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  1. Andy Onchan

    Steam Packet to be sold

    I thought he said 8 years'ish. So no divi coming our way until the 76million loan is repaid.
  2. Andy Onchan

    When The Fun Stops...

    The neighbourhood doesn't necessarily have to be a deprived one, there are plenty of high streets in middle-class UK that have a similar ratio of betting & charity shops to others. Where you tend not to find them is in out-of-town centres/malls.
  3. Andy Onchan

    Steam Packet to be sold

    No one is going to sit around doing nothing. It's called project management. You only bring in the people as and when they are needed. Why do you keep banging on about future cashflows .... the UA ends 2026 come hell or high water (pun intended), the IOMSPCo have to adhere to the terms so if they deviate they should expect a lawyers letter. We/the taxpayer own the UA, so we'd be paying eight years worth of something that we already own. Why would you want us to buy what is already ours?
  4. Andy Onchan

    Steam Packet to be sold

    I'm certainly not advocating terminating any contract. Let the UA run its full term, meanwhile IOMG sets up new opco and advances funds to them for new builds. If the IOMSPCo want to compete once the UA has run its course then let them. They'll be doing so with one clapped out vessel and another they can only use for max 5 months a year. As I keep saying, all IOMG has managed to do is buy the name.
  5. Andy Onchan

    Steam Packet to be sold

    No, but you could fund construction of new boats and create a new opco from scratch, probably for less than half the price of what we are paying. And, we'd be getting a dividend from day 1.
  6. Andy Onchan

    Steam Packet to be sold

    All that confirms to me is that IOMG/Tynwald are too wedded to the name.... IOMSPCo. Nothing more.
  7. Andy Onchan

    50mph Limit For Coast Road

    But couldn't the same be said for other roads?
  8. Andy Onchan

    50mph Limit For Coast Road

    What are the accident statistics for that road during TT fortnight?
  9. Andy Onchan

    Pinewood problems

    It's definitely in hard print in the Examiner. If I can find it, I'll post it up.
  10. Andy Onchan

    Port Soderick paddling pool being brought back to life

    One hates that..... where they put the toilet roll behind you!
  11. Andy Onchan

    50mph Limit For Coast Road

  12. Andy Onchan

    Gordon Vayo sues Pokerstars - $695,000

    Surely Vayo would have been bound by the tournament rules? Which I'm guessing meant that the jurisdiction for any claims would have been IOM? Perhaps he didn't read the small print.
  13. Andy Onchan

    Tax avoidance?

    Intermodal rail is in the ascendancy: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rail_freight_in_Great_Britain
  14. Andy Onchan

    Interesting analysis on Manx independence by Paul Beckett

    I'm told that there's an enormous amount of cash-in-hand "employment" in London, particularly in the hospitality trade. (which reminds me.....I wish Margaret Hodge and her cohorts would spend as much time chasing down that illegal/immoral business as she does about horrible dens of iniquity like the BOTs & CDs!...... imagine the loss to HMRC)
  15. Andy Onchan

    Steam Packet to be sold