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  1. For that ? I don't think so.
  2. Yes, she is crap, but who would you replace her with. That is even sadder.
  3. So after 21 pages it hasn't changed and the woman decides for herself ( as it should be.). End of.
  4. Always thought I had a rather good 6 pack, but it seems they are just ribs,
  5. Who nose eh? Is that where the expression "fuck knows" came from ?
  6. That will be a very short answer.
  7. Sybil. Sybil, who the fuck is Sybil ?
  8. Can't argue with that at all. I marshalled for years and I myself gave up in similar circumstances, when money overruled common sense. That was a press v's spectator safety issue, but pissed me off enough to quit marshalling. I do however have great respect for those that do marshall and allow the rally to continue, although more needs doing with regard to unpaid volunteers and the thanks they get. No easy answer, I know, but has to be addressed sooner, rather that later. ETA you must have edited your post as I was ( slowly) typing.
  9. That was one big 4king leap !!!
  10. I don't remember that. The Royalty in town or Ramsey ?
  11. I think that one sentence says it all.
  12. He may have been a cousin of yours
  13. If you are able to go back to the thread you keep quoting from, I think you will find that I didn't actually say that. Oh and let your female "buddy" know too please
  14. But you don't post bollocks. Turner does and is a user of people and has scored highly on here.