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  1. Great Advice

    It's households and is based on a question Hooper asked of Thomas in the Keys on Wednesday (Q15). Not on Hansard yet, so you'll have to listen to it. The exact number varies with definition of fuel poverty (3100 - 3500) and is out of date, being based on the last household survey (2012-13) - there's another survey currently under way.
  2. MLC nominations open

    There were remarks on here a while back that Coleman wasn't standing again. Corkish has become a byword for everything that is wrong about LegCo and his vanity probably wouldn't allow him to stand if he wouldn't get re-elected (which he wouldn't - only six of the MHKs in the Keys when he was elected to LegCo are there now). Maybe he'd be pushed even to get nominated. The same probably applies to Turner who only sneaked in on the last place in 2013, though he would have the advantage of getting the £20K pay-off for his humiliation. Although Bill Mummery appears to be on every other Committee and Board on the Isle of Man, he is not currently a member of LegCo. For some reason you keep on confusing him with Mike Coleman.
  3. Preen launches collection starting at just 65p

    It's a nice bit of publicity and good work from whoever got it in the Guardian (the press release was back on the first, so I imagine Thornton and Bregazzi's people might have done it). How much extra trade it will drum up, I wouldn't know - the overlap between People Who Are Mad About Fashion and People Who Collect Stamps can't be that great. Still the stamps look good and it was on the Guardian's front page on the website for quite a long time.
  4. Electric Harley Davidson

    Hmm. First appearance since 2015 [gets popcorn].
  5. Manx Radio

    It seems an odd mix-up: It doesn't seem that much to have something filmed and edited professionally. But you wonder why a local charity would bother to do such a thing (there will usually be a volunteer to do so for free, if less dexterously) - delusions of grandeur I suppose.
  6. MLC nominations open

    You get the impression that Humbles got her support by wandering around Prospect Hill (where presumably she works some of the time), pestering MHKs to back her like a small child getting sponsors for a charity event. Whether the later ones knew she already had enough to stand would be an interesting piece of knowledge and they might be annoyed they had 'used up' one of their 'supports' on someone who didn't need it. If MHKs stick to the spirit of the law (rather than the mess of words they have produced) and only support five, Allinson, Baker and Harmer already seem to have used theirs up and Ashford, Caine, Hooper, Perkins, Shimmins and Thomas all have done four. I reckon there enough spare supports going for another ten. One of the defining characteristics of MLC elections is that they are perpetually changing the rules to stop it looking silly and/or crooked. And each time they do they manage to produce an outcome that looks even more ridiculous and bent than the previous one. So I have high hopes of what, with this multiplicity of candidates, is already promising to be what is technically known as a 'clusterfuck'.
  7. MER tram goes hurtling down the mountain, AGAIN

    Last Autumn I wrote on this thread that if: In any other country, parliamentarians would be calling for Longworth to go, but here the gravy train seems to be the only one that's same to go on.
  8. MLC nominations open

    And now it's 12: ('Cannon' is their typo not mine) Incidentally this means that the two (now rather pointless) scrutineers have to be Callister and Malarkey as (apart from Watterson who has, rightly, said he won't) that are the only two MHKs left who haven't nominated, seconded or supported a candidate yet and now they won't be able to.
  9. Abort67

    I don't think you're right on that. If you look at the figures for Jersey, there were 180 abortions carried out there in 2016. Whereas only 7 women from Jersey went to England and Wales for an abortion in the same year. In contrast 88 women from the Isle of Man had to do the same. And if anything there will be less pressure on women in the Isle of Man, because Jersey has an effective limit of 12 weeks and a complicated pre-abortion procedure, which mean that some women who miss that deadline have to go to the UK. Also abortions in Jersey cost £155, so the additional cost of going to the UK will be less. None of these will apply under the proposed legislation. There will no doubt still be a few women who choose to have an abortion in the UK on grounds of convenience, familial support or following confirmation of foetal abnormality by a UK specialist[1], but there is no reason to suspect that the vast majority will not choose to [1] There is some evidence that this happens with Jersey as what are known as 'ground E' abortions (effectively foetal abnormality) make up 2% of England and Wales abortions, but the equivalent in Jersey only 1% of theirs. The percentage of 'ground E' abortions in women from Scotland having an abortion south of the Border is also a lot more than 2% which suggests a similar mechanism.
  10. MLC nominations open

    According to 'Further particulars' issued by the Clerk of Tynwald, "the Nominations will close at 4pm on Friday 23rd February 2018. Not sure what page you are referring to regarding the names in red.
  11. MLC nominations open

