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  1. 70k on legals. That may explain to those above as to why rent arrears are not pursued as vigorously as rates, with the rates, legal costs can be recovered, not so with back rent.
  2. It's the knock down prices that these coroners auctions seem to realise that would worry me too. Presuming that there has to be an immediate cash transfer after the sale, that limits the purchasers to a select few who probably follow these auctions to pick up bargain after bargain! Seems somewhat immoral to me. Maybe Coroners sales should have a reserve of a certain % of the market value?
  3. Todays pensioners were on a promise of a pension and free prescriptions/health care etc. Now you wouldn't want the Govt to break it's promises, would you? If means tested, where would you set the change over? The median wage is 26k, the tax allowance is 15kish, a limit between these would likely exempt most working pensioners and probably mean that most of those currently exempt would remain so. Is it worth aggravating people ( with good voting records ), for little saving?
  4. ''...sold to planners initially as a Radisson..'' Untill they saw the final build!
  5. What makes it ''horrible and stuffed''? Seemed like a clearly laid out infoarticle to me, didn't gush or overblow the situation. I get 32ms in Dlas on copper.
  6. As an importing economy some 30% of the spend in restaurants, cafes pubs etc goes off Island. The main benefit is from the wages paid but the vast majority of that would be paid anyway!
  7. So if you have a bad belly, have a root beer?
  8. Re Allinsons two jobs, he can only guarantee being an MHK for 5 years! Not as though he would lose touch with the health of his constituents in that time. Nor would his medical standard fall particularly over 5 yrs. He could still update his qualifications while an MHK and maybe he is? It could be argued that he is doing so on Govt time?
  9. Rob, it's obvious that the 75yo. limit was chosen to give a period after State pension age when pensioners would be paying for their prescriptions. If the limit were state retirement age, there would not be any saving on the current system.
  10. .......and doctors should have to pay us if they are late or have to cancel an appointment? Only fair?
  11. You were doing well with your dissection of LLap opinions there.................... until the typical forum name calling at the end! Fuckwit!
  12. If all airports are judged by the same parameters it matters not the reason for the delay?
  13. Barrie, I don't think that a Crab would stand a chance against a tractor!
  14. Lot of trouble to go to for a 3 word reply?
  15. Isn't calling him 'cueball' an insult? It is quite shiny though, isn't it.