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  1. Lowlife scum

    Sometimes you have to despair at the sort of scumbags are society can produce, but the question has to be asked, if this gentleman's Alzheimer's was sufficiently advanced for him too hand over money to strangers without question (presumably) then why was he out on his own without a carer?
  2. One more without a license

    Another visiting Irishman caught over the limit. I wonder how many people he detected not having a license before he lost his own. No prison sentence though.
  3. electric vehicles

    Yes but what happens when we run out of squashed dinosaurs?
  4. "Is it time to ban the TT?"

    Probably best if I address your points one by one. 1) Well tbf you are a come over, you stated as much. 2) Tomorrow's boat is at 08.45 (unless there is anything more than a stiff breeze. 3) Well if the shoe fits. 4) See answer 3) 5) Yes Albert has mellowed somewhat recently. 6) I can't do that, I'm not allowed to disclose your real name and phone number on here 'big Gee'
  5. The Boy in a Dress

    Removing religion full stop would have the ball in perpetual motion.
  6. The Boy in a Dress

    I don't think there is a right answer in this case. Maybe the parents of the child shouldn't have indulged his whim at such an early age knowing that it could (and probably would) lead to him being bullied. I know that shouldn't be the case but it's a sad fact of today's society. And has been stated, the parents taking legal action are more than likely in it for the money, another damning indictment of our society.
  7. The Boy in a Dress

    Indeed, and it's an age old problem that I think is going to take a much more enlightened society to finally bring to an end. The most we seem to be able to do at the minute is minimize the effect and the amount.
  8. The Boy in a Dress

    I think the biggest problem children/juveniles still face today, in schools and out (and social media), is bullying. It's the biggest single cause of suicide and retaliatory/revenge attacks and school shooting sprees (in the case of the US) that they face. I don't think any parent would be wise to take it upon themselves to force or even pressurize their child into wearing attire that might single them out for bullying which surely does more long term damage than waiting until said child is old enough to fully understand the implications of crossing the "gender barrier" society seems to have imposed. If and when children and young adults are sure of their gender personalities and want to commit to cross gender/gender neutral lifestyle then at least they may be more prepared for what the bullies and bigots in society have to throw at them and they may well have escaped years of bullying and ridicule because of what might just have been a 'phase' or the whim of a self indulgent libtard parent. However, I stress I'm no expert and this is just my thoughts on the subject.
  9. The Boy in a Dress

    Awww.......more tears before bedtime princess?
  10. The Boy in a Dress

    Awww.........tears before bedtime princess?
  11. The Boy in a Dress

    Ladies and Gentlemen (and everyone in between) Welcome to this morning's edition of.....(drum roll)......'DICK KNOWS BEST'
  12. "Is it time to ban the TT?"

    Hey GeeCee, I thought you'd have come out of retirement again hours ago once this thread kicked off, I was beginning to worry about you. It's nice to know your ok. ;-)
  13. "Is it time to ban the TT?"

    Won't somebody think of the Greek motorcyclists.