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  1. b4mbi

    DEFA consultation Document.

    But that's the point. They put the proposals in to do that, but have again back tracked, and now just increase the current fees by a percentage. They appear to have a deficit of authority when it comes to introducing new fees and regulations. Which leads to the question who does? The Scottish fishermen that control our scallop market? Grrr
  2. b4mbi

    DEFA consultation Document.

    What the Feck are they doing? Ridiculous.
  3. b4mbi

    Steam Packet to be sold

    I just paid £93 too (with laughable internet booking discount!) for trip out Wednesday, back today. However I did book it on morning of travel, so fair enough. Expecting massive fare reductions is unrealistic. The most difficult thing for government will be running the company at arms length... The temptation to interfere will be massive, but hopefully the parameters within which the company must operate will be governed by the new user agreement and not dictated by the whims of electioneering prospective/incumbent mhks.
  4. b4mbi

    Visitors from the Parliament of the Motherland

    Hodgey suggested on ManxTV we have a lovely Island and should concentrate on tourism.... I suggest they check the integrity of their own public register. At least our the information on our private (but available to tax authorities & law enforcement) register is accurate and validated. Public register is really a "nose parkers charter"
  5. b4mbi

    Win a house competition!

    The promoter of this should be in trouble with the gambling supervision commission. From the paper, looked like she had no license and therefore she wasn't allowed to sell tickets to locals, which clearly she has done. All very amateurish.
  6. b4mbi

    £104k to spend a penny?

    Reminds me of the harry enfield antique show sketch. "I saw you coming..." No issue with the construction cost, toilets look ok. But really what's the point of charging 20p a pee? How much revenue do they generate p.a.? 500,000 pees to cover the cost 250,000 pees per toilet Say both of them are used 25 times a day every day all year... That's a 27 year peeback period... (Ignoring paper, soap and cleaning costs)
  7. b4mbi

    Steam Packet Warns Of Disruption To Sailings

    By "professional mariner" you mean you were qualified as a Master Mariner under section A-II/2 of the STCW Code for masters on ships of 3,000 gross tonnage or more? If so, I'd expect you to know better, as there are many other factors to be taken into consideration other than wind speed - tide, currents, wind direction, forecast, tug availability, visibility, sea state, passenger comfort etc etc. If not, you're not qualified to make a proper judgement about whether a sailing should go ahead or not.
  8. b4mbi

    Steam Packet Warns Of Disruption To Sailings

    Idiot. Safety at sea is something that should never be taken lightly. Have some respect for the professional mariners whose judgements over passenger comfort and safety ultimately make the call over whether vessel sails or not.
  9. b4mbi

    TT2018 - entertainment, tents and that

    But Bottleneck licence controlled by Corpy, and Villa by Government. I really seriously doubt Martin approached Govt for Villa prior to bidding for Bottleneck... Also, there was nothing stopping HR approaching Govt about the Villa before bidding for bottleneck. Gov't don't need to advertise Villa is available! Both parties had the opportunity to approach Government prior to the bid for the bottleneck to enquire about Villa, but neither did as they were both blinkered towards the Bottleneck site. Bushy's - cause they've always been there (since Bushy's on Victoria St closed) HR - cause they wanted to muscle in on the action. Corpy wanted to try and get best deal for it's site for Douglas ratepayers, which clearly they decided a 5 year lease to HR would achieve. Bushy's clearly bid for the Bottleneck as well, and were disappointed to lose it and that forced a total re-think on their part, which lead to the Villa. I very much doubt there was any forethought or this was planned or there was any element of corruption. Anything after that is sour grapes from HR, as the Bushy's village seemed to be massively successful!
  10. b4mbi

    Game of Thrones - what next?

    There's no other way of putting it, GoT is absolutely fantastic. Can't remember if I read all the books prior to watching the first series, or as a result of watching the first series, but thoroughly enjoyed both and am looking forward to the conclusion of the series in 2019 (and the next book, whenever that appears!!) I predict The Iron Throne will be melted by dragon flame...
  11. b4mbi

    Podium Girls

    Anyone suddenly have the urge to buy Monster Energy?
  12. b4mbi

    Vehicle Damage Remedy?

    Recently, my car was parked (in a safe position, just off a public road) and some f*cker managed to smash my rear passenger light, and slightly damage paintwork, and very kindly didn't bother to leave a note. Result: - I have to make a claim on my motor insurance for the repair, and pay the £150 policy excess. I've got protected no claims, but of course, this still counts as a claim, even though not my fault. I judge that there's no point in reporting the damage to the police, as there's no cctv in the area, and they've not a cat in hell's chance of finding out who it may have been. Insurer says as there's no third party to claim against who's admitted liability, then part of my insurance contract is to pay that excess in order to get car repaired. So I will have to fork out £150 quid when the repair is done because someone is a selfish prick Still, I suppose it's not the full cost of the repair... Anyone know of anything that can be done? (other than get an insurance policy with zero excess - unlikely in practise)
  13. b4mbi

    Glen Truan Holiday Development

    Then rather than giving piss poor excuses about "broader national interest" why don't planners just say what they mean? "On the balance of probability, we have not been convinced that the ultimate motive for the proposal is for a sustainable tourist development, therefore it's refused" Seems like there was a lot of detail missing from the proposals as well...
  14. b4mbi

    Glen Truan Holiday Development

    well, I thought that possible as well..... Echoes of mount murray... but so what if that's what it ultimately turns into because the holiday lodge model doesn't work?!
  15. b4mbi

    Glen Truan Holiday Development

    Who makes up this shit? So businesses should only set up where there is an "overriding national need"?? Provided it was purely funded from private sector, what is the issue?!! Let them invest their money, make a go of it.