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  1. Abort67

    In exceptional circumstances " murder " is condoned and supported by the "church" , during war for example ( supported by Christian organisations on both sides) and if history is to be believed there wasn't much opposition to torturing and killing non believers in the past . Jerome Lloyd .......he's having a larf
  2. Perhaps part of the problem is that as engineering has "progressed", no suitable training is offered to those dealing with vintage equipment /machinery . One cannot plug in a computer/laptop to a pre 2000vehicle to tell you what needs to be done to correct a defect , in a similar way most "plumbing" these days consists of sticking/ push fitting plastic pipes together and one would need an 'old school plumber' for copper /lead/cast iron work. I agree that heritage attractions would be better preserved and run in the hands of "Trusts" , perhaps with the aid of the odd grant ( given that on this island grants are handed out to wealthy land owners for abandoning land) which would ensure that folk who had an interest and enthusiasm for vintage machinery were in charge rather those who do not understand what they have and are intent on cutting corners and paying exorbitant salaries to 'managers ' who may be more interested in their own careers than preserving the islands heritage. Rant over, apart from saying that " would I trust a fully (newly) qualified mechanic to fettle my 1928 Sunbeam motorcycle .......?..... no chance
  3. Abort67

    Your inference that other posters do not have "a conscience" inferring that you have and those who do not share your views demonstrably haven't . It's a bit like saying "Well I'm right and it'll be on your conscience because you know I'm right " .... adding get on with your precious life is , I would venture to suggest , a further attempt to take the moral high ground ( in your mind) and is just a tad patronising . I reject your implications and perhaps could respond in a similar vein by saying " when you grow up a bit and have a bit more experience of life you may pontificate a little less on how others, who may not enjoy the privileges you enjoy in your precious life , conduct themselves ". Hope this helps
  4. I attended a talk by a serving Manx Police Officer some time back who indicated that if someone had a couple of mobile phones it was a fairly good indication that they were a drug dealer. Just saying
  5. Old words relevant to this forum

    Wouldn't it be wonderful if 'Stan' was a paster at the LH church , I'd have toddled along to hear that incorporated into a sermon
  6. Abort67

    If a woman I don't know ,wants to have a termination or use some form of contraception I would consider it impertinent to prevent or advise her ( unless asked by her ), as quite frankly it is none of my business so whats all this "conscience" cobblers ?
  7. I understood that a claim has been made that a "fail safe" system of braking had been installed , but can't remember where or by whom so "just saying"
  8. Old words relevant to this forum

    or Stanley Unwin (SP?)
  9. Douglas Promenade Horse Tram Tracks

    I agree , however if it's not the horse trams traffic is also "calmed" by folk going at a similar speed to the trams looking for a place to park or just double parking in the hope that someone will go and leave them a free spot to park .
  10. Vision Nine Contract...

    Captain Calamity, being backed by corporal chaos perhaps?
  11. Countryside Care Scheme

    or just "landowning parasite" perhaps?
  12. Abort67

    I used the word "pornography" as defined by Ambrose Bierce as " that which excites from approval or disapproval". Not heard of Doug Stanhope but will investigate
  13. Abort67

    My personal view is that it's up to the woman to decide but readily agree that abortion is undesirable. My work has included supervising exhumations , mortuary work , coffin sealing and working in abattoir's so I'm not a squeamish individual but I found the banner distasteful and I would certainly avoid passing it if I were accompanied by my grandkids. I have met a few weird folk in my life who seem to get some sort of buzz from blood and gore and I would consider these protestors have a similar predilection , why would anyone wish to have anything to do with them ?
  14. Abort67

    I have just seen this "demonstration" and would recommend that folk give it a swerve particularly if you have small children who may well have nightmares asa result of being subjected to seeing their banner . A sign warning folk of graphic images would be more appropriate outside a venue which one has to enter to view, not on a public footpath. I didn't study the pictures on the banner , frankly I found a cursory glance offensive. I ignored a proffered leaflet and was left wondering why the powers that be have not enforced the removal of this banner. Everyone has the right than opinion and to protest but not, IMO , accompanied by what many would term gratuitous pornography .
  15. not all folk manage to make a marriage 'work'. FWIW I have no interest in "UKIP" or any of it's membership.