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  1. Fat Controller to get a grilling...Toy Town Style

    The figures are as above Woody. No need for Newsnight.
  2. Fat Controller to get a grilling...Toy Town Style

    Woody, as always you simply thud around with your hammer blows, missing the work piece and the anvil altogether. As soon as a confidence issue arises, labour and the cross-bench parties would vote the government down; with a reasonable expectation that the electorate would put Cprbyn in Downing Street. Hence the Confidence & Supply agreement with the DUP.
  3. Fat Controller to get a grilling...Toy Town Style

    Bizarre statement. Current State of the Parties Nearly all MPs are members of political parties. The list below details the current composition of the House of Commons, based on the number of MPs in each party. If an MP is not a member of a political party, they are known as an 'Independent'. Party Seats Conservative 316 Labour 259 Scottish National Party 35 Liberal Democrat 12 Democratic Unionist Party 10 Sinn Féin 6 Independent 5 Plaid Cymru 4 Green Party 1 Speaker 1 Vacant 1 Total number of seats 650 Working Government Majority * 0 * The Conservative Party has formed a minority government and has signed a “confidence and supply” agreement with the Democratic Unionist Party.
  4. Russian Spies

    I agree, Woolley. The evidence against Russia is circumstantial and based on a Soviet era nerve agent. Russia was not the only inheritor of Soviet military materiel. But, listening to the Today programme and the growing internal disarray and faint support from the UK's allies, I do wonder whether Putin is thinking several moves ahead and has calculated that he can extend the hand of retribution against an enemy, but more importantly, sow further discord in Britain, exploiting leaders who he sees as intellectually feeble. I certainly don't discount Russia as the actor in this, and there are other equally likely candidates with plausible motives, such as Ukraine.
  5. Richard Dawking RIP

    Very sorry to read about Richard Dawking. I'm glad, though, that the evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins is still with us.
  6. Russian Spies

    I would certainly want to see a lot more than just circumstantial evidence of Russian involvement if I was a UK ally, or indeed if I was Theresa or (God help us) Boris. We need to know who contaminated the Skripals, what their movements were and who they were working for. It is not enough just to know that the toxin was of Russian (or more correctly, Soviet) origin.
  7. Russian Spies

    Interesting. Questions to be asked about what the role of the US was in demilitarising the Nukus plant, what they did, what materials they handled, if any. And whether Porton Down had any involvement. Decommissioning chemical munitions is definitely part of Porton Down's area of expertise. It occurs to me as well that other ex-Soviet players have a motive for souring further the relationship between Russia and 'the West', not least, Ukraine.
  8. Ken Dodd...

    Very sad to hear of his passing. A funny man and a cultural icon.
  9. Interesting at the airport !

    https://www.gov.uk/aaib-reports/aaib-investigation-to-let-l-410-uvp-e-ok-laz The AAIB report into this serious incident has been published. It's worth reading the whole thing, even if you find the meteorological jargon a bit baffling. The overal impression I get is of a chaotic operation, where there is poor oversight and where 'seat of the pants' flying was valued over rigorous procedures. I'm heartily glad the operation has gone from our shores, and hope we never see the like again.
  10. Shoprite, the last straw!

    non-issue, surely? they had notices on the checkouts weeks ago, and I assumed that everywhere did it. I'm gradually educating myself to remember to take-re-useable bags.
  11. Russian Spies

    Putin had publicly announced that the exchanged spies would 'kick the bucket' some years ago. If this does trace back to Russia then it would probably only enhance his reputation amongst his constituency at home. It's a murky world, though, and, well, shrugs and mutters 'who knows'.
  12. Brexit Is Reversible...

    I can but hope that you will have to add scuppering Brexit in 2018/19 to your list of Major's 'treasons'. We will see.
  13. Brexit Is Reversible...

    The case for abandoning the whole ludicrous proposition, and the likelihood of of that actually happening is growing now. Major makes a great deal more sense than Corbyn did with yesterday's 'shift in Labour policy'. Remaining in a customs union and a single market with the EU is economically the best thing for the UK, but it begs the obvious question why leave in the first place? The answer is very straightforward. Leaving is a blunder of epic proportions, and putting the sledgehammer blunt question to the electorate in the first place was the worst political mistake, well, probably ever. Yes, let's give parliament or preferably the people the final say on the deal that is or isn't done.
  14. Amazon.co.uk

    It isn't a review of the product. It's a complaint about the supplier,
  15. Ronaldsway Airport

    Yes, anything unpressurised is going to have problems in bad weather. They can't fly above the weather, or rather their passengers can't go above the weather, The Let 410 was just as bad. I watched passengers quite literally ashen faced coming off a Manx2/Citywing Newcastle flight, clearly heartily relieved to be safe on the ground. I do dislike the ATR (all types) though, because the cabin wall seems to cut in rather acutely and stop me putting my foot square on the floor. It does seem noisier than similar types, as well, such as DHC Dash 8s or Saab 2000. But I suppose that if Stobart takes over Flybe as rumoured, it will inherit a lot of DHC 8s as well as rather lovely jungle jets.