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  1. Bring back Gee Cee, manxtaxpayer, the sick moon, and the speed limit idiot - they were much better angry negative TT ranters that La Colombe.
  2. Its a common name. It's certainly not Nigel John Taylor Duran Duran's bass player as he's only 56.
  3. For all you know the kid could well be adopted and you could well be talking more shite than normal.
  4. Interesting though that amongst all his other claimed activities Callister is also the bog finder general for the DED.
  5. That doesn't surprise me. Looking at the CCTV footage today on the BBC he looks a bit of a mong to me. I'm not surprised they find it so easy to radicalize these sort of people over the internet in the first place as such a big proportion of some communities are probably inbred. Must be like shooting fish in a barrel.
  6. There was a report on the BBC today that one of the claimed issues that the bomber had with the West was that his best mate was killed by a bunch of Manchester drug dealers a year or so back who took him off the street and kicked the shit out of him. Not sure whether it's true or not. The reality is that our foreign policy is shit and we should just stay out of bombing other peoples countries and that there are lots of other issues why people get disaffected. No excuses at all as this act was just purely evil and barbaric and not even explainable to most normal people. But there are lots of factors that are blamed when people lose the plot.
  7. That is undoubtedly true. However, I do wonder though as I know a few people who have had dash cams fitted now and almost everyone of them I'd put in the category of - trouble making nosy old gitI. I swear they are doing it just because they have the time (one or two are retired) to muck people about just because they can. Before long the Police are going to be inundated with all these clips and then a wall of constant whinging for all these moaners about how they haven't done anything with the footage. Realistically, I suppose, unless the footage is of something that is clearly and obviously illegal (crossing a white line, jumping a stop sign etc) then there isn't enough evidence to even get a fixed penalty notice. As for speeding they can't just say "It looks like he's going fast in that clip officer" as even that is hard to prove to a level that can be defended in court if someone challenges a fixed penalty notice. I think it has the potential to be a huge waste of Police time for no benefit to anyone other than some pensioner on a power trip who thinks he's screwed someone who has pissed him off over.
  8. Ive got him on ignore (following gettafa's sensible advice the other day) and I'm pretty sure TheBees and Gettafa have said that they have too. So that's at least 5 posters.
  9. I've got tickets for tomorrow. It will just be like any Douglas coffee shop I imagine. Full of washed up business people still trying to pretend its 2006 and that they're really really busy and that's why they've spent a whole 2 days at Isle Expo drinking coffee and accumulating collections of other people's business cards.
  10. The might be a new strap line the DED could use for TT advertising - if you are looking for the ultimate thrill come to the TT - statistically riskier than heroin dependency.
  11. You genuinely have mental health issues as this has turned hilarious now. I'm sure a lot of people are pissing their pants by now. Crack on all afternoon angrily using various puppets to suggest that other posters use puppets. The irony indeed. But make sure you use the ones that others haven't got on ignore or you'll lose the effect as nobody will see the posts. You are clearly not well in the head at all. As others have said if you just stop posting angry bullshit and clogging the place up fighting with people for no reason like an idiot you won't be constantly shown up for the tit you are.
  12. Stop drinking Drunky McDrunkface ...
  13. Oh be quiet Notty. Most people are pissing themselves laughing at you making an embarrassing twat of yourself constantly. As RB points out (if you haven't worked it out) I only respond to you in the exact same manner that you respond to almost everyone else on here (substitute your mental for drunk etc); it's just that you can't bully me off here as you have successfully done with lots of other posters who just give up trying because of the constant angry and belittling abuse you dish out. As was pointed out in another thread a lot of people have died in the last 24 hours and yet you just obsess with constant embarrassing drivel about nothing to wind people up on an internet forum. Sad. Get a life.
  14. Sad though that a Crazy Golf course could be subject to such attention from the DED and yet still all the hookey Chinese made TT goods can be freely bought all over the internet in their 1,000s. Typical civil servants going for the easy stuff and leaving the stuff that really matters untouched as it's too difficult.
  15. Stop drinking. You know that's your problem you angry bell-end. It must be hard spending all day drunk and spoiling for a fight on the internet with anonymous people proving you're an asshole.