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  1. x-in-man


    You can also, ride a push bike own a dog ride a horse ride a trials bike off road go swimming go hiking walk down the street drive a car/van/bus/tank off road own a cat drink beer and have kids with no training, licence or experience - what is the world coming to.
  2. x-in-man

    Manx Telecom Mobile to Landline Costs

    I did edit to add you get free minutes with a 20 top up for 30 days.
  3. x-in-man

    Manx Telecom Mobile to Landline Costs

    40p to connect, otherwise known as standard minimum cost, 40p/min after that to on Island fixed and mobile numbers. Thats after you free minutes for a 20quid top up that lasts 30 days to get your free calls. I’d be going into the shop if you can be bothered to stand and wait for someone who knows fanny all and suggests you ring up.
  4. x-in-man

    Selling a load of bollocks in Tesco

    The carton on the right is clearly the semi-skimmed version.
  5. x-in-man

    Pronunciation argument

    Isn’t it like Maughold - with a K - ‘Moorak’. Maybe it’s using the same rule as Ballaugh coz Ballak sounds like bollock, or is it the ugh you pronounce with a K?
  6. x-in-man

    Richmond hill

    They need to sort it out. If a road is closed, put the signs up, if it’s not don’t. Same goes for the diversion signs. It was all out the Douglas side, bugger all the MM side. It was open and being used. Thinking of billing Colas for the extra miles I needlessly put on because of their incompetence over the last few days.
  7. x-in-man

    Selling a load of bollocks in Tesco

    awww - Don't spoil it.
  8. x-in-man


    Yonks old, 1st linked when he transported here in teleporter with crayons to draw up his plans. No money, big ideas.
  9. x-in-man

    Richmond Hill works start

    He was in the Castle Mona measuring up for curtains.
  10. x-in-man

    Port Erin Marine Research Station

    Port Erin commissioners don’t want anything there. It’ll entice people to visit and all those cars will interrupt Countdown and be driving around after diner time at 5.
  11. x-in-man


    At just over 4,000,000.00 raised on his just giving page it could be that Soul bloke. sorry, in true Manx style, the decimal point was on the wrong place, it’s just 4,000.00 raised, so probably not then.
  12. x-in-man


    All they'll want is Black Bean Soup. Or maybe 4 fried chickens and some dry white toast.
  13. x-in-man


    Married to Plim?
  14. x-in-man


    Not Dover then.