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  1. paswt

    What is happening with hospital consultants?

    Not always the case Albert . I had a similar experience , I don't have private medical insurance, but opted for a 'private' endoscopy (April 10th last year ) , got it done July 28th (and paid the very thick end of £2,000), god help those who had to wait for NHS. I could have gone to London and had it done immediately but didn't fancy the journey.
  2. paswt

    Ronaldo Red Card

    given that he has contrived to get players 'sent off' perhaps he now know how it feels .
  3. paswt

    Onchan residents group

    A Welsh 'mate'
  4. paswt

    Misuse of Tesco car park

    I too hope 'Dilli' returns , didn't agree with many of his posts but felt that he would have been better not to have responded to the trolls . At least he kept posting as "Dilli" which shows he has "balls" , perhaps more than can be said of some of those trolling him who "have had more comebacks than Judy Garland "and are dull enough to think that folk can't see them for who/what they are
  5. paswt

    Ballymurphy Massacre Inquest

    Fair comment perhaps the prosecution of ex UK military may be justified but at the same time to give the Irish terrorists ( on both sides) immunity from prosecution speaks volumes about the mindset of the 'politicians' backing this policy.
  6. paswt

    Mallett's Mallet

    Basil (brush)
  7. paswt

    TT 2018

    My recollection was that as stated in "Woody's" link however I do not know if a specific instruction was issued by race control. I am curious to learn the reason for the course car with 2 police officers going to the scene of the incident .
  8. paswt

    TT 2018

    I don't know what happened but you seem to be laying the blame on the marshals . If the driver of the car was an ACU official accompanied by a policeman (as claimed by some) then I have a sneaking suspicion that a marshal may be blamed . You would appear to blame all the marshals , is the driver a friend of yours by any chance?
  9. paswt

    Roses Of Picardy

    and TSM perhaps ?
  10. paswt

    Mallett's Mallet

    beau nash
  11. paswt


  12. paswt

    Mallett's Mallet

  13. paswt

    Mallett's Mallet