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  1. Awens to All: In 2010, I came upon a Book called 'Path Of The Blue Raven' by Mark Townsend and it was a Very Profound Book that was full of Great Celtic Triads of Wisdom and Knowledge. It has so many Celtic Triads that I was able to Create many 3X3 Triads of Wisdom from that Book. Here is the one I wrote for 2010 Beltane: 2010 Beltane 3X3 Triad Of Wisdom Based on the Book: "The Path Of The Blue Raven" The Blue Raven Goddess: - Encourages, - Demonstrates, - And Offers Wisdom. Path Of The Blue Raven Does Not: - Attempts to Convert, - Influence, - And Argue An Opinion. The Three Beauties of the Forest: - Its Sights, - Sounds, - And Smells. -------------------------------------------- Sacred Rituals Should Show: - Love, - Compassion, - And Understanding. Spiritual Services Should Be: - Honest, - Meaningful, - And Relevant. Divine Beings Help Others Feel: - Valued, - Special, - And Loved. ---------------------------------------------- One Should Feel: - Free, - Alive, - And Unrestrained. What Is True For All Humanity: - Life, - Death, - And Rebirth. One Learns Druidistic: - Philosophies, - Faith, - And Practice. Here is my 2011 Imbolc 3X3 Triad of Wisdom Composition. This 3X3 Triad is a continuation of my 2010 Beltane 3X3 Triad of Wisdom which was dedicated to Mark Townsend's Book "Path Of The Blue Raven". His Book is so full of Good Triads of Wisdom that I was able to make two 3X3 Triads of Wisdoms from it. As my 2010 Beltane 3X3 Triad had Verses taken from Triadic Proses that I found in Mark Townsend's Book, my 2011 Imbolc 3X3 Triad also comprises Verses taken from his Book as well. It goes: The Blue Raven's Flight: - Transforms, - Discovers a New Stage of Life, - And Creates Spiritual Gold. The Greatest Druidistic Privileges: - Doing Baptisms, - Weddings, - And Funerals. The Three Constants of Nature: - Birthing, - Living, - And Dying. -------------------------------------------- One Should Strive To Grow: - Theologically, - Philosophically, - And Spiritually. Celtic Spirituality are: - Ancient, - Wise, - And Balanced Traditions. Druidry is an Exuberant Celebration of: - Nature's Currents, - Tides, - And Cycles. ---------------------------------------------- Places of Druidistic Enchantment: - Shrines, - Temples, - And Holy Sites. Good Spiritualities: - Gather, - Value, - And Help Broken Souls. The Quest for Enchantment should be: - Honest, - Human, - And Realistic. My 2012 Beltane 3X3 Triad of Wisdom is another one that is composed of Good Triads taken from Mark Townsend's Book: Path of the Blue Raven. It goes: The Spirit Of The Blue Raven: - Enchants, - Inspires, - And Brings One Close. Forced Proselytizing Attracts: - Screwed Up, - Broken, - And Battered Converts. The Quest For Enchantment Should Be: - Honest, - Human, - And Realistic. ---------------------------------------------- Rich Terrains Of Tradition Are: - More Native, - Druidistic, - And Earth Based Spiritualities. Corrupt Human Failings: - Create IMbalances, - Disorder, - And Disharmony. Humanity Needs A Sense Of: - Wonder, - Mystery, - And Enchantment. ----------------------------------------------- One Should Explore All: - Questions, - Problems, - And Topics Under The Sun. What ARe Within Our Consciousnesses: - Deeper, - Wiser, - And Mature Voices. Druidistic Deities Are: - Happier, - Loving, - And Caring. 3X3
  2. He is not so Ugly. And I thought this thread might have been about a Manx Forums Member whose Avatar Name might have been "Ugly Bloke". But it does not turn out that way. 3X3
  3. Oh For Crying Out Loud! - What An IDIOT!!!
  4. I had never heard of the Haymarket Massacre so I did a spot of Research on it and found this: I found a a couple of YouTubes about it: 3X3
  5. What is it about my Initial Post that makes you think it might be like the Conservative Party? 3X3
  6. Awens to All: This morning is the Canadian Labour Day Long Weekend which is a Stat Holiday in Canada that is held on the First Monday of September. So for interest sake, I looked up the History of Labour Day and there is a good Wikipedia Listing for it: Seems it mainly Celebrates that Social Compact that established the 8 Hour Work Day with an 8 Hours for Entertainment and 8 Hours for Sleeping. In most other Countries, it tends to be held on May 1st with a few exceptions which is displayed on this Map: Countries and dependencies coloured by observance of International Workers' Day or a different variant of May Day or Labour Day: Dark Blue - Labour Day falls or may fall on 1 May Light Blue - Another public holiday on 1 May Dark Red - No public holiday on 1 May, but Labour Day on a different date Light Red - No public holiday on 1 May and no Labour Day Seems not a lot of Countries Celebrate Labour Day but Celebrate May Day instead which is also known as 'Beltane' in some Celtic Circles. In Canada, it is mainly the marking of the end of Summer and the imminent return of Children going back to School. On this Weekend, a lot of Camping is done and also there is a lot of CFL Football Matches played. In the UK, it is not Celebrated as May 1st is Registered for being Celebrated for another reason. So if want to Celebrate the established of the 8 Hour Work Day, then Celebrate Labour Day and the Unionist Organizations that brought it about. TheDruid-3X3
  7. Awens to All: Just did a check into the Story of a Baby Infant being Tossed from the Tenth Floor of the Grenfell and being Caught & Saved by some Unknown Gentleman and found this Snopes Article on it: It now has the Story listed as "Unproven". So looks as though that Story may be Fake. 3X3
  8. Me Either. 3X3
  9. Just looked him up to see what has been happening with him lately: Looks like his ALS is so advanced now that he may not last much longer. But making it this far to Age 75 after coming down with ALS is a a Minor Miracle in itself. 3X3
  10. The Left Shift Key Sticks a bit but other words - NP. 3X3
  11. The Left Shift Key Sticks a bit but other words - NP. 3X3
  12. The Left Shift Key Sticks a bit but other words - NP. 3X3
  13. The Left Shift Key Sticks a bit but other words - NP. 3X3
  14. The Left Shift Key Sticks a bit but other words - NP. 3X3
  15. The Left Shift Key Sticks a bit but other words - NP. 3X3