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  2. Sludge Thickener Project The New sludge digestion facilities at Bellozanne treatment works were commissioned in January 2016. This new plant pasteurisers and breaks down the solids element of what gets flushed down the toilet into a useable fertiliser which can be recycled back to land. During this process, which takes approximately 18 days, biogas containing methane is given off and stored in a large gas holder. This biogas then runs a combined heat and power unit which produces electricity reducing the amount of electricity being imported to run the whole sewage treatment process. For 2016 the combined heat and power unit saved the government £312,000 worth of electricity. Sounds better value for money than Meary Veg.
  3. A hotel is not what they planned for Market Street in their Master Plan. See pages 31-35 for details
  4. How come people still don't know where the Isle of Man is and how to get there?
  5. I think that's the ultimate idea.
  6. I think it's good if children can read about living without a god in language that they can understand. We didn't do that when I was at primary school.
  7. Promises made during elections are made to get elected not to be implemented. That also applies to slogans written on the side of buses during referenda.
  8. I imagine there are similar regulations for churchyards in the IOM.
  9. I can't say that DEFA's new provenance label with an outline of the island and the three legs of man stands out on the shelves.
  10. Did you take the opportunity to go to the PAG meeting about cycling this evening and express your points of view?
  11. The only good thing about JWs is that they seem to paint their building on Peel Road every year or two. With so many shabby buildings around they are an example to us all here on the IOM.
  12. Quick bet on how long before Mr Quayle says, 'Going forward'?
  13. I thought he was IOM Government's chief minister. LEGCO is something different.
  14. Refreshing to hear Mrs Beecroft's opinion yesterday on Manx Radio on the planters in the road where she lives in Strang. Ugly monstrosities or words to that effect.
  15. The intelligent woman who can string two sentences together would get my vote.