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  1. Sunday Morning, my Old Computer had Died so I had to pick up a New Computer. I am still getting used to the New Keyboard Configuration and am still making a lot of Mistakes. It is an Acer 3 Computer. I hope to get used to it shortly. 3X3
  2. minutes ago, TheTeapot said:
    Oof! John, that's a bit harsh! Rambling sure, but there's nothing nasty or malicious about the druid. Personally I like that he posts here, he seems a nice fella. If I ever get to go back to Vancouver I'm going to invite him for a drink.



    So when were You in Vancouver?

    Maybe someday, I might happen back to IoM and I will want to Look You Up.




  3. New Rules

    These Forums are nothing as compared to BC Forums of BowlandCentral.com. There are some Members of that Forums that go were more Over the Top than anything I have seen here. 3X3
  4. New Rules

    Those did not appear to be New Rules but a Blast of Frustration with the Threat of Closing Down Manx Forums in it entirety. That would be a Crying Shame as I had just gotten more involved with Manx Forums in the past year or two. 3X3
  5. My Tdn E-Book: "a Treasury Of Druidic Triads"

    For my 2010 Samhain 3X3 Triad of Wisdom, I took the one that I wrote last December about the things that I Hate and changed it to say what things that are Wise to Hate. I made it my 2010 Samhain 3X3 Triad of Wisdom as it is during Samhain that all the Dark Issues of Life are Addressed as well as Commemorated. So here is my 2010 Samhain 3X3 Triad of Wisdom Composition: 2010 Samhain 3X3 Triad Of Wisdom on "What Is Wise To Hate": It Is Wise To Hate: - Intolerance, - Hypocracy, - And Dogmatic Attitudes. It Is Wise To Hate: - Egotism, - Vanity, - And Greed. It Is Wise To Hate: - Lying, - Cheating, - And Stealing. ------------------------------------------------- It Is Wise To Hate: - Litter, - Pollution, - And Smog. It Is Wise To Hate: - Fighting, - Arguing, - And Disagreeing. It Is Wise To Hate: - Extinctions, - Kulling, - And Enslaving. ----------------------------------------------------------- It Is Wise To Hate: - War, - Genocides, - And Ethnic Cleansing. It Is Wise To Hate: - Social Intrique, - Back Stabbing, - And Rumor Mongering. It Is Wise To Hate: - Raping, - Killing, - And Torturing. 3X3
  6. Remembrance Day!

    I Agree With You Completely!
  7. Remembrance Day!

    That is something similar to Mothers of Service Men pinning White Feathers onto Able Bodied Men who had not Enlisted in the Army during WW1. I do not agree with using that kind of Peer Pressure to Shame a Person into wearing a Poppy during WW2. They should do some at their own informed Freedom of Will. 3X3
  8. More shootings in the U.S.

    As the Bowl of Petunias thought as it fell to ground of the Planet Magrathea: "Oh No! Not Again!" 3X3
  9. Remembrance Day!

    Is Not! Actually, I have seen some People acquire the Habit of Wearing Poppies all year round. To them, they have the Attitude that Remembrance Day should not exist just One Day of the Year but exists All 365 Days of the Year (paraquoting Dickens Ghost of Xmas Present). 3X3
  10. Remembrance Day!

    So that is how you do it over there. We do it on the Exact Day and are given a Stat Day Off with Pay. Having it as a Paid Stat Day Off, you won't see anyone on our side of the Pond writing to Abolish Remembrance Day anytime soon. 3X3
  11. Remembrance Day!

    You are Not Forced to participate in the Remembrance Day Ceremonies. You get Your Statutory Day Off with Pay but No One is Forcing You to attend any of the Remembrance Ceremonies. You can Feel Free to Not Participate if You Don't Feel like it. That is one of the Freedoms that our Veterans Fought and Suffered for. 3X3
  12. Remembrance Day!

    You Were Serious!!! https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2017/nov/09/no-more-remembrance-days-consign-20th-century-history "We should not be remembering, but forgetting. Almost all the conflicts in the world are caused by too much remembering: refreshing religious divisions, tribal feuds, border conflicts, humiliations and expulsions." This Guy is Off His Bird!
  13. Remembrance Day!

    Are You Serious?! 3X3
  14. Remembrance Day!

    I was the one recording the Video. On Friday the 10th, I went to a $50/Plate Military Reunion Dinner of my Old Regiment. I wore my Regimental Blazer for that and here is the Regimental Crest: 3X3
  15. Remembrance Day!

    Awesn & Greetings To All: Last Saturday was Remembrance Day in Canada and I went on Parade at my #6 Cloverdale Legion. Here is the Color Guard: And here is the Cloverdale Cenotaph: On Guard was a Naval Cadet at the Cenotaph: There was a Fly Past of Vintage WW2 Fighters: And another Fly Past of Harvard Fighter Bombers: After the Parade, we went back to the Legion Branch and there was a performance of the local RCMP Scottish Pipe Band: They had some Female Scottish Dancers with them which I got a Video of: After this, I had a Splendid Time Dancing with Lovely Ladies and Making Merry with the Legionnaires. TheDruid-3X3