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  1. QED
  2. Australians complaining about immigrants always makes me chuckle.....
  3. Dont forget the Catholic priests.....lets get rid of them too.....and the youth football coaches...... What a blissful society we would have left.....
  4. Perhaps the one way over the mountain protocol should also be introduced during MGP (or whatever its called these days)........
  5. That's the spirit....bloody liberal tree huggers....cause of all today's ills!
  6. Are they using all the confiscated A boards as materials......
  8. Was that Sefton bail out all repaid in the end? Just wanted to clarify before I put a bid in for the hotel!
  9. 12 stages in total covering a total of 125 stage miles. Friday night loop of 6 stages, with a further 6 on the Saturday. First car away from the Grandstand at 18.31 on Friday. Stage maps and road closing times attached. More info, entry lists, live timing available on the website here MNR 2017 - Stage maps02052017.pdf
  10. If you wanted a view of life on the Isle of Man....this thread really delivers!!!
  11. *bump.....given that events on the Sloc appear to be lacking in promotion!! :-)
  12. Phil Collins less successful acoustic album!
  13. Manx Classic sprint/hill-climb series back again. Nearly all entrants quicker than a steam engine! Stage details are:- The Sloc - Thursday 27 April - roads closed 9am to 5pm Not much more to add...the Sloc...bottom to the top! Distance 1.06 miles Creg Willey's Hillclimb -- Friday 28th April - roads closed 9am to 5pm Creg Willey's runs through Glen Helen, north of Ballig Bridge on the TT course, before negotiating Creg Willey's hill, past Sarah's Cottage and on to Lambfell, finishing on the Cronk-y-Voddy straight. The course is approx 1.45 miles. Lhergy Frissell Hillclimb -- Ramsey - Saturday 29th April - roads closed 9am to 6pm Out of Ramsey, through the Ramsey Hairpin, Waterworks and Gooseneck corners. The longest hill climb in Great Britain at approx 1.48 miles. More information avaiable on MMRC web site here.
  14. Forgive?