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  1. Don't have a problem with that ,other than to say that this "dry old crab" thinks that the pregnant woman is the the one to decide whether an abortion is appropriate. For anyone else to decide is an impertinence , who do these people think they are to tell a woman who requires an abortion that it is illegal /inappropriate?
  2. Fair comment Woolley, it's sad that children sometimes see their parents, as they get older, as more a source of a cash windfall than parents/friends. Mind you as one gets older it's possible that we get more cantankerous and miserable ( as a result of arthritis/piles/indigestion /flat feet etc ) and I think it's a mistake for a parent to use a potential inheritance ( "one day son this will be all yours" .... lol) as a form of control over members of the 'family'. . In all it's a complicated business , but I have heard someone say to his dad " First damp patch on the sofa And you'll be in the home and your bikes will be down the Auction ....... it was a "joke" but it made me think
  3. That's all very well Woolley but who decides if "someone is out on their own when they shouldn't be" , especially if they have assets ? As one gets older "family" may see the wealth of an older relative/in law as their inheritance and decide that they should have enduring power of attorney and it would be in the "individuals best interests" that they be packed off to a "home" and the cash effectively distributed to the "caring family" . A 'home' can effectively be a prison and the "caring family" can even stipulate who can visit . Maybe I'm an old cynic but I've been the executor and some folk will behave despicably in the hope to be beneficiaries and heard the arguments by "caring families" who have advised parents to make property over to them to "avoid death duties/ dodge 'care costs' etc . Just saying
  4. Never read any of his work "C" but my kids did and I may have picked it up from them , next time I'll put it as a quote
  5. "is the pen mightier than the sword" , perhaps if it's a very large sharp pen and a tiny sword?
  6. "I wasted no time in reading it" ?
  7. I can hardly wait, can't wait to tell mother
  8. but at a cost I suspect , no objection as long as it's not tax payers cash
  9. Perhaps he should tell us about having a (nother) meeting to discuss the TT/ Festival of Motorcycling , fascinating stuff ....... that "media training course was well worth the cost (if he ever manages to establish what the cost the taxpayer was). Frankly if he can't establish that I wouldn't trust him to post a letter, there again I voted for Dorothy (and before anyone comments he told me to "remember Dorothy in the polling station) and he hasn't exactly covered himself in glory in relation to the Manx Gas rip off.
  10. Snap , no idea who he is but just reported on the television that he is OK
  11. He;s been found "safe and well" in Liverpool Just saying
  12. Mmmmm pies form "Betty's
  13. Still waiting for further and better particulars Mr "Wobbly"
  14. No astronaut , I just posted facts which I can prove , if you are prepared to wager that I'm telling 'porkies' I'll donate your loss to IOM TT Riders association.