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  1. So the UK is finished says Theresa Mayhem

    I was referring to two different documents John, undoubtedly produced at different times. Apologies if I was unclear - there's a lot rattling around in my skull at the moment. Anyhow - still haven't seen anyone stating a positive case for the crowd at the sharp end of the EU...
  2. TT 2018

    I could never see much difference between the Greenlight and North One coverage other than N1 had a high speed camera for ultra slow motion. Greenlight have provided decent coverage of other road racing events so all good as far as I'm concerned.
  3. So the UK is finished says Theresa Mayhem

    John, you are of course correct about Spain being a military dictatorship under Franco. Got a lot on my mind at the moment and left an important bit out. The text implied that Spain was offered fisheries as a carrot to join once Franco's regime went down. I'm not saying that should all be taken as gospel - it's just something I bumped into on line and put it out there for discussion. I find it interesting that in amongst your list of reprehensible politicians you haven't mentioned Corbyn, McDonnell and Abbott. A more appalling and dangerous trio you'd be hard pressed to find. God help us all if that lot get into power...
  4. So the UK is finished says Theresa Mayhem

    Somewhere on the web (if anyone can be arsed to look for it) is a piece claiming that Heath hid the true intention of what we then referred to as the EEC from the electorate because if they knew the truth they would never accept it. It had been hoped by the the end of the 90s Britain would cease to exist as a sovereign country (I presume the same was to have happened to other member states). There is also text that suggests the UK had been earmarked by the EU (as now is) to be responsible for service & banking. Germany was to have been responsible for manufacturing. France for agriculture and Spain for fishing. So, if it's to be believed, centralisation of all government function (which is what the unelected and unaccountable heads of the EU wish for) has been on the agenda for well over 40 years. I think Juncker and his chums are now beginning to realise the trouble they'll be in when we leave - see Tusk's recent hope that we will change our minds. The EU has a massive trade surplus over the UK and their industries are beginning to twitch. Remainers, what is it about messrs Juncker, Tusk, Barnier, Verhofstadt etc you find so appealing? Damned if i can see it....
  5. So the UK is finished says Theresa Mayhem

    Very simple really. Older people remember that what the EU is now is a very long way from the EEC that we joined in the 70s and don't like what they see. It was supposed to be a mutually beneficial trading bloc, not a bloated bureaucracy topped with unelected and unaccountable empire builders who are pushing hard for a federal European super state. Let me put a hypothetical question to you all: If the likes of Juncker, Tusk and Barnier were to stand for election to political office in your area, whether it be the IOM or the UK, would you vote for them? If yes, it would be interesting to know why and perhaps even more interesting if the answer was no. I'm going to tune out for a while as the ongoing and serious medical situation with my father is using up most of my mental energy, so over to you lot.
  6. So the UK is finished says Theresa Mayhem

    No...my old dad is in hospital and he took a significant downward turn overnight. Not looking good. Happy now?
  7. So the UK is finished says Theresa Mayhem

    I have no obligation to answer any of your questions. Perhaps if you'd been less insulting and superior in your manner I may have engaged on the issue but frankly at the moment I've more pressing things to concern myself with.
  8. So the UK is finished says Theresa Mayhem

    The EU enjoys a substantial trade surplus over the UK so I strongly suspect that sooner or later once the empire builders blustering dies down a bit they will realise that they really, really need to sell their stuff in the UK economy. If they want us to make it reasonably straight forward for them to do that then it will need to be reciprocated. My personal opinion of Gove and Johnson isn't printable but then I can say the same for Corbyn, McDonnell and Abbott (only more so). My choice of news source is my own business (suffice to say it comes from a variety of sources and I make my own mind up) - you couldn't resist a dig could you! That's all I have to say on the subject this evening as a Chicken Pathia, Pilau Rice and Bombay Spuds has just arrived. So if you'll excuse me...
  9. So the UK is finished says Theresa Mayhem

    Change the record PK for God's sake. Nothing but insults for those that chose to leave and you can't dredge up anything more original than the racist 'liitle englander' crap. Do you really perceive the EU do be a benign beneficial organisation and likewise for those at the head of it? ( I suppose you must do). Please don't throw petty insults at those who saw it for what it really is. A vast crawling muck heap of empire builders and petty minded bureaucrats. I voted leave and everything that's come out of Juncker's mouth since convinces me more and more that I was right to do so. I didn't suppose for one minute that it would be easy but I genuinely believe that the UK will in time be the better for it. The trouble with empires is that sooner or later they come crashing down... For what's it's worth if I choose to hate someone it will be for entirely personal reasons and nothing whatsoever to do with their ethnicity, skin colour or religion.
  10. Real Road Racing fans

    I did see the thread dilli and I certainly appreciate the sentiment behind it. For myself I've never been one to post on threads like this - I suppose I prefer to keep my feelings to myself when this sort of thing happens. Just my way of dealing with it and on three occasions in recent years it's happened to someone I knew. It can be a hard sport to love sometimes...
  11. labour

    The Labour party... Dear God, where to begin I'm decrepit enough to remember doing my homework by candle light in the 70s because of power cuts. Industry brought to it's knees by empowered unions striking over the tiniest thing. The recently departed Derek Robinson destroying British Leyland. Scargill destroying the coal industry. This is the kind of politics that Corbyn and his sidekick McDonnell would return us to. God help us all if this horrendous regime ever get into power, so altogether now to the tune of Seven Nation Army: "Fuuuuuuccckkkkk Jeremy Corbyn. Fuuuuuuuccckkkk Jeremy Corbyn....." and so on. Harman should resign. End of...
  12. Bikers - this ever happened to you?

    You would have to assume that for some reason he hadn't fastened it properly. If the visor was up when he gunned it it may have caught the wind and pulled the lid off but it would have to be a poorly fitting lid for that to happen. Helmets can come off in accidents - I was informed that the human body can 'shrink' enough for a lid to come off if it goes into shock. if that's true or not I'll leave to the experts! However, extreme force will take a lid off. A TT rider I used to know who was as strong as the proverbial ox told me he could pull my helmet off no matter how tight it was on. Like an idiot I put on my Bell Star Ltd II, fastened it tight and told him to have at it. He didn't get the lid off but it was bloody close (and bloody uncomfortable...). If my personal comfort and perhaps survival hadn't been an issue he'd have succeeded...
  13. Coffin Dodging

    Will you have to be dead first?
  14. Brexit Is Reversible...

    A democratic decision was made. End of... The bullies and empire builders of the EU would do well to remember that they enjoy a substantial trade surplus over the UK and so would also do well to come to as favourable an agreement as possible and in a timely manner. I suppose they'll have to be seen as playing hardball because the last thing an empire builder wants is someone to leave said empire but the truth is they need the UK's business. Badly.
  15. Radio 4 - Ramblings

    duplicate post