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  1. Manx Coast Guard

    My Multiple Posts was the result of some Glitch and I have already requested that they be Deleted. I am not on anyting (ATM). This message board had a Weird Glitch that caused me to make Multiple Posts instead of just the one that I had intended.
  2. Manx Coast Guard

    So the British Royal Marines used to do Beach Landing Exercises on the IoM in the 1980s on the occasion and have not done so since then. Do they not do it anymore since IoM is now a Sovereign State and doing so would be Improper? 3X3
  3. Manx Coast Guard

    Fastyr Mie to All: Seeing as the Isle of Man lacks any sort of Military Presence be it Army, Navy or Air Force, I thought that there must be some sort of Coast Guard Force that ensures the Protection of the Shores of the Isle of Man so I Googled for it and got this: https://www.gov.im/coastguard https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Isle_of_Man_Coastguard 3X3
  4. IQTest

    Here is a Good One that is actually Free: http://intellitest.me/en/iq-test/FKEVK/start?utm_campaign=39588&utm_content=iq+test&utm_medium=cad_general&utm_source=62 I Scored 124. 3X3
  5. IQTest

    I did a Google of "IQ Test" and got a website that did a Test (that was also 20 Minutes) of a mostly Shape Comparisons and at the end stated that your 'Free' Test would have to cost a few Buck through PayPal. I Copied the URL of that Website and sent it to the Spoof Utility of PayPal. That Website should be Offline in the Near Future! 3X3
  6. IoM Paramedics

    I once had all the Qualifications and Drivers Licensing to become an Ambulance Attendant. Being an Ambulance Attendant is one of those Trades that makes you a Babe Magnet along with Fireman, Lifeguard and Doctor. That was one of the reasons I tried applying for BC Ambulance Service in the late 1990s a couple of times. They showed little interest in me unfortunately. Glad that things worked out for BCS! 3X3
  7. War

    However, since the UK has so many Allies who depend on her for Back Up in case they are Threatened, the UK maintains a Strong Military. And that has come in handy a couple of times, especially for the Americans. 3X3
  8. War

    The UK is on the list of the World's Most Powerful Militaries Ranking 6th: And so long as the UK stays a member of Nato and Allies of the European Powers, I don't think the UK is under any Threat. Especially if you have to get through France, Belgium, Netherlands and Germany to get at the UK. And so long a America remains on the list of the UK's Closest Ally, the UK has nothing to worry about since it is no longer an Ambitious Expansionistic Power. 3X3
  9. My Tdn E-Book: "a Treasury Of Druidic Triads"

    'Awens' is an Ancient Celtic Pagan Spiritualist Greetings Word. Whenever I say it to a Free Mason, the Mason flips out and after a Warm Greeting, asks what Masonic Lodge I belong to. 3X3
  10. Man wins employment tribunal

    I have been Unfairly Sacked a number of times so I am Glad to see this Bloke get one over on a S.O.B. Employer! 3X3
  11. A win for common sense.

    Around here, You do not get done unless your doing at least 10 Kmh over the Limit. If you are doing less than 10 over the limit, they let it slide as if they do not give some sort of Grace over the Limit, the Justice System would get Clogged with POed People Contesting the Tickets. But this case looks like one group of Petty Minded Jackasses getting done for a Petty Reason by another Petty Minded Jackass. Plenty of Petty Minded Jackasses amongst us Humans! Thats Fer Sure! 3X3
  12. My Tdn E-Book: "a Treasury Of Druidic Triads"

    Awens to All: For this years Imbolc 3X3 Triad Poem, I have chosen a subject that I have wanting to get done for a long time. It is based on the one of the main reasons I do not like Valentines Day much as I have had a lot of diappointments on that Day but not so much more as when I was let down by a Girl in 2011 when I gave her a Valentine on that years Valentine's Day and then spent the whole year trying to pursue a Relationship with her only to have her take up with some other guy only because he was into getting her a certain Narcotic that I wish to have nothing to do with. Most of this 3X3 Triad Poem is Happy and Positive but the last 3 Verses cronicals how I ended up Disappointed only because I was not into doing a certain Narcotic. I have mainly decided to write this 3X3 Triad Poem in order to vent my Frustrations of how Disappointed I was with this particular Girl. It starts out with the Romantic Triad that I wrote into her 2011 Valentines Card and goes from there. It Goes: 2017 Imbolc Triad On How I Love And Lost - I Loved: - Her, - Her Family, - And Her Garden. Her Bar Service Was Always: - Courteous, - Cordual, - And Charismatic. She Was: - A Lovely, - Spunky, - And Nicely Figured Brunette. ------------------------------------------------------ I Was Infatuated With Her: - Flurtations, - Bubbly Wit, - And Sweet Smile. Her Family Included: - An Sweet Elderly Mother, - Athletic Daughters, - And A Cut Little Dog. I Enjoyed Working On Her Garden: - Pulling Weeds, - Trimming Hedges, - And Cutting Grass. ------------------------------------------------------ Then She: - Took Up With Another Guy, - Found A New Gardener For Her Garden, - And Promoted The Use Of Narcotics. I Then Lost: - Trust, - Faith, - And Respect In Her. Since Then: - I Have Remained Single, - Alone, - And Disappointed. Dave TheDruid-3X3
  13. My New Computer

    Worked it out by Googling "How To Change Windows 10 User Name". You Click on Control Panel and then select 'Change account type'. Click on User Profile. Click on 'Change Account Name' Link. Enter New Name for Your Computer. And Your Done.
  14. Freedom of Thought and Speech

    I Like Expressing Myself That Way!
  15. Freedom of Thought and Speech

    In Order to Willingly Oppress the Freedom of Will and Speech of Others, One must be Psychopathic and have No Regard to the Feelings of Others. In Human History, so many such Peoples have managed to gain Control of Entire Nations, Kingdoms and Empires with No One with enough Courage to Oppose Them. That is one of Humanity's Biggest Failings throughout History. 3X3