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  1. Facebook Political Groups

    On reflection, you're correct. The admin here must be in a jealous rage at how many members a Facebook group has. And don't call me Shirley.
  2. Facebook Political Groups

    The fanboys of that's Facebook group always reference the 6500 members thing. Reality is there are only a few people that post so the numbers don't mean anything.
  3. Facebook Political Groups

    What would linking the admin achieve? Some sort of display of perceived power by knowing what the majority of posters on here already know and those people who live their lives through Facebook wouldn't care about? He would have had more attention with a dirty protest
  4. Concrete Lions

    The White Hoe side entrance to the Nunnery has some weird animal busts. Cant figure out if they are sea-lions, mongoose or a couple of deformed horses
  5. Facebook Political Groups

    I think one of his trends is to post even more shite than normal to try and bury a post. Also on the one hand he has a go at the CM (who is hitting out at crap social media sources) claiming that his group is credible and is responcible for positing dialogue/change, then a day later Vader is posting "Satire" comparing the CM with Roy Chubby Brown.
  6. Neo pizza

    Thats the fella
  7. Neo pizza

    http://://m.facebook.com/NEOS-1416760365071771 I'm not on facebook but there is a public profile I found via google
  8. Neo pizza

    I like Pizza but not the usual stodgy shite like star grill and flaming great etc. Pizziolo, secret pizza and now Neo. I hear the one down south is good aswell but never been.
  9. Neo pizza

    Ordered a Pizza from Neo's last night. It was fantastic, thin based Italian style pizza with some twists on the usual toppings. I had a new york - meatballs, spinach and blue cheese. House chips were lovely. There is a burger menu that looks good aswell. Pics on Facebook
  10. Lottery Bonanza

    I thought that was in response to someone smelling a Joey not a cryptic clue
  11. Real life

    Looks like the Irish army returning from a U.N tour
  12. Facebook Political Groups

    Or he has been banned for being a cockend
  13. What's happening on Broadway - Sunday 8/10

    There are a couple of local hookers on adultwork. Ones bogging and the other is a well known girl who works in recruitment. There are supposed to be others that don't advertise but service locals. The details of this incident are far from clear. The one constant is the alleged perpetrator.
  14. What's happening on Broadway - Sunday 8/10

    They dont like ex-army as police armed response. Its a completely different mindset.
  15. What's happening on Broadway - Sunday 8/10

    It was the younger one who died years ago. The older one is allegedly involved in this event.