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  1. Do-Gooders

    and a massive tax for a Juan.
  2. We are Saved - The Airport Gateway To The Rescue!

    But the rose company buggered off
  3. Untrustorthy Civil Servants

    But you do though. They know what you earn, where you live, where you work, you date of birth, national insurance number, your marital status, what car you drive, you medical history, your phone numbers, where you go on holiday..
  4. Adverts

    Dunno what the beef is with Greggs, there's no ham in it what soy ever.
  5. What's going on at nobles

    What happened last time a lib van member got a department? Loads of unpopular money savings and an eventual resignation from government, to sit defeated and flat by the wayside as the rot continues. Kate is fast becoming the new Peter Karran, being set up to fall in the wake of others useless activities.
  6. Pop in for a cup of tea and a chat

    English registered cars here, that are obviously living here, working here and shopping here .. paying no road tax. How long will that 4x4 be parked in Castletown, held together by string? When will that black Citroen I've seen every day for almost 2 years be forced to re-register and pay up?
  7. Adverts

    Depends how you watch it. If you watch a DVD they burnt for you, crack on and don't pay. If you use the iplayer, on or off line, you are using the iplayer which you must pay for. The fee is for the BBC iPlayer use, on demand or downloaded.
  8. Is This Drunken Prank Funny?

    just checked the Constabulary pages - all of them, took a while .... no mention of it. FFS what do the Police do all day.
  9. Adverts

    ..a 'monster' under the bed that has feelings - what's not to like about it? I never had a monster under the bed, in the wardrobes or behind the bedside cabinet. My elder brother, however, had porn under the chest of draws, under the rug - that was hairy and scary in the day. Maybe JL will do a Brazilian themed one next year?
  10. This is a joke...surely

    it'll work just grand, 'hello is Tha dial a bus' 'yes, happy to help, where are you and where do you need to go' 'Jurby, to Nobles, then Tesco' 'Great - Juan is going to Nobles next Wednesday, we can do you then'. 'and back again?' 'Mable is going that way at the end of next month - we've booked you on, don't be late, we won't wait'
  11. I don't understand!

    That site was always going to be a Lidl, IKEA and a Halfords from the start -
  12. fantastic news for 9 out of 10 manxforums posters

    At least they will be able to pick abusers out in line up - rather than just bleating on about 'the bloke with the wellies'.
  13. Raymotors goes in to liquidation

    That's good news if it's true. Garage and shop please - car needs a wash.
  14. he could of at least ironed his shirt.
  15. 24 x 7000 = 168,000 - 150,000 = 18,000 /24 = 750 That's a lot of Christmas cards they could still buy on expenses.