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  1. Is the expression "over egging" ? I think this has (over) run it's course now. IMHO
  2. Check the date on your tablets there fella.
  3. You can "lol" and "wow" all you want, but all you are doing is shouting from the cheap seats. Rob Callister and (just) a few others are doing their best to improve thing for us. Why not try it yourself ? Maybe if all your aliases got together they would make up a considerably large political party ?
  4. Crompton ! ( for the older crew )
  5. Well I actually think that Rob Callister will turn out to be formidable MHK. He is intelligent for a start, but is also keen to get to grips with what his role entails in Government. ( something I have not heard off before ) When compared to all the other new ones and more than a few of our established MHKs he stands head and shoulders above them. I am glad that RC gets involved in social media ( just a shame he bites on here too much ) and attempts to show what work is involved behind the scenes. I have heard nothing from some of this new bunch, which is shameful and annoying. This has to be the worst ever gang of 24. More power to your elbow Rob.
  6. No connection with the Living Hope Church or its Directors...... You should have just left it at that Rob. It's little wonder that we get so few MHKs on here when those who do post, just get baited non stop. !
  7. We need to breed a few more of these fellas to kick them UK gulls out,
  8. A grand per week too I heard.
  9. I've just tried again and I think it sent this time.
  10. Is your " messenger" disabled ?
  11. I know, but is it not mainly for breaking down large loads into smaller ones for delivery to smaller stores ?
  12. Thanks, I'll stick it on record now.
  13. Sorry Albert, but after you left they all piled back in and it was heaving.
  14. I'm not arguing, just a bit surprised to be honest.
  15. They may just be empty double deckers. When all the goods are taken in, they then have to refill the trailers with m/t cages and other returns, so any empty trailer will then be brought back to the store and loaded up for the return sailing.