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  1. Douglas Promenade Horse Tram Tracks

    Everything is relevant.
  2. Douglas Promenade Horse Tram Tracks

    Not a clusterfuck for DLas Corp though! Got a 100k more than they were asking a few years ago! Well done DCorp. Sitting between the Crescent and the vacant lot along side the stables, prime development site cobbled ? Danadara will be miffed? Why couldn't they have built the stables at Strathallen. Would seem to be logical? Now, to continue the traffic woes, there will still be holdups as they bring the Horses across the prom!!! I would support a call to remove the trams from the prom but were else could they be run? Marine Drive? Ramsey Prom? Jurby? Onchan Stadium could have Horse Tram races???
  3. Primary School Development Standards.

    "...... and being taught just to pass a test....." At Parents evenings I have heard some pressure being applied to make Pupils question if they should continue with a particular subject. I concluded that the Teachers were concerned about their 'league results". The narrow choice of subjects allowed in years 5/6 would also give the impression of high results? Is this for the Pupils benefit or the Schools' pass rate?
  4. How Does The TT Really Affect The Island?

    His 'MUM' was deeply offended though!
  5. Juror Jailed For Bribery

    Mitigating factors, first offence and she had a job! God knows how long TARNE would have got???
  6. How Does The TT Really Affect The Island?

    Quote from Govt Press release.... " But it is hoped gauging the impact of the festival on local operations will provide a fuller picture." There is one possible problem. If the impact on the economy is taken into account, 30mil quid injection, then the result will be positive. However, it is not just about the cash in 'our' pockets and I do benefit, how do you quantify the misery our cash grabbing brings to scores of people every year? Will the ongoing cost to the UK health service be factored in? Should they bill us for their provision of health care to injured riders? The Govt claim a 3 to 5 mil profit, they should spend the next 5yrs profits on safety improvements.
  7. Gravy Train Gets New Engine?

    Our Heritage is important to us as a Nation, our history, territorial struggles, our identity as an independent nation ruled over by none. These are important to us. Our Heritage transport systems were a means to jump on the Victorian tourist boom. That is not our 'heritage', that is a means of making money from whatever was the current fashion. Social housing, busses etc are nothing to do with 'heritage', they are part of what makes up our sense of 'Social Responsibility', what we have collectively decided is what our current society deems to be our 'lot' to provide and subsidise if need be. I've no doubt that some local residents ride the Horse Trams MEA trams every couple of years but if they were scrapped tomorrow, 5 years hence, no one would miss them. In our current financial situation, aa subsidy has to have a positive return, I don't believe that true cost of provision of tourism would allow that 3% figure to survive. I presume that in believing that some subsidy is necessary, you include CS pensions in that???
  8. Gravy Train Gets New Engine?

    Of course you are. Tatlocks been dead for years!!!
  9. Gravy Train Gets New Engine?

    Dilli, you can be pretty sure that the Govt have maxed the figures for tourism as a % of the economy. Someones parents visit their kids on the Island, eat in every day, only spend money at the Pub, ' That's tourism', 300 quid to Portugal on boat fares?, 'That's tourism'. However, tourism for all its small percentage of the economy is still part of that input but it has to be subject to 'Value for Money'? The amount to be spent on the Horse Trams alone would put this in doubt as a financially viable model. You say that heritage transport can not be expected to make a profit but the only reason that we have 'Heritage Transport' is to service the tourist industry, if it is losing money for us, it is reducing that 3% in its value to our overall economy. i98o00000000 ( my Cat wrote this! Typical Woman, has to have the last word!!!)
  10. Ramsey Courthouse For Sale

    Maybe they all go to Douglas for a good night out???
  11. Ramsey Courthouse For Sale

    Would RTC not be bound to get the best rent they can on behalf of their ratepayers? Although I notice that the3 Swiss Chalet is to re-open! Was there a tender process?
  12. Manx Radio

    Exactly. I remember back in the 90's we used to tweet the local footy results and someone would always put a detailed report on Facebook. Otherwise we would have had to wait for the "Green Final"! What would we have done without social media back then?
  13. Promenade Resurfacing

    Things are bad enough at the moment. God help us when they have PMS!!!
  14. FSA claims £155K "costs" from Irvings

    Bit harsh? The four who faced prosecution with Buster were all young, I would imagine their 'crimes' have long been forgotten? If there has been any ongoing effect on their careers it will be their naiivety in not questioning Busters instructions.
  15. Teen in care evicted?

    Care in the Community. Sometimes! PS. when do we stop caring? Never. Those of us who are lucky to not need any extended care, any psychoanalysis and the help that can be given should be grateful that that 'someone else' is prepared to make the effort on our behalf.