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  1. Supertour 2018

    Haha, Derek what have you done (but thanks) That lead bike, the white one that puts i an appearance at 2.12 is me. Ahh would have been so much better if I hadn't had to negotiate white van man who must have been let on to the road at the Bungalow before the lead bikes got up from Ramsey. If you remember that was the day you led all the bikes up to the hairpin and told us to wait there, and some dozy hippy type went to head straight up, when you shouted at him he jammed on his brakes and practically fell off at walking pace in the middle of the road. As it happens he only made it a few miles before he binned it.
  2. La Colombe's Random Stuff

    Even cheaper, just stick your lips in a beehive.
  3. Supertour 2018

    It is yeah! Over the last few years though the one way system on the mountain gets set up for the TT on the Friday before practice week. The mountain road is closed most of the day while all the appropriate signage, cones etc are put in place and the road is then reopened, usually about 4.30pm. However once it's ready, before the public or any other traffic is allowed to travel beyond White gates there is always a big group of super cars/classic cars allowed to go over first under closed road conditions. No other traffic is allowed to join the mountain road from any of the side roads. Once they've gone over then the road reopens properly (one way) for everyone else, so I was just wondering if the rich boys are still going to get this privilege on top of the Supertour that follows the TT?
  4. Supertour 2018

    @Derek Flint So given this new supertour venture, will the super cars still get first dibs and a closed road over the mountain when it becomes one way on the Friday before practice week?
  5. Boatyard - Protesting too loudly?

    Is she going deaf? Just kept forgetting she'd been.
  6. Gladys

    I know there's quite a few regular MF posters who look down their noses at Facebook, but even FB would struggle to turn a simple happy birthday thread into an all out slanging match (again) with the first man to the Birthday party storming off home.
  7. Gladys

    Why don't you join him.
  8. Gladys

  9. Gladys

    Indeed. When it comes to the MLTCP hybrid, you just have to take him with a pinch of garlic!
  10. WTF. Who cares really ?

    Many people seem to enjoy a good rant against the royals. Maybe the whole royalty thing is outdated and even antiquated, or maybe it's still valid, even if just for the sense of upholding tradition, I guess that's a matter of personal opinion. But as for the actual family themselves we have to remember they didn't choose their role in life nor did they go out canvassing for votes on the backs of lies and broken promises. I for one would hate to have been born into the Royal family with everything it entails. On paper you might have all the money and privileges in the world but there's not much you can do with it when you're living in a goldfish bowl.
  11. Car Tax Stealth Tax - Ray Harmer Broken Promises

    Indeed ( and apologies for another bike related point, but...) talking of climb downs and subsequent climb back ups, a few years back the DOI practically doubled motorcycle tax from one year to the next setting the figure at £80 from the previous year's £42 or there abouts. There was such an outcry at the time that they decided to admit they had miscalculated (or some such damage limiting bollox) and the following year it was brought back down to something sensible, about £46 (but no rebates for anyone who had payed the £80 rip off), but now in no time at all, we're back at £80 and the roads are in an even worse state than ever. Yer 'ave to laugh eh?
  12. Gladys

    You do realize LC is MTP aka All weather biker (from Isle of Man TT forum)?
  13. Car Tax Stealth Tax - Ray Harmer Broken Promises

    I thought you were banned from the school bus!
  14. Car Tax Stealth Tax - Ray Harmer Broken Promises

    Damn dude, I was going to get you one for your next birthday, had the deposit and everything. Oh well, socks it is then!
  15. Car Tax Stealth Tax - Ray Harmer Broken Promises

    Tbh it's very unlikely the dilemma will ever occur, unless I win the lottery. But actually if money was no object I reckon I would have one yeah, probably very relaxing and easy to drive after a hard day wrestling a noisy bike around. Even if my bike is 0.4 of a second slower 0.60 ;-)