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  1. And she hasn't (yet) allowed herself to be talked into a rels visit/showboating Antipodean jolly. Give her some credit....
  2. Could well be true. People also need to ask him on the doorsteps what he proposed and achieved in the way of change in 10yrs as an MLC and what's he going to propose and achieve as an MHK?
  3. Duplicate post
  4. Putting a debt laden publicly-operated monopoly in charge of another monopoly? Two properly regulated gas suppliers competing would be better? But the score with the gas supply from MUA would need to be opened up for proper scrutiny. Any reduction in income for the MUA debt? Recover what can be recovered from those initially responsible for the situation. Including Lump Sums if applicable.
  5. An economy largely predicated on laughably low tax (if you're one of them) for the wealthy, zero tax for companies largely owned by the wealthy and operated for the wealthy and the direct return of money to the wealthy (in landowners) all further predicated on the assurance that some of this wealth will then trickle down to the bottom-feeders; and all ultimately funded by a VAT overpayment that no longer exists, doesn't sound very sustainable to me. Particularly when those bottom-feeders are now expected to part with more of their crumbs to pay for £4.0BN-worth of Utility debt and Pension liability?
  6. Exactly. And if it were everybody that would be fair enough. But it's not. Most of the perpetrators of that particular bed-making exercise have fluffed up their down pillows on far more comfortable beds and departed with their self-entitled swag. The beds that are left here are going to have at least ten occupants each, all top to toe.
  7. Our "national" status and its political and Govt payroll has never been affordable without resorting to brigandry or tax games. The last "funding" was withdrawn (to put some context on this; next year will be 10 years since the VAT reduction. Had the overpayment continued we would have been in receipt of 10 x £200m extra during that period. Christ alone knows what they could have squandered that on, but the PS pensions wouldn't have been so much of a concern). It's time the delusion ended. Because the funding definitely has.
  8. Much of this depends on the direction the Island is being taken in by our politicos. Do they have a real plan? Or are they just hanging in on a wing and a prayer, buffeted by fallout from the various debt situations and whatever will be imposed on us following Brexit that we have no say in? And the question of course, can we, the population financially afford whatever direction we are being taken in? Because if it's just ever rising Govt taxes to preserve the status quo of the privileged few, then no, it's not viable. I have some sympathy with Turner's remarks. Rant or not, hypocrite or not, there's a great deal of truth there. The fact that it's come from a member of Govt suggests that at least one recognises the damage that's being done.
  9. Perkin's "address" was to the effect that he and his officers had already looked at the matter in some depth and had decided that nothing could be done until the 2018 expiry/renegotiation. He appeared adamant on this. From what I saw he fielded questions only from the media and brooked no interjections from the demonstrators. He and Corkish (who didn't speak at all) then exited with the door being closed behind them. Leaving Allinson (who I didn't hear speak) and Edge (who voiced support for the demonstration) to take questions. Allinson surely is conflicted in this as Chair of the MUA. With the undoubted (if not murky) connections between MUA as MG's gas supplier, he must have a very narrow path to follow seeing as the raw product almost doubles (?) in price within MUA's pipes ONTO the Island. Whilst MG are (conveniently?) the current villain of the piece, could something smell of MUA finances in this matter?
  10. I was at the demo yesterday and thought that it was fairly indicative that quite a few others there didn't seem to even know who the political personalities present actually were. Better informed were having to explain who and what Perkins was, who Corkish was and Allinson and Edge too, to a perhaps lesser degree. Speaks volumes IMHO for the level of political awareness, if not apathy, that exists that many people cannot even put names to our elected's faces and might go some way to explaining how and why the "establishment" manage to "get away" with as much as they do?
  11. It had a short burst on ITV regional news earlier this evening.
  12. Makes me wonder if he's not trying to goad Kim Jong Un into a first strike in order to justify military action against NK. The thing is, with most of NK's population being brainwashed into endowing him with godlike status, what sort of humanitarian disaster would ensue if they suddenly had "freedom" thrust upon them? Could take decades to resolve?
  13. I'd say there were 50-60 there outside Tynwald. ITV, Moulton and MR present for coverage. Perkins declared that nothing could be done until 2018. Geoff Corkish stood and said nothing (why are we not surprised?). Then they went back inside and shut the doors. Allinson and Edge at least allowed themselves to be interviewed and fielded questions from individuals after the others had departed. About 25 made their way down to MG offices to continue the protest.
  14. None of which explains why the demand to get in looks like it will require regulation and or restriction? SOMETHING would appear to make it more attractive than what we have to offer. Is the Jersey Govt and press having to resort to pull-outs in the paper to exhort locals to tempt people to move there?