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  1. paswt

    UK Establishment exposed

    "H" has taken a bit of stick on this forum before over the nunnery fishing debacle , Ne'er mind em "H"
  2. paswt


    So 'before ,then and now' , at least he's consistent
  3. paswt

    Time To Change The Law On Drugs?

    It's called " making it up as you go along " ,quite common on the island in central and local government circles ?
  4. paswt

    Farage Against The Machine

    Was it Mrs Cambell (SP?) who said " anyone over 30 seen on a bus has demonstrably been a failure in life" ?
  5. paswt

    UK Establishment exposed

    It may be too late to apologise now
  6. paswt

    Tesco car park.

    perhaps a 4 hr disc zone at the Hospital would be an idea , had to wait until someone left the overflow carpark at "Vagga's " and was as well I'd left for my appointment in plenty of time .
  7. paswt

    Roofer recommendations

    Good point , some folk fail to realise that a modern property's 'envelope' (i.e. brick) offers an impervious surface(like a raincoat) whereas a rubble/lime construction is more of an overcoat which absorbs some water which then evaporates after the rain. By applying cement pointing to a lime mortar/rubble wall water will find access to the structure as the lime mortar never sets (other than the outside crust) and allows some movement of the structure. The water in the wall then can find it's way out via window heads and the inside walls . Beware of buying a "barn conversion" which has been rendered or repointed by "Fiddler and Leak" , "Bodgit and Creapaway" or others who purport to be "builders"
  8. paswt

    Roofer recommendations

    You could be right but other factors could be the dimensions of the flue and the resulting 'draw' (airflow can be established by using a anemometer (SP?) older cottage type properties can have flues with a large cross section ( for smoking meat/fish ?) The aspect of the property maybe a factor if the flue is on the side of the property facing the prevailing wind, particularly with a random rubble/lime mortar construction which will ensure the walls stay cooler than a modern brick construction. As doc has posted a re roofing of the type of property can be sorted in a couple of days , back in the day I can remember stripping re-felting battening and slating a victorian terrace (with a back addition) roof over a weekend .
  9. paswt

    Roofer recommendations

    I'd first check to see if a flue liner has been installed and the void between the liner and the stack infilled with a proprietary insulating granular material . It is now a requirement that liners are fitted to wood burning stoves, it's not a big job IMO. If there is still apparent rain water ingress then I suspect on an old property that either the apron and associated flashings may have deteriorated over time together with the 'soakers' ( if the gable wall of the property is higher than the roof surface) . A common and poor repair IMO was , commonly in the past , providing cement fillets in a perhaps vain attempt to divert rainwater away from this parapet wall . If the roof timbers are sound then the cost should not be prohibitive , but you would need scaffolding . I wish you luck
  10. paswt

    Roofer recommendations

    If the flue hasn't been lined and the void between the flue liner and the stack insulated then the flue gasses could be condensing on the inside surfaces of flue , I've seen this scenario on a couple of occasions.
  11. paswt

    Roofer recommendations

    Dampness to a chimney breast could be the result of a defective apron to the stack or if the flue has been sealed it's possible to get condensation forming giving the impression of rainwater ingress.
  12. paswt

    George Clooney Crashes Motorbike

    Probably because he can ride a motorcycle , (and in the spirit of your post) 'you fatuous bint'
  13. paswt

    5G Network Radiation?

    Only in your dreams
  14. paswt

    F1 2018

    poor troll attempt , that said I find it strange that anyone can find "entertainment" in spying on courting motorcycling couples at Box Hill . just saying
  15. paswt

    William Dunlop...

    Why do folk insist on 'criticising what they can't understand' and asserting that anyone with a contrary view is silly ?