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  1. Roger Mexico

    Steam Packet to be sold

    I doubt that it's even as benign as that - the UK is unlikely to help and there will have been no guarantees. They're just trying to empty the coffers as much as possible when they are in control and don't care whatever wreckage they leave behind. Presumably the 'right' people will have found a way to benefit and everyone else is expected to pay. The speed at which these things are being pushed through is a good indication of that - presumably even our politicians would stop this madness if they were given enough time to consider things properly.
  2. Roger Mexico

    Reynoldsway part 2. £80 million to spend on ports

    Actually they're coming under a lot of pressure from the EU (especially the Parliament) to clean their act up. We tend to concentrate on the EU wanting the offshores to reform - and they do seem to have concentrated on those rather than the EU members so far. No doubt helped by Juncker being from Luxembourg. But there's clearly movements to stamp out the tax schemes within the EU as well and Malta seems to have a lot going on that's already pretty dodgy.
  3. Roger Mexico

    Reynoldsway part 2. £80 million to spend on ports

    LMGTFY: It's for Harold Towers in actual fact. Clearly the "We are not a tax haven" message hasn't reached the DM. The general reaction in the comments is that the Isle of Man is boring, though given that the main occupation of Daily Mail readers seems to be complaining about things, I'd have thought we had more than enough to keep them happy. They seem to have been touting Harold Towers around the papers for some while - it was in the Guardian in March. It seems to have been nicely done up in an appropriately 1830s manner, but it's probably too idiosyncratic for most buyers - especially around £4 million. And there are those gas tanks. (We'll probably find the Government have 'agreed' to buy it as the new IOMSP headquarters next week. For £40 million).
  4. Roger Mexico

    More argy Bargy over social housing rents

    I'm not sure what the legal situation is in the Isle of Man (though I doubt it would be different), but in England it appears that councillors who are tenants of their local authority have been able to get general dispensation to vote on matters relating to council properties since at least the the Local Government Act of 1933. If you think about it this is sensible, otherwise you could apply the same principle to say that no local authority members who are ratepayers should be allowed to vote on setting the rates. In both cases a financial benefit is being potentially received. Obviously this only applies as a general principle, not to more specific benefits. So if only a few tenants (or ratepayers) were benefiting from something, councillors who happened to belong to that group should not speak or vote on the topic.
  5. It doesn't seem to be all over however:
  6. Most of these jurisdictions already have these registers, it's just a matter of them not being public (access is only given to professionals on a need-to-know basis). So two and a half years should be ample to sort things out. Whether that will then reveal that the professionals have been as stringent as they ought is another matter as is how reliable the registers are.
  7. Technically the amendments still have to be passed by the House of Lords, but a similar amendment only just failed there earlier in the year, and now these have been accepted by the UK Government it is unlikely they would be rejected. Enough Tory backbenchers had supported the amendment that the Government knew they would lose if forced to a vote (they had already made concessions). The registers have to be in place by the end of 2020. Of course how accurate they will be may be another issue as will whether they are verified.
  8. And so it came to pass: Edited to add: Although the Guardian only refers to "British overseas territories" if you look at the proposed amendments, you can see:
  9. Roger Mexico

    Salisbury Street demo.

    There was an interesting written question from Hooper to Ashford in last week's Tynwald: The answer includes a table showing how many of the 36 contracted beds (reduced to 35 for the last two weeks) were not in use by week from that commencing 8 May 17 to 25 Sep 17. I reckon that of the 754 potential bed-weeks, 444 were unused (which implies they have agreed to pay around £812 a week even when they are unused). Now Ashford tries to justify this with a load of guff saying In any new Care Home it is expected that the beds become used gradually. This is not least because the Minimum Standards for Adult Care Homes require admissions to be carefully planned and managed, but in that case why not set up the contract to allow for this? Why not start the admissions process before the contract starts? Indeed they did that with six residents moving in immediately, but only one more arrived in the next five weeks. Ashford claimed that: but if that was the only hold-up the place should have been filled in under a month - instead there were still four unused places (out of 35) after five months. Of course the money spent on empty rooms would have paid for the meals on wheels service for three years, something that actually helps the elderly stay in their own homes.
  10. Roger Mexico

    Great Advice

    It's households and is based on a question Hooper asked of Thomas in the Keys on Wednesday (Q15). Not on Hansard yet, so you'll have to listen to it. The exact number varies with definition of fuel poverty (3100 - 3500) and is out of date, being based on the last household survey (2012-13) - there's another survey currently under way.
  11. Roger Mexico

    MLC nominations open

    There were remarks on here a while back that Coleman wasn't standing again. Corkish has become a byword for everything that is wrong about LegCo and his vanity probably wouldn't allow him to stand if he wouldn't get re-elected (which he wouldn't - only six of the MHKs in the Keys when he was elected to LegCo are there now). Maybe he'd be pushed even to get nominated. The same probably applies to Turner who only sneaked in on the last place in 2013, though he would have the advantage of getting the £20K pay-off for his humiliation. Although Bill Mummery appears to be on every other Committee and Board on the Isle of Man, he is not currently a member of LegCo. For some reason you keep on confusing him with Mike Coleman.
  12. Roger Mexico

    Preen launches collection starting at just 65p

    It's a nice bit of publicity and good work from whoever got it in the Guardian (the press release was back on the first, so I imagine Thornton and Bregazzi's people might have done it). How much extra trade it will drum up, I wouldn't know - the overlap between People Who Are Mad About Fashion and People Who Collect Stamps can't be that great. Still the stamps look good and it was on the Guardian's front page on the website for quite a long time.
  13. Roger Mexico

    Electric Harley Davidson

    Hmm. First appearance since 2015 [gets popcorn].
  14. Roger Mexico

    Manx Radio

    It seems an odd mix-up: It doesn't seem that much to have something filmed and edited professionally. But you wonder why a local charity would bother to do such a thing (there will usually be a volunteer to do so for free, if less dexterously) - delusions of grandeur I suppose.
  15. Roger Mexico

    MLC nominations open

    You get the impression that Humbles got her support by wandering around Prospect Hill (where presumably she works some of the time), pestering MHKs to back her like a small child getting sponsors for a charity event. Whether the later ones knew she already had enough to stand would be an interesting piece of knowledge and they might be annoyed they had 'used up' one of their 'supports' on someone who didn't need it. If MHKs stick to the spirit of the law (rather than the mess of words they have produced) and only support five, Allinson, Baker and Harmer already seem to have used theirs up and Ashford, Caine, Hooper, Perkins, Shimmins and Thomas all have done four. I reckon there enough spare supports going for another ten. One of the defining characteristics of MLC elections is that they are perpetually changing the rules to stop it looking silly and/or crooked. And each time they do they manage to produce an outcome that looks even more ridiculous and bent than the previous one. So I have high hopes of what, with this multiplicity of candidates, is already promising to be what is technically known as a 'clusterfuck'.