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  1. Like I said.
  2. What thick ones who are easily fooled?
  3. So what? Nobody needs to know how many letters you write or emails you send or how you have to do your own mail merges (clever you) as well as studying. It's fine saying if people don't like it don't read it but you could just confine it to the people who follow you online. Not fire it out linking it to Isle of Man News and Politics and other online sites so it clogs up people's new feeds as it's genuinely a very poor attempt at self publicity. The fact that you even have time to write it up and publish it speaks volumes.
  4. There's some compelling research on linking serial Bloggers with people who have a general low sense of self esteem: Quite why someone feels so compelled to record everything they do at such a detailed level and think it might be of such interest to other people is perhaps getting into the realms of weird psychology and possible self worth / aggrandizement/ esteem issues to me. I mean does one MHK really work any harder than another simply because one also seems to spend 12 hours a week writing a Blog of what they've done on top? Maybe others are working more effectively by not wasting another 12 hours a week writing down and posting online a detailed account of every meeting they've attended and every email they've sent - and letter they've written and just getting on with stuff? Or perhaps if you believe you're so important it may be psychologically essential for some to also have to broadcast all the important things they do to others via social media in an attempt to self aggrandize? Then of course you have the BBC's Andrew Marr's own incisive observations: "A lot of bloggers seem to be socially inadequate, pimpled, single, slightly seedy, bald, cauliflower-nosed young men sitting in their mother's basements and ranting."
  5. Yes but in a week where he slagged off Kate Beecroft for not being qualified to run the DHSC he had to advertise the fact that he was doing a university course to the gullible muppets who read his hilarious slabs of self congratulation every week. That's why this reference suddenly appears this week. You have to get with the deliberately interwoven nuances and subtext meshed into such an apparently innocent document. It really is quite a creative document when you analyze the subtext most weeks - a career as a Hollywood script writer surely beckons at some stage.
  6. They were loud. Not sure what they were for. Seems a random Friday night to just fire a load of fireworks off or was it the DOI celebration of Tynwald approving it's £20m promenade scheme and they just wanted to blow some more money up in smoke by celebrating with fireworks in advance?
  7. But Robs had media training at considerable expense. He clearly believes he can handle himself. The fact that he can't and invariably gets sucked in and makes and makes himself look a bit silly is entirely incidental. The liquidators report is clear in that a 'Manager' was appointed in October 2012 two years after he said he started there. Which is reflected in the below court order. I can't see any mention of the FSC sending in some sort of A-Team before that date in the liquidators report. On the corporate filings it's clear Callister was a Fiducuary Manager with Louis Group (IOM) Limited before the business was liquidated. I'm sure he has no connection with the Living Hope or its Directors as claimed though.
  8. But you were employed by the Louis Group were you not as a Fiduciary Manager a good 2 years before the liquidator was called in?
  9. You did actually work for Louis Group though as a Fiduciary Managed didn't you not for an independent liquidator, and you were a director on Louis Group Companies from the filing history at UK Companies House.
  10. Yes profits have competely tanked. Another casualty of Brexit. Hopefully some of the idiots who voted for it will now be paying a lot more for their shoddy Asian made trainers and trackies.
  11. They have bought out Bushy's from their site was what I meant. Its not exactly the local company it portrays itself to be either. So I think it's positioning itself wrong if it thinks kicking out Bushy's after 20 years is the way to gain goodwill .
  12. I think for most people the main issue (from reading comments online) seems to be that this looks like yet another attempt to gentility the TT (on the back of the DEDs failure in other areas to do the same) and the fact that the owner is a ultra HWI individual with a huge amount of money and influence isn't going down too well. Personally I think it's an own goal as the Hooded Ram is being shown to be operating no worse than H&Bs when dealing with competitors (buy them out, take them down) and if it was me I wouldn't be positioning the new business that way at all as the last thing the IOM needs is two breweries playing at H & Bs crooked tactics to gain market share. Finally their beer isn't that good either to be honest. But that's a personal opinion.
  13. Well she's stopped dressing like the Corpse Bride which is a start!
  14. A good candidate for post of the year. Or in some cases the department of "Never really held down a proper job for more than a few years before I got the best job I'm ever likely to get Department"
  15. Good spot Sultan. The problem is that Neil seems to be so utterly thick and up for a fight with anyone that he supports a business taking over from Bushys who he himself complained about only a few weeks ago for ripping off its punters with unbelievably high beer prices. He really has the thinking capacity of an amoeba. But then again everything he says is just a very bad attempt at trolling people as he's clearly an angry idiot with nothing better to do with his life.