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  1. MLC nominations open

    It will be kept warm in his temporary absence by his fellows. He's part of the furniture, fixtures and fittings now. I don't know why they're even having a vote that involves him
  2. Plans for lord street

    True. And not all of them can accommodate camper vans and wheeled gin palaces though. Maybe RTC are looking to the future when there won't be a sprint because those dirty internal combustion engines are outlawed?
  3. Plans for lord street

    Dunno. How much is a permit, if anything? It's popular though, always busy during the season, with free water and sewage disposal facilities. So it brings people to the town and they're certainly not all Manx registered either. Where else could they go? And the sprint is HQ'd in that area along with the trade stalls. I'm led to believe that it's at least partly RTC themselves who are pushing for this, despite there already being a sports hall at RGS. They must be projecting to be awash with money from the new rates rise?
  4. MLC nominations open

    Sounds like he'll fit right in. If that's been cited as coming before an interest in the Island's well-being and its future he'll be a shoo-in with some of those present incumbents who place self interest and servery above all else; to the degree that it's near a complete career for some of them.
  5. Budget 2018

    Indeed. And what happened to the contribution that Peel Ports were going to make to the new facility?
  6. Plans for lord street

    New development of blocks of apartments right up to the edge of the promenade. And the loss of the motorhome/camping area up the other end to a "sports hall" (aka hanger) if a planning application is successful.
  7. Electric Harley Davidson

    And it's often warm rain...
  8. Electric Harley Davidson

    The way it's going/being promoted is going to make it an irrelevance and an opportunity missed IMHO. Precious few people could afford a Mugen/Shinden. Even fewer would want the performance it offers. Its presence at the TT may actually be a deterrent to other concerns as they simply can't match its single lap performance. The goalposts need to be moved to encourage development in other areas rather than simple short term performance, to promote useability and distance. There's a mass market out there waiting to be tapped.
  9. Budget 2018

    The extra'll be for overtime, standing looking at them.
  10. Electric Harley Davidson

    If the TT placed more emphasis on battery development and distance rather than pushing for an ever-faster single lap it might bring more here. Next step should be 2 lap races, IMHO.
  11. Plans for lord street

    Well, now we've lost the use of the Viking Aparthotel in Ramsey.....
  12. Budget 2018

    Today's the day, Alf's 2nd Budget. Good news or bad? As posted previously, the NI Fund has now posted a gain...are things starting to level out a bit with a steady hand on the tiller?
  13. Plans for lord street

    I wonder if Lawrence and Co. have ensured that he or she do....
  14. MLC nominations open

    Anybody got any musings or info on the coming budget? Wonder how many rabbits Alf's got in the hat this year? Sheila Lowe's just announced big gains for the NI Fund hasn't she...?
  15. MLC nominations open

    Pray tell, what would this high note be in respect of Geoff Corkish?