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  1. Shake me up Judy


  2. Shake me up Judy


    Minis were deathtraps but fortunately most of them didn't go very fast. Very unreliable too. Always used to see at least one broken down late at night as I passed them in my Escort.
  3. Shake me up Judy

    Fabrice Miguet...

    I've got this image of La Columbe intoning these death notices like the Grim Reapers clerk, sat at a desk in a dusty and cobwebbed Dickensian office, with a giant leather-bound ledger in front of him. Think Alastair Sim...
  4. Shake me up Judy

    The Highways Looney at it again..

    I think you'll find that very few kids cycle to school these days.
  5. Shake me up Judy

    Manx Radio

    He was on Radio Merseyside, last I heard of him. He was a good presenter, one of the best that Manx Radio ever had.
  6. Shake me up Judy

    Manx Radio

    No, that was Alan Jackson.
  7. Shake me up Judy

    Boris and the Burkha

    https://www.conservativewoman.co.uk/face-up-to-it-the-burqa-should-be-banned/ Here's another piece, by Laura Perrins, one of the best political commentators around.
  8. Shake me up Judy

    The Highways Looney at it again..

    Thankyou Bobbie. I almost deleted my post, anticipating such a reply, but I wanted to discuss it and hadn't given it any thought before now.
  9. Shake me up Judy

    The Highways Looney at it again..

    Where does the cycle lane leave the law on the necessary width when overtaking cyclists ? Haven't got a Highway Code in the house, but doesn't it show a car's width to be the correct passing room when overtaking cyclists ? Does the cycle lane invalidate that ? Presumably as long as a car driver doesn't cross into the cycle lane you're O.K. to pass cyclists without the necessity of a full car's width ?
  10. Shake me up Judy

    Manx Radio

    Stu's probably gone up a hat size after that lofty encomium GreyWolf.
  11. Shake me up Judy


    I agree with the OP. Taking a boat out is not for the novice and the inexperienced. Once you leave the harbour you're in an unpredictable and potentially dangerous environment - unless you know what you're doing. Even if you do know what you're doing, the sea can be very unforgiving and it will punish hubris and foolishness. I'd like to see some controls on taking boats out on the water.
  12. Shake me up Judy

    Boris and the Burkha

    It's time this story moved on. Full face veils are alien to our culture and are a dystopian garment. It's the uniform of a fascistic interpretation of Islam and nothing to do with free expression and a woman's right to choose.
  13. Shake me up Judy

    Suicidal mechanic hijacks plane & kills himself

    It's very hard to understand how someone who's not even aircrew can steal/hijack a modern airliner from an international airport like he did. Are there no security codes on the flight-deck ? Did he pass himself off as the pilot or something ? There's a lot more to this story still to come out. It could take a while.
  14. Shake me up Judy

    Boris and the Burkha

    There's certainly an element of self-promotion about Boris, but most of the time he's instinctive and just tells it as he sees it. His father's the same. Boris is also a very bright guy and he can't always constrain himself. There's no way he should apologise for his comment in the Telegraph. These things need to be said.
  15. Shake me up Judy

    The Highways Looney at it again..

    Common sense and local knowledge never get a look in across Government and the Public Sector. They're trumped every time by managerialism and the witless ideas of 'experts' with a fancy C.V. and more ambition than knowledge or experience. How many hundreds of times have we seen it over the years ? It's the whole culture of governance on this island. I'll give this three months before it's all closed off again for redesign, new line markings and signage; perhaps even more traffic/crossing lights to improve the safety issues that the work has created. It'll be another Market Square by the time they've finished.