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  1. Juror Jailed For Bribery

    I'm sorry for their loss .... What? no one dead!! You bugger, you did it again.
  2. Speeding Fine

    Lights and sirens are not for speed. They are there to alert and make progress. Speed limits are there for a purpose, road surface, viewing limits, layouts and many more things. Driving with blues and woos enables a driver to make use of some road traffic exemptions, passing red traffic lights, making progress in speed restricted areas, lane restrictions (left/right turn lanes and the like), roads closed areas. Several still count, double white lines, stop line markings, train gates, stop lines at temporary road works (if painted on the road), and in some cases, keep left or right bollards. Driving without making make use of these exceptions, no blues and woos, makes you the same as gran going off to do your shopping. All rules apply. I have been driven in, and drove with blues, making progress in a 30 zone means 30 if everyone is yielding to give you safe space to progress. 10mph over is ample to make progress in many circumstances. Blue light haze does no one any favours.
  3. Everyone's Gone To the Moon

    ..and what a washout that would be. Granite paving on the moon, and a cultural space on Uranus next.
  4. Everyone's Gone To the Moon

    ahh, if only there was a company here offering a space capsule as a B and B, a sort of 'airlessbnb'. It could be an old Russian thing, kitted out in felt, kippers in the fridge, 100 quid a week in high season*. *10,000.00/week TT. Taking a shit costs extra. Does not include travel insurance, re-entry fees and as it's Manx, the view may be obscured by fog. All prices subject to a public survey. Your home is at risk if you land the capsule on it. Nothing can go wrong, we learned all the lessons on Space stuff in primary school.
  5. no more second hand cars?

    One gave me 3000 for a px car, sold again days later off the forecourt. OK, it sold for 7500, but it wasn't scrapped. Wanted a couple of 000s needed doing to bring it up to out of the garage standard, parts and labour costs, so would have cost them a couple of hundred, but not unsurpassable. Doubt they did it though, probably just left it to the warranty company to pick up next service time. Not quite 10 years old, under 50k miles. Swift (I think they are from) have sub 3k cars regularly, down by the power station.
  6. Still time for the lunatics .. http://www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-news/castle-mona-to-be-auctioned/ Biting more than they could chew the last lot, paid a hefty deposit which they probably had to write off. should bring the asking price down a tad. http://www.iomtoday.co.im/article.cfm?id=38346&headline=Deal to buy Castle Mona Hotel yet to go through&sectionIs=news&searchyear=2018
  7. Road Safety Consultation

    Meanwhile, pissing in a cross wind makes you look like Bill Clinton.
  8. Jack Frost out in the cold

    Pizza hut it the McDonalds of pizza.
  9. Some Bikers...

    Only read this thread to see who had died.. no one - you let yourself down, the forum down, everybody down.
  10. Jack Frost out in the cold

    http://www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-news/jack-frost-to-close-doors/ Thawed out again.
  11. Promenade Resurfacing

    Turns out to be? it's one already. It cost one MHK his seat, along with his new driveway, and several millions of pounds to keep it as it is. It also does nowt about the Summerlands site, other than turn it into a builders yard for 5 years, the other eyesores facing the seafront, nor anything else apart from keeping the present infrastructure minister out of the papers with the appointment of a fall woman.
  12. Promenade Resurfacing

    Don't we have someone already responsible for highways in Government? Why do we have to pay twice? ...oh, standard Government practice, employ someone to do a job, then pay another to do that job.
  13. Private Tutor £7.5k per month

    Looks like you have it nailed there Charlie. What's the cost of King Bills for two these days?
  14. Promenade Resurfacing

    50 working on it! be no space down there for the managers.
  15. Road Safety Consultation

    yep, maximum is the same as a target speed. Nearly everyone drives to the limit in force, some regardless of weather, other road users, conditions, suitability of the vehicle, talent, load, visibility, surface textures .. that's where the problems start.