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  1. Up-clearing, or something, when those that do better than expected ditch their offer and go for something else. Heard about it for the first time today I approve of proper degrees. My eldest went to do one on an unconditional a couple of years ago. As a consequence of the unconditional she took her foot off the gas with her A-levels and didn’t get what she could have. Not that it matters now 2/3 of the way through her course at Birmingham. Middle child was sweating on results today with an ABB offer for a proper degree at York. He worked bloody hard, and like you I’m a proud parent today since he got in to do Maths/Computing joint honours. I did similar A levels 30 years ago, so I’m reasonably confident in saying they’ve not been dumbed down in terms of content. Grades may have inflated to a certain extent, but since we’re only comparing within years it doesn’t really matter if a kid today gets better grades than I did then. Not that they will . I have some sympathy with the OP’s point about unis making money, and chancellors getting 500K salaries, but I don’t think the system we have here, or in the UK, is that bad in terms of funding.
  2. wrighty

    The next MMR?

    Also, look up ‘herd immunity’
  3. wrighty

    Horse Trams

    Does this apply to pedestrians? The other day I waited at the crossing, lights went red, green man came on, all the cars had stopped, but the tram just carried on regardless. By the time it had cleared the crossing lights were back to green and the cars started off. Get ‘em off the road - nuisance for drivers and pedestrians alike. Either put them on a single track on the walkway or get rid completely.
  4. wrighty

    Plans for lord street

    It’s a great vision. Problem I see is the peaks and troughs of demand. Everyone will need a car about 8:30, then again at 5, then again at midnight. There’ll either be enough cars to go around - but who’s going to invest in them for most to be sitting idle for 23 hours a day - or there’ll be hardly any availability at peak times.
  5. wrighty

    Steam Packet Warns Of Disruption To Sailings

    Not sure of the appropriateness of the forum’s legal expert posting screenshots from my FB page. Read the t&c’s recently JW? But yes, it was me. Most impressed with the professionalism of the SP staff who helped me do what I could. Also impressed with the amount of kit/drugs they carry - puts airlines to shame. Captain and I decided returning to IOM was the best course of action. I handed over to paramedics who were waiting for us at the port, and then went back on the boat to restart my trip. Hope the chap’s OK.
  6. wrighty


    That is a great argument for upping the speed limit on roads such as the M6 (if it were ever free of ‘upgrading to smart motorway’ roadworks, whatever they are), but probably not over here. Even though I like to go fast from time to time, I’d happily vote in favour of a 60mph national limit over here. I can really see no advantage in not having this in place, aside from not attracting lunatics to try out their machines. It could be enforced if there was enough will to do so, but even if it wasn’t 100% it would still save the odd biker from himself. I know bikers die in Yorkshire, and that better driving would help etc etc.
  7. wrighty

    Stupid video's, just because...

    I should have edited your quote. I was responding specifically to your assertion that "If anyone was seriously hurt the vid would not be on youtube", which is clearly rubbish. I wasn't referring to snuff videos, which I understand to be films of people getting murdered.
  8. wrighty

    Stupid video's, just because...

    Rubbish. Bob Price's crash from 2014 TT is on YouTube. That's just one example. Harry Hill might censor for people actually getting hurt but YouTube doesn't. In that cliff diving video they may not have been killed, but seriously hurt - definitely.
  9. wrighty

    Stupid video's, just because...

    I just watched the second vid, “cliff diving fails” or something. Every single participant is an absolute moron. I wouldn’t be surprised if some of the subjects were killed hitting the cliffs on the way down. If the same video were given the title “spectacular failed suicide attempts” how many would admit to watching and finding it hilarious?
  10. wrighty

    Sacha Baron Cohen

    Utter rubbish tonight.
  11. wrighty


    It doesn't - it's a trombone.
  12. wrighty


    My mate had a laugh trying to ‘sing’ something ridiculous. I thought it was great, as did the audience. Why you think this bears comparison with some unfunny video you lifted from Facebook is beyond me. Should you need a second hip replacement you’ll be fine. Jon will be long gone and I don’t bear grudges.
  13. wrighty


    Impressive bowing skills, but not that funny, and the vid went on too long. 3/10
  14. wrighty

    Good Music Never Dies

    Technical ability may be equal or even surpass, but that is really not the point. The creativity to come up with stuff in the first place is most important. I agree with the gist of the thread however - good covers/tribute bands should be encouraged rather than denigrated as 'just a covers band'. In fact I'd probably rather see a Rolling Stones tribute act who play and look like the band from the 60s, instead of a bunch of geriatrics on stage reliving their youth. If you go to a classical concert, nobody moans that it's "not Mr Rachmaninoff playing the piece himself" - for music to live on, at least in a live format, we need cover bands.
  15. wrighty

    The Free Jazz Thread...

    I’ll play it, you sing
  16. wrighty

    The Free Jazz Thread...

    Have you been yet? This was us the other night. It may not be blues, but seemed to go down pretty well and we had a blast playing it.
  17. wrighty

    Animal News

    Here’s the thread you were referring to. It was funny. You were known as Pierrot Lunaire back then. We may well be weird, but in this case, and I know it’s juvenile, the phrase ‘takes one to know one’ seems most apt.
  18. wrighty

    Animal News

    Yes you do! I’m quite happy to spell it out, including your original, very funny joke if you like as first time round it was quickly deleted. But I might get banned for doing so. Should I go for it? And you may not know the entire Mozart catalogue, nor do I, but google is a wonderful thing.
  19. wrighty

    Animal News

    Didn’t your previous incarnation on here get a ban for that insinuation last time? One of the funniest things I’ve seen on MF. K231
  20. wrighty

    More death and destruction

  21. wrighty

    More death and destruction

    Well forget the Rugby one - he just died, nothing to do with an injury in the game. The Kayaker was over a month ago. If you go into the sea - there are risks, don’t go out of your depth. As expected, your examples hardly demonstrate comparable risks in these activities compared with motor biking
  22. wrighty

    More death and destruction

    Not sure why I’m replying to this but here goes... Firstly, all of those activities carry personal risk only. An out of control swimmer is unlikely to take out half a dozen innocent bystanders. Secondly, in each of those activities there are levels of risk that are acceptable, and some that are not. Swimming at the NSC - safe - swimming the length of the Nile without a support crew, not so. So in answer to your question “should they be stopped” my response is “it depends” Thirdly, they can all be made safer. If the aim of every TTer is to beat last year’s last record then not so much. Motorcycling can be made safer - we all know how - the point about it is that road racing, and its emulators on open roads, don’t want it to be because they’re “living life to the full” Anyway, have you got links to all these deaths in the last week, or are you making stuff up as usual?
  23. wrighty

    More death and destruction

    This is typical of the attitude that perpetuates the myth of 'balls of steel, heroic, living life to the full, motorcycle road racers'. It's not compulsory to risk one's life in order to make the most of it.
  24. wrighty

    More death and destruction

    Choosing 688 as your mileage is a bit ridiculous really. How about having them from the gooseneck to the creg instead? Slightly more affordable.
  25. wrighty

    Horrendous Motorcycle Crash

    If only they'd had some form of advanced rider training that would never have happened. Good job their speed was restricted though. Could have been much worse if they'd been going faster I reckon, although I might be wrong on that point