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  1. Knoxville

    William Dunlop...

    Ride the road races, you take the risks, public were pretty lucky!!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5tsrbvWAFCo
  2. Knoxville

    MIFA / Ellan Vannin to play in France on Dec 30

    Bunch of footballers having a flounce, well I never "I'm taking my ball and going home".....
  3. I like you John, decent thing to do that :-)
  4. Knoxville

    TT road safety ideas

    Its a genuine question dick head, if I wanted an argument you’d know babe, now please refrain from posting and do the world a favour, ahhh you can still block people, welcome to the club. Now can someone with a brain answer it properly? So it’s not confused with me “looking for an argument” a thank you for a decent reply :-)
  5. Knoxville

    TT road safety ideas

    You haven’t answered the question really, but thanks for being a cock and justifying the exact reason I don’t really post on here any more. Feel free to chase a parked car
  6. Knoxville

    TT road safety ideas

    Does anyone know if the road open cars should be on the roads when the public are on the roads? Ie none race days? The reg of the cars are IOM TT 1, IOM TT 2 etc etc are these legal to be on the roads?
  7. Knoxville

    Iom Courier/carrier For 'my Hermes'.

    I live down South, so whoever it is that way is utterly terrible, but like I said thankfully the person who had it left in their doorstep was good enough to bring it to me.
  8. Knoxville

    Iom Courier/carrier For 'my Hermes'.

    Sorry to bring this thread back from the dead, but does anyone know who does the Hermes deliveries here? I’ve had three parcels go to the wrong address, very much the wrong address but luckily the gentleman who received these made the effort to bring them to me himself, they’ve just been left on his door step as well........one item was a quite expensive Christmas gift. Ive tried Hermes direct and they’re about as much use as a chocolate fire guard!!!
  9. Knoxville

    Nobles Car Park Charge £5 per hour?

    Nobles is a joke at the best of times but now charging £5 a god damn hour. Simple solution to stop the knobs who park for the day for free and head into town for work, validate the parking, park in, get a ticket, visit relative and get it validated on the way out. Obviously they'll need to spend £250K on some consultants for this and another £1M on actually doing something, than spend it where its actually needed.l
  10. Knoxville

    Angela Moffatt maybe you should shut up?

    If it looks like shit, acts like shit......tends to be shit, her being the case in point.
  11. Knoxville

    Consultation over video link...Kate's newest brainwave

    Don't be a knob all your life champ
  12. Knoxville

    Consultation over video link...Kate's newest brainwave

    My mother would still be here if she wasn't on that waiting list, they would've picked up her cancer and not kept diagnosing her with a throat infection. Now my father is on a waiting list but we've decided its best to pay private and get it all sorted, the ONLY reason I'd use Nobles is if I was dead and I'd still protest in the afterlife!
  13. Knoxville


    Are the lycra brigade that serious about riding over the Mountain, its for two weeks of the year you bunch of helmets: http://www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-news/re-think-mountain-bicycle-ride-say-police/
  14. Knoxville

    Liverpool Airport DHSC Taxi Service

    My friend showed me that "group", I don't have FaceBook, fair to say its full of plebs. Agree with the comments on here, just take it away from them and make them pay for it, see how quickly they change their mind, " now their making me pay for it, this will chip into my Benson & Hedges fund " Why doesn't someone start a group, Positive Comments, and see how many positive comments it draws?
  15. Knoxville

    Ghost Town

    I've been here since 31/03/2004, seen them all come and go. Can still work out who people are, mainly on how they post. Pierre Laurent (spelling) was the best poster ever, along with most of his/her alias..............if you know, you know