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  1. Roger Mexico


    Because I am That Guy, can I point out you've got the melting point of Lead wrong (328 C). Of course it makes the point even more strongly. (Also you should know by now that some people will invariably draw the wrong conclusion from any piece of scientific information).
  2. Roger Mexico

    Reynoldsway part 2. £80 million to spend on ports

    It's interesting that despite all the talk of 'over 8000' cruise visitors, if you read that article only 4493 participated "in an organised shore excursion" - not much more than half. They're describing this as[1] "enjoying the guided tours, heritage sites, vintage transport, bespoke and artisan activities, along with local produce being sent onboard, as well as local entertainment". Though I suspect that 4493 included people who wandered up Strand Street and then took the next tender back. You do wonder how much was spent by the Government on 'promotional activities' as well. Who actually paid for the local produce and entertainers for instance? What sort of group rates would MNH and the Railway etc have been giving them? We know that most of the high prices of pre-booked shore excursions tend to stay with the cruise companies (it's where they get a lot of their profits) and there isn't really an alternative structure for visitors to book their own trips (which is what shrewd cruise passengers often do to get a cheaper and less cattle-like experience) for money to flow directly into the economy. When you take into account all the Tourism Department time as well, it's possible that nothing at all is being made out of the cruise ships. Of course politicians and bureaucrats love cruise visits, as they are very visible and they add to the tourism statistics and give them excuses to spend money. But, as many places around the world have been finding out, they don't really do much for anyone else (except possibly fridge magnet manufacturers). [1] The official press release this has no doubt been taken from, isn't on the government website yet, though the article does show some evidence of being in contact with journalism - I doubt the Department would have been keen to emphasise how little cruise visitor spend ends up in the tourist economy.
  3. Roger Mexico


    I would imagine the word 'chemtrails' would do that. Though I suppose you could argue water is a chemical. (Isn't it odd how those most likely to believe in 'weather modification' are those least likely to believe in anthropogenic climate change).
  4. Roger Mexico

    Isle of Man News and Politics

    No it's one of those 'virtual' sessions where they only submit Written Questions (86 of them!), the answers to which should appear sometime today. Presumably Rob is missing the backbiting and stupidity he normally gets on Tuesdays on Prospect Hill and has logged into MF to get his fix. (And Declan is right about possessives).
  5. Roger Mexico

    Headline...movement at Castle Mona site

    Not all of it - just the Georgian core and the parade of shops at the front. The more modern additions aren't included: https://www.gov.im/media/632075/0500082regbld-castlemona-hotel-v2.pdf#page=3
  6. Roger Mexico

    Bus Vannin ends return journey tickets

    This isn't actually quite correct. The weekly cap on contactless only works for weeks ending on a Sunday So if you were visiting from (say) Friday to Thursday, you end up paying seven daily caps rather than one weekly one. As the weekly cap is usually equivalent to five daily ones, you'd end up paying for two full days you didn't need to. For example the Zone 1-3 weekly cap is £40 and the daily one £8 so relying on capping would cost an extra £16 unless you started on a Monday. You're better putting a weekly Travelcard (which is the same price as the weekly cap) onto an Oystercard and using that, because that can start any day of the week. Of course you might also wonder why Bus Vannin can't also adjust the price structure of Go cards so that regular users are encouraged to use the buses more, but that's another story.
  7. Roger Mexico

    Bus Vannin ends return journey tickets

    If you look at the Terms and Conditions, it appears that: So after a year (not 15 months) you lose both the £2 cost of the card and any balance you happen to have on it. There's no facility for cashing in the card (either the basic price of balance) except for the school ones at the end of the academic year (and even then it's only the balance you get back and of course they're obliged to replace faulty ones. Both these are unlike the Oyster system when they will refund on both cards and balance (though finding somewhere to do it may be the problem).
  8. Roger Mexico

    Rally Under Threat...

