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  1. Shake me up Judy

    TT 2018

    Yes, he's the forum's obituary diarist. We have expectations of him one day penning a column. His short pithy notices don't do the deceased or his literary flair any real justice.
  2. Shake me up Judy

    Dalglish Knighted

    Kenny was a king already wasn't he ?
  3. Shake me up Judy

    TT 2018

    I've never bought that argument. Like many on here I'm sure, there was a time when I thought I knew the risks and drove like an idiot. Fortunately like some of my mates I never took to two wheels. I didn't listen to anyone either and I'm just lucky that I came out the other side with more sense and awareness. At the age of twenty I would have said 'I know the risks' but it turned out that I knew diddly squat. It was a fantastic T.T. this year, with the weather and the wonderful fans that come every year. Some even came from Nigeria. It really is a special event and the highlight of our calendar. I was sorry about Dan though. I knew him when he was a lad and he was a smashing fella, achieving real results at his chosen sport. I just wish we could make it safer for all these lads, but I don't see how....
  4. Shake me up Judy

    Glen Truan Holiday Development

    What is it that you imagine happening here Woody ? What's the worst scenario and the worst fear and how realistic is it ? Do you imagine a load of pikeys or some such moving up to Glen Truan ? Mount Murray was a completely different case. There's some real dumbass negativity here...
  5. Shake me up Judy

    Glen Truan Holiday Development

    For those who don't know the site of what was proposed and rejected: There are only three or four properties within half a mile of the area and none (apart from the Glen Truan farmhouse) that overlook the site. One of those properties is/was rented by our previous Chief Minister, whose economic mantra was to relax planning for HNWI. The development wouldn't be visible from the only road that passes Glen Truan. nor would it be visible from the nearest public land, the Ayres nature reserve over half a mile away. You wouldn't even know there was a golf course there (sadly no longer) such is the contour of the land down there [I wouldn't doubt that the shareholders of Ramsey Golf Club also made submissions against to the Planning Committee]. The owners of Glen Truan put a lot of time, money and hard work into creating a golf course of great character and stunning views, with no help or assistance whatsoever from Tourism or Government. Sadly it never worked out for them. Neither has this chalet proposal and it's one of the dumbest decisions we've seen in recent years. Look at what's been created at Sunset Lakes just north of Peel. A beautiful facility, but it took the owners ten years of jumping through hoops and fighting Planning to get the thing realised and open to the public. You won't hear a squeak from any Ministers on this one. Decisions were made over their heads and it was 'business' as usual.
  6. Shake me up Judy

    Glen Truan Holiday Development

    I strongly suspect that a well known property developer had a big influence on this decision. Call me cynical...
  7. Shake me up Judy

    Glen Truan Holiday Development

    They'll be absolutely bonkers to refuse this. The decision will be all about who opposes it rather than any rational argument. Planning on the IOM has long been a corrupt process. If I was thinking of investing in tourism on the Island I'd tell them to stuff it and I'd take my money and ideas elsewhere.
  8. Shake me up Judy

    Peter Stringfellow...

    An ordinary Sheffield lad who got lucky and helped take some of the starch out of Britain's moral collar. RIP to him.
  9. Shake me up Judy

    Jim Bowen...

    If they brought Bully back, with Peter Kay replacing Jim, it would get millions of viewers.
  10. Shake me up Judy

    TT 2018

    The Island is no stranger to professional bullshitters from the adjacent shore...
  11. Shake me up Judy

    Manx Radio

    Don't post this picture again fellas, it ain't funny.
  12. Shake me up Judy

    Jodie Kidd Moaning About Midges

    Greenlight were always going to struggle to match the quality of the previous coverage who'd pretty much perfected the format and presentation. I watched the first programme on the top twenty greatest riders and thought it was very average T.V. Let's give them a chance though and it must be a challenge for a small production company to make T.V. on the hoof. We won't know till next year whether they're going to really crack it. There has to be a question mark over Jodie Kidd though. The Manx Radio coverage continues to be very amateurish and after several years without Charlie Williams they haven't really improved. No personal criticism intended but they lack a bit of professionalism and broadcasting skill. You can't cover a major event like the T.T. with Saturday Sport presenters who are doing the best they can. Peter and Geoff had it cracked.
  13. Shake me up Judy

    Snail race

    Have they got to Ballacraine yet ? The crowd is getting a stiff neck looking down the road for them.
  14. Shake me up Judy


    I rarely use the Ramsey to Laxey coast road but had occasion to last night. Has anyone else wondered what a bus stop is doing right on the apex of the left-hand Dhoon Glen corner ? A stationary bus was parked on it last night when I came upon it from the Ramsey direction. Quite a bit of traffic too and you don't see the thing until you're almost on it. Fortunately I was driving sensibly and had time to react but with traffic going both ways it was a real hazard and I could imagine a serious accident. The copper parked across the road didn't seem bothered.
  15. Shake me up Judy

    Manx Radio

    She probably knows as much about road racing as Jodie Kidd...