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  1. dilligaf


    Well, as long as you know what you mean, eh ?
  2. dilligaf


    So did I, and it was so much more grown up than friends minis at the time. Could do " wheelies" too
  3. dilligaf


    But still better than you having to look in the archives of "Farmer's Weekly" to trace your ancestors
  4. dilligaf

    Cricket, cricket, cricket

    Did you “googly” that joke? or just put your own spin on it ?
  5. dilligaf


    Not many Imps left now though compared to Minis I had a twin carb Sunbeam Sport in a past life. That was nippy
  6. dilligaf

    Farmers in drought 'crisis'?

  7. dilligaf


    Sir Alex Issigonis ( not spelled right I know )
  8. Maybe everyone should have numbers instead of names Only the masters would know who we were The film 1984 was good. Bloody Hell Derek
  9. Don't forget to renew your prescription then eh ?
  10. dilligaf

    Manx TV station

    Absolutely ACE It has also gone past 10-30 so don't get too tired now.
  11. Thanks. Maybe for the parents who care. You have no kids so that does not sit too well does it.?
  12. Real medicine or TCM ? Not being flippant.
  13. dilligaf

    The next MMR?

    Good on you for being up front on this and putting us all in the picture. Fuck me, there are some shady people over here who should be exposed and binned for the fakes they are. Thanks, BG