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  1. The old Saddle / Nightlife in Ramsey, has been neglected for years and will end up being pulled down. Ironic of course given that the taxpayers paid for that dogs breakfast 'regeneration' in Market Square a couple of years ago.
  2. The Manor used to do well out of the College evening classes until they racked up the course fees and called themselves a university business school. Last time I was up there for anything the place was like a ghost town after six o'clock.
  3. Woolley is right about even legal drinkers being demonised. Through the Christmas and New Year period it's enough to be even on the road whether you've had a drink or not. The police can stop anyone without reason just in case you've had a drink. People have even been prosecuted where there wasn't even proof of intention to drive. I don't know where the law was on that one. Woolley's main point however is that the consequences of being even a couple of points over the limit can be cataclysmic to your freedom, family and job or career. The law can be absolute without gradation, and the couple of beers or two glasses of wine you had with your Sunday lunch may turn a pleasant family day out into a nightmare. It's needlessly and stupidly draconian, and you can still drive your hot-car with your mates in the back at any speed you like on many Island roads. Where speed is concerned they know the risks apparently.
  4. How do you propose we could have given that 12 year old child a fair trial Albert, in a place where there is no rule of law, no legal apparatus, no means of enforcing law, in a foreign territory where we have no legal jurisdiction and against a terrorist organisation that has declared war on us.
  5. I don't see what point you're making Duck ?
  6. Always enjoyed a trip to the LA and found Dobbo to be a very genial landlord. It felt like a real pub too. Haven't been there for a couple of years so didn't see the refurb. Despite what some are arguing it was definitely the ridiculous penalties and over-zealous policing of the drink driving laws that killed country pubs and the Island's social life stone dead. Instead of hammering drunks and pissed up boy racers at the wheel, it scared everyone off from even having a couple of beers and a nice night out. Too many people banned and fined for no good reason. Don't bother arguing - we've done this one to death many times. I'm sad to see it go.
  7. Most comfortable chair on the Island is already taken I'm afraid by Mr Steve Rodan. Alas, the equally comfy chairs in LegCo are also amply filled. Perhaps Crow should consider a good stool. Not as comfortable but more practical perhaps ?
  8. It'll be time to worry when it goes from stable to knackers yard
  9. Different meanings: Concurrent - at the same time Consecutive - following on from
  10. Perhaps this is a good time to ask if we ever found out why Charters left in a hurry ?
  11. Even Kim Jong Dumb would have blushed with modesty at the reception given to the Great Leader's speech in Brighton. Uncle Jezza's on his way. If the Tories can hold him off for a couple of years though the dream will unravel.
  12. True, but there must have been just as many telling him he's shite too.
  13. The Hebrides are hundreds of miles away and have bleaker weather. There was a time long ago when the comparison could be made but now it's a daft one. We're only a short hop from Liverpool and Dublin and we are different in so many ways.
  14. Marvellous news. Bongo's to the music world what Kim Jong Dumb is to world peace. I think I'm even beginning to see a resemblance.....buttoned up collarless jacket, slicked hair, glasses, fawning millions - it's him.
  15. Exactly BB. Human life is a clump of cells + millions of years of evolution, interdependence, consciousness, meaning, human empathy, culture, language, morals, knowledge, art, etc. There is no meaningful equivalence.