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  1. TheDruid-3X3

    Chinahand's Random Stuff

    I Agree Completely - She Does Express Herself Well For One So Young! But why does your Posts of YouTube always are Double Posts? 3X3
  2. TheDruid-3X3

    Chinahand's Random Stuff

    Is Chinahand Buddhist? 3X3
  3. TheDruid-3X3

    Calling all hedge witches (and wizards)...

    Here is a Good Link of Botanical.com that goes into what good Herbological Benefits of the Fumitory: https://botanical.com/botanical/mgmh/f/fumito36.html 3X3
  4. TheDruid-3X3

    Bolt loses Olympic gold

    A Retest 10 Years After?! There should be a Statute of Limitations on this sort of thing!!! If you have not Tested Positive for anything within a 6 Months to a Year, You should be able to keep your Medals - IMO. 3X3
  5. TheDruid-3X3

    Homelessness - Harmer to the rescue

    120 Pounds Per Week. That is 480 Pounds Per Month. That is about the same as I pay for my Flat in British Columbia. Sounds like if I had work there in the IoM for the same rate I work for here, I could afford living in IoM just the same as I do here. 3X3
  6. TheDruid-3X3

    So the UK is finished says Theresa Mayhem

    Holy Shit! DDT is an Organochlorine Based Pesticide that is Extreme Toxic!!! That Bloke who Ate Some as a Demonstration probably came down with Extreme Chronic Illnesses after that and his Children were Born with Birth Defects. That sorts of Pesticides where Banned in Canada in the 1960s and for Good Reason! 3X3
  7. TheDruid-3X3

    2 dogs in a bar

    I guess this eludes to Knock Knock Jokes becoming Passe & Boring. 3X3
  8. TheDruid-3X3

    My Tdn E-Book: "a Treasury Of Druidic Triads"

    Awens to All: This is my 2013 Lughnasad 3X3 Triad Of Wisdom Poem which is based on Triads of Wisdom I found in Nimue Brown's Book "Druidry & Meditation". Since it is based on Triads from her Book, then I have to share credit with Mrs. Nimue. It goes: Druidry & Meditation 3X3 Triad- Druidic Meditation Deals With: - Fears, - Wounds, - And Ghosts. When Knowing Ourselves: - We Are Able To Act, - Change, - And Take Control. Spirit Self Improvement Comes Through: - Enlightenment, - Transcendence, - And Revelations. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ It Is Possible To Meditate With: - Background Noise, - Disturbance, - And Distractions. Meditation Requires: - Right Lighting, - Ambient Music, - And Incense. Meditation Needs Support Of: - Good Eating, - Sleeping, - And Exercise Patterns. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Meditative Dancing Has: - Grace, - Poise, - And Athleticism. Power Of Emotion Creates: - Art, - Poetry, - And Music. One Should Give Freely Of Their: - Time, - Energy, - And Creativity. TheDruid-3X3
  9. TheDruid-3X3

    3X3's Grand Slam Breakfast

    Awens to All: This morning is a Stat Holiday in Canada Celebrating Queen Victoria's Birthday on the Monday before her actual Birthday. So I made one of my 3X3 Triad Breakfasts for Victoria Day. This time, I added some Ground Cumin to the Potato Cake Mixture and used Beef Sausages that come from New Westminster's National Meats Shop. Adding Cumin to the Potato Mixture really makes it! Delicious! 3X3
  10. TheDruid-3X3

    Steam Packet to be sold

    I like the idea of them becoming Worth Zero since they Confiscated by Boy Scout Knife when I was on my way back to Liverpool from my Visit. I have been doing Curses on Steam Packet ever since. 3X3
  11. TheDruid-3X3

    Beltane Celebrations

    Awens to All: Thin on the First Weekend after Beltane, I did the First Camp Out to Celebrate a Celtic Sacred Sabbath since 2016's Autumnal Equinox by going to my Favorite Camp Site which is in the middle of the Hemlock Valley. I packed Canadamobile for a week and then after Friday's Work, got a 15 Pack of Beer and took off. When I got there, I set up the Tent and had a Dinner with a few Beers and then went straight to Sleep. The next morning, I got up and had a Breakfast of Hot Dogs simmered in Chilli Con Carne: Then I went about taking a few Pictures of the Camp Site: Click here to view the original image of 600x450px. The thing I really liked is the area where I camped out in was almost totally surrounded by Mounds of Dirt. Made me feel like I was in the center of one of those Neolithic Circle Forts that dot the Landscapes of the Wiltshire Plains. And here is a Picture of the Surrounding Valley Road: Then I got out the Box of my New Portable BarBQ that I picked up for the Camping Trip since my Old BarBQ's Fire Element had Rusted Out so it was needing to be Replaced. Here is my New Portable BarBQ still in its Box: And here it is after I got it Assembled: The rest of the day, it got used preparing Delicious Beef Sausages that I had brought along. Then I went about gathering Fire Wood and Splitting It Up. Here is my Beltane Wood Pile: Then I made my Camp Fire Ring: And then I put together a Pile of Wood into the Fire Ring: Spent the rest of the day doing a lot of Lounging about Sleeping in my Tent enjoying the absence of other Annoying Humans as my Favorite Camp Spot where I tend to get a lot of Solitude. When the Sun went down, I Sparked Off the Camp Fire: And here is my YouTube Video of my Beltane Campfire: Now I am back getting this Unloaded and Cleaned Up for my next Camping Trip. 3X3
  12. TheDruid-3X3

