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  1. The influential have banned the transportation of lpg bottles to the IOM.
  2. I'm kissing no ones arse just agreeing with him!
  3. No, the world's top criminals are out to get us.
  4. He's only confirming what a lot of us on here have been banging on about for a decade or more.
  5. There were two Leaf's charging in Market square yesterday.
  6. Fire engines have been diesel for quite some time now.
  7. Fire out (see what I did there) the water tanks and fill the voids with batteries job jobbed, oh wait I see a flaw in the plan.
  8. Mustn't jeopardise one's place in the big tent.
  9. And they are in disbelief as to why nobody wants to move here.
  10. Was it not the launch they had here? Half of them broke down if I recall correctly.
  11. I wonder how much more debt we'll be signed up to for the necessary forthcoming infrastructure upgrading?
  12. High rollers out, minimum wage worker's in.
  13. Or get re elected.
  14. Call it whatever it was still the grand total of his financial penalty (see what i did there).
  15. Told ya, £170 so a nice little earner for our lot at £1000+ a pop.