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  1. What's going on at nobles

    Or on forum sites.
  2. Manx Radio

    Please NO. Burley and Boulton two of the most unlikeable full of their own importance interviewers on television.
  3. Clock repairs

    Yes Tom Mason highly recommended.
  4. 6 months ago ...

    Keeping themselves in a job
  5. Chief Minister says unpopular decisions lie ahead

    You could perhaps make a good detective. I believe you should apply as I heard they have been trying to recruit them from the U.K. I didn't say in what capacity I served with him - there are many civilian civil service staff employed at police headquarters!!! Now there's a clue for an amateur detective.
  6. Chief Minister says unpopular decisions lie ahead

    Would that include civil service, prison service and fire service? I'll ignore your final crap sentence.
  7. Chief Minister says unpopular decisions lie ahead

    Talking of the police I believe their maximum commutation under the Police Pension Regulations is 25%. Please correct me if I am misinformed.
  8. Chief Minister says unpopular decisions lie ahead

    Yes they are paying tax but like the UK the higher earners should be on a higher tax band. So change the legislation. Agree with closure of scheme or significantly increase pension contributions. Are you sure about the 30%? I always thought it was 25%. What makes you think I might be a retired copper?
  9. Chief Minister says unpopular decisions lie ahead

    Unpopular decisions should have been started many years ago. More stealth taxes to come. Public service pensions and lump sum payouts must be capped. Those earning £50k. per year should pay 25 or 30% tax on any earned income above that. The lower income earners are being screwed at present . The haves are the ones being looked after by our wishy washy government at the expense of the downtrodden have nots. The civil service numbers must be substantially reduced especially the higher grades.
  10. MUA in weak financial position

    Some very bulging envelopes at that.
  11. Weather- Flight Cancellation

    Presently in UK but recently advised by Flymaybe my return flight home tomorrow from Birmingham has been cancelled. Earliest booking I could get was for Wednesday. Makes a change that it's not their fault with the severe gales forecast. Only bonus being a couple of extra days with family.
  12. Do we need more people?

  13. Ronaldsway Airport

    How do you know what I like or don't like? Please quote where else I bleat on the internet.
  14. Ronaldsway Airport

    Not me your honour!!
  15. Ronaldsway Airport

    Too many people like you doing this on the Silverburn Estate on the frontage of the bungalows and dangerously near junction. One car doing this over several days had a couple of its tyres let down!!