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  1. People moan that mhks don't interact with the voters or keep secrets from them. An mhk gives a detailed review of what he does and people moan.
  2. The car park is the property of the corporation. Bushys have had 20 years to come to some agreement or find their land to set up the tent. Another business has seen the opportunity and put in a bid for the plot fair play to them. If in 5 years another company comes in with a better deal then I'd except the corporation to go with them. I visit the tent a couple of times during tt mainly due to the location a couple of quick pints before heading into town as long as hooded ram continue to serve beer and have music on I'll visit again but end of the day it's a tent in a car park selling beer it will get customers.
  3. Saying one dead now
  4. Some heat yesterday a few people ended up hospital so hope they are ok.
  5. It's not an us v them mentality it's just reality there are people out there who just don't like the police and never will and will look to criticise them (not saying that's the case on this post by the way)
  6. In the last month or so we've seen the police run towards danger. Today the fire brigade helping people in a horrific fire in London. Everyone today deserved their awards that's including the members of the public. Fact is we actually have a decent police force over here. People won't like the police and will always look to moan about them that's fine but they do a decent job over here. As for the job pointed out let me tell you the officers done more than just stand back. One of the officers was lucky not to lose a hand after being struck by a samurai sword which damaged his taster.
  7. Sorry I meant being allowed a work permit
  8. I wasn't in last night but went in last week a pint was around 4 quid but been told by people that the price of a pint was 5 quid last night as I say didn't see it for myself so not taking it as fact but if true bit of poor form.
  9. I don't understand your point. Unless he was convicted prior to moving here why wouldn't he be allowed in?
  10. I think that tent flopped die to the fact there wasn't enough business for two. I think whoever puts a tent up in that car park will do booming business just stick to what is on offer at the moment.
  11. The thing is its douglas councils land. They need to do the best for douglas ratepayers. People complain about the steam packet and no competition and it's a monopoly. This is no different. Bushys does a great job but if the council didn't pit it out to tender they would be accused of all sorts.
  12. The thread buster posted the other night was crazy and funnily enough the warning came after people called him out on his bs.
  13. It was made one way due to the number of head on collisions that were occurring. That's it nothing more nothing less.
  14. As someone said the people might be in vans might be passengers on bikes or the rider might have one. Their bikes are their pride and joy they pay a small fortune getting here why risk getting lifted for drink driving or binning their bike?
  15. Always enjoyed listening to him. Never knew he was ill.