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  1. Mark Field MP paid £40,000 pa by Cains until recently

    Who said it mattered? Please read again this time in a reflective and analytical way incorporating what he was being paid for ..and I suggest why?
  2. Cains Advocates was until quite recently paying the Rt Hon. Mark Field MP, since June 2017 appointed Foreign Office Minister, the sum of £40,000 per annum over and above his parliamentary salary. How many other MPs get a consultancy payment from Isle of Man law firms? Details can be found on line from the register of members’ interests. The Rt Hon Mark Field MP states that Cains paid him £10,000 every quarter to a total of £40,000 pa for a commitment of 120 hours; this for six years. The current edition of “Private Eye” 17th-30th November 2017 page 11 states that in July he was given a £40,000 “severance package”. Wonder what was in the package? Sort of “Lucky Bag” for grown-ups perhaps? The Rt Hon Mark Field MP’s duties towards Cains are described as, “ international strategy, ambassadorial work, and advising on government and parliamentary aspects of financial services” One of his duties as Foreign Office minister is described as “economic diplomacy”. Methinks an open Island register of beneficial ownership and interests may yet be some way off.
  3. Whatever happened to the likely lad...?

    I opened the toilet door for him on an Olympic Airways flight to Athens in 1968. I said "Hello!" and he said "Oh Hello!" and no I was not cleaning the "heads" at the time. (I was still at school)....And he and James Bolam fell out because Bolam guards his privacy and Rodney let slip something very innocuous during an interview and Bolam heard it on the radio and never spoke to him again. It was the principle of the thing.
  4. Lieutenant Governor Richard Gozney

    No I don't think it does or did then apply to pensioners. There have been many changes since then and you may be aware of the current row about Universal Credit I think it is called and the "six week wait for a first payment". No one knows why it is/was called Pension Credit. Things have moved on and it was a benefit or top up paid to people of a certain age and is not being carried forward to another age group so far as I know. I was on JSA (Job Seekers) as they used to call it and when I was 60.... some good few years ago now! ... they offered to pay my state pension five years before I was due to get it at 65. The condition was that I must not sign on anymore...They then added Guarantee Credit to make up to the minimum amount the law says (in the UK) you must have weekly and then a bonus top up for having a private pension! ...Since then the Savings Credit is being phased out at a sum equal to the state pension increase. So Minimum Income Guarantee, Pension Credit and Savings Credit were all aimed at people age 60 plus who were bunging up the Job Centres and not really wanted especially when the banks went crash. It was also paid to people of insufficient income who did not qualify for old social security systems of claiming. I think they have another racket now called Employment Support Allowance which you can get and work or get and be told you don't have to work. Oh the joy of turning up on the steps of the Job Centre and being told by staff. You no longer have need to come here. Sign this chitty and we will pay you but we don't want to see you anymore! Since then I got my pension proper and top ups and it has been a paid holiday plus all the things you get free. I must do £10 quid a day in free 'bus rides! Trouble is, death now beckons me! Have a nice day wage slaves!
  5. Lieutenant Governor Richard Gozney

    Basically there is nothing wrong with it. It is really a summation I suppose of the things I picked up whiling away many happy hours in Tynwald Library...It was said at a time when a lot of the KSF investors really did not know about the Island's true position. Some thought it was like Switzerland etc but it never has been like that even as a so called "tax haven" which it never has truly been compared to others. Some things have changed I think. Was there not some talk or attempt at making IOM Govt a legal entity in its own right a while back? Making it have a legal existence? This I think was in part sparked by the EU making itself a legal entity in its own right. I did mislead people at one stage when I said about the IOM currency being issued by Isle of Man Bank. What I meant to say is that Isle of Man bank acts as the agent as it were. There is or was then a small circle or round piece on the notes with "I promise to pay ....at Isle of Man Bank" etc printed in very tiny print...That is what I meant. Otherwise it is the Treasury. Now I am happy to be responsible for what I say and write...unlike some!...The item keeps on about me working for Tescos whereas I have never done that! No even I have received the Tesco shilling!. The most I have done is give them money...Never did work for Tesco. And it is very sad to see someone behave as you do. You both demean and humiliate yourself by posting such unnecessary comment which is itself now some years old. You have made no attempt to be constructive. Now if you would like to post a critique of that material I will be happy to respond. Times have moved on. So have I. So should you. I am not always right. But I am likewise not always wrong. It was posted at that time in good faith with constructive intent to brief those who, like others I could name, make and/or perceive the Isle of Man to be more than it really is. I hope you will accept that.
  6. Lieutenant Governor Richard Gozney

    No not new. Used to be called Minimum Income Guarantee (MIG) Then called Pension Credit and they added on Savings Credit and then they added Guarantee Credit. Three lots of tops . You have been told this before. There are others by way of top ups and that is why I do not understand when people say "poor pensioners". I do not think it is necessary these days.
  7. Lieutenant Governor Richard Gozney

    Or in the immortal words of Morecambe and Wise: "There's a plotafoot! A plotafoot? Yes! A plotafoot!
  8. Lieutenant Governor Richard Gozney

