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  1. finlo


    So did I, and it was so much more grown up than friends minis at the time.
  2. finlo

    Reynoldsway part 2. £80 million to spend on ports

    Midgets no, fuckwits by the bucket load.
  3. finlo


    I never said the Mini was crap, just old hat compared to the Imp, alloy ohc engine vs boat anchor for starters.
  4. finlo


    Cooling issues aside, the Imp was far superior to a mini.
  5. finlo


    Best car ever is stretching it a little!
  6. finlo

    Plans for lord street

    Sweaty farting talking shite passengers no thanks.
  7. finlo

    Plans for lord street

    Only going to work every other day would suit me just fine!
  8. finlo

    Rally Under Threat...

    I'm ashamed that they take tax off us at all for what we receive back for it!
  9. The stop/start function would soon turn itself off without a bit of a run to top up the battery.
  10. Maybe that's what the armed plod were doing down Atholl street, or maybe they were just on the doughnut run.
  11. They don't belt up either but I think thats allowed.
  12. finlo

    Plans for lord street

    A bit like taxis then!
  13. finlo

    Ben My Chree and sulphure/NO2 emissions

    HGV's are subject to an annual test are they not?
  14. finlo

    The Highways Looney at it again..

    This, and it just evaporates as you reach the most dangerous bit a blind left hander!