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  1. I would venture to suggest that not all muslims (world wide) subscribe to/support the aims and objectives of the "Islamic Taliban in Afghanistan" , your posts would appear to confirm that your stance is diametrically opposed to that view. Just saying
  2. Not too difficult to find Druid
  3. Tarne , you have similar mindset to the druid , it's the inadequate nut jobs who purport to be acting in the name of a religion .
  4. A jewish lady , apparently drops her nail file . Edit to add :- according to Jackie Mason
  5. Can't argue with that sunshine
  6. I'm sorry you cannot grasp the concept that not everyone shares your views that all muslims are the same and every one of them is a terrorist . You don't seem to have adopted much of the Buddhist attitude towards violence. I don't think any of my or my wife family would thank you for any lifestyle advice given that you don't strike me as someone who some may describe (perhaps unkindly) as an ' man totally unspoilt by failure' . Perhaps you should volunteer to enlist to fight ISIS out in Syria ,you seem cross enough and with your yellow painting experience ......... I note that you have chosen not to respond to my question , why was that? .
  7. Don't get Druid started on the "catholics " they must all be murderers, brothel keepers and child molesters
  8. Pleased you cleared that up out of idle curiosity how many "Muzzies" have you actually known and were they all the same (as following your logic all christians embrace the dogma and beliefs of the KKK) ? Mrs paswt has family in Canada and surprisingly they don't share your views . Just saying , hope this helps
  9. Haven't seen it but Diane Abbot has styled herself ( IMO ) as the 'Queen of Hackney' and has consistently screwed up and it's not surprising that she is regarded as a bit of a joke.
  10. make sure you close the door when you are in the refrigerator or the light will stay on Hope this helps
  11. I'm prepared to accept that I'm not getting too much respect from you I think I can live with that It's too late to apologise now
  12. Fine words but unless you personally know the members of the Muslim Council of Britain and you based your assertions on that knowledge I would venture to suggest that you have failed to treat folk with dignity. Unless of course you think that anyone who doesn't share your "faith" should be not afforded that privilege , in which case I have to say that I have no respect for you By their fruits ye shall know them. hope this helps
  13. I thought that "LC's" posts reminded me of those of "PL" or "TSM" as well as "MTP" Just saying
  14. There is a Facebook site but Vicky (Betty's) is by the exit lane (for the racers) prior to them getting to the grandstand. I know they will be open from Monday, cos I asked