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  1. LightBulb

    How to you make cider from fresh apples ?

    Juice them, add a bit of sugar and some yeast, stick it in a sterilized (the most important bit) demijohn with an airlock and leave it alone until the bubbles have pretty much stopped, Done that bit so far, how do you make it fizzy ?
  2. LightBulb

    What is the essential ingredient for soft baps ?

    The cider has not turned out too well, but i havent tasted it yet.
  3. What is the essential ingredient for making soft white baps, have tried searching internet, and the recipies but to no avail ?
  4. How to you make cider from fresh apples ?
  5. LightBulb

    Rally Under Threat...

    Or should it be re-named Goat Dale ?
  6. LightBulb


    Are the Bainese`s now out of the Jurby Hilton ?
  7. LightBulb

    Easy 2 Reach

    That road sign is not very level is it ?, next to the man on the pavement !
  8. LightBulb

    Easy 2 Reach

    I seen an eight wheeler in there a week ago, and the exhaust pipe was only about 6 inches clear of the canopy.
  9. LightBulb

    Wild goats

    Could they be a local tourist attraction, much like the monkeys on Jibralta ?
  10. LightBulb

    The mayhem is to commence anytime now

    Do you mean the really sucessfull "Film" industry ?
  11. LightBulb

    Wild goats

  12. LightBulb

    Wild goats

    Just purley as a mater of interest, what does goat meat taste like ?
  13. LightBulb

    Wild goats

    Didn`t think goats could live that long.
  14. LightBulb

    Wild goats

    http://www.three.fm/news/isle-of-man-news/make-sure-goats-are-seen-and-herd/ An MHK in the north of the Island is warning drivers about a flock of wild goats this morning. Garff member Daphne Caine took to Twitter earlier to warn motorists about the herd, showing photos of them running around near roads. In January, she asked questions in Tynwald about the animals after locals reported problems with some becoming aggressive. This morning, she warned they were at risk of running into the road and asked drivers to take care. I personaly have never seen any wild goats, never mind a herd of them, is she just Kidding, or is there really Kids running wild around the island ?
  15. LightBulb

    The mayhem is to commence anytime now

    Will they be working through the night as well ?