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  1. Facebook Political Groups

    Well last night was entertaining some guy was on outing all the mods on manx forums and threatening to sue them as someone had threatened him on a private message and he was banned so his human rights were breached. He then started accusing some guy of being the boyfriend of Julie edge and claimed he was an expert in writing patterns. Then a Ramsey commissoner went off on one. All been deleted this morning unfortunately.
  2. Time to get Rid?

    People still get excluded from the island the difficulty is if they have been here 5 years or more or have family on the island. If they have no links to the island they get excluded for 5 years
  3. Time to get Rid?

    That's strange I regularly walk past that area and have done for the past 10 years I've yet to come to any harm. Stop your scaremongering there is no no go areas on the island never mind douglas
  4. Woman in a tent

    By all accounts it was fine she then started doing work on it and if you believe the stories she either ran out of cash or didn't get planning permission and left the house to rot
  5. I cannot ignore

    But they don't pass judgement. They give out the sentences and part of that is viewing their previous history
  6. What's happening on Broadway - Sunday 8/10

    Not according the police press release
  7. What's happening on Broadway - Sunday 8/10

    Yeah the manx papers are constantly reporting on police here shooting people.
  8. Planners rule against ice rink

    Is this the ice rink at tynwad mills? If so it was up a few weeks ago when I drove past. What has happened to change this year compared to the last 4?
  9. 50 dead in non terror attack

    So 50 people dead hundreds injured and people are squabbling over whether it's a terrorist attack or not. What's the difference? People are dead doesn't matter if it was a terrorist group or one person who has lost it.
  10. 50 dead in non terror attack

    I was there 18 months ago and 2 years ago. Do I qualify?
  11. OJ released from prison

    Yeah he died a few years ago. Heart attack or cancer can't remember off the top of my head. Watched a few documenteries about it all his story conflicted at the trial then at the civil trial. He was guilty as sin but the the prosecution made a mess of it. Getting him to try on the glove was a major mistake and was an unnecessary risk to take
  12. OJ released from prison

    If you're talking about how do his lawyers live with themselves then they don't 2 of them are dead johnny cochrane and the kardashian guy If you can find a copy of the book if I did it is a good read it's basically his confession.
  13. OJ released from prison

    He was guilty. There's been jurors since who have implied they found him not guilty as a revenge for the rodney king beating.
  14. Another reason we have no cash...

    No they didnt
  15. Onchan Commissioner's Big Tent

    The tent was also used by the views restaurant last weekend. As an onchan rate payer I Dont really care to be honest