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  1. Yes! You could go independent and be Manx!
  2. Joke..what Manx pound....
  3. Kenneth Williams?
  4. Bojang can be a Korean name...Bojan (no letter "g") is Slavic..
  5. A former Chief Minister lived there for a while when in disgrace so I suppose upon reflection, yes.
  6. Exactly! Nothing a rabid Christian likes more than a chance to climb up on the cross and bellow for the man with the hammer and nails...Hey! Not all the Puritans made it across Massachusetts you know...
  7. You are taking it all out of context. Of course there is the ultimate sanction or right to legislate over Tynwald either directly or by Order in Council but by convention there is no direct interference or direct legislation from Westminster unless the Island requests to be included. There again, there is "advice" or preference expressed...But time and again London has refused to intervene on the basis that the matter is within the competence of Isle of Man Government. And once again I must remind you that a few years back the IOM and Channel Islands agreed an international identity document and which lays out much of what I have said...It also sets out where the Islands and UK diverge and why. As regards Northern Ireland they are devolved. Times have changed.. It is not a question of a "minor issue". It is a no go area by agreement but with reserve powers due to sovereignty. David Cameron when PM said as much and on one occasion emphasised the Island's right to set, raise and spend taxes and that it was respected and that there was no desire to change this. (Although he was asking for some form of co-op over information etc).. The Identity Document does emphasise that UK interests come first and a practice note to the Mandarins in Westminster does emphasise consulting with the Crown Dependencies if legislation affects them so as to make amendments. The UK will if necessary interfere over the matter of its international obligations and treaties...But it is not a blanket coverage it has to be taken in context. ie You embarrass us before the European Court of Human Rights and we are responsible for you there before the Council of Europe (Non EU by the way a Brit invention 5th May 1949). Hence No Birch: Gay persecution : Hanging : although I think only the Birch case went the whole way. That sort of thing and such as Information Exchange (Banking etc) But domestic issues they steer clear of as there would be a constitutional challenge...So it has to be taken in context. Ask yourself, what possible problem to the UK is the TT?
  8. I have heard this said "Ban the TT" a few times on this the adjacent Isle man times over the years.. Usually when there has been a particularly well publicised butcher's bill that year. So I am going to prejudge the programme and hope that it is not totally made up of "locals"... I have always replied to "They should ban it" by asking who are the "They" that are going to ban it? The reply is "The Government "They" will make a law see?" I say, "I no see!...which Government?" They say "Our Government. The British Government!".. I say, "The British Government has no direct competence in the constitutional sense to do that". Then they look puzzled so I explain about Home Rule, internal self-government etc etc.....Then I ask them were the IOM is and they say near Southampton down that way somewhere...little ferry etc...Then the education begins.. As you say, only Tynwald can do the necessary and the UK would never interfere in such an essentially local issue. As regards the "Birch" and the "Homo thingy" and death penalty also it was Tynwald that banned them or rather took them off the statute books, legislated etc.. Now don't upset me and say that "Europe" or the EU did it!
  9. Read all about it! Heavy fog in Channel! Europe cut off!"/"Channel Tunnel collapses! Europe cut off!"
  10. And I got a fitted kitchen, wet room and double glazing out of it due to EU funds and directives we were told...It was a rush job to get it done before the budget was exhausted....But you lot don't get any bunce do you?
  11. We had only the working people of Britain! ie The Irish!...Hands up those who can recall when large numbers of nurses in the NHS were Irish...All the builders seemed to have the same name ie "Paddy"...When Gippos , travellers, school boys and housewives worked in the fields and orchards? I did my stint picking blackcurrants and long green beans and peas and apples. And the EU did not "come along". We created the EU by way of the 1992 Maastricht Treaty which came into force in 1993. The UK had a big hand in creating the EU and Sir Miles Walker signed the self same treaty on behalf of the Isle of Man. The EU is a mere 24 years old. Hands up those who can recall when the steady decline in Britain's gold reserves was weekly news? Of how the former colonies/Commonwealth nations no longer had to buy British goods..Of when Australia and New Zealand adopted the Dollar rather than Sterling? We joined the Common Market much later merged into the EU because we had lost our protected markets in the former Empire and anyway had forgotten how to make things up to standard and the nakedness of the economy was revealed... We joined the Common Market after some rebuffs from General de Gaulle of France because we were out in the cold and lonely with our privileges and captive markets mainly gone. I was sailing over to Denmark when the Purser announced they would no longer accept Sterling.. Nigeria had dumped it! The currency fell off a cliff. Likewise I had the same refusal in Barbados which is like "little England" or was then.. We joined "Europe" because we were on the edge of bust and nowhere to go so we joined their wagon train for protection. Mind you, De Gaulle always said that if we joined we would never be happy, never quite fit in and probably ruin it.
  12. I say you chaps! Johnners is really a rather good sport! I mean he could have banned me from MF eh what? But no our Johnners allowed it. Splendid fellow! Not that I broke into the study he shared with that beast Coker. Not me who took the do-nuts! I say you chaps! I am hourly expecting a postal order from the dear old pater! Yaroo! Harry Wharton and Bob Cherry coming down the corridor! (Members of Isle of Man Law Society I will leave it to you to identify them)...Actually, Johnners is looking a bit like Bunter??? Maybe it was he who broke into Coker's study and had all the Do-nuts?