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  1. Speeding Fine

    And had he been going to an emergency he wouldn't have been prosecuted
  2. Speeding Fine

    Then he's let off and people complain of favouritism. According to the original report he was on his way to a meeting not attending someone who had been injured
  3. The War in Syria - ISIS et al

    Putin said he would shoot down any planes and missiles. He didn't we called his bluff. Who knows how it will end up but no point worrying about it. Not much we can do
  4. London murder rate overtakes New York's

    Stop being pedantic you know what I meant. She was critical of stop search powers and one of the reasons they dont get used as much now shes backing them
  5. London murder rate overtakes New York's

    Yeah https://m.huffingtonpost.co.uk/2014/04/30/theresa-may-attacks-stop-and-search_n_5239809.html
  6. London murder rate overtakes New York's

    Now may is saying police need to use their stop search powers. She was the home secretary when she criticised the use of stop search. Make up your mind you either want them used or not.
  7. Retired civil servants go on a nice holiday

    Don't see the issue with that. If pensions are still a thing when I retire I will be heading off to sunnier climates to enjoy my final years. As much as I love the island the crappy weather doesn't half put a downer on the place
  8. Retired civil servants go on a nice holiday

    Why must the thread be about a retired civil servant? Is the op unhappy that they are getting it paid for but ok that say a builder or farmer are getting it paid for them?
  9. Retired civil servants go on a nice holiday

    Well if one day someone came to you and said bees we'd like you to represent the island at a global event then yes I would expect for your travel and accommdation to be paid for. If you decide yourself to enter a tournament on the other side of the world then you're right you should pay for it yourself.
  10. Retired civil servants go on a nice holiday

    They've been chosen to represent the island I hope we are paying for them to go. If it was me and I was asked to represent the island, take time off work and then have to pay for it I'd be a bit miffed
  11. School Facebook Sites

    The school page I'm on just posts about events upcoming nothing spectacular or anything to worry about.
  12. Ferrari Crashes At Brown Bobby

    How do you know there's been no charges? Unless the court reporter on the day decides to report on it it may have gone unreported in the media
  13. 62 outstanding fixed penalty notices?

    He refused a breath test the courts see that as a serious issue because there' no actual reading so he could have been slightly over or 10 times over so they give out the long bans
  14. Newcastle United Charged By FA...

    So the gambling firm isn' at the centre of controversy it is Newcastle who have put the logo on shirts they shouldn't have
  15. Yet Another Tenuous Island News Link

    Is a bit of a rubbish link