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  1. The Phantom

    Police ready to race to the scene

    I guess they would probably help a little bit if you dropped it sideways!?
  2. I'm suprised they continued getting Military Aid at all after the Americans found Bin Laden hiding in Pakistan within a few kms of their Military Academy!! Not really much return on their investment was there!?
  3. The Phantom

    The next MMR?

    Apparently in Australia child support/family allowance is actually reduced if a child in not vaxxed. Also, there are plenty of nurseries etc that will refuse to accept children that have not been vaxxed.
  4. The Phantom

    The next MMR?

    Herd immunity. No vaccine is 100% but lets say for argument sake it's 95%. If everyone is 95% then the chances of a disease spreading through a population are virtually non existent. A non vaccinated child obviously has a much higher likelihood of getting the disease, although they are ironically actually partially protected by all the vaccinated individuals. However if the non vaccinated individual gets the disease and comes into contact with a vaccinated child, then there is still the 5% chance that a vaccinated child could get the disease.
  5. The Phantom

    The next MMR?

    And on the BBC today too! Remarkably well timed... https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-45246049
  6. The Phantom

    The next MMR?

    From the Times this morning: Measles cases have surged in Europe amid warnings that renewed opposition to vaccination has enabled the disease to make a comeback. The number of people diagnosed with the illness this year is already almost twice last year’s total and currently stands at a record 41,000 cases, the World Health Organisation (WHO) said. At least 37 deaths have been reported in Europe this year. In Britain 828 cases of measles had been laboratory-confirmed up to August 13, compared with 274 cases last year, representing a serious setback for public health. In September last year the WHO declared that measles had been eliminated from Britain, meaning that case numbers had been low enough to stop it spreading through the general population for three years. Yesterday the body in charge of determining each country’s status said it was concerned that Britain would “re-establish measles transmission” this year. GPs have been urged to be vigilant for measles in people returning from holidays in Europe.
  7. The Phantom

    The next MMR?

    There are outbreaks of Measles currently in places all over the world. Next will be smallpox and god knows what else that HAD been more or less negated by modern medicine. Bear in mind the only piece of 'research' that stated a link between MMR and autism was subsequently retracted by the Lancet and the Doctor behind it was struck off. (although he now appears to be doing Elle Macpherson!!!). Had a baby Phantom recently. One of Mrs Phantom's friends has also had a baby within a couple of weeks. She however is a crazy hippy anti-vaxer. I've already laid down the law and baby Phantom will not be going anywhere near the sickly hippy baby. Herd immunity is the key there, even if it is not 100% effective, if everyone has 95% immunity then they are realistically not going to contract anything. The problem is the anti-vaxers are not just trying to kill off their own children, but if that 5% hasn't applied to my child, she will be fine hanging out with other vaxed kids. But if the hippy child gets measles (which it probably will) then the risk to my child is massively increased. The anti-vaxers aren't just risking their kids, they are risking everyone elses too. Bear in mind that up until about 1800 40% of kids died before they were 5!!! Now it's minimal, obviously improved food, care etc, but a significant reason for it is vaccinations!!
  8. The Phantom

    Athol Street police presence

    Common theme seems to be when the G4S van is outside the Bank. They only seem to be there in the mornings and at lunchtime. I don't recall seeing G4S there at lunchtimes before. Guessing maybe a big deposit of cash at IOM Bank? Is it used as a repository for Manx Currency? Perhaps deliveries of new Manx Notes & Coins that have just been minted?
  9. The Phantom

    Athol Street police presence

    Hopefully it's not undercover surveillance, 2 4x4s with 3 coppers in and a Police Dog van..... subtle
  10. The Phantom

    Tourists not wanted round here!!!

    I actually had a rare afternoon off work a couple of weeks ago and was in Pt Erin on a beautiful sunny day. Thought we would have some food and drinks at approx 4pm at the Cosy Nook. Was advised the kitchen would be closing imminently but was 'allowed' something simple like a cheese toasty, which I ordered. At about 5 when we still had our drinks, they completely closed down and brought in all the tables and chairs around us!!! They could easily stayed open for another few hours and served some people that you know, have to go to work and could only get down to the beach after 5. Quite remarkable really. I guess they don't want (need?) the business?
  11. The Phantom

    Brolly Dollies...the end is nigh

    I've been tempted to start a campaign in tandem with the Feminazis. "Equal pay for male models and male pornstars" Both massively underpaid compared to the laydeez
  12. The Phantom

    £31 million conomy boost

    I like nutshells...... TT 45,000 visitors spent £34,000,000 = £750 per person per visit MGP (festival of motorcycling) 16,000 visitors spent £9,900,00 = £ 618 per person per visit Both figures seem pretty reasonable and sensible. Figures for total visitors for both going up every year. I don't want to get on the wrong side of anyone........... but this seems like pretty good news and a success, or am I missing something?
  13. The Phantom

    New attack on IOM tax haven status

    Apart from not getting any EU aid, there doesn't appear to be any negatives associated with being on the 'blacklist' anyway. A pretty random selection of countries on the Blacklist though. There will probably be some additions for Caribbean islands to the list too, that were given a stay of execution to respond, due to the fact most of them were blown away in the Hurricanes.
  14. The Phantom

    Thermal Camera

    Interesting, thanks! Yeah I've got a DSLR so this could be a plan. What does it look like when viewing through? Is the heat obvious?
  15. The Phantom

    Thermal Camera

    Does anyone know of anywhere you can hire one on the Island? Having some heating issues and trying to locate a potential leak