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  1. Kopek

    Win a house competition!

    What's wrong with nine bob notes, a bloke down the pub sold me a load of them! Take your word about the value Dilli, couldn't see the land. Actually, the value of a prize is probably debatable, like those 'Win a Mini' ones, turns out to be use of for a year!!!
  2. Kopek

    Win a house competition!

    The picture of the house that was in the paper didn't look like it was worth the supposed price. Would it have been fraud if the prize was exaggerated ?
  3. Kopek

    Red Cross lose contract for patient transfer

    They should have waited till Red Cross lost the contract, theirs will be going cheaply!
  4. Kopek

    Red Cross lose contract for patient transfer

    How many tenders were received ? Did BV tender? Were any other tenders below RCross? How will BV be paid for their contract? Will DHSC have to give money to DoI? On a positive note, maybe DoI will get another diesel train!!!
  5. Kopek

    Clean up your act!

    It looks like the Corpy would would like a share of Braddans success on Cooil Rd too! In the Manx Indy article on 'Rates Reform', Chris Thomas says....business rates could be used for 'National' ( business sites), as many of these projects cross boundaries and there should be 'more collaboration' between LAs on these sites. I read that as Dlas corp want a share of the Braddan rates on Cooil Rd ????
  6. Kopek

    MV Karina...

    Viking Long Boat? Would have 'heritage' value.
  7. Kopek

    MV Karina...

    Would this be an opportunity for Carters and the Govt to get a Tender to offload cruise pax for a damn sight less than a deep water berth???
  8. Kopek

    Smart Meters are coming

    The pre-payment key meters will show you what you have used in money and the MUA wont even have to send you a bill! Mind you, the queues at the top up machines will be worse than lottery night!
  9. Kopek

    TT 2018

    They know the risks. They don't think it will happen to them. More optimistic than realistic?
  10. Kopek

    TT 2018

    It's for old 125cc riders who have put on weight.
  11. Kopek

    TT 2018

    Hardly, shows some questioning thought?
  12. Kopek

    TT 2018

    It's OK, there aren't any tunnels on the course! Too soon?
  13. Kopek

    Free coffee re-fills

    Now you're being pedantic! It's highly likely that all oddities of speech have been in use somewhere in the English speaking area of Britain at some time. My argument is that they are not common use, if they were, we would not notice them as they become more widely used. This wider use, beyond it's original area, is what draws the attention of us perfik inglish speakin uses. There is also the matter of PRIDE, why allow your use of language to be corrupted because those around you have been weak enough to led by the grammatically insecure? Next... I will try AND do ( something).No you wont, you will try TO do it!!!
  14. Kopek

    Free coffee re-fills

    'You know what I mean?' A derivative of that, 'D'you understand', when used in The North of Ireland, is said to come from the requirement to speak English. Gaelic speakers had to ask if their English had been understood! Now it sounds like a veiled threat!
  15. Kopek

    Free coffee re-fills

    If someone brought out a brand of cigarettes called "NO", would that mean you can smoke them in a ' No smoking area'? Grammatically, yes but should you be allowed to? Evolution certainly does happen to language but it needs to stay as common use for some considerable time, perhaps 50 or more years, to be considered an accepted change. As someone who has been serving coffee for some years, I can assure you that, 'Can I get', has only been used with preponderance for as little as 2-3 years, it is a passing fad and as such cannot be regarded as 'evolution'. The usual way to ask for something has been, 'can I have' *** and is still the usual way used by most people. ***Actually, can I have, is itself grammatically incorrect! Can I have? Of course you can but would you like to have it? Where does it all end?