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  1. What Question?! 3X3
  2. I tried to in 2001 after WTC but I could not pass the Physical Exam because of my Moderate Severity Rheumatism that I came down with in 1998. So instead, I marched with carrying a Flag with the Royal Canadian Legion Lower Mainland Color Party instead in order to show my support for the War Effort against the Islamic Taliban in Afghanistan. 3X3
  3. Why don't they go off and join ISIS then just like John Maquire did: And the Stupid Muzzie Loving Plonker ended up Dying by the Islamic Sword: So if your Wife's Canadian Family Loves Them So Much - Then they can go off and Join Them and also Die by the Islamic Sword as well. 3X3
  4. Awens to All: I Promote Celtic Buddhism since it is associated with one of the Humanity's Most Peaceful Philosophies: I also Promote the Nature Worshiping Philosophies of our Ancient Ancestors in Celtic Druidism: And I am also a Celtic Pagan who Observes the Sacred Sabbaths of the 8 Spoke Wheel of Life: 3X3
  5. I have known enough Muzzies and their Dastardly Deeds to form my Opinion of them. And it was in the late 1990s when the Taliban of Afghanistan where rigging Buddhist Temples and Statues with Explosives and Blowing Them Up and I took note of the News Broadcast of the Buddhist Reaction which was, "We will Peaceful Wait until the day comes that the Taliban ceases to exist and we will Peacefully return and Rebuild Out Temples. We Refuse to React with Aggression or War against what they are doing as we do not want to Behave as they do". It was after taking note of the Buddhist Reaction of Non-Aggression and Peace that I am now a Devotee of a Buddhist Temple Community Garden and Promote Buddhism and have Nothing Good to Say about them Islamic Muzzies and their Warlike Attitudes. It is also because of taking note of the Buddhist Reaction that I am going to The Vancouver Buddhism Festival in a Vancouver Park this afternoon. Plenty of Pictures will be taken and I will be Selling Chili Plants that I have grown to Donate to the Temple Community Garden that I do Volunteer Work on. TheDruid-3X3
  6. "Babies and kids haven't had the opportunity to earn respect yet but you don't have carte Blanche to treat them like shit." Parents and Adults used to be able to treat Children like Shit all the time in the Victorian Age before the Government got the Social Services Department. But your comment is what Roger Waters based his material criticizing Teachers in Pink Floyd 'The Wall' Album. "Everyone's entitled to a modicum of respect- good manners, courtesy" As well as the aforementioned Dignity. For the most part, Your Comment is Perfectly Correct. 3X3
  7. I think that Your Concept of Treating People with Dignity is Perfectly Correct! 3X3
  8. Oh - BTW: You might notice a small little Dent on the very nose of Canadamobile. The Weekend before the 2015 Heads Unlimited Car Show in the Legion Parking Lot, a Church Bus came into my Parking Lot at about Midnight and was turning around when it Smashed my Front Left Light Cover and Fender. The Church Bus Driver thought he had also did the Little Dent on the Nose of Canadamobile. A neighbor ran and got me and I got the Church Bus's Information and made my Insurance Claim and got all the Damage repaired including the Small Nose Dent. So due to a Church Bus accidentally backing into Canadamobile, my Canadamobile got a $1,400.00 Dollar Make Over. Unfortunately, due to the Visible Damage on Canadamobile, I was Automatically Disqualified for the Custom Car Division at the Car Shaw and got Dead Last Position. 3X3
  9. But in the Scene in Question, Sarandan does on about that Every Single Person is Deserving of Respect as though it is supposed to be some sort of Automatic Gimme. Then of course in the Old Classic Mafioso Movie "The Valachi Papers" with Charles Bronson, they constantly go on and on about Respect. Does that mean You have to be some sort of Violent Harassing Thug Gangsta Mafioso in order to get Respect?! If that is what it takes, then You are not being Respected, You are being Feared into Intimidation. I would rather have Respect for doing Charitable Things like what Mother Teresa was known for. And having Respect for getting a Good Job well done. 3X3
  10. Awens to All: I am watching the Movie "Dead Man Walking" with Susan Sarandan and Sean Penn and it is the scene where the Murderer Ponselette is trying a make on the Sister Nun during one of her visits and she says that not only she but Every Person deserves Respect. Why is it then so difficult to get Respect from others? Is it because of the fact that there is No Fairness in Life? When the scene happens in the Movie when Susan Sarandan states that everyone deserves Respect, they why do more than 66% of the Human Poplulation get No Respect and why is it so difficult getting Respect. Just Saying. 3X3
  11. ROFL! 3X3
  12. Those Splodges are Old Speed Warning Painted Signs that have become Totally Faded. They Hired my Company to Paint The Lines only and not Refreshen The Lettering. Maybe we will get asked in the Near Future to Repaint the Lettering. When we did that Yield Sign, we Texted in a Picture of our Work and got a Reply that we were to just Paint the Lines and not the Lettering so we only did that one Yield Sign Painted and that was it. 3X3
  13. Why are you guys going on about David Beckham? According to the IMDB about the Movie, he is not even in it: Charlie Hunnam plays King Arthur and no where on the Cast Listing is David Beckham mentioned. 3X3
  14. Sherlock Dave At Work Here! First of all, in the Spurn, there is about an inch of White Cuff showing while at the Whole Picture, Trump has No White Cuff Showing. Behind the Spurn there is some Wood Grain Boarding and some sort of Baseboard. In the Whole Picture, there is nothing but Black & White Wall Paper. This Video is a Total Hoax!!! 3X3
  15. Today at Work, I got to do Traffic Line Painting. Here is a Yield Sign Intersection me and my Crew did: And here is another we did: Just wanted to see if you guys like watching Paint Dry. Lol. 3X3