    Beltane Celebrations

    I went to the Delta Heritage Fair which turned out to be a Historical Arts Exhibition of Displays made by Elementary School Children at the Harris Barn. There was nothing there for Adults. But they had some interesting Displays on various subjects of Canadian History. There were Displays on Native History, the early Pioneers such as Jacques Cartier and about Freedom Fighters like Louis Riel. Here is the Displays: And here is one about our Minister of Defense who used to be in command of the Military Regiment that I used to be a member of - The British Columbia Regiment: After seeing the Displays in Harris Barn, I went for a walkabout and found the Children's Garden: And here is a Closeup of the Garden Boxes: When I was walking around the Barn, I came upon a Cement Garden Planter that had a Barrier around it: And here is the Mother Duck sitting on her Nest: That was a Good Way to start Beltane Celebrations by going to a Historical Arts Display at the Harris Barn. 3X3
  13. TheDruid-3X3

    My Tdn E-Book: "a Treasury Of Druidic Triads"

    Awens to All: Here is my 2012 Imbolc 3X3 Triad Of Wisdom on The Buddhistic Chant of Sharing Loving Kindness. This is based on the Buddhistic Chant of Sharing Loving Kindness which is recited everytime I go to a Tuesday Night Meditation Session at the Buddhist Vihara Temple of Surrey. I have Rewritten the Chant of Sharing Loving Kindness to become one of my 3X3 Triads of Wisdom. It goes: When Sharing Loving Kindness: - One Is Well, - Happy, - And Peaceful. May There Be No: - Difficulties, - Problems, - And Failures In Life. All Should Have: - Patience, - Courage, - And Understanding. ------------------------------------------------------------- When One Is Well: - One Is Healthy, - In A Sound Home, - And With Good Nourishment. Happiness Is: - Having Good Relationships, - Enjoying Ones Work, - And Being Understood. When There is Peace: - There is No War, - No Arguements, - And No Fighting. -------------------------------------------------------------- Other Types of Parents Include: - Step Parents, - Adoptive Parents, - And Spiritual God Parents. Indifferent People are Those Who: - Having Tried to make a Difference, - Failed to do So, - And Then Became Apathetic. All Living Beings Include: - The Trees, - The Fish, - And The Animals. TheDruid-3X3
  14. TheDruid-3X3

    My Tdn E-Book: "a Treasury Of Druidic Triads"

    Awens to All: Last Fall, I was put onto a Book by the Dalai Lama called 'Buddhism - One Teacher, Many Traditions' and thought that getting a Book by the Dalai Lama would be something that would be something to Read Over so I got hold of it. It had loads of great Triads of Wisdom and I was able to get enough Triads of Wisdom out of it to compose a 3X3 Triad Poem from the Book so I put that together to be Dedicated to 2018's 3X3 Beltane Triad of Wisdom. It Goes: Buddhisms Three Major Traditions: - Sanskrit, - Pali, - And Jodo Shinshu. Buddhism's Major Traditions Created A Rich Tapestry Of: - Cultural, - Social, - And Spiritual Knowledge. The Traditions Bring Us Near: - Fellow Meditators, - Teachers, - And Dharma Friends. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Loving Attitudes Help To Overwhelm: - Attachment, - Anger, - And Apathy. The Traditions Are: - Loving, - Compassionate, - And Joyful. Buddhism Encourages Us To Seek: - Upper Rebirth, - Liberation, - And Full Awakening. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Buddhistic Benevolence Encompasses: - Fortitude, - Forgiveness, - And Love. The Traditions Practice Without Expecting: - Gifts, - Praise, - Or Fame. A Balanced Tradition Frees Us From: - Worry, - Discontent, - And Fear. Dave TheDruid-3X3
  15. TheDruid-3X3

    London fire: Lives claimed at Grenfell Tower

    Just came upon a very poignant Documentary about the Grenfell Tower Fire: 3X3