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  1. You wish.
  2. And even more shit cyclists blocking roads.
  3. I saw a few on the prom and was well jealous. Superb cars.
  4. No, none of us do
  5. There for your benefit and mine, don't forget that.
  6. He isn't, so fuck off back to your cave.
  7. Does not matter what you thought the reason may be. IT WAS CLOSED
  8. Or more of them are full of sh*t.
  9. They are NVQ courses. Nursing is Degree level now. These will just be (slightly) English speaking care assistants. Back door for jobs, yet again.
  10. Maybe the finger would be the better tool to use for some ?
  11. You can not deny being MTP now then eh?
  12. Glad someone else said that before I did.
  13. You mean his internet connection ? Should have stayed on xhamster !!!!!
  14. But fathering a child at 70 is just plain stupid for many reasons. The internet is not always a blessing.
  15. But it's not nurses is it ? Read it again.