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  1. Well a tanker and especially that tanker will consist of series of tanks linked together in a vast network of pipelines... It is not easy to get into a tank and those that do go down there usually have breathing apparatus and enter through a small opening... This makes yodelling difficult unless the ship has been chemically cleaned and all the foul air blown out .....which in my day was done by lowering into the Butterworth opening a giant but folding windmill like the ones you put on sand castles and then whizzing it round I think by compressed air...and even then you will for Health and Safety reasons have had to have breathing apparatus and be roped to someone on the surface so they can lift you out...Not good for yodelling... Having said that in 1972 in Hong Kong I was set to supervise Chinese Coolies in cleaning rust or crud or deposits off the inside of a tanker's tanks.. The tanks had been cleaned and the air blown out...I have no recollection of the climb down into the tanks but I think it was primitive and not Health and Safety compliant...I had a gang of Coolies armed with bamboo poles on which were affixed metal paint scrapers which then emitted sparks! Not today! Never! I link below to a man about to enter into one of the tanks on a tanker for the purposes of yodelling! Note the traditional tank yodelling costume...
  2. The ship is linked above. Seems to be a "products carrier" ie carries the products from refining and possibly chemicals also..Is not a crude carrier.... Lots of people own ships or interests in ships like lots of people own, develop and speculate in property... In my day a ship was customarily divided into 64ths and owning one share made you a shipowner.. Profits, tax reasons, laundering all sorts of reasons to own a ship...But a working tanker if the market is in your favour could be nice little earner... Ships are also used as a way of getting money away ie the Hong Kong Chinese made huge profits after WW2 invested it in property and then when faced with the Communist threat from China they invested in ships because you can sail those assets anywhere away from trouble whereas property you have to leave behind.. Yes, many reasons for owning a ship! Lots of folk are doing it!
  3. John. You have not! In fact you have said naff all! The human rights act sets it all out. Now I have merely asked which of the articles of the human rights act will be infringed by the introduction of photo ID on the ferries...They are listed.. You are a lawyer...So identify the articles and give them by number,,,I think there is no case to answer.. Just list the numbers,,,...
  4. Me honourable and L'arned friend is wriggling your Honour... .I merely request that he elucidate before this honourable court those very numbered articles of the human rights act and/or convention he alleges will or have been infringed by the introduction of photo ID when travelling by sea... Me L'arned friend speaks of the issues engaging "a number of rights" and yet he chooses not to enlighten us to the identity of those rights.. I merely suggest that without those "rights" being identified before us here today then there can be no human rights case to answer., I further suggest that this case as promulgated by my L'arned friend be dismissed as frivolous, vexatious and an abuse or process..
  5. No John! No John ! No John! No! You do not have to understand Northern Ireland and the troubles. You have to do what I did. You go to Tynwald Library and get the books down from the shelves, read the instructions and then launch a case at Strasbourg...(As I did many years ago)..
  6. The CTA is not Human Rights.. I ask again...Please identify each by number the human rights alleged to have been infringed,
  7. So which articles of the Human Rights Act and/or Convention will be infringed?
  8. Well it would help if they were to identify the human rights they allege have been infringed...
  9. Do you still have a Shore Patrol? It used to be based in the Civil Defence HQ Douglas and made up of Royal Military Police?
  10. But they have not proposed a human rights case have they now?
  11. Read it again and my post....Where is their human rights argument?
  12. Do you still have the Shore Patrol which I recall was mounted by the Royal Marines and then taken over by the Military Police or whatever they call them these days?
  13. Except that they appear to make no mention of human rights? They are reportedly a justice seeking group with an interest in human rights...They do not identify any specific articles in the Human Rights Act and or European Convention on Human Rights that would be infringed by demanding photo ID on sailings within the CTA... I cannot immediately identify any of the fundamental rights and freedoms as would be obviously infringed by demanding photo ID on the ferries..And human rights whilst described as fundamental are not absolute save one "The right to life"... Are they saying that the right to private and family life is violated by demanding photo ID on the ferries in the sense that some people may not be able to comply and thus be rendered unable to travel to see (or avoid!) "loved ones" we are forced these days to describe them. A lot of people confuse human rights with "It ain't fair!" or "I want me own way!"..."Who are you to tell me ?" etc.
  14. I too knew the area and worked there...In fact I was one of the large team of 60 cleaners working in the arena itself which I think then was called the O2 Arena although not sure. It was one of the hardest jobs I have ever had casual labour working from 7pm to 7am...One night I and some others cleaned 600 lavatory pedestals (We counted them!)...And before that we each took a section of the seating tiers several rows each and filled huge numbers of bin liners with rubbish and then mopped the area....It is surprisingly high in there.. It was odd watching it on TV last night... Why bomb it I fail to see. Manchester is and always has been liberal it was the home progressive liberal politics and economics from the nineteenth century onwards and you can find just about every race and religion there getting on with it in complete freedom...Apart from the Nuttas of course!