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  1. I'm not an expert in this field, but someone with the patience to go through it should look at the Annual Reports for the last three years for Manx Utilities and try to work out the effect of all the contractual arrangements. There is a loss showing on 'forward purchases' (presumably of gas) of around £10 million a year. There is also quite a bit about "Forward Purchase Contracts" (p 63), complicated by the fact that much of this seems to contracted in Euros.
  2. That's been pretty obvious for a while, so if he's only just realised that, he's even stupider than we think he is. I get the impression that he's only done the bare minimum as an MLC - for a while he didn't even take on any Departmental roles. It's not like he's been a Peter Karran, endlessly criticising and analysing what was going wrong. He's only complaining about the gravy train now he's about to be thrown off it.
  3. And where were you at 10am on Monday, may I ask? It may well be that the police already have a good idea who carried out this theft, but are asking for additional evidence because the victim's condition will make him an easily-challenged witness.
  4. The response to the freedom of information request follows the usual Manx Radio pattern of telling as little as they can get away with: Of course they have no separate commercial accounts (and often fail to meet commercial targets), so the distinction is meaningless. It does seem a lot of money for a party though - it must have been fairly elaborate if it needed 'event management'. This spending was presumably extra to Manx Radio's normal hospitality bill from an earlier FoI:
  5. The EU certainly has its problems, like any other organisation. But there is very little evidence it is about to collapse and support for the EU in other countries has increased on average since the Referendum and there is nothing like majority support for quitting in the other members (the highest is 36% in Greece). The only support for a country leaving is in France - who think the UK should go. Perhaps Brexit is all an evil plot by the French to damage the old enemy.
  6. No they didnt They didn't come before the by-election, but they came in June 2016, before the general election, and could have stopped her standing in that. And of course that means that it has taken the AG's Office 15 months to decide they didn't have a case. Incidentally there's yet another case of prosecution incompetence reported today:
  7. No MHKs expenses get published because they don't get any specific expenses (except related to off-Island trips). They just get a lump sum, which everyone knows is just a supplement to their salaries. I suppose Callister could count up how many paperclips he uses each week and post the information on his blog for those who feel that document lacks a certain something in terms of exhaustive detail.
  8. My experience and the industry I work in would suggest otherwise. But the facts suggest that what is described in that Economist piece is exactly what is happening. Obviously no one is suggesting that it will be same for every business or every sector, but when looking at the economic effects of something, you need to look at the way it operates in the whole economy.
  9. But the real objection isn't to Manx Gas, who are just doing what commercial companies do - screw as much out of the customers as they can get away with. It's towards the OFT, who are the ones letting them get away with it. And no one's going to go to a demo up a side road in St Johns. (Of course why a government agency, which is supposed to spend its time dealing with companies and consumers, is (re)located as far away from both as they can manage, is another good questions).
  10. Except even those things aren't true. Rather than increasing exports and investment, business just increase profits (and of course the uncertainty cause by Brexit doesn't help investment). And the gains from an increase in tourism to the UK are more than wiped out by the extra spending that British holidaymakers have to make when they are abroad on holiday. Neither is really a surprise as previous devaluations haven't had the effect, that economists say they 'ought' to, either.
  11. I suspect being a stranger to Facebook does not make anyone a "sad person". Probably quite the opposite
  12. On the the contrary. Details of waiting lists is one of the things that have recently been begun to be released. They're supposed to be issued quarterly and the first ones were released on 28 April covering the first quarter of this year. The headline figures show improvements on things such as speed in providing cancer care, compared to the previous quarter. There is also a breakdown of the waiting times for inpatient appointments by speciality, showing how many patients have been waiting for how long. I suspect this is at the instigation of Beecroft, who had been pestering for the details when Quayle was Minister, and it looks like she managed to get it inserted into the programme for government. How long it will continue I don't know, as the Q2 figures are about 3 weeks late compared to Q1. So she may be receiving some bureaucratic obstruction from Couch or those lower down. Of course these sort of figures are regularly published in the UK , but the local attitude may still be that we should take what we're given and be grateful.
  13. but sometimes they don't bother, a few weeks inside somehow clears the debt. However if you read the newspaper story that reports this (and which was linked in the first post of this thread) It's still going to take five years to pay it all back, but most cases are going to be like that where the fraudster is validly in receipt of some benefits and they c an be reduced to pay back the overpayment. The only cases where something can't be reclaimed are going to be where the fraudster has no assets, current earnings or entitlement to benefits - and the lack of entitlement will probably be because they have so little link to the Island that they can be deported. I couldn't help noticing that according to the information in the piece: Her husband appears to have worked 40 hour weeks for about 85 weeks for £21,790, which works out at £6.40 a hour or so. It's possibly just garbled reporting, but that looks to be less than the minimum wage of £7.50 (though it may have been a bit less in the relevant period).
  14. Obviously they're just not lucky cars.
  15. Benefits are actually administered by the Treasury (and have been since the merger of Health and DSC), just as income tax is. So it's not even a different Department. I suspect that data protection often gets used as an excuse for not doing things that ought to have been done. A lot of government forms include things you have to sign to allow access to all relevant data.