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  1. TT 2018

    1200 may 'sign on' and you may well be "mob handed " at a few of the marshalling sites ( Creg/ grandstand/etc/etc) but on the mountain we are , as you well know (if you are involved in the organisation) ,marshals are very thin on the ground and on occasions the lack of marshals has caused delays and cancellations.. How many of that 1200 live here, I did say in my post "Manx marshals" Max . Out of idle curiosity How many marshals turn up for the "Marshals Supper" ? I would venture to suggest that the marshals have demonstrated their support for the TT/MGP by standing out all weathers , sometimes until after 11.00 pm (on the mountain) at a personal cost ( in providing appropriate wet weather clothing , travelling costs etc). I was just flagging up that a number of marshals I know have voted with their feet as they felt that they were being a little taken for granted , they didn't want to be paid they just would like to feel valued , respect is a two way street.
  2. TT 2018

    Max , for avoidance of doubt If I was offered a free pass ( on the basis that I had marshalled for the very thick end of 10years) I would still insist on paying for my ticket ( I have never been to the Marshals supper either) . Perhaps I'm a just an independent curmudgeonly soul I am concerned that there is a shortage of marshals ( many are even older than me ! ) and many have expressed the view that they feel that the powers that be are taking them a little bit for granted and a fair few have voted with their feet over the past few years. My post was to flag up to the 'powers that be' my concerns Over the years I have tried to engage with them by email ( others have by "snail mail")and although assured that a response would be forthcoming .............. still waiting . I expect 'we' will never know an answer to my tongue in cheek enquiry as to who got(accepted) a free pass (and 'hospitality') but I could probably hazard a guess
  3. TT 2018

    Might have been a nice gesture if they had offered a free pass / reduced entry feeto Manx marshals ( wonder who did get in for free) Just saying
  4. New Blue British Passports...

    I'm quite happy to live on this island and not interested in working or residing anywhere else thanks. Just saying
  5. New Blue British Passports...

    except that in fact they don't
  6. It may help to read something of the origins of the Sicilian Mafia , they do have a similar flag .
  7. Illegal Dumping...

    A 'longtail' if cornered, may appear to spring "teeth bared" at a human but when it happens I think it is more concerned with escape than attack . If you are entering a long tail infested confined space I would recommend that it is prudent to tuck your trousers into your socks so it doesn't perhaps look like an escape tunnel to a rodent .......... and wear big boots
  8. Car Tax Stealth Tax - Ray Harmer Broken Promises

    Exactly, like "rates" being a property tax.
  9. Gladys

    Probably better than premature congratulations
  10. Explosion On London Underground Train

    Funny old world when someone who claims asylum and is supported by the State and then attempts to murder innocent members of the public is banged up , costing the State a small fortune with like minded murderers who will no doubt claim ( through lawyers financed by legal aid) that their "human rights " are being infringed. Perhaps it's time that the State looked for an alternative solution ?
  11. Queens message

    there are somethings it is better not to know
  12. Queens message

    "Alan Sugar" ? would have thought he would have been well down at the bottom of the list
  13. Defending the Indefensible - Chief Minister Speaks

    Will you be going there tomorrow?
  14. Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy...

    "I want transparency but some items must be in private" ........ sounds familiar
  15. Russian Spies

    Will they compare it with what they already have ?