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  1. Job for govt equality advisor

    'Isle of Man Worker' the advert discriminating at the 1st outing. Made for someone about to retire from another Gov job.
  2. Donald Trump

    in true Trump style, I never said that, I have lots of friends on The Prom, it's full of really great people, The Prom is a great place, really great, full of great people we could do deals with, really great deals.
  3. Donald Trump

    Lets invite him to Tynwald day. He won't be doing much the day before, plenty of time to get the boat from Liverpool, he could take up a tram trip from the top of the mountain, and if wants to see what a 'shithole' country looks like he could take a walk along the prom.
  4. Construction site opposite Spring Valley

    So Hot Chocolate are not doing a gig in Costa then. Darn those blokes in pubs. I suppose I'd have to believe in miracles if that was true.
  5. Mere Child Becomes Health Minister

    yep, Line 'em up, and then shoot them down.
  6. Unfinished House

    Polish holidays?
  7. How Do I Delete My Account?

    You asked a simple question - I gave you the simple answer.
  8. How Do I Delete My Account?

    To delete your account, two steps - 1 - logout 2 - don't log back in again
  9. Round Pound

    ..pictures and the rim, ours don't have 360 degree serrations round the outside rim. The older style that is..
  10. Round Pound

    Got a link?, the round pound has been out of circulation and de-moneyed in the UK for a few months now. They are still legal here, something to do with the new Manx coin being in short supply at the time the round pound was being withdrawn. Keep getting loads of rare round pounds in my change from pubs, so far I've had a few free nights out.
  11. Christmas Thoughts and Greetings

    it's not Christmas 'til Monday.
  12. The meaning of no?

    You cannot call fowl and expect no come-black backs in re tern.
  13. The meaning of no?

    Go on then, swan off with your grouse - tits should be made to use twitter owly - flocking egrets.
  14. The meaning of no?

    Attention seeking - yes Encouragement required - no yes, no and this thread in a nutshell.
  15. Eight months? Seriously?

    See how long you can hold your breath for, then times that by the numbers of tiles to be done, add a bit for grouting, cutting and measuring, add 15% for unexpected events, 5% to have a number 2, assuming number 1s are done in the pool. 8 months seems a bit keen unless you are considering cutting the tils in the pool, which is a bit dangerous coz electric and water don't mix well.