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  1. Bands that have played in the Isle of Man

    Who was Ivan Toward whose band I think played the Villa and was local. Was it the same man who was Landlord of the Coach and Horses Laxey? I think it was Ivan Toward. It was one of the many funny names I encountered when I first set foot on the Island in 1986. The other was a lemonade factory with the slogan "Drink Downwards"...Can you drink any other way?
  2. Bands that have played in the Isle of Man

    Saw the Liverpool group the Spinners at the Villa on their last tour 1987. One or two of them were wheezing a bit after 30 years on the road. They retired in 1988.
  3. Bands that have played in the Isle of Man

    Many moons ago I knew a family living up at Douglas Head lighthouse in what was then named Foghorn Cottage/House...It was attached to the room where the compressed air driven fog horn was run from. Thus room was full of old equipment and I suppose Victorian engineering. Rummaging about I found the Visitors' Books from when they used to do guided tours of the lighthouse. Amongst the names there were the Rolling Stones, all of them, all with their signatures and comments. I said at the time it would have value but the other party was honest and the book was eventually collected by the Northern Lights or whatever they called it back then.. Wonder if they tore the page out and sold it? There were other "names" too but the "Stones" I thought most valuable. I suppose it was the book for 1964
  4. Manx Coast Guard

    The Isle of Man is neither sovereign nor a state. It is a Crown Dependency and it pays two or three million or whatever it is now every year to the UK for amongst other things defence and consular representation. This contribution pays for the honour guard at Tynwald Fair and the occasional borrowing of the Red Arrows I believe. I don't think they pay extra for Red Arrows at TT?? I think it perfectly normal for the UK as the power responsible for the Isle of Man choosing to run a few squaddies around the coastline as pure routine. I mean they probably do that in the UK as well.
  5. Manx Coast Guard

    I was there in the late 1990s and I was doing a CV for one of them whose future looked doubtful.. They were just squaddies on routine Shore Patrol. Not James Bond!
  6. Manx Coast Guard

    They were just RMP squaddies not James Bond and there was nothing secret as such it was just not generally known.
  7. Manx Coast Guard

    It is not unusual for the UK military to be brought into the Island when there is something up. I recall we had a Governor ex-RAF. When they had that fellow in the old prison waiting trial for allegedly at the time stabbing to death Stephen Helwich and there was a perceived threat. Now if I recall aright the Governor arranged for RAF personnel with dogs to patrol and mount some sort of security. I assume it was something like RAF Police. Anyway it was military and I suppose the then Governor had the right clout and could call upon such resources for which the Island pays for anyway in what we used to call "The Imperial Contribution".. I remember it as RAF Police with dogs patrolling the perimeter. Maybe there was an RAF presence within the walls. That was about 1993 was it? Well, that is what Governors are for at the end of the day!
  8. Manx Coast Guard

    John old bean! I was advertising to do CVs at the time. Two lads turned up. One did not pursue the issue the other did. I interviewed him. His CV was all military and included various training cadres. He wanted to say first posting "Shore Patrol Isle of Man". I said there's no such thing. No permanent military here at all just visits as and when necessary. He told me all about how they took over from the Royal Marines. How it was a thing they did for about six weeks at a time. They had the use of an office in a hut at the Civil Defence. It was apparently the newly qualified who did the job and then moved on. I asked what was it for. He said a little known aspect of the defence arrangement. I asked if you were armed. He said yes, with pistols if there was something in the air such as when one of them did a turn as Governor's driver. I did not mean to give the impression that this was permanent. I said "At one time"...If you look back and read. Maybe there was something up at the time? I asked what event? He said it was a do at the Villa Marina with the Chief Minister. It was my idea to mention IRA but on the whole I got the impression that this was a local low key appointment for six weeks by those newly trained in observing and driving and protection. It had been going on for many years. Just routine and presumably for the UK's benefit? He did tell me that on just one occasion he went to an event in uniform and that was with the Governor. Now I asked a few Manxman and they said in so many words "Old hat!". Been going round for years normal routine work just part of the token presence. Not here for any perceived threat as such. Just a presence. I raised the issue in Jersey and Guernsey and basically it was the same. RM and later RMP just blowing through routine presence keeping a look out. Nothing special. Not MI6 like! Just lads from RMP nosing about. I asked about the Sea Terminal and apparently they did on occasional stint in there just watching routine.
  9. Manx Coast Guard

    The one I did a CV for told me that it was a "starter job" as it were given to those newly qualified in Close Quarter Protection.. And think about it. The UK is responsible for the Island's defences. Also, there was a lot of trouble at the time ie IRA and also smuggling. Anyone recall the Uzi sub-machine gun found on a remote beach. Gansy was it? It was of course rusty and useless by then... By the way, they were all rather young. They lived in and around Murray's Road and socialised locally. Their patrols were short about six weeks so that they did not get too well known. It was a quick short posting then away! There are no secrets on the Isle of Man!
  10. Manx Coast Guard

    I met them! And people in Peel told me they were aware of them going around. They were in civvies most of the time save one told me he did a uniform stint at the Villa Marina something to do with the Governor and Chief Minister. I was told that it was low key job done for about six weeks at a time by those newly qualified in the Close Quarter Protection team. This was 1997. At one time the Governor's driver was from the Military Police. They were based at the Civil Defence in Woodbourne Road. They were commanded by a Sergeant and watched the bays, inlets and headlands. The military used to have a space of their own in Woodbourne Road. When they were here two asked me to do CVs for them as they wanted to have a go at the Finance Sector. One was pending a decision on his future as he had been wounded in N. Ireland. (Fell off a wall chasing one of the "Players")..He did get a job in Barclay's Bank and left the Army. The UK of course has the "defence rights" as it were and of course the Island makes a contribution. More than one Manxman back then said they were aware of this small military detachment. I made a mistake as it was long ago. The ones I met were Royal Military Police but they had taken over the duties from the Royal Marines who used to patrol IOM and Channel Islands. There was some coverage in the IOM press back then as I wrote it! Also, there was something in the Jersey papers at the same time. I raised it on Manx Radio and they already knew about the Shore Patrol "Cadre".
  11. Manx Coast Guard

