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  1. New attack on IOM tax haven status

    Apart from not getting any EU aid, there doesn't appear to be any negatives associated with being on the 'blacklist' anyway. A pretty random selection of countries on the Blacklist though. There will probably be some additions for Caribbean islands to the list too, that were given a stay of execution to respond, due to the fact most of them were blown away in the Hurricanes.
  2. Thermal Camera

    Interesting, thanks! Yeah I've got a DSLR so this could be a plan. What does it look like when viewing through? Is the heat obvious?
  3. Thermal Camera

    Does anyone know of anywhere you can hire one on the Island? Having some heating issues and trying to locate a potential leak
  4. Winter Solstice Celebrations

    Oh, I just read up on some of the piles of rocks. Seem none of them are stone circles ala stone henge. Just forts, tombs and cairns. Booooooo, (cool website though).
  5. Winter Solstice Celebrations

    It would be cool to know if any of the Island's old piles of stones are interestingly aligned or do anything particularly odd on certain dates though.
  6. Paypal blacklisting IOM?

    This has also just happened to me too. I tried to order something a couple of weeks ago and tried to pay via Paypal and was told "UK vendors cannot ship to the IOM" thought it was a one off and just paid with debit card. However, just tried to use Paypal again on a different (UK) website and was told exactly the same thing....
  7. It's the same people who were behind the Panama Papers and they have sourced the information in the same way (an illegal hack). It does smack of hypocrisy and irony that this group are trying to expose illegality, yet are doing it from illegally sourced information. I suspect the outcome will be the same as the Panama Papers. A bit of an uproar initially, but then it turns out that the vast majority of the people using the 'service' are doing so wholly legally and for genuine reasons. However the reputational damage to the industry will actually be harder hit. You just need to know about how bloody complex the VAT issue is with Private Jets in the EU (read the Jet Investor article), it's no wonder that people are looking for a way to make like a little easier.
  8. Sort of. It doesn't regulate the advice and structure etc. It does regulate the Corporate Service Provider that provides/runs the company that is set up to own and manage the aircraft.
  9. Netflix

    Narcos - 3 series is amazing. As is Sons of Anarchy - 8 series i think
  10. Work permits

    I heard yesterday about a Junior Doctor from Nobles driving to Zambia. He and his girlfriend (or wife) have been here for a couple of years whilst he trains at Nobles. His significant other was Canadian but couldn't work at the hospital due to Work Permit issues and ended up working at Starbucks?!?! WTF there is clearly something a bit wrong with the current system if a Nurse ends up working in a coffee shop!
  11. Actually it turns out some witnesses to some of this guy's cruelty to the dog actually withdrew their statements. The dog has actually been to the MSPCA twice. It's definitely not because he gave it the wrong cream!
  12. Yep, there sure is. There was additional cruelty to the dog which weirdly seems to have been completely glazed over. Not sure by the report or from the court. The MSPCA do not take a dog off you because you haven't given it some cream. This guy was a complete bastard to a very cute and loving dog.
  13. What's going on with this Victoria St. building?

    Bear in mind that a lot of the big companies over here are now building there own brand spanking new offices, instead of shelling out for greedy landlords with old buildings - only recently you've had Dandara, Zurich, Canada Life, Microgaming etc all doing this.
  14. Peacock in Mt Murray

    A random Peacock has turned up in Mt Murray estate in the last couple of weeks. Looks cool, sounds awful - you know the screeches they make, at all hours it turns out. Also bullying the Ducks. Anyone got any bright (serious) ideas to aid it's removal, or does anyone know someone who might of recently lost a Peacock? MSPCA don't really seem bothered - which is fair enough I suppose, it's not experiencing any cruelty (yet).
  15. One Way Mountain Again...

    There is always an element of blame somewhere, things apparently can't be a complete accident anymore. But in relation to walkers on the road... you can walk absolutely anywhere! There are these footpath things all over the countryside. You can't ride a road bicycle up footpaths, you can't ride a mountain bike up some of them, but you can walk! It looked like the ramblers were being guided and there were genuinely about 50 of them walking up the road. There are several footpaths up that way. Genuinely crazy.