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  1. Private Parking Tickets and Manx Plates

    Slightly off topic but I was driving a car on Manx plates in the UK last year. A police car followed me for a very short while and then pulled me over. Seem's they had done a PNC check on the car and the number came up as unrecognised. They wanted to know where my car was licensed. They checked my driving licence too and their system could pick that up too. They let me go on my way without further bother. However, I do know a few friends that have been invited by post to either pay a speeding fine or attend a course about safer driving having been caught out by speed cameras in the UK (one of these being in Lancaster so quite close to the Heysham port).
  2. Silverdale Carpark.

    For years I've been concerned about the car parking facilities at Siverdale Glen. The number of spaces in the official car park were limited, meaning hoards of people parked on the narrow road through the glen. There were many occasions that an emergency vehicle would not have been able to get through if it needed to. It also meant that people had to put young children in a risky situation, loading and unloading them from cars on the narrow road and walking them down to the glen. I was really pleased to learn that a new car park was to be constructed, and this has now been completed. However, I notice that very few people are actually using it and still prefer to park in what I feel is a risky manner, and what is likely to be a nuisance to the residents. So, why is the car park not working? Is it because people aren't aware of it or is it because the access path from the carpark to the glen is not user friendly?
  3. Good Dog Kennels

    Ballapaws gets our vote (and dog from time to time) too.
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