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  1. Plenty of evidence on the other thread (Contract to promote the TT), Page 1 onwards including publicity shots and transcripts of he and Skelly's presentations to Tynwald. To say he had little involvement or knowledge is pure horseshit.
  2. It's well, well over £300M a year. Albert T was quoting (IMHO accurate) PS pay costs of £320M pa a good couple of years back. I reckon with rises, public and non-public, it's probably nearer £400M a year by now. But I wonder how much the Govt is using PS pay to actually "prop up" the current economy (along with capital schemes) however unaffordable in the long-term, reserves et al? If it is based on that, too severe cutbacks might result in economic collapse of whatever degree?
  3. I do believe that is what they did though, Woody. Donald Gelling trumpeted at the time, "We've got the pay situation sorted out". This was following a period of industrial unrest and strikes in some quarters. The IoM (for most) back then was a low pay, relatively high cost economy. Lots didn't know 'cos they'd never known any better. Sadly, I think the signs are that it's heading back that way. Private sector pay has been at least stagnant for some time. Public sector have received rises but not in keeping with inflation, now running at @ 8% RPI on last month's figures. Those signs aren't good for making anybody richer?
  4. Back in the eighties and early nineties, some very large UK companies paid their IoM branch workers about 2/3rds (or less) of what they paid their equivalent UK workers whilst still taking advantage of the IoM's then embryonic lower tax regime. To give Bernie Moffat his due, he did fight to try and get parity for his members. I don't subscribe to a great many of his views but in the above instance I do give him credit. I believe that IoM Govt also addressed the private sector low pay situation by boosting public sector pay to make competition and make the private sector buck its ideas up at the time. All well and dandy until we lost the VAT.
  5. Albert Rd carpark site....?
  6. As Sports Direct just post a 58% fall in profits (Sky News), blamed on Brexit fall in pound. Lets hope our chavs can dig deep and get things back on a level, er, footing.
  7. This will be the intended use for the "cultural area" outside the Sefton.....
  8. No shortage of it, MP, believe me. It infests a lot of areas of Public Sector and not just CS and Central Govt. But it's been going on for so long that a lot believe that they're impregnable. There needs to be a very bright light shone into some corners and a very stiff new broom applied into same and some drumming in of who actually pays the wages and calls the tunes, IMHO. Because some people have forgotten.
  9. 2.3% awarded for this year, I'm told....
  10. Yup. It's gone through. Only Crookall from both Houses voting against. £20M. DOI WILL have its way.
  11. Indeed. Only DOI left now from the "Brown Reshuffle". Every other Dept has proved to be unworkable or unfit for purpose since its rebranding (or even invention in the case of DED). In which case it's particularly ironic that it's only DOI left?!!
  12. Presumably it will also draw a firm, black line as regards any further accountability for any more skeletons that may a-clatter out of DED cupboards in the future? "That Dept no longer exists so no-one is responsible" sort of thing, the well worn CS get out.
  13. Says a huge amount for Mr Roberts integrity, IMHO. And speaks volumes for the parasitic, self serving maggots in DED. Pensions and 5%s for all.
  14. Paging Rhumsaa......
  15. True, I stand corrected. How about the same Govt who wanted £5k+ for the Villa for the 2 Day Trial presentation on Sunday evening then?