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  1. He didn't detect anyone - he just used a printout of address's with no TV license held at them and used heavy, bully, threatening tactics involving a caution, fine and threats of imprisonment.
  2. When we have all gone electric, what are the fire service going to do - Back to a horse and cart and hand pumps?
  3. ooh, I may be wrong again, it was an MX-5, my bad. Specially imported from the SW of England where everything's better.
  4. Ferrari 250GT based before Modena Spyder California for their hands on it then. A real Modena California Spyder the looks, and a space framed mock up for the breaking bits.
  5. 1961 250GT California Spider- the short one.
  6. An MR-2 replica conversion? Does seem like it has a lot of GRP around the back. Completely legal mod, without the need for a SVA check. Sticking another marques badges on it, and it's identity on a log book is a grey area.
  7. Easy to get curling tongs and a hair drier in a MX-5 when doing the rounds.
  8. quite, more than driving under the influence charges me thinks. Better plump the pillows in Jurby.
  9. Drone racing .. done some looking into the filming closure on Marine Drive and come across references to Drone Racing. Anyone know anything about the filming being done? Is it drone racing?
  10. Quayle collects a Brexit bullshit bucket to hold all his airmiles and duty free. But 'please sir, can I have some more' is the clear winner.
  11. Will we have to import shit to keep it running?
  12. Any truth in the rumour the tax payer is to underwrite any rents for the site? I assume HH is building there for Jacksons and others to rent out from HH.
  13. Again, the power that be cannot get things right. http://www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-news/rally-isle-of-man-and-concert-clash/ At work we have a big calendar that everyone puts their events/meetings/outside stuff on. It's checked when something comes up, to make sure everything will be OK. I see lessons have still yet to learned when it comes to events on the Isle of Man - will someone please buy the the Government a bloody yearly wall planner.
  14. That was about it. He also said the door is always open to discuss giving customers a good shafting.. err, to discuss to standing charge. I suggest forming an orderly queue outside the door just before office closing time. Back as far as the railway bridge should test that public announcement.
  15. Ah! So, put something on EBay you don't have, get a loan from PP to buy it, bung it on for a 3 day auction, sell it, pay EBay, PP and the PP loan back plus the probably not so reasonable fee, transfer the 1p profit to your account, sit back and spend your money. I'd steer well clear of that if I was in the UK, let alone here.