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  1. He sounds familiar.........
  2. Is it rally related.....they are using Marine Drive on Rally IOM? So perhaps drone filing as opposed to racing?
  3. Start with banning the MGP first.....baby steps and all that!
  4. Stay in. Going out is overrated!
  5. I would imagine its past the houses down towards the bus shelter.....but not 100% sure I am afraid. Apologies for the mild inconvenience :-)
  6. They clearly didnt have enough "connected" shareholders.......
  7. On this weekend. Stage Maps attached Lots of cars over First stage is the Douglas Prom stage on Thursday evening - first cars due off 19.00 ish. Well worth a look. Good luck to anyone involved! Enjoy. Rally IOM Map.pdf
  8. Werewolves....not Swearwolves!
  9. Jon Snow....King of Azeroth!
  10. QED
  11. Australians complaining about immigrants always makes me chuckle.....
  12. Dont forget the Catholic priests.....lets get rid of them too.....and the youth football coaches...... What a blissful society we would have left.....
  13. Perhaps the one way over the mountain protocol should also be introduced during MGP (or whatever its called these days)........
  14. That's the spirit....bloody liberal tree huggers....cause of all today's ills!
  15. Are they using all the confiscated A boards as materials......