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  1. Somehow I just knew you'd be on here posting in support at some stage.
  2. No I'm not. VAT arbitrage was the Islands only business model. It underwrote zero 10 and low personal taxes. We were never viable as a low tax center without the VAT underwring it. And we still aren't. As for Brexit - come Brexit the UK will be the biggest low tax corporate centre in Europe - so our direct competitor. That will make things much worse for the IOM not better as it will be easier to do what people do here in London without all the red tape and hassle. We were only ever a finance sector lite propped up by UK and EU VAT arbitrage. Quite why we allowed that to create a £400m annual wage bill, and £4bn in unfunded pension liabilities is anyone's guess.
  3. No I'm not. Neither the UK or the EU has anything to do with our plight. We did it ourselves. In fact it's EU and UK VAT money that started underwriting it all in the first place. It has nothing to do with Brexit. Come Brexit the UK will be the biggest low tax center in Europe - so our direct competitor. That will make things much worse for the IOM not better as it will be easier to do what people do here in London without all the red tape and hassle.
  4. Another Brexit delusionist. Dream on. It's fucked, we fucked it all by ourselves. Without the VAT money our whole state business model has been dead in the water. Even before that it was only sustanabke as we were ripping the UK off to the tune of tens of millions a year to pay the state wage bill. Neither the UK or the EU built up nearly £4bn of totally empty pension promises that will need to be covered by manx taxpayers for the next 40 years. That's where future investment will be going - not in growth or diversifying our economy or providing public services.
  5. Well he's probably painfully aware of who the real pricks are who run this place. I would suggest like many he's probably now totally given up even believing that change is even possible of happening so a nice public rant is in order. This Island is fucked to almost everyone but the piggies at the helm high up within the Civil Service who are now just hell bent on extracting as much can as they can for themselves before the last penny is gone.
  6. Shame. But understandable. Too expensive for marshalls to get here and not a strong enough supporter base here anymore unfortunately.
  7. It's nice to see someone inside government being honest for once. I'd love to hear more of what he's got to say. No doubt it's partly driven by JD Sports / Sports Direct indirectly forcing his dad to shut up shop after 40 years and move to Ramsey on the business side. Can't say I feel any different when local traders are being forced out by big corporates who pay no taxes when they've been supporting the economy by paying taxes and employing people for 40 or 50 years. The Island, and it's civil servants tying us all up in red tape and slowly bankrupting us to keep those at the top earning more than most people who are private sector business owners and taxpayers, is slowly killing itself and we need to put on the brakes. In fact we've needed to stop this mad imbalance for over 10 years now. I know of several business people who have said exactly the same in the last 2-3 years. Good on Juan.
  8. Don't you mean B Wing?
  9. Jesus don't tempt him to add a paper clip inventory to his fucking boring blog as well.
  10. Great to see a load of sad old pensioners like Woolley starting to cry into their beer now Brexit looks like it's all going pear shaped. This should be good for another 20,000 posts on the subject at least as Woolley spends 8 hours a day online lamenting and charting the death throes of Brexit and constantly railing against all the leftists and the liberals who are denying all the racist pensioners the ability to screw anyone under 50 who still needs to work and pay off their mortgage over.
  11. It's sad but it's just indicative of the sad state the Island is in. A load of clueless politicians being interviewed by hopeless lackies and sycophants who one way or another are on the government payroll. It's time for change. I was hoping the gas riots scheduled for tomorrow will be the first proper signs of protest but I'd be guessing that 3 people turn up. Less if it's raining.
  12. Burt is a complete liability and when you see how people respond to him on there it's a bit like what people do to humour a dementia addled grandparent. You know they're talking total rubbish but you're too kind to tell them they're loosing their marbles to their face so you just humour them and go along with their delusions to keep the peace. It's sad. As you say at some stage Ernie's craving for public attention will get the better of him. He won't be able to hide behind closed doors for long.
  13. So he never made it into the local news?
  14. What did you expect from those sad wankers? James Corrin and Buster Lewin (Burt and Ernie) between them censor worse than Rupert Murdoch ever did. They bury anything that looks bad about any of them (or Callister for that matter) but post any old rubbish they can get their hands on just about anyone else. Free speech my arse!
  15. More non local news.