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  1. Not when they are stuck in first gear.
  2. Yet they piss about closing drop off zones.
  3. At least you'll be able to spot them in the dark.
  4. I've worked at the private hangars down there and unless thing have changed recently you could drive straight on to the runways from them!
  5. They're mutating from the chemicals you've fed them.
  6. Maybe not stupid just blind greed.
  7. A certain chap in an Ro 80 1974 ish?
  8. Exactly.
  9. Why not just load/unload from both ends like most other roro vessels?
  10. I spy Dilli smelling some coffee.
  11. I get the impression that you've given up all hope in our governmental /judicial systems?
  12. Suck em up the with the noo noo.
  13. If you mean seaweed rearranging then yes, well not him personally.
  14. How many did the plumber dude miss while he was sunning himself in the south of France?
  15. Petrol + match job jobbed.