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  1. Chris Jericho

    Tesco car park.

    Well, in a few weeks time they will be receiving a £60 fine. Well what I’ve been told from a worker there, they have hired/ paying for the council guys to come and ticket cars like they do on the prom for example. 2hr disk zone. It is happening and it’s about time it happens too!
  2. Chris Jericho

    Tesco car park.

    I’ve heard today from someone that works in Tescos that the Douglas council have taken over the rights to Tesco car park and starting in a few weeks time, Some of the car park will be resurfaced and also it will become disk zone only. Anyone else have more news or is it all kept quiet so the council came slap £60 fines on most cars parked there all day?
  3. Chris Jericho

    Customer Service

    I Drink pints of Holstein Vier lager and that went down 1p to £2.98 in the Pinewood!
  4. Chris Jericho

    Steam Packet Warns Of Disruption To Sailings

    Sailing Cancelled
  5. Chris Jericho


    Thanks for using my pictures. Brought great laughter to us all. I thought it looked weird when i left work and took a second look at it and posted it on Manx shops page on facebook. Someone is going to have a bad day at work tomorrow!
  6. Chris Jericho

    Bus Vannin has introduced a new bus timetable, effective from *TODAY*

    Most off the timetables stuck up in the bus shelters, Around Anaghcoar, Birch hill, South routes to and from Douglas still have the old bus times on it!
  7. Chris Jericho

    Cycle lane & road Islands

    I'd give it a month before there's an accident with a cyclist near Pulrose bridge.
  8. Chris Jericho

    New Pound Coin

    Going to be a problem with pool tables..
  9. Chris Jericho

    nWocastle Utd F.C.

    Defiantly a PPV in the UK, I'll be there!
  10. Chris Jericho

    The Walls Of Jericho

    Walls of Jericho Is Chris Jericho's Wrestling Finishing Move. Was hoping a wrestling thread then..
  11. Chris Jericho

    Just Been On A New Silver Bus

    I think it looks good! A Good impression on tourists anyhow.
  12. Chris Jericho

    10 Bendy Buses On Way To Isle Of Man

    It is a silver streetlite demonstrator. Not a volvo
  13. Chris Jericho

    Dear Mr Bus Driver Please Go On Strike

    Seen a Double decker bus getting towed along Peel Road this evening about half 8 with the front half ripped off. Tow truck stopped to push the damage back so it wasn't hanging loose. Got a picture, i'll upload later.
  14. Chris Jericho

    Linkspan Damaged ?

    Trailers being loaded on Ben My Chree now. Looks like a Freight Only sailing.
  15. Chris Jericho

    Mountain Bike

    Thanks for the help