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  1. Anyone remember the dude whose grass skirt caught on fire, might of been Sulby carnival years ago?
  2. He's the best guy to ask what wash cycle for your shirts though.
  3. Well they should make it their business to know, but no what we get is a load of nodding donkeys.
  4. I've witnessed convoys of trucks going there in the middle of the night back in the 90s, police escort too if I recall, makes you wonder what's buried up there.
  5. Asbestos and the like is still dumped at the point.
  6. Welcome to the Isle of Man!
  7. Are you meaning two new year's ago?
  8. You'll never get to hear the full story though.
  9. Most people would simply not believe what I deal with on a daily basis, if you listen to Notty etc we're all bathing in goat's milk etc and that is a million miles from reality. -
  10. I hate to say it of the place of my birth, but iom gov have never had an original idea much preferring to ride the coat tails of anybody else's success's and milk it for all it's worth often killing the golden goose in the process.
  11. Just working to the standard template.
  12. Find yourself some cardboard and make your way down to Chester st carpark.
  13. If self driving car's need in any way to rely on road markings they'd be on a hiding to nothing here!
  14. Carrying a knife while pissed and asleep.
  15. Hardly the sign of a vibrant and thrusting economy!