    Do they still have the Royal Marines Shore Patrol as used to be based with the Civil Defence on Woodbourne Road? It used to be six RM and a sergeant and they had guns going around in civvies? They were about in 1997.
  12. labour

    At least I was there back then. And had a hand in the 1973 misunderstanding chartering ships..
  13. labour

    People other than Arabs started hating Israel when it came out top in the 1967 war. I recall the world was awaiting another holocaust. There were preparations for another Kinder Transport. Volunteers for fostering etc. UN disaster relief. Then Israel wiped the floor with the Arab forces and that was not fair!. Jews are meant to cower in the ghetto and be miserable not come out on top! The image of a clever Jew came to the fore and sentiment became anti-Israel. The sentiment turned again and the criticism became anti-Semitic not anti-the Modern State of Israel. Jewish people who did not even support Israel became targets in Manchester and London. They (Israel) did not help their cause by colonising occupied lands on the basis of something in the Bible. Which was the justification put forward by some. Then there were the retaliatory air raids and other actions somewhat like the Germans did to the resistance in their occupied territories. ie destroying houses. Although often there was no option. And we can't talk! Even our lot in N Ireland struggled to soldier on in the moral maze hence "Bloody Sunday" and a few dirty deeds like shooting innocent civilians to make it look as IRA work and turn people against them. But then. Guess who trained the leading Israeli military and political cadre. Yes! They all cut their teeth when Britain ran Palestine and its defences. And who in part armed Israel also? The British. Look at the footage of 1967. See the British Centurion tanks, the British old style steel helmets, the 1937 pattern webbing. A lot of American kit as well of course and French. Even the Israeli destroyer "Eilat" sunk by missiles in 1967 was the former British "HMS Zealous". When the Israelis needed to make up their losses in 1967 Britain sent them more of our old tanks from reserve. They were parked in fields all around Chelmsford Essex. They were being fitted out with the latest gun sights by an optical firm in Chelmsford and also other aspects by Marconi and GEC before going out via the military facilities in Colchester. By 1973 and the Yom Kipper War opinion about Israel changed and I recall people rooting for the Arabs and saying "The Arabs are good this time!". No one then and now likes a clever Jew even though many Israelis are as about as Jewish by observance as most of us are as Christians. It is all rather nominal ie You might be baptised, married and buried as a Christian and go to church three times in your life. Nevertheless, to the outside world Israelis are seen as rather belligerent and successful "Jews" and thus acting out of traditional character. Thus they should be hated. And you in the Islamic world are seen as aggressive and war-like "Christians". This is not how we see ourselves and thus we resent the militant side of Islam which launches terror attacks on us so many years after we gave up "Empire". We gave up "Empire" opened our doors to Muslims as settlers and they "turn on us". You know, sometimes I think the answer is for us to go back to regular church worship. The full churches can counter the growth of mosques and bring about a degree of social focus and cohesion as in the past. Islam too may well respect us. At the moment they have contempt due to the way that our supposed "Christian" culture has been allowed to fade away thus paving the way for their Islam. Many churches or at least chapels have become Mosques. Some Muslim restaurant owners have even bought redundant chapels and converted them to become their business premises. They in Islam are people of faith and keep the faith. We fear this commitment. Hence our phobia regarding Islam.
  14. Man wins employment tribunal

    Because Wooley, you are a..........Well we all know the reason why and life is too short to elucidate!.... Strange how I always won though? You know, I think it might have something to do with them being well out of order as we say down on my manor.... Coupled with the fact that I am not one of them "Yeesirs" as in "Yeesir! Yeesir" Three bags full Yeesir"....
  15. Man wins employment tribunal

    I have had a few run ins with Island employers and my experience is that save for the likes of M&S, Tesco etc there is a tendency to act as if Victoria were still on the throne! I usually solved the issue by writing to them like a Solicitor would but one particular outfit, a well known bakery, were stubborn. They had me sign a terms and conditions of employment. We each had an original. After a while they quite rightly said that I lacked the dexterity necessary for the job ie packing and wrapping and was too slow. They were correct. So they just said "Leave!"... I pointed to the T&C etc and said they were supposed to warn me verbally and then in writing and then give me notice of two weeks or pay in lieu. They said "We don't do that here!"..I said "Well all this is in writing and you wrote it!" They said "Just go now!" So I went to the Manx Industrial Relations as I had been with the bakery under a year and was not entitled to a Tribunal. When I went to see the man in Victory House (Where I was also the cleaner but I cleaned all of Douglas anyway)...When I went there I found the bakery had got there before me! They were moaning about me!!!! Anyway, the man said go back to work as normal...I did...Only to find that I could not get in as they had locked me out. The door was locked. (At 3 am) and no one responded to my plaintive cries. I went back to Victory House to see the industrial relations man and he said "Go back to work at 3 am tomorrow they will have something for you" So I went back at 3 am and the door was open and the bakery man shoved £1,000 in my hand and said "Now !!!!! Leave!" So I did.