    Well according to that statement: It looks rather as if the main efforts of the Department were in trying to stop it. It's astonishingly short notice for something like that to be cancelled and presumably there will be a lot of cost implications for the Steam Packet, hotels and so on, dependent on cancellation policy and so on.
  9. Roger Mexico

    Ronaldsway Airport

    I find the whole appointment a bit puzzling. I presumed that Mr Spake must have continued his career in aviation while carrying on the z-list lifestyle of a long-ago reality TV participant (provincial carnivals, charity work, intermittent social media). I can find some evidence online for the latter, but nothing about any jobs helping run airports - no Linkedin or trade papers stuff. Even if he'd been keeping that side of his life low key, you'd have expect it to be pointed to on his appointment, if only to reassure people that he had more qualification than being 'him off the telly'. The post was advertised in the Spring (closing 22 May) and you'd expect it to be filled with someone doing a similar job at a smaller airport or as a Deputy somewhere. Such jobs are normally three months notice or similar, so you'd expect the new manager to start about now. But only Energy seem to have reported the appointment.
  10. I like the sculpture as well, but I have read somewhere that it was initially meant to be standing among rocks or some sort of low cairn, which I think would have made it more impressive than in its current flat presentation. Still no doubt the DoI (and its predecessors) know so much better about art, as they do with everything else.
  11. Roger Mexico

    Popular Rider Critical...

    It's not actually a press release (chance would be a fine thing they would be so useful) it's another one of Moorhouse's strange collection of written questions in the August batch - and, to be fair, one of his better ones: How many people was action taken against; and of these how many were prosecuted for speeding during the period? From the Saturday of practice week to the Sunday following TT week (16 days), in each of the last five years categorised by nationality? Over the five year's worth of TT fortnights there were a total of 16 police cautions, 115 prosecutions and 316 Fixed Penalty Notices issued, giving 447 offences overall. But 3FM have actually missed the most interesting bit of the story. Because nearly half of those offences (220) were committed in 2018 - almost as much as the other four years put together: 2014: 1 + 68 + 15 = 84 2015: 2 + 9 + 7 = 18 2016: 6 + 13 + 30 = 49 2017: 6 + 9 +61 = 76 2018: 1 + 16 + 203 = 220 We're always told that the speeding laws are enforced just as rigorously in TT week as at any other time of the year. But those figures suggest it isn't true - at least up to this year. 2015 seems in particular to have been a very lax year. For those who want the breakdown by nationality (or rather country of residence as that was the only information they had): Isle of Man 188 (78) United Kingdom 184 (93) Germany 19 (13) France 14 (6) Ireland 9 (4) Netherlands 6 (3) Spain 4 (4) Italy 4 (3) USA 3 (2) Switzerland 3 (3) Belgium 3 (2) Sweden 3 (3) Austria 2 (2) Unidentified 2 (2) Australia 1 (0) Malta 1 (1) Poland 1 (1) The fact the Isle of Man doesn't top the table in 2018 suggests that previously the police may have been giving non-Manx offenders an easier time, presumably because the locals are easier to prosecute or chase up.
  12. Roger Mexico

    How to be Manx (produce)

    I suppose it's possible he wanted to ask something else (perhaps incoming mail?), but the wording is pretty clear "What the costs are for sending a 100g Letter First Class and Second Class (if applicable) to". If he meant something else, it's very badly worded.
  13. In this case John is sort of right I think. The Manx Lottery Trust (MLT) money comes from the 40% of the UK funds allocated to "Health, education, environment and charitable causes". via the Big Lottery Fund (BLF). The other 60% is allocated 20% each to Sport, Arts and Heritage which have their own distribution bodies and which do not give grants directly to the Island. So Arts Council money does not come from the BLF (see page 10 of the Report you quote) though some, more community-based, arts, sports etc organisations may get funding from the MLT. Most of the funding for the Arts Council etc does come from the lottery duty as John said. But John is wrong in saying that nothing is received on the Island from the Lottery except the hypothecated government duty on sales made on the Island, though I think that was the situation when the Lottery started up. The block grant from the BLF to the MLT has been going some time I think.
  14. The people I feel sorry for are the householders who thought they were going to be getting a nice picture of "a child reading a book, to tie it in with the library", and instead got a 70s Prog Rock album cover.
  15. Roger Mexico

    How to be Manx (produce)

    "or do you know the right people"? I presume there will be a more extensive document somewhere, but it wasn't linked. I actually checked, because I couldn't believe it, but there it is on pdf page 75 of the link I gave above. As the answer concludes: "These prices are published both in the annual price guide and on our website". It's worth pointing out that this sort of oral question might have a point in Tynwald, when you might have a follow-up observation or question that you want to publicise. But to ask as a written question just looks silly.