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  1. Donald Trump

    yup I smiled, don't you just love it when someone claims that their opinion is that held by "normal/ right thinking /reasonable people"
  2. Halal meat on the Isle of Man

    I have attempted to give you a reason why one could argue that an animal could suffer more by not being stunned prior to slaughter , see my previous posts which established that the cutting of the animals throat does not always result in an immediate loss of consciousness. I have witnessed both Kosher and Halal ( pre stunned ) slaughter back in the 60's ( when employed by the County Borough of Preston which had a "Council" and privately run abattoir) and would venture suggest that the use of a device that holds the bovine animal and inverts it prior to having it's throat cut takes longer than just "dropping " it using a captive bolt pistol . Your beliefs are your own, I'm not a religious man but I would take the view that pre stunning of any animal is preferable. Perhaps you should do some research , the evidence I have offered is based on my job as a student EHO / EHO back in the 60's when I did meat inspection ( initially under the supervision of a qualified Meat Inspector/Vet).
  3. Halal meat on the Isle of Man

    Correct, assuming that the exposure of the cut end of the blood vessels are not sealed by the blood clotting on exposure to air. I posted way back that in what was the "bible" for aspiring Meat Inspectors/ EHO's ( Thornton's "Text book in meat inspection") there is photographic evidence to establish this remote(?) possibility. Just saying
  4. It may be prudent to point out that, particularly you are getting on in years, anti inflamatory (e.g. ibuprofen) meds may suit some but the side effects can result in severe gastric problems including ulcers for others. just saying
  5. Halal meat on the Isle of Man

    Animals can be slaughtered illegally in non licensed premises however they would then not have been inspected or graded and as a result would not have been stamped as inspected. As a result they can be be seized and condemned as unfit for human consumption. I can remember seizing unstamped carcases from Ridley Rd market in Hackney in '69/70 , it's not a new thing . Now with animal rustling (I'm told) on the rise (and the legislation on animal identification) food crime , with relatively low penalties , is a more attractive option for criminals .... IMO.
  6. Halal meat on the Isle of Man

    All animals are 'bled' , it is argued that the cutting of the throat results in the animal becoming immediately unconscious However if you care to read Thorton's textbook in meat inspection an animal can remain conscious if the blood clots immediately around those blood vessels severed resulting in the animal remaining conscious . Many years ago I worked in abattoir's and have witnessed halal ( but the animals were pre stunned) and Kosher and have to say that I am surprised that you assert that anyone can step off the street and slaughter any animal .
  7. Gracious, don't hold back
  8. Was it Mark Twain who said something like an honest politician is one who, when "bought" stays "bought" ?
  9. You may be right I cannot dispute what you say however I have known a handful of women who have had terminations and say they are happy that they made the right decision. I haven't met any who have regretted the decision . That said I think that the decision should be made by the woman and they should have access to support and should not be bullied into making a decision to appease anyone with a contrary view . Just saying .
  10. Catalonia

    Excellent post
  11. Didn't realise the "bennies" cheque was that generous
  12. Raymotors goes in to liquidation

    Spot on remind me of an old boy saying to me way back "Clogs to clogs in three generations lad " ......... a chap builds a business , dies,...... business inherited ( back then by eldest son ), who spends the assets and dies penniless so his kids have to start back from square one. Sad .