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  1. Oh surely that's not real footage!!! none the less - brilliant!!
  2. Given recent news items on IOM Today, what is stopping our politicians (and why not join forces on this with the other crown dependencies) unilaterally declaring that the rights of EU citizens will be protected on the respective Islands? Would give the Islands a lot of positive PR, and ensure that crown dependencies are not forgotten in Brexit negotiations... Only thing I can see is the big stick from Westminster warning us not to do that as it would undermine their negotiations, but given that our access to the markets is going to fall away anyway as protocol 3 becomes redundant when UK leave, what do we have to lose? Appreciate there are probably very good reasons why we can't, but what are they?!
  3. New proposals on front of today's Independent for the Castle Mona and Palace and Middlemarch sites. This seems to me to present the best options for all sites. I do hope the proposed developers are credible and serious. (except I can't find anything with a quick google search on Wild Coast Group nor Alan Rice).....
  4. no wonder the world is going belly up when even superheroes are suffering an identity crisis!!
  5. think engine technology has moved on slightly from 100 years ago John!! I would also think it's moved on from 20years ago (BMC is 20 next year), so would doubt consumption would double. Think IOMSPC would love to ditch the fastcraft, and that was my point really, is the customer really that bothered whether the crossing is 3hr 45mins or 2hrs 45mins??
  6. Manannan unsuitable for Irish sea. For the sake of an extra hour, wouldn't it be better to have a more reliable, regular ferry that can cope with higher seas and be more comfortable for the passengers? 2hrs 45mins scheduled Manannan crossing time to Liverpool service speed 40kts 3hrs 45min New Regular ferry to Liverpool - 24kts service speed 4hr 15mins scheduled time Ben-my-Chree crossing time to Birkenhead. BMC 18kts service speed.
  7. An article from 2012 (which is not "last year", unless you are stuck in 2013) in relation to the 3-12 mile fishing rights in our territorial waters. It pre-dates the Co-Min report. I'm no lawyer, but does "ownership" actually matter? Maybe the payment in 1991 to purchase the territorial waters (but not the fishing rights) and seabed out to 12 miles was via the grant of a 999 year lease from the Crown, I don't know. The most important point and what really matters is that the IOM Government has the proper legal right (via leasehold or through outright ownership) to any economic benefit deriving from resources within those waters, the seabed and resources beneath that seabed. After all, this is where the income will be derived from.
  8. Above doesn't make sense. What do you mean? I'm interested in why you think IOMG cannot fully monetise any potential hydrocarbons in its territorial waters. If you believe it can't, please provide evidence either directly or by pm. Otherwise your claims lack credibility and are not supported by freely available goverment produced documentation online.
  9. did I state it was?! I'm open minded to your claims, so if you can post something to refute what is stated in the Council of Ministers report, then please do.
  10. that's how religions start.... prove what is stated in the Council of Ministers report is wrong then. With a legal document.
  11. page 7 last paragraph of that Council of Minister report "The Department of Economic Development has ownership of all hydrocarbons in the Isle of Man territorial seas and would levy a royalty for the extraction of gas" so what's changed since 2014???
  12. in what way? report to by Council of Ministers - 3 paragraph Section 2 "The Isle of Man has ownership of its territorial seas, and the seabed beneath those seas, up to the 12 nautical mile limit or the median line where the distance between the UK and Isle of Man baselines is less than 24 nautical miles"
  13. @bellefield funnily enough, I recently found out that there used to be a salt works in Ramsey in the latter part of the 19th and early part of 20th century, that used to export globally!
  14. @ woody @ homarus The Territorial Seas (including hydrocarbon, coal and mineral rights, up to the 12 mile limit) were purchased by the Isle of Man Government from the United Kingdom Government in 1991. Linky To me that seems fairly unambiguous that IOMG have the right of ownership of any hydrocarbons up to the 12 mile limit.
  15. Dm Not only an ace chord, but an acronym for Dungeon master and Danger mouse. What's not to like?