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  1. wrighty

    Racist Cartoon?

    Before reading that I wasn’t sure, as I think there’s a bit of ‘looking to be offended’ going on here. But if Rog says it’s not racist it almost certainly is.
  2. wrighty

    Huge Balls Of Biker Steel...

    He’ll be banned from track racing. Could he race here though? Is braking an opponent’s bike against the rules in TT, as long as they know the risks? Sure to be a TV draw.
  3. wrighty

    Ballymurphy Massacre Inquest

    Interesting Max - never heard of this until reading your post. I don’t have ‘a dog in this fight’, but I would say that Rog’s and Fatshaft’s exchanges aren’t helpful. I remember David Trimble on the radio years ago saying the Irish conflict was nothing about religion, simply that Catholic vs Protestant were surrogates for Irish (natives) vs British (invaders). Hope to learn more about it in this thread, if it can be kept from descending into crap.
  4. wrighty

    Hi-Fi Dealers?

    Sorry, couldn’t resist
  5. wrighty

    Burt Reynolds...

    RIP. Looking forward to seeing a few of his films in the next few days. Deliverance was ace.
  6. wrighty

    Russian Spies

    It makes little sense to me I'm afraid. Not sure what 'a bit of meningitis in the system' could mean, nor how meningitis could be connected with the initial poisoning, unless iatrogenic following a lumbar puncture or something. The whole report is inconsistent really, with his brother saying he's lost use of his limbs and is totally blind, and the chap himself saying his eyesight is getting better.
  7. wrighty

    Mountain Road Closures

    They seem to be counting them as one each if you read the article, which I accept is poorly written. Like other FOI requests I've come across, this is probably a precisely correct answer to a poorly worded, poorly thought out question. A better question might have been 'on how many days of the year was the mountain road closed for 30 minutes or more, and what is the distribution of the duration of those closures' - in that way you might get an answer along the lines of "In 2017 the mountain was closed on 25 days - average length of time closed for was 3 hours, with a range of 30 minutes to 9 hours". That would be more useful information, at least in my opinion.
  8. wrighty

    Recycling in the West

    SJR’s posts - always top quality.
  9. wrighty

    Russian Spies

    Bizarre. I’d have thought a full valet would make more sense. I bet there are Eastern European gentlemen, possibly even Russians, offering such a service for about £3 a pop in that neck of the woods.
  10. wrighty

    Food Banks

    Getting a strong sense of déjà vu in this thread. Long established posters getting wound up by a few relative newbies - at least in their current incarnations - resulting in multiple threads getting bogged down with personal insults, accusations of sock-puppetry and general crap. There’s a simple way to stop this - just don’t respond. Specifically - and right now it’s Dilligaf and ND this advice is aimed at - if you’re called a bellend, or accused of being someone else, or anything else, just ignore it. Don’t respond in kind, just stick to the thread. The newer wind-up merchants will soon get bored and go away.
  11. wrighty


    Banks lending to people that couldn’t afford to repay was what caused the global crisis in 2008. But I agree they’ve gone somewhat the other way. I’ve mixed feelings on Wonga - there’s clearly a need for short term loans to ease cash flow problems that all of us can have from time to time (never used them myself, but I’ve certainly used credit cards and overdrafts) - but when you hear of a £300 loan turning into 10 grand something is wrong.
  12. wrighty

    Relay for life

    No. It’ll have multiple sources - medical research council (government), pharmaceutical companies, universities, as well as charities.
  13. wrighty

    Relay for life

    You should have done your own research John rather than relying on the professionals. Few drops of cannabis oil and some raw vegetables and you’d have avoided the gruelling chemo, while denting the profits of big pharma What was so bad about the physiotherapy?
  14. wrighty

    2018 Festival of Empty Road Watching

    Anybody know if they’re being allowed to play tomorrow? Tried twitter and the MGP website and there’s nothing there. Is it safe to assume they’ve caught up now and Friday is all there’s left?