    Actually, the term "sheltered accommodation" is misleading. It is actually a Retirement Scheme owned by Origin Housing of London. They have three sites in Chelmsford, Peverell House/Cobb's Place/Dawn House. The residents all pay rent to varying degrees and Council tax etc. I get all my rent and Council tax paid by the "system" ...!!! This is because in the UK the law says you must have a minimum income and this is protected and if I paid the rent I would be living below the official poverty line so to speak. The only thing "sheltered" about it is the red pull cords. We used to have a warden but that is no longer allowed for (wait for it!) Health and Safety reasons. So this big two bedroom staff flat was empty for years. Wardens are no longer allowed to assist, get prescriptions, shopping etc for old(er) folks. The Council will not pay rent for one person to live in a two bedroomed flat. This again is "Austerity"/Bedroom tax So the next stage was a part time manager in the office and those who requested it got a phone call to see if they are dead or not. Then there was a button you pushed to register that you have not died just yet. (Once a week that) Then came the bank crash and austerity. The UK Govt stopped funding the County Councils for subsidising so called sheltered accommodation. So out went the manager, out went the little button on the wall. The Councils than refused to pay for a manager in the office. So we ended up with one two hour visit a week from a manager who tests the fire alarms and looks at the gardens. Well, it was a false economy. You cannot keep tabs on so many flats and people with just two hours a week and it was damaging. The knobs were coming off. So now Origin Housing are going to themselves fund a manager on site five days a week all day plus a part timer in reserve. It may then be "sheltered" again. But I joked about it. There is no Matron. It is independent living. We have our own meters and bills except I am lucky as we have a communal boiler with the bill split 16 ways with the others. This means that for service charges & etc heating, water I pay £15 a week for a self-contained refurbished flat in a leafy area with gardens with recently fitted kitchen and wet room and double glazing. We are told the funds came from the European Investment Bank as an upgrade of social housing. On the market in this location a private flat would be £1,000 a month and possibly more. On the Island ten years ago I was paying £75 a week for a room, basin, bed and wardrobe. You can see why I left two days after receiving this flat as an offer by 'phone. Nothing in writing. I went!!!! I say this to illustrate the difference between here and the Island in terms of social housing. Also to show just one small example of cut backs and "Austerity" in action. Of course there is hardly conventional "council housing" anywhere these days it has been sold off and the Housing Associations now do what the Councils used to do. The Lt Governor and myself have one thing in common....We both live well off public funds rent free in social housing subsidised by the taxpayer!!!!
  9. Lieutenant Governor Richard Gozney

    Yes. I was in the Keys gallery when Don Gelling was CM and I heard him say that something had to be referred to the Governor with the words "On this Island the Governor is supreme above all."
  10. Lieutenant Governor Richard Gozney

    I have pulled the red cord. Matron is on her way with the trolley...
  11. Lieutenant Governor Richard Gozney

    Please also remember that I go back to the days before the big Finance Sector and it was quite normal for Manx people to be very resentful of anyone off Island and they used to throw jokes and insults at us and so the comeovers responded in kind. That is the origin of it all. The rare as sweat off a Manxman is an old Liverpool saying I picked up over there. The best Manx put down though is "There's comeovers, stopovers and poor Manx leftovers"...Breaks the ice at parties I find!.. Then there is "King Orry was a comeover"..And "There's a boat in the morning" to which you reply "Well if you're lucky there is" Or "So they say but....." "There used to be a boat in the morning" etc.
  12. Lieutenant Governor Richard Gozney

    Not sure but I thought the Lt Governor was not allowed in the Keys chamber like the Queen is not allowed in the Commons. You know they slam the door in the face of Black Rod etc..On the other hand HM the Q I think has been allowed in Tynwald and signs the laws off where over there as Head of State so it might not be the same for the Lt Governor...Not sure...
  13. Lieutenant Governor Richard Gozney

    The Lt Governor has rather more than a ceremonial function. For a start the seat of government on the Isle of Man is Government House. Hence the title. It is not Tynwald or the House of Keys and St Johns. These are mere aboriginal tribal stomping grounds.....with the exception of the Chapel Royal at St Johns which is a sort imperial fixture akin to Government House. If Argentina were to invade then like in Port Stanley the marines would make a stand around Government House and the Lt Governor could decide whether to surrender or not. Also, it is naïve to think that the Lt Governor does not fulfil and imperial function. You never know who lives there or who comes over and does whatever...I mean they used to tell me of odd non-Island bods who used to come over and spend time researching in Tynwald Library and asking for documents. I did a CV years ago for an ex Military Policeman who said he and a detachment were guarding the then Lt Governor and it was a regular thing and they spent six weeks at a time there and in the Civil Defence HQ in Douglas. It is to be naïve if you do not believe that the Lt Governor and Government House fulfils some sort of intelligence function. I bet even today they have some sort of encrypted communications and according to Roger Watterson who has interviewed a few LGs they do keep tabs on high profile or active people who rock the boat or have potential so to do. Basically he said there is a file on him and most certainly one on me. But that is normal. The LG keeps an eye on the natives and their feelings etc. The Lt Governor sends regular Signal Reports as they are called back to London. And you never know who is using Government House as a guest house/safehouse and is on UK Government business. Last I looked the Lt Governor had a little box high above the House of Keys where he or his designated official could sit and watch the MHKs. I have seen two people in there taking notes. Like the Queen the Lt Governor is banned from the Keys chamber I believe but he has this little box like a night at the opera..
  14. Lieutenant Governor Richard Gozney

    I am flattered to think that anyone knew of my existence let alone took any notice of something I am alleged to have said....Just a humble soldier in the Bog Squad Fusiliers..
  15. Lieutenant Governor Richard Gozney

    I live not a stone throw from a prison and there is a big poster up outside offering starting pay £27,000.