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  1. No they didnt
  2. The tent was also used by the views restaurant last weekend. As an onchan rate payer I Dont really care to be honest
  3. It says in the body of the text 2 people were arrested for drink driving. I'm guessing it crashed because the driver was pissed
  4. Who would be scared of buster? He speaks so much nonsense you would be hard pressed knowing what is and isn't truthful.
  5. I watched a couple of the fights before mcgregor v mayweather and tge stadium was empty it only started filling up 20-30 minutes before it started. If I'd paid thousands for a ticket I'd be getting my money worth. Boxing is poor these days
  6. Had the guy lived on the island he probably would have got community service but the fact he doesn't means there's no guarantee a fine could be paid. It may be he was offered a fine that had to be paid before he left the island but couldn't. Fact is he blew 103 after riding a motorbike on a derestricted road before midday. 8 weeks was light
  7. Wanton vandalism does that get served at the local Chinese with wanton soup?
  8. Sorry if I've missed it is there a link to your blog?
  9. Ok get rid of the mhks who takes over? Sorry but it will be more of the same until there are people In charge who have expertise in the relevant fields nothing will change.
  10. Not just drug dealers drug users to
  11. Chris have you ever been out with the police,ambulance or fire brigade? If not maybe take the opportunity to do that then come back and say how they've increased their staff.
  12. From your post I thought you were implying they hadn't been informed
  13. It was put out by onchan commissioners last week that they would be having a meeting at an advocates office. Surely the mhks if they haven't been informed could quite easily have asked the question as to what was going on
  14. One of the commissioners has posted he didn't attend the meeting. The meeting was held at an advocates office so I can only guess they took legal advice and what they have done is legal. However there is no information so we won't know until it comes out.
  15. Only seen one person mention it on facebook. Has terrorism become such run of the mill people can't even be bothered changing their profile picture to a flag?