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  1. thommo2010

    Police Tazer Dog!

    If you look at the police facebook page there's a post about a missing dog and it looks like the owner has commented to say the dogs home safe so if it was tazered (Don't know if it was) then it looks like there's no damage done
  2. thommo2010

    Police Tazer Dog!

    Don't know much more to be honest
  3. thommo2010

    Police Tazer Dog!

    No idea just know it wasn't jenny
  4. thommo2010

    Police Tazer Dog!

    Wasn't jenny
  5. thommo2010

    World Cup Final

    England were poor. Croatia were the first decent side they played (can't say much about the Belgium game as that was a nothing game) and they were outclassed. They had an easy route to the semi final and as i say first decent side they face they get beat. Croatia had played 2 120 minute games and still looked fitter. England are miles behind the top teams.
  6. thommo2010

    Saddleworth Moor Fire.

    With this happening just across the water it was mad to see the fire brigade having to remind people to dispose of their bbqs properly after someone left 2 not fully put out in the countryside. Common sense seems to be a thing of the past
  7. thommo2010

    Isle of Man News and Politics

    Is buster still On that page thought he and corrin had a falling out
  8. thommo2010

    Fit for Duty

    To be honest as long as people can do the job then fine shouldn't matter about their weight. Police should be allowed to wear trainers t shirts and shorts give them a chance running after people who don't have about 2 stone of kit on them lol
  9. thommo2010

    Fit for Duty

    No it's not the truth. It's true some people do have a tolerance to it but for the vast majority of people it will incapacitate them
  10. thommo2010

    Fit for Duty

    If it took a week for your eyes to clear it wasnt pava you were sprayed with. It takes about 20 minutes to clear
  11. thommo2010

    Fit for Duty

    Don't people tend to put weight on over a period of 20 years?
  12. thommo2010

    Win a house competition!

    The guy running the page posted the terms and conditions I am guessing they were the ones that were originally put out
  13. thommo2010

    Win a house competition!

    I've just read through the terms and conditions and they don't seem to have breached them even if they had that would be a civil issue. No theft has occurred it clearly says if 45000 tickets aren't sold by 31/5/18 then the promoter can decide to give the prize as cash. Just seems people are unhappy they didn't win.
  14. thommo2010

    Win a house competition!

    So people are happy to give their money not question the legality of it then moan when they don't win
  15. thommo2010

    TT2018 - entertainment, tents and that

    You realise bushys and hooded ram tents are classed as pubs so those premises will be put included in the stat