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  1. Go On Then, What Are You Kistening To

    Good one Bobby. One of the great homecoming songs for anyone from that beautiful part of the world. This topic is throwing up some interesting surprises.
  2. New MLC looks to diversify Legco.

    Chris Thomas was struggling in his interview yesterday, and God knows what Rob Callister was doing in front of a microphone this morning. You do wonder why he really changed his mind about the candidates he pledged support to. This whole unedifying election was a shambles and I doubt it will be used again.
  3. Builder recommendations?

    First thing of all: Set fire to that list of accredited members. It's a worthless recommendation and not worth the ashes. Step 2. Ask around. Take your time and speak to as many people as you can. Just because someone's govt. registered doesn't mean diddly. Step 3. See step 2. Repeat. Good luck. You made a good start coming on here. Maybe someone will steer you in the right direction.
  4. Jim Bowen...

    'You're going home to Bolton with this lovely speedboat....' That'll be a great game of Bully with Ken Dodd and Steven Hawking.
  5. Madrigals

  6. New MLC looks to diversify Legco.

    How do we know that this system was balanced and fair and that many of these votes weren't used cynically ? It could be argued that it was designed not just to get a result, but to get a predetermined result if certain voters shared a preferred outcome. I suspect that this is what happened.
  7. New MLC looks to diversify Legco.

    Has anyone worked out the mathematical chances of getting the result the first time round, as indeed happened ? There's something not right about this. Any electoral psephologists out there that care to comment.....?
  8. Ken Dodd...

    He can tell them to get stuffed as well
  9. Ken Dodd...

    I reckon Doddy probably died happy. He knew, and we knew, that he was up there with the very best in that great history and tradition of British comics, from music hall to the present day. A consummate pro who gave his life to his work and who never gave less than his all. Doddy would settle for that.
  10. MLC Election 12th March 2018 - The Peoples Poll

    There's definitely something about this 'result' that I don't buy. All decided and wrapped up beforehand. I hope that Isle of Man Newspapers gets stuck into this tomorrow.
  11. Bands that have played in the Isle of Man

    You lucky boy you, working the spots for all those bands at the Lido. So who was the best you saw then Quilp, and who were the worst ? Top three if you like....
  12. Bands that have played in the Isle of Man

    Click on the link and explore the Kelly Records site. Hopefully people will add to this like the Manx Nostalgia facebook page. Good band Black Mass. Saw them many times at the Head. I think Pete Osler went on to play professionally. Quilp will confirm that.
  13. Bands that have played in the Isle of Man

    Fantastic stuff ! Looks like Terry Clough put this site up - well done Terry.
  14. Freemasons On The Isle Of Man - Manx Radio Opinion

    Like religion, freemasonry and democracy don't mix. Too many representatives of a secret society are too close to power and decision making in the IOM; and what the public don't know about or see, they can't make informed choices about when it comes to vote. This is why electoral politics on the Island is largely a meaningless charade. I listened to the programme and it was mostly waffle that went nowhere near the real questions and issues.
  15. Bands that have played in the Isle of Man

    I'm fairly sure Hawkwind have played here at least once. I think they did Summerland one T.T. week, but someone may correct me. Saw the great Jerry Lee Lewis at a festival about twelve years ago; possibly the last time he played in Britain. As he came on stage, a woman in the wings tried to attack him but he had a couple of knuckle draggers with him who soon restored peace and harmony. It could have been staged but I always wondered if it was one of Jerry Lee's ex wives or lovers. Whatever, it got the show off to a lively start.