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  1. It's sad that the police have to put in writing what should be common sense. Yes you can go on the mountain on a push bike by why would you want to and risk it? Even every other week of the year I'd be cautious but when it's filled with vehicles travelling over 100mph at points and some not knowing the road why risk it?
  2. The vehicles aren't being used they are being taken round the island and used to talk about road safety. Big discussion on the iom roads policing page on facebook where it's explained in more detailed.
  3. Horrible. Looking at the pictures and the ambulances there's going to be a large number of fatalities /injuries. Sounds like they've waited until the concert has ended and people were coming out. Bomb disposal units on scene armed police. Nothing confirmed but if its anything other than bomb I'd be surprised.
  4. Come on guys have sympathy. He missed out on front row seats for the joshua klitchko fight and had to settle for lesser seats. I am just amazed geldof and bono haven't set up a fundraiser for him following that hardship
  5. From reading the paper he befriended 3 vulnerable women and over between 2013 and 2016 he raped each woman a number of times. What more do you need to know?
  6. No wasn't the same person. I was just answering a question regarding details of offences being published basically saying somethings are best left unpublished
  7. I can't remember if it was open or not it was about 6 years ago now and was just the sentencing part I listened to.
  8. Ha just seen that yes I meant unpublished. My own opinion is if it doesn't need publishing then it shouldn't be however like you say if someone appeals then the reasons should be published
  9. I remember listening to a run down of what a guy done to his kids as he was being sentenced. (Might be the same guy) I've heard and seen a lot but what I heard that day sickened me and I honestly wished I hadn't been there to hear it. Some things are better left unpunished in my opinion
  10. Why do you need to know what he did?
  11. Censorship what did the police do to you that makes you hate them so much? Why shouldn't the police be happy with the result? A lot of hours and hardwork went in to getting a dangerous man off the streets hour upon hour was put in speaking with the victims and supporting them. So yes the police should pat themselves on the back.
  12. In fairness to dilligaf I heard from a lot of people that he was a decent guy a loveable rogue as described. That's what people like him do in public with friends turn on the charm then their real persona comes out behind closed doors. Well done to everyone involved in this case especially the victims who were brave to stand up. I hope that they manage to somehow move on from this.
  13. Cheers I knew it was a lot but couldn't remember the figure the cab driver told me
  14. How many people use patient transfers and how many have complained? I remember a couple of years ago one of the drivers telling me they have huge amounts each week I can't remember the exact figure but I'm sure it was over 100 so if that's the case say 400 per month (probably more to be honest) how many of these 400 have complained?
  15. Just because you find it wrong or offensive doesn't make it so. People whinge and moan that mhks are removed from public opinion and don't interact with the public then when they do they get grief. You didn't like it? So what? Get over it and move on with life. It seems a day can't pass without someone being outraged by some minor matter. Maybe if more people laughed the world would be a better place