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  1. I think next year is going to be interesting. There is a lot to be said for loyalty after all and I guess many punters will have set their minds on supporting Bushy's no matter what, but, HR know that to some extent they need to win over public opinion so I imagine they will try to put on something bigger and better than we've seen in the last few years, after all, anything less just won't bring in the crowds. Bushy's (Martin) must realize that HR will be pulling out all the stops and so will have to up their own game accordingly to compete. It might just be a win win for visitors and locals alike.
  3. I reckon Glenlough would be a great spot, there's a ready made audience of probably a few thousand already there, even before punters from off site turned up. There's already a bar and a stage where live bands play, though presently on a smaller scale than Bushy's, and there would probably be less restrictions. Like SOS says, if Bushy's could somehow ship people in and out from Douglas on a regular basis, then the infrastructure is pretty much there for a two week festival.
  4. How many different threads do we need on this topic?
  5. One of the focal points for the entertainment at the Bushy's tent was the (ELS)? stage and the live music, I wonder if that will stay at the bottleneck or was the whole thing contracted directly to Bushy's Brewery?
  6. I'm trying to goad them into doing something positive As for kidnapping Rhumsaa I wouldn't be able to afford the vet bills for his beard!
  7. I agree, obviously I'd love to see it up here in Ramsey, I just don't see any of our commissioners as wiling to disrupt their comfy tea and biscuit regime in order to do some actual leg work for the good of the town.
  8. Great idea, oh wait, somebody at RTC would have to get of their fat arse and actually do something that would help attract people to the town (just look at the state of the prom and beach where hundreds of people used to hang out). So South or East it is then!
  9. He would appear to have a functioning sense of humour though, which is always a good thing
  10. Well thanks, took you long enough, after all I've only been on here seven years!
  11. Aye, I'm outside now, can you hear me revving my bike?
  12. Jeez dude, what traumatic life experience made you so miserable?
  13. And where you live...
  14. Right o Richard, I bow to your superior grasp of banter and humour, being as how you are the most humourless poster on MF.