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  1. Over the last few years three riders I knew have died road racing - 2 on the Island (one right in front of me) - and 3 have sustained serious injuries, so yes it can be a very hard sport to love sometimes. I know it's incovenient for the anti lobby to accept the riders loved the sport in which they were taking part but they did and do... There's a huge committment for a rider, especially a prvateer, competing in the TT and MGP. The entry application is a major ball ache and to qualify for a licence to race the Mountain Course requires a major effort and expense. So when someone goes to that effort and expense to compete on the TT course then you'd better believe that they love it. They sure as hell wouldn't do it if they didn't. I accept that for the risk averse that it's hard to understand what motivates someone to want to do something, anything, dangerous but maybe, just maybe, the people with whom they form relationships find that part of the attraction? The wife of one of the riders I report on is his greatest supporter and acts as team manager. I'd bet you'll find that same support with couples throughout the paddock.
  2. Long way off on that one Wrighty. For UK or IOM based riders there is a minimum requirement that they will have held a national competition licence for at least 12 months prior to the first day of practice. Overseas riders will need to have held an FIM International non-championship licence, also for 12 months. This means that comparative newcomers to the sport in general would not be considered and those applying to enter will have achieved, by the nature of their licence, a certain level of expertise and experience. Further to that, they must also have taken part in enough events prior to the meeting to qualify for their mountain course licence.
  3. I was 4 when my parents first brought me to the TT. Bikes whipping past on full bore? Loved it. 50-something years later I'm still coming to the Island. God knows how much money I've spent in that time so maybe encouraging the toddler market is the way forward
  4. Not totally wrong Steve Hillage did indeed record L - I have a copy somewhere and it was kind of post-psychedelic (if that's a thing,,). The follow up album sucked and I lost interest after that. Antoni Gaudi was indeed a Spanish architect - a practioner of Catalan Modernism. Surprised you didn't know that. Rappers? Meh......
  5. Steve Hillage - ex member of Gong and creator of the album L. A must have for anyone still trying to be a hippy in the mid-70s. Gaudi - Spanish architect behind buildings such as La Sagrada Familia. Suggs - madness warbler. The others? Not a clue...
  6. The RSPB classifies Herring Gulls (no such thing as a 'seagull' BTW) as red status, meaning their numbers are in noticeable decline. Across the UK there are estimated to be approx. 140,000 breeding pairs. Not so many compared to the 66 million people...some of whom are far more of a menace. Most of us exploit animals in one way or another every day but the moment they dare to exploit us or move into 'our' environment people whine and bleat endlessly. Sad.
  7. Point being they either stay involved, in which case you've solved nothing or as you point out, move into other illegal enterprises. Perhaps therefore, it would be better if they were banged up?
  8. And what do you suppose the 'shady drug dealers' will do? Shrug their shoulders, say 'it was nice while it lasted' and then go get a job in a factory? Or do you think they might take another course of action?
  9. .
  10. Perhaps it might be pertinent to consider why people can't function socially without being full of chemicals?
  11. Dealer knew he was breaking the law, rolled the dice and lost. No sympathy.
  12. If an accident causes a red flag then whowever was involved in the incident doesn't tend to be included in the results.
  13. Prior to the evolution of the Classic TT I distinctly remember a well known member of the motor sport team stating that the MGP was increasing it's visitor numbers by approx. 10% per annum, so that 4000 would probably have been achieved without any govt interference at all...or without the expense. They could probably have spent a fraction of the budget on a bit of properly targeted advertising (which the MGP never got) and achieved the same or better.
  14. The 50mm is what's called a 'standard' lens as it gives a perspective similar to the eye. Lots of different versions over the years. Probably worth about £60, The Samyang 14mm is an ultra wide angle lens. The lower the number in mm the wider the angle of view. You can get them new for about £280. It's manual focus though - most lenses for EOS are autofocus - but as it's a lens typically used for scenery not action, that shouldn't be too much of an issue.
  15. Can you tell me what the lenses are (as much info as possible) please? Make, size etc. A thorough review can be found here: Some of the better online dealers would still sell it new for around a grand. A typical high street price might be around £1399, again for a new one. Used they seem to be around £900. This is for the body only and does not include a lens. There is a huge variety in lenses which can have a significant bearing on the overall value of the package.