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  1. charity
  2. Agree ,Herring gulls may have declined in numbers nationally, IMHO understandable given the decline in ' land fill' as a method of disposal of domestic refuse , however I would think that they have increased in numbers at say Onchan where they have access to a ready food source from the fast food outlets in Douglas and the habit of local householders feeding the things. Can't say I'm overfond of them myself ........ just saying.
  3. So as in the other island......... not complaining , just saying
  4. I have , with a plumbing mate changed the "heat exchanger" , bit of a mission as had to take the thing apart (' Vaillant' say "an hour's job') . Subsequently advised by a "qualified' Vaillant' engineer that I should have used a nailbar to 'ease in/out the exchanger.
  5. Would the licensing justices grant them a licence within "Douglas? Not sure if , on this island , the L A's are the licensing authority , or if it would be granted by central Gov .
  6. perhaps offer a part of it to house the 'homeless' ? Edit to add ..... could never understand why the old prison was not used to provide accommodation for TT /MGP visitors and perhaps the 'homeless' during the winter until the site was on the point of being redeveloped. Just saying
  7. Sorry woolley my error , I read it as you still posing the question
  8. I "know for sure", what the powers were back in the 70's ( under specific circumstances within Housing Action Areas). Personally I would take the word of JW who provided details of the present legislation. Just saying
  9. Could be wrong but didn't they sell the 'property assets around the quay ' to the government? Edit to add I seem to remember wondering why the government would buy but it may turn out to have been a 'clever move' , assuming I wasn't dreaming
  10. No , I could , quite easily but as you've been so unpleasant I won't You are obviously to "clueless " to do any research
  11. Sigh...... do your own research on the history of " compulsory purchase" , as "Notty" would say "you're embarrassing yourself" JW has explained the current legislation (which you have chosen to reject) There have been many "Housing Acts" over the years giving powers to Local Authorities ........ look them up sunshine , you may learn something. It is evident that you "know" nothing in relation to myself , the historical powers of the "Sanitary Inspector/ Public Health Inspector / Environmental Health Inspector and sadly are unable to comprehend and unwilling to accept that you could ever be wrong ,and think it acceptable to offensively insult and tell lies about anyone who offers a correct précis of the legislation which, for reasons best known to yourself, you reject. Perhaps if you "asked nicely" and generally attempted to be polite you may get somewhere in life . Hope this helps
  12. Bit rich from you , one could be forgiven for thinking that every time someone makes something up they have to pay you a royalty
  13. Thanks for the update on the legislation JW . I "bit" when woody2 posted derogatory posts stating that I was "clueless" and there was no legislation that a LA could use to compulsory purchase a vacant property
  14. You may be right , I have no recent evidence of the success or otherwise of Lambeth's policy in dealing with under occupied vacant property. That said I posted way back that there was legislation that may be used by Local Authorities ( not "shall") and was instructed that there was no legislation available and I was wrong.