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  1. Pedantic Manx police state strikes again

    Maybe if people parked legally they wouldn't get tickets, funnily enough the tickets I have received over my life have been my own fault.
  2. Peter Hammond - Have A Go Hero

    From what I understand he didn' have any convictions so what do you do just refuse everyone coming to the island on the basis that at some point they commit crime? Does it really matter where the paper says he' from? He' lived in Douglas for at least 17 years according to the time of offences would you prefer it to say the Englishman living in douglas
  3. Banned from the tip

    I' guessing not abusing the staff would be a good way to make sure you're not banned
  4. Plod in Trouble?

    They get some money from the proceeds of crime but in terms of fines that goes straight to government. Don' know why just the way it is
  5. Plod in Trouble?

    Don' have fixed penalties on the island and the fines wouldn' go to police anyway
  6. Bulger murderer jailed again.

    From everything I read about the case venables was the one that was the ring leader by all accounts the fact he has continued to offend into adulthood whilst Thompson appears to have not 're offended might be the truth. Some of the stuff they did to that kid which I'm not going to go into but is easily found suggests to me one or both was getting sexual kicks from it
  7. Peter Hammond - Have A Go Hero

    My point was you could screen someone check their history but if they have never committed a crime then what are you going to do?
  8. Peter Hammond - Have A Go Hero

    It' all well and good saying people need to be screened better but what if they have never been in trouble with the law before?
  9. What's going on at nobles

    So is the guy not allowed to work? Would you be happier if he was unemployed? A job was advertised he went for it and got it. What' the issue?
  10. Facebook Political Groups

    Nobody knows what it relates to. That is the post and anyone who asks what she' is on about she abuses saying they are thick. It is is utter nonsense
  11. Facebook Political Groups

    Well last night was entertaining some guy was on outing all the mods on manx forums and threatening to sue them as someone had threatened him on a private message and he was banned so his human rights were breached. He then started accusing some guy of being the boyfriend of Julie edge and claimed he was an expert in writing patterns. Then a Ramsey commissoner went off on one. All been deleted this morning unfortunately.
  12. Time to get Rid?

    People still get excluded from the island the difficulty is if they have been here 5 years or more or have family on the island. If they have no links to the island they get excluded for 5 years
  13. Time to get Rid?

    That's strange I regularly walk past that area and have done for the past 10 years I've yet to come to any harm. Stop your scaremongering there is no no go areas on the island never mind douglas
  14. Woman in a tent

    By all accounts it was fine she then started doing work on it and if you believe the stories she either ran out of cash or didn't get planning permission and left the house to rot
  15. I cannot ignore

    But they don't pass judgement. They give out the sentences and part of that is viewing their previous history