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  1. Abort67

    Is that not slander?
  2. Abort67

    I don't think it's even really about that as the choice will already have been made, it's about whether or not Isle of Man residents have to travel to the UK for the procedure. Abort 67 obviously know that women from the island will still travel even if they (abort 67) are successful so it's as if they want the whole episode to be made as uncomfortable as possible as some sort of punishment.
  3. Abort67

    Got your placard ready GeeCee? Don't forget your sandwiches, oh and a flask, it's going to be cold next week.
  4. Be quiet, my Hamster is asleep!

    Surely the way forward!
  5. Be quiet, my Hamster is asleep!

    I'm all for animal rights but, come on, silent fireworks?
  6. Flat Earth?

    Sometimes you can see the reflection of the sun so clearly that if you look really closely you can even see the outline of my ass around the periphery.
  7. Abortion plight should shame us all? Really?

    I see the lunatics are at it again. I believe their next stunt is going to be releasing photos of raped women who have had terminations with the face of Heinrich Himmler photoshopped over their own.
  8. Abortion plight should shame us all? Really?

    I would imagine you've been kicked out of plenty though you total asswipe.
  9. £31 million conomy boost

    Fair enough. That's more like it!!!
  10. £31 million conomy boost

    Ffs Dilli, it's bit of banter, what's happened to you?
  11. £31 million conomy boost

  12. £31 million conomy boost

    Now you've gone and done it Neil, you can't just go around doing research and throwing actual figures and facts into the mix, I mean what will the naysayers do for the rest of the thread?
  13. £31 million conomy boost

    Or may Or maybe just spend some advertising dollars informing and educating potential visitors that there are 48 weeks of the year without your so called 'motorcycling hell', then maybe we could have the best of both worlds?
  14. £31 million conomy boost

    There is a 'return of peace and quiet' as you put it, at the end of every TT fortnight and every FOM/MGP fortnight, for 48 weeks of the year. If you can't wait out that short time then I don't think the word 'patient' is ever going to apply to you.