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  1. Don't be silly, violent behaviour by any Nationality is deplored by sensible People of all Nationalities.
  2. Is that ''1st registration'' why we never see new house sales in the paper?
  3. Chad Valley!!! Typical Govt Rolls Royce solution. You can get one in Dealz for a quid.
  4. She is obviously TJ. !!!
  5. How many terrorists have been caught at Ronaldsway?
  6. This is very handy in the catering trade, in case anyone gets 'Napkin Rash'!!!
  7. Wish you all the best for a speedy and complete recovery.
  8. Aren't potential jurors questioned on their... opinions of the defendant, knowledge of the case, whether they have already formed an opinion of guilt and have any MF taint? Or is that just on American TV! Sultan. It's not about the case now though. It's more to do with censorship.
  9. Declan. Do you agree with the locking because any comment is inconsequential? or.... that there was not a need to lock ?
  10. For all their faults, the quality of debate in the Keys puts some posts on here to shame.
  11. It is possible that the water in Aristotles house cools at a slower rate than normal due to the hot air he generates!! Why would we want to nationalise gas supply? Presumably to reduce prices? MG operate at a 10% profit ( or thereabouts ), that does not leave much room for price reductions even if the Govt could operate as efficiently as MG.
  12. It's always best to be drunk when you do steps. At least then, you do them on your hands and knees!!!
  13. stock market crash

    Pretty sure it was Lonnie Donegans song about Binmen....Can't get in the bin, there's not 'mushroom in there???
  14. stock market crash

    We all thought so and we're sorry we missed your funeral, or at least, your RIP thread on here!!! Oh! I thought you said YOU died 15 yrs ago! Funnier if you had.
  15. stock market crash

    Yeah sure, you're less than 87yo, sure!