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  1. wrighty

    More death and destruction

  2. wrighty

    More death and destruction

    Well forget the Rugby one - he just died, nothing to do with an injury in the game. The Kayaker was over a month ago. If you go into the sea - there are risks, don’t go out of your depth. As expected, your examples hardly demonstrate comparable risks in these activities compared with motor biking
  3. wrighty

    More death and destruction

    Not sure why I’m replying to this but here goes... Firstly, all of those activities carry personal risk only. An out of control swimmer is unlikely to take out half a dozen innocent bystanders. Secondly, in each of those activities there are levels of risk that are acceptable, and some that are not. Swimming at the NSC - safe - swimming the length of the Nile without a support crew, not so. So in answer to your question “should they be stopped” my response is “it depends” Thirdly, they can all be made safer. If the aim of every TTer is to beat last year’s last record then not so much. Motorcycling can be made safer - we all know how - the point about it is that road racing, and its emulators on open roads, don’t want it to be because they’re “living life to the full” Anyway, have you got links to all these deaths in the last week, or are you making stuff up as usual?
  4. wrighty

    More death and destruction

    This is typical of the attitude that perpetuates the myth of 'balls of steel, heroic, living life to the full, motorcycle road racers'. It's not compulsory to risk one's life in order to make the most of it.
  5. wrighty

    More death and destruction

    Choosing 688 as your mileage is a bit ridiculous really. How about having them from the gooseneck to the creg instead? Slightly more affordable.
  6. wrighty

    Horrendous Motorcycle Crash

    If only they'd had some form of advanced rider training that would never have happened. Good job their speed was restricted though. Could have been much worse if they'd been going faster I reckon, although I might be wrong on that point
  7. wrighty

    More death and destruction

    I think you’re wrong. You maybe have a point on MF as there’s only about 15 regular contributors, and the same in the newspapers. But I’ve seen a lot on FB this last year - this Thursday one of my friends declared she no longer could support road racing, with 78 ‘likes’ and 41 largely agreeing comments. This is not the first. I think Dan Kneen’s death has affected a lot - makes it more real when it’s a local that many have known since he was a boy. I think you’d find Albert, if such a thing could be done, that at the end of 2018 there’d be fewer proponents of road racing than at the same time 2017.
  8. wrighty

    More death and destruction

    How would training and retesting for Manx based drivers help with the visitor fatalities if they still think they can legally do 150?
  9. wrighty

    More death and destruction

    You keep saying this Bobbie. But speed is most certainly a factor in the energy of the impact - half m v squared - which is what causes the death and destruction. I get to hear about the detail of many of these accidents. The one Thursday is the stuff of horror movies - things happen that just don’t on UK roads, I’m told this by our visiting surgeons who work in UK trauma centres. What’s your argument for maintaining limitless? Is there ever any need to go over 60mph over here? Do you think introducing a national limit would worsen the accident stats?
  10. wrighty

    More death and destruction

    The guy at Brandywell yesterday was 27.
  11. wrighty

    More death and destruction

    That’s in addition to the one on Thursday evening at the same place, just in case anyone thinks it’s double reporting. When I talk to my teenage children about this subject their response is “how is this still allowed to happen”. The racing’s one thing - doing what they loved, know the risks etc etc... - but the open road deaths, for an island this size, are something else. And it’s all about the speed culture attracting bikers over to try out their machines at limitless velocities over the mountain. This attraction is due to the races. I get the impression that public opinion is shifting. The two things that need to happen to bring us into line with regard to road deaths is 1 - Scrap the road racing, and 2 - have a national 60mph limit. With the current establishment, consisting of people from the same generation as many prominent ‘pro’ posters here, nothing is going to change and we’ll keep reading about deaths, and setting up the crowd-fundings etc. But when my kids’ generation come to the fore it’s all going to stop. So we, as an island, need to start thinking about other things to do instead.
  12. wrighty

    World Cup Final

    What did I do now?
  13. wrighty

    William Dunlop...

    After reading that I really cannot understand what led him to get back on the bike. I know, I'm not a biker, and I'll never understand why any of them do it, but can anyone explain this: "Before I was wishing my dad would have been there with us at the bikes, but now with Ella coming along I know there is more to life than that and I wish he was around to see his granddaughter." Well I bet Ella's going to grow up wishing much the same
  14. wrighty

    Thai Boys Trapped In Flooded Cave...

    And possibly even the manslaughter of the poor guy that ran out of air prepping the rescue.
  15. wrighty

    Thai Boys Trapped In Flooded Cave...

    I thought that. Next thing we hear will be that he’s been charged with ‘reckless endangerment’ and will be looking at a long sentence.