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  1. The Bee Gees Are Manx!

    Listen to what is said,(jokingly or not) at 5 mins 50 secs in the youtube video,
  2. Pedantic Manx police state strikes again

    Careful dilli, you are morphing into Albert Albert and I are complete opposites on this topic, believe me. Albert is probably in the pub now buying Derek's drinks for him.
  3. Nobles park water feature

  4. Spuan strides out

    You may see clearly when the rain has gone. .....................................................................Forking dipstick.
  5. Douglas Promenade Horse Tram Tracks

    It's Douglas, not fucking Dublin or Dubai. We are a small island, not a big city. Get real Clown Dog.
  6. Been back to the Hawthorn several times since the above post and have been impressed on every occasion. Was there again today for an early evening meal and I still cannot find fault with anything. Great food and service again. Why can't the other food pubs be as good as this ?
  7. Douglas Promenade Horse Tram Tracks

    How is JW's post, 'selfish' and 'blinkered' dilli? It seems a fairly lateral statement to me. He asked a pertinent question in an objective manner: they cost a fortune and there's no real, solid evidence that their cost justifies their existence, in their present forms so, are they worth it? There's plenty who'd agree that the cost, in the current financial climate, could be better spent elsewhere. If collectively the losses amount to say, a million a year, that's a consultant or two. Or half a dozen degree level nurse specialists rather than a knackered rescue engine, or a new braking system, or constant road improvements to the race-track and other hidden expenses. You maintain they should continue to be subsidised by the tax-payer, and very likely many would agree with your viewpoint, that they are worth propping up. They are our heritage and worth keeping. On the flip side of that there are many who consider they are by now fading monuments to a bygone era that really only appeals to an ever-dwindling market, however quaint and nostalgic they might be. The TT aside, of course, but even then, will we ever have an honest figure of how much it really costs? The issue needs addressing, objectively. I wonder what J W's views are on the 6 or7 million pounds paid to farmers for doing fuck all. If that was spent on health and education it would be a positive move. Wood and Trees springs to mind.
  8. GP Appointments on the IOM

    Ah so. What do you "take away" from the experience.
  9. Pedantic Manx police state strikes again

    50 seconds in.
  10. Pedantic Manx police state strikes again

  11. Pedantic Manx police state strikes again

    I am really, Dilli seems happy to accept that all procedures were followed in the case of the woman and the voucher, but not in the case of your employment by the same body? There is absolutely no connection or parallel between the two.
  12. limited reactions to posts

    It is a 24 hour period, not really a daily thing I imagine.
  13. Douglas Promenade Horse Tram Tracks

    Do we really need anything nice? Can't we just go to work/school 7 days a week and directly home afterwards with no days off? It would save a lot of money... Well said. I can't believe some of the posts in this thread, especially John's. I never imagined him being so selfish and blinkered.
  14. Nobles park water feature

    Stunning !
  15. Manx Gas MD to resign (?)

    Three old men are sitting on a porch discussing their old person problems Man 1: Every day at 7:00am i wake up and i piss like a racehorse Man 2: If you think thats bad, every day at 8:00 i wake up and i have to shit like a pig! Man 3: You guys don't even have it that bad! Everyday at 7:00 i have to piss like a horse and then at 8:00 i have to shit like a pig, the problem is i don't wake up 'til 9!