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  1. paswt

    Royal Wedding

    When I was "employed" ....... under orders etc didn't they say that in Nuremburg? I was advised by my many Jewish friends that the term "marrying out" was frowned on by many of their fraternity , you were alleging "inbreeding" . I regard you playing the "race card " as a pathetic joke and says more about your hypocrisy given your undeniable racist posts on this site. "drunk this early on aSunday"............... , you really shouldn't judge everyone by your own standards . Hope this helps
  2. paswt

    Royal Wedding

    Because by your own admission you a spiv who has bought people in order to secure contracts in Africa and justify your actions by saying "It's common practice". "Inbred" well you should know all about that given your pride in claiming your 'heritage' I hold no brief for the "hangers on" but on your island the number of failed politicians who are 'employed' by the state could well be described as "hangers on" , it would probably be one of those that you would be offered the chance to vote for as president in a republic
  3. paswt

    Royal Wedding

    but you already do live a parasitic life Rog , trouble is that in a republic the president is likely to be someone like you who has bribed his/her way into a position of power .
  4. paswt

    When The Fun Stops...

    "Don't be like Mandy"?
  5. paswt

    Supertour 2018

    You missed out the bit about having to pay for CS /police/ HS expertise prior to planning and during the event
  6. paswt

    Reynoldsway part 2. £80 million to spend on ports

    Spot on , a small "landing fee " per passenger is a good idea .
  7. paswt

    TT 2018

  8. paswt

    Paris knife attack

    Nonsense the bastards tried to kill me and my family when they planted the bomb at Euston , political ambition ... my arse , they were a bunch of criminal thugs and murderers whose motives were based on raw hatred and financial gain
  9. paswt

    "Nazis of the UK media..."

    Reminds me of an old Jewish chap in London who said he hoped I lived to 100 and 2 weeks , when I queried the 2 weeks he said that the 2weeks would be needed for me have time to "make my arrangements"
  10. paswt

    Tax avoidance?

    Absolutely "spot on" but unfortunately that is too sensible a solution for a politician , guided by a CS, to comprehend.
  11. paswt

    Long Tails

    Well that would have given comfort to the families of the 2 council workers who died way back (LB Haringey)and the family of the olympic rower. The primary purpose of my post was to alert folk that are working /gardening in an area with a long tail infestation that in the event of symptoms of recurring flue symptoms etc it may be prudent to ask a GP for a test . I did say " just saying" ......... I don't need a row with " know all" like you I can get one of those anytime at home .......... hope this helps There are 2 types of 'long tail' , the black (commonly the 'ship's rat' ) and the brown .
  12. paswt

    Long Tails

    Weil's disease , which can be fatal if not diagnosed ( symptoms similar to recurring flue) is spread through rodent urine coming into contact with a cut or graze or entering the body through the eyes (when swimming for example) . They also got a bad press during the times of the bubonic plague. FWIW I regularly have to poison due I suspect in part to residents spreading food out on the ground allegedly to feed the garden birds or littering from the fast food outlets . just saying
  13. paswt

    Lets Walk and Cycle to Work...Patronising Twaddle

    I "run" 8 historic vehicles(motorcycles) , insofar as they are taxed and insured on island and together may, in total ,complete around 500 miles per year. You may be right that they have higher emissions per mile than 'current vehicles' but what would the 'emissions' be in the production of these "current vehicles" you refer to ? I accept that my historic vehicles are my hobby (there are worse vices ) and we were told that the £16 (previously £15 ,but free across) was to cover the administration cost, so it would now appear that those who pay 'nothing' based on emissions are in fact financially rewarded from the public purse. I do have other more modern vehicles on which I pay the appropriate tax. I don't think it unreasonable, if "we are all in it together(?) that bicycle owners should be insured and perhaps pay a nominal fee in road tax . I understand that some feel that the "historic vehicle tax" should be abolished but I suspect that the net revenue to the government will fall as a result of folk deciding not to tax or insure their vehicles /motorcycles and they sadly will then only be seen either in museums or perhaps at "Jurby Day. Edit to add ..... I know it's not technically "road tax"
  14. paswt


    I should imagine with your gaff your council tax bill isn't cheap why don't they rename it 'property tax' ?
  15. paswt


    Are you yet another incarnation of LC?