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  1. La Colombe's Random Stuff

    Great thread. I for one welcome this new post, which I hope will go on for years.
  2. Go On Then, What Are You Kistening To

    Only 3 used though - straight, 800ms delay and 1600ms delay. Middle row a back up, top for spares. I think.
  3. Go On Then, What Are You Kistening To

    I’ve listened to this a lot recently. Definitely in the ‘prog’ genre, the band being formed from players from other prog bands - Mike Portnoy from Dream Theater for example. Far more melodic, and less virtuosic wankery for the sake of it however. Shades of The Beatles, ELO, Travelling Wilburys in my opinion.
  4. Madrigals

    If Monty Python hadn’t already done it, this thread would have the makings of a highly amusing sketch. “Break it up. I’m sick of all this bloody fighting. If it’s not Madrigals it’s the bloody Treaty of Utrecht or it’s the bloody binomial theorem. This isn’t the senior common room at Trinity College Cambridge it’s Manx Forums”
  5. Russian Spies

    We’re all quite happy to read about the daring exploits of fictional British agents being transported into hostile places to carry out covert assassinations against enemies of the state, and I dare say like to believe that they’re true. So why is it when a daring Russian agent allegedly does the same over here we’re all up in arms and want to cancel the World Cup?
  6. Mere Child Becomes Health Minister

    I’m not sure who you’re referring to but I will say this. As a senior clinician you don’t work for ‘the management’ - you’re part of ‘the management’. Unfortunately some prefer not to engage and instead blame the administration for everything they perceive as sub-optimal, rather than affecting positive change themselves.
  7. Supertour 2018

    There’s nothing to stop any supercar owner coming over here and driving on our roads if they want. Derek’s just charging them money for what they could do anyway. Good luck to him - they’ll undoubtedly be spending more cash in local pubs/restaurants etc so I really don’t see a downside. Most folk that own these cars drive like priests anyway as the excessive power is simply wasted on them. As for Derek’s evasiveness - the longer he strings out this thread the more people are talking about it. No such thing as bad publicity etc.
  8. Shoprite, the last straw!

    64 litres to be exact, if you tip it out of the bottle straight into the bag.
  9. Red Squirrels

    Species come and go. I don't believe in trying to (re)introduce species just for the sake of it. Until it's done, we have no idea what negative consequences may ensue. Red squirrels are universally thought of as cute, but that's just an image. I doubt they have any more intrinsic merit to exist than the grey squirrel, the common rat [1], or any other rodent. [1] Yes, I know I should say longtail.
  10. Shoprite, the last straw!

    I disagree. There’s usually stuff in M&S with long dates - you just have to get into the habit of checking before putting stuff in the trolley. It may be at the back of the shelf. Alternatively buy the stuff that’s cheap on its last day and freeze it. Largely agree with Woolley on dates. If something starts with a date 3 weeks away it’ll be fine in 4. If veg hasn’t turned to mush it’s ok. Cheese? If it’s 18 month matured cheddar why worry about another 6 - probably even nicer. Only things I watch out for are raw seafood - I’m pretty strict with that - and leftovers, particularly say a takeout.
  11. Tipping

    Just back from a few days in the UK. Almost everywhere that I went to eat added on an 'optional' 10% service charge. I've seen this before, usually for larger groups, but this time is was dinners for 2 or 3. And as for the charge being optional, you first off had to notice that there was a charge (most people don't, apparently), and secondly you had to ask for the charge to be removed. Most people, me included, wouldn't do that. We asked one of the waitresses about it. She told us that most people didn't seem to check the bill or even notice. Occasionally some customers would be angry about it and take it out on her. She found it quite embarrassing. We were told that all the 'optional' additions were totted up and divided up amongst the staff, which they were paid monthly on top of their minimum wage. It was a way for the various places to pay more than just minimum wage. So, is it a good idea to support low paid catering workers, or is it a further creep towards full Americanisation where tipping is obligatory and mobsters come for you for anything less than 15%?
  12. Amazon.co.uk

    You do realise that the attractive young lady is not included
  13. beast from the east

    We had a gas fire in the living room, no heating elsewhere, single glazed windows that had ice on the inside in winter. I vaguely remember a paraffin heater that was used occasionally - I imagine it would be illegal on safety grounds these days. How did we survive?
  14. beast from the east

    You were lucky, luxury, etc. etc.
  15. Forum Upgrade Questions

    So now you're back to 4682 posts, a number that's clearly special to you for some reason, have you suspended the TSM account again, and will we see the resurrection of Pierrot, Keyboarder and MTP? I don't expect a response by the way, unless Ans can delete one of your previous ones to make room for it.