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  1. Manx Radio said they were doing sea trials. Manannan is doing an extra sailing and doing the 2.15am from Heysham that the ben would usually do.
  2. I'll book a lesson tomorrow. The constant stream of traffic coming the other way didn't help the situation. And before anyone tries to pigeon hole me, I have a car, two motor bikes and a bicycle
  3. Cop is correct. Cyclist is a bell end. Got caught up in a queue on the A40 not too long ago. At thr front of it were two female cyclists, two abreast, yacking away to eachother oblivious of what was going on around them. The road in the area was a double white line, so the cars could not safely overtake without committing an offence.
  4. The Isle of Man is a small place. If you need to get to Peel from the south then just take another route - minor inconvenience if an inconvenience at all.
  5. Everything's going to be OK. A hashtag has been created, striking terror into the hearts of the perpetrators. What would we do without hashtags...
  6. Give them time, its a bit early in the day for the fat grumpy men to surface, but expect many pages of complaints about road closures and men in lycra. I'm a fat grumpy man........and I have no issues with this.
  7. Sorry chap but there's some nonsense I need to pick you up on. To say that very few people have deep allegiance to a particular rider is very wide of the mark. There are those that will latch onto the top guys,as with any sport, and those who will follow riders from their area. They are far more accessible to fans than at short circuits so allegiances are almost inevitable. And don't think for a moment they can't be identified in helmets & leathers either... The TV earning potential of the TT could be considerable but two things need to happen. The government need to retain the rights to TV coverage so they get the benefit when renewal time comes. As the coverage is more widely sold and viewing figures increase you can ask more for it. However, the coverage needs to be better. As it stands it's not good enough. Same camera angles each race featuring the same 4-5 riders. There are stories throughout the race if the production company can be bothered to look and feature the relevant riders - thus drawing viewers in. People use the Premier League as an example of what can be done with TV rights simply because its been so successful. I don't think anyone expects the TT to reach the same levels but there is good money to be earned if you get it right. It's not an instant fix though - this sort of thing needs time to grow.
  8. Found this recent article: Wales & Scotland have been advertising golfing holidays for donkeys years but not the Isle of Man. I'm given to understand that it sometimes rains in these places too... Why is the IOM not going after the golfers? It's an all year round market and there's enough golfing on the Island to keep people interested for a week or 10 days.
  9. Amen to that... Me and the car will cost £385 on the ferry and I had to part with £50 of that last May! On top of that my home stay will cost another £400. Factor in fuel & food for two and a bit weeks and I'm over a grand in the hole before I've even thought about having a pint. I've banged this drum before so forgive me for doing it again but there seems to be this obsession with people coming for three days. Regency Travel's advert at the TT refers to "...3 action packed nights from only....." Staying for a short period of time doesn't give the visitor time to a) spend much or b) get around the Island and spend more widely. Vision 9's promise to increase the visitor numbers by the amount promised could not have happened. The infrastructure simply isn't there on the Island anymore, so you need to encourage visitors to stay longer in order to spend more. That won't happen by skinning us alive at every opportunity!
  10. I'll have 50p each way on "Lessons will be learnt..."
  11. Probably us tax payers. Perhaps there is plenty of money left in the Manx Film Fund, many millions which they can use up. If the film is subsidised by the taxpayer, and it is a box office turkey, I wonder if Kate Beecroft is going to ask lots of questions? Personally I cant see anything coming out of this. Funding is apparently coming from an outfit called Bold Films based in LA so there's no need for any squawking and hand-wringing about the cost coming out of your taxes. From what I understand it's a fictional film based around a real event in much the same way the 1966 James Garner film Grand Prix was and subsequently the Steve McQueen film Le Mans.
  12. I fear that unless Chesney Hawkes releases a black metal version of 'The One & Only' you're going to be disappointed.
  13. Why? Who is suggesting people shouldn't be allowed to take such risks? without risks we'd still not be flying in aeroplanes or going into space, who decides what is unnecessary? keyboard warriors?? What has racing around a track ever brought for the good of mankind? I presume you use a motor vehicle of some sort. Things that are now pretty much taken for granted (disc brakes, fuel injection, better quality tyres) had there development speeded up because of motor sport. Ditto things like crumple zones. I expect manufacturers would have got there sooner or later without motor sport but racing made it happen faster. The vehicle I presume you use is safer, works more efficiently and stops better because of groundwork done on the track where, yes, people risked (and sometimes lost) their lives. Whether you can consider this as for the 'good of mankind' I'll leave up to you.
  14. As a long standing TT & MGP visitor I would have no issue at all with the introduction of a speed limit. Hopefully it would discourage the fantasists from coming and in turn the one-way system could be dispensed with, which must be a pain in the arse for the locals. As things are at the moment the keys of the asylum are in the hands of the lunatics and that needs to change.
  15. Dunlop's (and others) bikes have been described and billed as XR69s since the Classic TT was instigated. So, how is it OK to run an 1100 or 1200cc engine (GSXR or Bandit) in what used to be an air cooled 1000cc machine but it's not OK to overbore a 750 Kawasaki? Also, is it correct that the 1300 Yamahas were running XJR1300 motors? A model released in 1998... I think the organisers need to sit down and sort this mess out with clear regulations before next year before the whole thing becomes a farce.