow motorists to find a parking spot an leave without paying if none found. The airports one is around 10-12 minutes so quite generous. However if you do park upu for longer than this, the time starts from obtaining your ticket and is a pound.
  3. I was replying in reference to the loss of both engines not one, the answer given is pretty much in respect of any aircraft. As you mention the Q400, that only operates usually the Birmingham route whereas all others are the lighter ATR-72.
  4. However in order for the aircraft to maintain it's "lift" keeping the plane going forward, it needs to slowly descend. Given Flybe don't fly at great heights it could make a water landing a very possible outcome! Reverse thrust would also be lost if they did make it to a runway anyways.
  5. Well apart from what has/does happen. Some parts of Govt work is slowly but surely being privatised, Oohh giving more work to the private sector then! Positions for staff who leave/fired/die or retire etc are not always being refilled. A business case is put forward by a senior manager of that dept needing to fill a position which can take forever to happen and in some cases not approved. Staff numbers are going down as people leave. There have been redundancies too and more to come and of course there are now new terms for new starters and promotion in Govt resulting in any group of workers who may all do the exact same work, being paid varying rates of pay. Yep am sure it's a blast being a govt worker. Whenever I get a pay rise it just goes to my ex wife anyways, maintenance payments through the court are indexed linked so like anything in life for us all, in one hand and out to with the other :-)
  6. Did I mention cyclists? so nope! They save a fortune on not buying fuel so why they not pay towards the upkeep of the roads? Harmers plans are in 4 years time to tax them a whole whopping 20 quid. Hopefully this answers your last point? In short whatever they pay does not go towards the upkeep of roads that they drive on every day, the more electric cars appear, the bigger the loss to Govt and the bigger the increases to fuelled cars,,,,,,,,,,
  7. Except that Electric cars are becoming more popular these days, they would pay nowt and the number of these type of cars can only ever increase. In simple terms, it should be if you drive a vehicle, you pay towards the roads upkeep :-)
  8. Whilst Menzies maybe the handling agents both in Gatwick and the IOM, certainly here Menzies do not deal with the hotels/taxis etc for easyjet. They used to, easyjet now employ a 3rd party company to arrange such things when flights are delayed and cancelled. One could therefore rightfully assume the same applies in Gatwick. Certainly for here it is what can cause delays in getting things sorted.
  9. The whole thing no matter when they started looking at it was done extremely quick. Don't be too surprised if in a couple weeks advertising of the full schedule. What they are doing now I would think was a quick fix, so better timings and weekends may appear at some point soon. As for Citywing, some finer detail!
  10. so is the childs attacker intending to do no harm then? In this particular case, no he wasn't. My ex like many women have previously done, passed her feelings of hatred towards me on to her new partner, it is not uncommon that a man in this situation through his feelings towards the woman, also then feels hatred towards her ex. On the day in question he was left to look after my children, despite our conditions of sharing the kids stating that each party will 1st ask the other incases of not being able to care for them personally. He lost his temper with my youngest and gripped her on her upper clothing and threw her. It was some time later I found out after noticing my daughter was withdrawn and not acting herself, Both kids are fully aware of their mothers feelings towards me and her then boyfriend and was frightened of getting into trouble for making him angry and knowing it would cause more problems again between me and my ex. When she eventually told me, I told my ex who denied it, I went to the Police and made a formal complaint and statement. As much as I would have liked to have dealt with things myself Notwell, it was some time after and I would have been prosecuted and lambasted for not simply reporting it. No doubt it would have effected my current joint custody and definitely would have lost my job. It took around 3 weeks for the good ole social services to tell me they would not be investigating the assault!! For those that are not aware, children raised in such situations of animosity between the parents, having gone through the system on occasions with court welfare, social services, Police and courts often become alcohol or drug dependant, a higher risk of self harming, struggle to maintain loving relationships, become anti social, become young offenders, what's worse is when they feel the system of Police and/or social workers has let them down, the risk increases for all the above. But hey, as far as they are concerned what the feck do I know, am a bloke and a dad, not a mother who's usually the favoured one........
  11. I actually went straight to the Police, they guy had just 3 months previously received a caution for assault in front of women and children! The police in turn on this occasion involved social services and between them decided that no action would be taken or the man even being spoken to or even the ex wife who continued a relationship with the guy for a number of weeks after, until after pressure from my daughter, she finished with him. As we all know, mitigating circumstances or not, the courts actually do prosecute the offender and given my job, it would be lost without any doubt and knowing our fabulous social services, I would then be looked at as the bad guy and which could effect my joint custody order.
  12. Lmao, I'll be sure to pass your thoughts on to my daughter who's been dragged through many systems, been assaulted by mummys boyfriend, seen that cops and social services are of no help, and who will no doubt more than likely grow up with emotional baggage. Before your bedtime boy!, try searching the effects of what children can grow up to suffer when let down during their time of need, ignored by the system, emotional abuse and at least one crap parent. Oh how perfect you and your life/family must be.............. Good night, knob!!
  13. Aww I guess yer right, when I married her and we were loves young dream and had kids, I just knew I shouldn't have shacked up with an arsehole of a woman. For the record I don't have a partner, mummy however has had a few boyfriends though and it was one of THEM who assaulted my youngest, I hope that clears it up for you dear!!!
  14. Having had social services in my kids lives a few times over a 6 year period, in my opinion if it's a good switched on and caring social worker you manage to get, then yer lucky as they like rocking horse poop! thankfully I had one, but only 1!!! Bank workers from the UK were about as much use as a chocolate fireguard and their complaints procedure is shocking and can be dragged out for many months. Latest incident when my 8 year old broke down and told me mummy's boyfriend had grabbed her and thrown her around whilst left looking after her, told the Police who in turn told social, neither of whom even got of their arse to even speak with the guy, let alone investigate it. Sadly and rather annoyingly, from the very outset 6 years ago I told them what I knew was going to happen over time, cos lets face it, who knows my kids better, me or them, they ignored me cos they know best and now I feel I have kids I can't fully protect............. So saveus fromshite, I feel for yer and your situation
  15. The sentence in my lower sig that refers to family law, not much different to 1000's of other men some may say. Oh and at over 50 years of age and no criminal record for myself or any family members or even friends, I would agree, staggeringly unlucky that as victims, we didn't get the right copper on the job,,,, Whilst in some cases as there's more, apologies were received from the Police, but that's little compensation after the damage is done,,,,,,,,,