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  1. I seem to remember that the reason given for renewing the signs was that they were simply old and a bit tat. It was also said that some of the depiction of their relevant corners was less than accurate; the new signs supposedly bear more resemblance to the road layout they are there to depict? They also picked up individual sponsorship logos too IIRC?
  2. Don't we already get them from the Philippines....?
  3. They do it in the Himalayas. It's called a "Sky Burial"
  4. Ironic when you consider that the twins were born of an ideal to have a (relatively) inexpensive class compared to the 600s and 1000s. All these budget classes unfortunately seem to go the same way. They start off in theory then people are allowed to throw money and mods at them ad infinitum. The budget ethos (and some of the rules) get chucked out the window and everybody is obliged to follow suit in order to be competitive. Costs escalate. Then we have to look for a new budget class. If some of the original theory and ideals were actually enforced in might not be necessary?
  5. If it's the cowshed I think you refer to, it was built, customer base built up and operated privately. When the owner retired H&B bought it for @ £750k. And have since utterly destroyed its customer base, ambience and, as you say, decor. Lashing brushfuls of grey primer over varnished mahogany bars is not the way forward. Absolutely clueless.
  6. £3.89 currently in Brewery houses. Anywhere between £3.00 and £3.50 in free houses (usually).
  7. An extra £4.20 a week then.....
  8. To include the UK Budget that's the 3rd (or 4th?) price increase this year? Across all drink?
  9. The baggage handlers were certainly a case of overpay. Whether the "severity" of what is being imposed in terms of the terms and conditions for some of the already lowest paid workers on IoM is resulting in any "savings" might be another question. Some may be driven onto Income Support. Some may simply be better off on benefits and not apply for the jobs. No savings there then. These people still have to be able to afford to live and exist here. With Govt and Utilities hiking costs by well above inflation figures it doesn't bode well. But we can still afford to shovel millions at landowners for producing FA and pay eyewatering salaries to Govt and CS executives. For making cock ups in the £Ms?
  10. If it's the new Govt terms it will be about £10 an hour....and no overtime rate too. But I was of the impression that they were all going, either retirement or other DOI areas. Change of plans? What happened to Menzies?
  11. But it keeps him in a job...makes it look like he's got something to do, defending us and protecting us. Just like Reynolds closing the inside lane on the airstrip..? These people are experts in job justification....there's tiers of it in IoM PS, all self perpetuating without anybody having the balls to confront it. I know...I see and work with it in my own area.....
  12. Negotiated retirement and/or redeployment within DOI, I was told...
  13. I and 2112 are not the same poster. You clearly need help squire. Nasty business, paranoia. I wonder if any of the mods can confirm the above please? And how many MFers have Notters on "ignore" if possible too please? I believe it would speak volumes. Up to about 24 months ago MF was a place where there was reasonably mature debate on local news and politics (if a little cynical at times). Notwell has almost singlehandedly reduced that to the debate of a primary school playground since then. How anybody could expect local politicians to look in and gauge public opinion or for these boards to have any influence is to be wondered given the standard it's been reduced to.
  14. Which other log in would this be then? Source/Basis/Link? Or does it come under the same evidence and facts that you've been asked for re Chinese investment that you've not been able to substantiate?
  15. I've no connection or experience of the Expo. And therefore no comment to make about it. Notters, however is undoubtedly just starting his Govt/Establishment Trolling shift, patrolling Social Media for any criticism of his political paymasters. The individual who bought a house without knowing what fired the CH. And so felt it necessary to defend "non-monopoly" Manx Gas. What a cock.