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  1. Kopek

    Man wins employment tribunal

    Even a multi millionaire is going to be irked by that?
  2. I just hope that no one has been put off taking up a place because of the cost. The Govt. subs seem generous but only when compared with other Countries. 12,000 a year, not cheap and not easy for all parents to come up with. Full fees and maintenance grant in my day.
  3. Kopek

    Fabrice Miguet...

    A human being died in a dangerous sport of which the Isle of MAN is the biggest proponent.
  4. Kopek

    MLC in court for data protection breaches

    I think that Woody is referring to 'Lamping Parchment', where the waxy black smoke coats the paper and is then used for etching onto.
  5. Boo hoo boo hoo, I wont see my little boy ever again.
  6. I think it is Olde English for getting out of a car! Those Mancunians, what are they like? So well spoken.
  7. 4. watch out for Rob Callister to get onto this??? Is it an offense for someone to turn the motor off? Two dangers, it makes it easy for someone, not necessarily competent to drive, to steal the car. Jump in, drive away. I have seen children left in a car with the motor running, danger... they jump on the gear stick and whoooooshhh off they go! It indicates a certain state of not caring, belligerent mind, if they'll do this, they are the sort to park inconsiderably, on disabled spaces, on corners etc etc. Shoot the buggers!
  8. Kopek

    Horse Trams

    " Cultural Heritage "??? Not unless the horses do a bit of Manx dancing!
  9. Kopek

    Plans for lord street

    Planning rejected on the grounds of it being a " Monstrous Carbuncle " on the face of auld Douglas!!!
  10. Kopek

    Horse Trams

    So were those laughing clowns that you put a penny in the slot to operate and the crane thingys you tried to grab a prize with. Let's turn the old Shoprite into a penny arcade ( now a pound ) and bring back the glory days.
  11. Kopek

    Horse Trams

    I do agree with you Pongo. The majority of people would want to retain them in some form.. A compromise would be the best way to get then off the prom or off the centre of the road. Freewheeling on rubber, if the horses can pull them, might be a to get them out of the way without getting rid? Marine Drive would be very 'scenic'. I agree, they're not heritage, just a means of fleecing the Victorians of their holiday spends, same as now? We're quite good at that?
  12. Kopek

    Horse Trams

    In the papers this week that the Motor Museum have fitted road wheels and tyres to a Horse Tram. It would be interesting to know if a Horse could pull this tram on a flat road. Back in the prom re furbishing thread, I suggested road wheels and doing away with the tram tracks, maybe it would be possible? If they patched up the Marine Drive, they could be run up there, with lovely silver mini buses to shuttle pax up there.
  13. Kopek

    Athol Street police presence

    Dont think terrorists would have to do anything at the TT to cause death and destruction!!! Derek, you're being a bit obtuse re Athol st., suppose the police had a report of an armed person in the area, he appears, they jump out of their car, waving guns, shouting and bawling.............. it would frighten the crap out of any innocent by-stander.
  14. Kopek


    While you're up Everest Doc., would you have a look for my bobble hat. red with a black bobble. Lost it in '67. I wouldn't know how to sail a yacht, could give it a go, I suppose. So these kids must have had some idea of what they were doing, just not very good at it, didn't just find the boat, did they?
  15. Kopek

    Athol Street police presence

    From the Courier, " Armed Police at Bank is ' routine'" Says Gary Roberts and he's a policeman so he should know! So that's alright then, armed police on the Island streets is 'routine'! Silly us?