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  1. I thought that was in response to someone smelling a Joey not a cryptic clue
  2. Looks like the Irish army returning from a U.N tour
  3. Or he has been banned for being a cockend
  4. There are a couple of local hookers on adultwork. Ones bogging and the other is a well known girl who works in recruitment. There are supposed to be others that don't advertise but service locals. The details of this incident are far from clear. The one constant is the alleged perpetrator.
  5. They dont like ex-army as police armed response. Its a completely different mindset.
  6. It was the younger one who died years ago. The older one is allegedly involved in this event.
  7. There was a topic about kids misbehaving up Onchan and buster harped on about rents being £100 lower in Onchan because it was now a no go area. The mans fucking deluded A well put post was created the other day by a well known and respected/liked Lady about the running of the page and shit admin. Cockend corrin kept hiding behind his statement that admins were there to enforce facebook rules. Proper human zoo stuff on that page.
  8. They sell the TP link WiFi extenders in WH Smiths
  9. Who said anything about this forum? Pretty defensive about Vader and his bum chums. My response was my view on your claim that Corrin's folly is something MHK's are jealous of.
  10. Just over 5k members but only about 50 or so active posters. Most of whom are batshit crackers, paranoid or have delusions of grandeur. MHK's should use that group as a guide on how not to run a forum. If the majority of people can see the group for what it is - largely a bunch of lunatics with a platform on which to display their bafoonary : I'm pretty sure the government won't be jealous.
  11. There have been notices on the website for the past few weeks about carrying out work on remote cabs.
  12. I went this morning to pick up a few bits and have a skeet. Really well laid out with masses of choice which is a welcome change. Its an extra floor above what used to be the cafe. Saves people using the web or waiting until they go across for sports gear. Intersport has been shit for years. I like USC but the current stock is not really impressing. Couple more units yet to open. Not sure what they are
  13. It is amusing walking past some hard looking meatheads who stink of candy floss and raspberry.
  14. The corpy will be wanking themselves silly at the thought of another bag of cash for a second beer tent site.
  15. Visions of someone using an actual sock puppet to deliver the skeet.