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  1. Flag Of Sicily Is Similar

    Everyone knows that Mona is just the letters of the verb 'moan' transposed, objectified and capitalised
  2. Social media is ripping the fabric of society apart

    I've not read the article yet but I've been saying this for years. It's accelerated the dumbing down of our society, eaten away at democracy, poisoned the minds of our kids and given a voice to morons.
  3. Single Resident Record - Is it me?

    After the massive cock-up at Social Services and Eddie Teare's two attempts (against all reasonable advice) at ATOS 'fit to work' assessments, I doubt anyone with a brain cell will ever trust government again when it comes to intrusion into the lives of private citizens. It only takes another arrogant fool with another big idea to compromise any secure data system if they have the power and the key. The government are there to serve us, not the other way round.
  4. Only 40% of e-gambling companies got a clean bill of health from Regulator

    I'd imagine the ability of the industry to relocate, almost overnight should they need to, means that compliance to regulations is perhaps not their uppermost priority. Their fluidity probably gives them leverage with regulatory bodies that aren't enjoyed by those with fixed capital assets. What penalties / actions have or will be taken as a result of the regulators report ?
  5. is the mountain road shut?

    I'll throw a spirit-level in the boot for next time I go out in snow Woody.
  6. is the mountain road shut?

    That's just it Woody, I stopped at the top before the hill, but there was just enough gradient to start the car sliding.
  7. is the mountain road shut?

    I've only just jumped on to this thread so apologies for going back to some of John's earlier posts. Here's a salutary tale: Like a lot of us on here I reckon I can reasonably handle a car in the snow. So one time years ago I took the Creg Ny Baa back road towards Laxey and it wasn't too bad till I got to the top of the hill looking down to Glen Roy and Agneash. Plenty of cars abandoned on the hill so I stopped to take a look. With the handbrake on and the car in gear I was just getting out of the car when it started to slide. I just managed to get back in and then it was a 200 yard slalom ride to the bottom. I restarted the engine, took the handbrake off and kept it in second gear the whole way down. Tried gently dabbing the brakes but it made no difference. I might have tried to angle the car sideways to take off some of the forward momentum and maybe get it into the hedge but there were abandoned vehicles everywhere, some with people in them. It was a miracle I didn't hit anything. I got away with it that time but what could I have done ? Once a ton of metal loses friction on sheet ice, momentum and velocity can overcome resistance and inertia, and sometimes there's not a lot you can do about it.
  8. Bloody Scroungers!

    The Manx civil service used to be very selective too and you had to get the nod to progress to the middle and upper ranks. Who your dad was counted the most but there were some who climbed the greasy pole through being sneaky, kissing ass, or being lone sociopaths and prepared to shop their own mothers. A few nasty little types would have fitted right in to the Gestapo. I'm sure Rob Taylor wasn't one of them but I've met and worked with plenty who were, and who are drawing big pensions now. I doubt it's changed all that much.
  9. So the UK is finished says Theresa Mayhem

    I can see a move against May coming in the next week. Now's the time to put up or shut up for the hard Brexiteers.
  10. Rapunzel

    B & Q sell a range of ladders
  11. John Otway - Any fans here?

    Yes, seen the great man many times; including the Port St Mary gig that the much missed Jonno promoted a couple of years ago.
  12. The blizzard of 17

    Any port in a storm will do.
  13. Beecroft just go - this is simply a total disgrace

    Beecroft lost it a long time ago. She hasn't been in control up there for months now. If she ever was.
  14. So the UK is finished says Theresa Mayhem

    Even more chaos tonight. The DUP reject a piece of E.U. pie as they prefer U.K. pie. They can see less pie in the future. Can't say I blame them. The SNP (and Plaid Cymru) get a sniff of the E.U. pie offered to the DUP and decide that they'd prefer that instead of Brexit. They're not so keen on U.K. pie. Theresa May won't let the Jocks or the Welsh have any E.U. pie. There may be some more U.K. pie though if they keep banging the spoon. It's all about pies.
  15. New Rules

    Lucky boy....let us know what you thought of it. I've heard that the new CD is great.