    The nomination of Tanya Humbles hasn't yet appeared on the list received yet, but they probably only update that page once a day if that. That's assuming that she has found the four MHKs to propose, second and support her[1]. The nominations on that page also link the the various CVs that the candidates have put forward. Of course as a Manx Radio reporter she will have great experience in putting forward what the civil servants want to hear, without question, so you could argue she's ideally suited to the job. [1] As John Wright has already pointed out, the actual Standing Orders governing the process are as badly drafted as they usually are. My reading would be that Proposer and Seconder are limited to only nominating up to the number of vacancies (in this case five) but there is no such restriction on the two supporting MHKs (they probably meant there to be, but it isn't what is written). Assuming Watterson (as Speaker) won't back anyone and allowing for the pointless restriction on the tellers (because they've changed the election process) the remaining 21 MHKs could put forward a maximum of 52 candidates, if they try to restrict the maximum to the supporters as well it would be 26. Actually the regulations are so badly drafted that it only says the nomination should be "accompanied by particulars in writing of [...] (c) the name [sic] of the Proposer and Seconder and at least two other Members", so technically they don't even have to agree to it.
  12. MLC nominations open

    Yes, according to the Tynwald website: I think 'pensionable age' is 60, so Coleman (b 1948) and Corkish (b 1953) wouldn't qualify, but Turner would (but not Poole-Wilson, if she loses, as she hasn't served two years). Edited to replace 'retirement age' with 'pensionable age'. MLCs can go on to whatever age they want before retiring, provided MHKs put them there, but once retired they can get their pension from 60 (or earlier in some circumstances).
  13. MLC nominations open

    According to IOM Today the latest nominations are: Jane Poole-Wilson (Nominated Caine; Seconded Shimmins; Supported Quayle and Perkins. John Skinner (Ashford; Corlett; Harmer and Baker) Dawn Joughin (Edge; Allinson; Bettison and Corlett) Juan Kelly (Thomas; Hooper; Ashford and Shimmins) Kate Lord-Brennan (Perkins;Harmer;Caine, Allinson and Baker) Kerry Sharpe (Peake; Perkins; Baker and Shimmins) I assume Juan Kelly is the one about whom there has been a recent Manx Forums thread.
  14. Public 'prepared' to pay for healthcare

    Jersey spends a lot more - over £10 million a year. Guernsey spends a bit more - about 2.8 million in 2015, though they have a smaller population (about 63k) than the Isle of Man, so it will be more per capita.
  15. Year of Our Island - 2018 - so just another year then..

    According to the original press release, issued at the start of December, this is all as apparently "As promised in the Programme for Government". Which contains the line[1] "Organise a Year celebrating our Island as a special place to live and work in 2018". This document was issued over a year ago, since when everyone clearly forgot about this pledge until much more recently[2] when the whole thing was clearly dumped on poor Chris Thomas to come up with something to kick the whole thing off. There have been four Dark Skies-related events already (which you suspect would have happened anyway, Year or no Year), but the associated Facebook page reports "2018 Year of Our Island does not have any upcoming events". And the website seems to consist of a single page, the only links from which are that Facebook page and a grant application form. Now obviously if you are going to organise a Year of anything, you organise the vast majority of it way in advance, announce a lot of the details well before the year starts and then update as you progress. You don't leave everything till January, pretend that some things that were going to happen anyway were part of it and desperately plead for someone (anyone) to come with with more ideas. It would be an insult to most amateurs to call this amateurish - the Island is full of organisation and individuals who could do a better job. For this sort of incompetence you need professionals at it. It looks as if the whole thing was given to the DED to organise and no doubt they gave it their usual treatment of having lots of meetings with lots of people with 'executive' in their title sat round spouting bullshit at each other, while carefully avoiding doing anything or talking to the people who might actually make anything happen. The whole thing then appears to have had to have been rescued by the Cabinet Office[3]. The contact on the webpage is Nick Hawkes, who is the most junior member of the ever-expanding External Relations team, which presumably means he gets all the shit jobs. This is probably the same Nick Hawkes who was asking for help on "a research project for his dissertation [to] reveal why people are disillusioned with Island politics". Well he kens the noo. [1] Under the section SUSTAINABLE ISLAND - ACTION BY OUTCOME. Which if it means anything, implies that everything else they do are meaningless gestures. Which may be right. [2] The website http://www.ourisland.im/ was not registered till 18 August by Freya Buckingham who is the 'Digital Marketing Executive' at the Department of Economic Development (as was). [3] The proper action would have been to apologise, cancel or defer the Year, and sack the people who failed to do their jobs, but know that doesn't happen. Incidentally we know this one can't be blamed on Chris Corlett as he went in December 2016, before the idea of the Year was announced.