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  1. Celebrity sex pests

    Can't think of a caption, but it did remind me of a joke I like: https://www.johns-jokes.com/blue-balls
  2. Shrinking economy

    Economic growth is a natural consequence of technological development, and is probably about 2% a year. This is when averaged out over decades, across the whole world. Some economies are more developed than others, and so with imported rather than self-developed technological advances, growth can be quicker than the so-called 'natural' rate. The aim of governmental economic management should be to minimise the size of the boom/bust variation, rather than create growth per se, which will happen, long term, in spite of whatever successive governments come up with. Your idea of 'near zero' growth is nonsense. Compare living standards now with when you were a child - look at rates of car ownership, home appliances, foreign holidays etc and argue 'zero growth'. Go back a bit further to Victorian times, or to previous peasant economies. Economic growth is as real as a heliocentric spherical earth model of the solar system.
  3. Credit Cards for the IOM

    I've got MBNA and M&S, no problems with them.
  4. Bikers - this ever happened to you?

    It was the driver, if that's the right term, without the helmet. I imagine it freaked his pillion out as it flew over her head. I take China's point, but for me there was very little use in stopping on the hard shoulder and calling it in. Firstly I have no idea who to call - not a 999 job. Secondly, as Albert says, there's lots of detritus on the motorways and most of it will end up in the central reservation or off the side, or smashed up to little bits. This would happen within minutes, way before the traffic wombles could get there to close the motorway and clear up. I stopped at the next services to see if there was any damage. I was once taken on a fast lap in a Caterham 7, wearing a helmet to which I am not accustomed. It constantly felt as though it was going to be pulled off my head if it weren't for the chin strap. I can see how it happens.
  5. Bikers - this ever happened to you?

    I think his flashing light was the slight unevenness of the road surface, rather than being flashed to get out of the way. Once I had cleared out of his way though he accelerated pretty quickly, and I assume it was the force of this that took his helmet off. "When the road ahead is clear" - when is this ever the case on the M6 during the day? The slower moving vehicles are perpetually there in lanes 1 and 2, mainly HGVs in lane 2 overtaking slightly slower HGVs in the left hand lane. I understand the rules, but even without speeding I tend to be constantly overtaking when on a busy motorway. Those rules were no doubt written when motorways had just been invented and had far more capacity relative to the traffic volume of the 1950s.
  6. Bikers - this ever happened to you?

    I was in lane 3 because I was driving faster than, and hence overtaking, the traffic in lane 2. The bike wanted to go faster than me so I pulled into a gap to let him pass before pulling back out again. I take it everyone else chugs along behind the HGVs rather than treating motorway traffic as a form of laminar flow The video footage I have is after the event when I overtook him - my passenger took it on a phone as evidence should I need it, I don't have a dash cam but when things like this happen you do think about getting one for next time.
  7. So I'm driving South on the M6 from Lancaster, in the fast lane, travelling at, say 70mph perhaps +10% +2, when a bike with a pillion passenger comes up behind me, headlights flashing. So I pull into the middle lane to let them pass, he guns it past me, accelerating away. I move back into the fast lane, and up ahead I see this guy's helmet come off. It flies into the air and from my perspective it's like a bouncing bomb coming towards me (although obviously I'm going towards it). I just hit the brakes as hard as I could but didn't try to swerve as that could be bad. I didn't manage to stop before it hit me, but had lost enough speed so that it hit my bumper and there's no visible damage. In different circumstances, if it had gone through my windscreen or if I'd swerved and rolled the car, we could have been reading about a multiple car pile up. So I assume this guy's at fault here - for not securing his 'load' properly. I got his number, and even a segment of video of him riding along with no helmet on (he slowed down a bit and moved into the slow lane). I was planning to use this if I needed to claim from my insurance for damage, but since there is none I thought I'd just post on here about it rather than wasting my time with a police report. Should I call the rozzers anyway? What do my biker friends on here make of all this? Perhaps I should try to get him banned from coming across for TT - seems like the sort of moron we don't want coming and losing his head on the mountain.
  8. 6 months ago ...

    Why the online paranoia? It's far more likely that your paper submission will fall down the back of a filing cabinet, or get tea spilt on it, or get taken home by someone in the tax office and then left on the bus than anything going wrong with your online submission. I do mine online and like others have said, get it back within a couple of weeks. Far easier to do than a paper one as well.
  9. Ben My Chree

    On it right now, seems alright.
  10. McVegan - Yay or Nay

    his how to become gluten intolerant vid is good too.
  11. Energy cleansing of stones

    I'm sure there is a quantum mechanical concept of negative energy, along with inverse time, antimatter etc, but I'm not sure what it is. In terms of positive energy you can give several forms to your stone, for example you could throw it, thereby increasing its kinetic energy, take it up some stairs, thus increasing its gravitational potential energy, or simply heat it up, thermal energy (which is actually a form of kinetic energy at the molecular level) Hope this helps.
  12. Liverpool Arms Closes

    The technical terms for this are pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics. The first refers to the differing effects the same concentration of a drug will have on different individuals, and takes in things such as tolerance. We all know regular drinkers who can seemingly function well on quantities of booze that would literally floor others. It's also the case that the same concentration of alcohol will have a different effect if it's on the way up compared with on the way down, so in the morning you'll be less affected by a given concentration of alcohol in the blood than you were the night before. Pharmacokinetics refers to how a given dose of drug is distributed and metabolized by individuals. An obvious example is that a big man can take more alcohol than a small woman - he metabolises it faster and has a greater volume of distribution in the first place. Some people have enzyme deficiencies that mean they can't process alcohol very quickly such that it stays with them longer. I once did a breathalyzer test the morning after and found zero, whereas my drinking buddy who'd had a similar quantity was way over the limit. There are two logical conclusions that could be drawn from all this. The first is that the limit should be effectively zero - everyone should be as fit to drive as they can be. The second is that we should stop measuring alcohol concentration at all and instead apply a reactions test to find out how much a particular individual in impaired at the time. Both of these approaches have flaws, so we're probably stuck with 50, or 80, or whatever arbitrary blood concentration of alcohol the government of the day determines is the limit.
  13. Liverpool Arms Closes

    Introduced in 1966 in the UK, so presumably in about 1996 over here. How have they stayed open for the last 20 years if this is the reason?
  14. 13 year-old cyclist forced off road by tractor

    An old friend of mine killed a cyclist like this. It can happen so easily. Cooil road of an evening, heading West can be bad sometimes. I usually slow to walking pace, thinking about my mate's accident. This incident is just utterly tragic.
  15. Planners rule against ice rink

    I'll certainly expect fewer fracture clinic referrals than the last few years.