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  1. http://historyhustle.com/20-awesome-historical-words-we-need-to-bring-back/ Many grumbletonians on this forum who bemoan our kakistocracy. Fair few ultracrepidarians post here too.
  2. Chinahand's Random Stuff

    Well I watched it, even if no-one else did! I was hoping he'd get onto how the sum of an alternating series can be made to equal anything you like by re-ordering terms, but he didn't!
  3. Abort67

    I've mixed views on this. My inclination is to engage religious types in debate. I did so as a student, arguing with some JW's about blood transfusions. Instead of convincing them of their misguidedness, I simply encouraged them to come and knock on my door, repeatedly, for more of the same. I suspect they feel that arguing with an atheist is better than being told to FO. Conclusion is that you'll never convince the deluded that they're wrong, so why bother trying? The contrary view is that if you allow these fundamentalists to purvey their nonsense without challenging it, you're tacitly agreeing or at least apathetic to their stance. On balance therefore I think they probably should be challenged, and argued with, although I know that it'll be futile and you'll probably end up feeling more pissed off than when you started.
  4. Drink Driving and other offences

    So a chap convicted of rape after drunken sex with a partner he believed was willing at the time is the same as a masked assailant who drags someone into an alley at knifepoint? A woman convicted of murder after killing her husband after decades of abuse is the same as the paedophile who abducts and kills a child? Of course there's a sliding scale of severity, for pretty much all crimes. Other jurisdictions have a scale of drink driving depending on alcohol concentration and whether 'aggravated' or not - Italy for example.
  5. Drink Driving and other offences

    All of those crimes you list as 'black or white' have various degrees of badness, and various sentences for the guilty. I think drink driving should be the same - 1point over the limit the next morning, with nobody hurt is a completely different crime to driving while totally wasted and wiping out a family of 4 on the pavement. Are you saying they should be treated identically, with no scale of penalties?
  6. New Year Healthy Lifestyle

    I'm not making this up - http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-42565137
  7. New Year Healthy Lifestyle

    You're right in the correlation, but wrong in the 'use them up' argument, presumably made for comedic effect. My resting heart rate is about 48, because about 4 times a week I raise it to 160 for an hour or so. The reduced resting rate more than makes up for the beats 'consumed' during exercise. Therefore I'll live to 120, probably.
  8. Car advice

    Buy German or Japanese. You may fall in love with the Alfa, and if you do I know where they can be serviced. If what I hear is true though, you'll have the garage on speed-dial.
  9. New Year Healthy Lifestyle

    No idea, sorry. If you're getting at social class though, I suspect these were 'white collar' workers. The runner did marathons when he was younger, probably at what would be described as a 'club runner' level, certainly not elite.
  10. New Year Healthy Lifestyle

    I can understand that perception - I'm not that keen on lifting weights myself, but I know it's good for me and will pay dividends in the future. The main thing is to find a form of exercise you enjoy, then you're more likely to do it. What I'm trying to get across here is how important it is for health and well-being in the future. Just like dialysis wouldn't be optional, neither should exercise be considered so.
  11. New Year Healthy Lifestyle

    I don't get this finding time business - make time. If the doc told you you had kidney failure and had to spend 4 hours on dialysis 3 times a week you'd do it somehow. Stop watching TV. Get up an hour earlier. Get family on board to support you being out exercising. It is possible.
  12. New Year Healthy Lifestyle

    So as we enter 2018, I've realised that this year I'll have spent half my life (24 years) as a qualified doc. Thought it might be appropriate to share a few things I've learned over the years. Firstly, it's becoming increasingly clear that exercise, including weight training (so not just 'going for a walk') leads to far better health in one's later years. A couple of examples I came across in the past few weeks are relevant. Firstly, I entered the British Indoor Rowing Championships at the start of December. One of the competitors was 91 years of age, and he rowed 2000m in 10:46. It's sad to say that there are many 30somethings that couldn't do that. Secondly, the other day I came across a chap who was running 10km in 55 minutes at the age of 80+. Both of these men had been exercising all their life. They were fit, they looked fit, and they were still able to do all of their daily activities. Contrast that with patients I routinely see in their 60s who have led a sedentary lifestyle, and because of lack of fitness and conditioning fall over all the time, have aching joints, and need multiple pills to keep their blood pressure under control etc. Everyone knows about osteoporosis - as we age we lose bone density, particularly if you're a woman. What is less well known is sarcopaenia - the loss of muscle mass, which occurs at about 1% a year from the age 50. If you have poor muscles your joints ache and you have poor balance reactions, with obvious consequences. The only way to prevent this is to lift weights. So my top tip for everyone is to exercise. Do it regularly and start young, but whatever age you are it will be beneficial. We're all getting heavier. Cheap calorie rich nutrition poor food is easily available. Having looked through many sets of medical notes over the years, most people seem to put on 1-2kg per year. This is nothing really, until you consider that over the course of one's working life you might go up from 70kg to 110kg without really noticing it. It doesn't have to be this way. No-one should be obsessed about their weight - fitness matters more than weight in itself - and in fact the biggest predictor of being overweight in 5 years time is being on a diet now! Just watch it, and if your belt gets tight, or you creep up a couple of kgs in a month or two then back off on the booze/sweets/pies for a few weeks until you're where you were. People have too much faith in modern medicine. Yes it's great, and there are drugs and operations for everything. And we're all living longer. But we're not living healthier for longer. And being on multiple meds, or having surgery, is not as free from complication as we'd like it to be. Drugs have side effects, operations have risks and a proportion have a poor outcome (there's no such thing as an operation that can't make the situation worse!) They're all best avoided. And in many situations, Mother Nature is hard to beat! So, if you're going to make NY resolutions, choose ones that will stick. Exercise more, lift weights, don't get gradually fatter over the years. And don't smoke, and don't drink to excess. If we all did that, then the medical profession would have far less to do, and perhaps as a society we could afford a health service to look after us when we really need it. Happy New Year everyone - I'm just off out to the gym
  13. Abortion plight should shame us all? Really?

    Absolute opposition to abortion indicates either a misogynist or a follower of mistranslated bronze age texts written by misogynists. I'm all for education, free non-judgemental access to contraception/morning-after pill, and simpler adoption processes, but in the final analysis, abortion before foetal viability has to be a choice of the pregnant woman. After viability, in my opinion, there are indications for abortion, but these should be tighter. And to throw one more idea into the mix - what do you think, @Gee Cee, about Levitt's hypothesis that increasing access to abortion reduces crime rates about 20 years later? Surely you don't want to see higher crime rates do you? And many of these aborted foetuses would probably grow up to ride motorbikes. Is that what you want?
  14. £31 million conomy boost

    When instead, if TT/MGP were cancelled, it would be busy for no weeks of the year?
  15. I can see where you're coming from too, except the difference is that we have an understanding of the distances involved and limitations of speed. I've seen taxis with moon-distance mileage on their odometers, and it would be drivable in a year. Getting to the nearest star would take 4 at c. I know, wormholes etc. Why therefore are we always talking about flying saucers if technologically advanced civilisations could effectively transport themselves between any two points in space? And the notion that governments have had talks with aliens... I'm out.