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  1. Flat Earth?

    On a good day
  2. You won't shine too bright if the old saying is true, that one cannot polish a turd.
  3. Flat Earth?

    I am full of admiration for people who can keep a straight face while talking absolute shite. Where do they come from ? They all looked like customers in Stuart's comic store in Big Bang Theory.
  4. Flat Earth?

    er looks more like a wig to me lisa x Well she was brunette in the movie........
  5. Sorry Neil. I just can't let this shit go. STT is so full of hate that he has got himself onto some kind of mental roundabout. He's gonna feel a twat when he is eventually outed,
  6. Isle of Man Newspapers Awards for Excellence 2016

    You couldn't pay me to go, not my kind of thing. My wife is there though to support a team. Not sure how you think your account is funny TBH. There are some very amusing posters on here, but you are not one of them. (neither am I)
  7. I for one have not got a clue as to what you keep calling an "abused family" is FFS. Can you give an example of one?
  8. Isle of Man Newspapers Awards for Excellence 2016

    Are you 5 years old.? Dick.
  9. Isle of Man Newspapers Awards for Excellence 2016

    I heard it was in the bag he is just so brilliant in every way it would be hard for any of them to not give it to him I’d guess. I hear he’s already written a brilliant acceptance speech You know you have died and gone to hell, when you hear that Callister has won anything FFS.
  10. Isle of Man Newspapers Awards for Excellence 2016

    That's not in all fairness. It is just your opinion. Those nominated for awards will be very proud of their achievement and thrilled to win. If you don't want to go, don't go. It's a sell out, so they don't need your ££ All those who do go will have a nice night out. What will you be doing ?
  11. Isle of Man Newspapers Awards for Excellence 2016

    No you didn't. You just didn't want to part with £45. Tight twat.
  12. Manx Radio

    Roy knew his stuff. From the price of a loaf of bread throughout the North West to the VAT take of the Isle of Man. It was Roy who publicly mentioned the huge VAT share of the Island, quite some time before it was cut. Roy wasn't a bad sort and he was clearly clued up on a lot of stuff, but wasn't his whole time spent griping that he should have been getting the same pension as locals who, unlike him, had paid in all their lives ? Poor buggers gone now hasn't he?
  13. We are Saved - The Airport Gateway To The Rescue!

    Didn't the Freeport die on it's ass and now looks like a ghost town? What has changed ?
  14. Manx Radio

    And that daft bugger who was on every day (not actually Stu)....Ron? Roy? Reg? Oh yeah, Roy.