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  1. DEFA consultation Document.

    Barrule ais last known position 42 days ago... ffs. (Yes she's still tied up) Ais is great application and very suspicious how 2/3 fishers off our coast have gone 'ghost' i.e. position in ais not registered for 2/3 hours. This maybe because ais can't be 100pc relied on, but does make you wonder. Grey wolf - an effective lobbying body is a good idea and within next couple of months, hope to establish one.
  2. DEFA consultation Document.

    Holy fuck again!! below from the comments thread on that Scotsman article!!!! "Taking control of our own territorial waters will provide a massive boost to the Scottish fishing industry and news of new markets and higher prices should be welcomed by all Scots" I wonder what % wise of total Scottish shell fish market are our scallops? HELLO DEFA!!!!
  3. DEFA consultation Document.

    So the issue has gone right to the top of respective goverments! Stand up for Mann Mr Quayle, reinvigorate our fleet by protecting our stocks and CHARGING foreign registered ships per kilo taken from our managed waters. Manx fleet at disadvantage as ineligible for eu grants. Golden opportunity to generate more revenue/jobs for the island. The additional revenue could be used to offset costs of enforcing the rules (barrule)
  4. DEFA consultation Document.

    Thanks Big Al, and like war baby, I'd like to assist if I can. Why can't DEFA just amend that regulation to reduce power of vessels that are allowed to dredge for scallops? That must be within their powers?
  5. Job for govt equality advisor

    layer upon layer upon layer of pointless bureaucracy. Equality advisor? what even is that? I'll have a go for £50k using = (universally accepted equality sign) Public sector pensions = unsustainable DHSC costs = out of any form of control general reserves = falling 12 mile territorial sea bed / scallop fields = ours There. I have advised the Government. Now can we have someone in Government to with the balls (or boobs) to ACT on that advise and fix those "equalities" for the financial and economic sustainability of this Island.
  6. DEFA consultation Document.

    The key question to the Manx scallop fleet owners is do they need to fish in UK waters to have a sustainable living? Or can they survive from what's in Manx waters? If they can, close our scallop fisheries to all non manx registered vessels. Or make the licence fee for non manx vessels massively higher. Guess that not all the Manx fleet exclusively fish for scallops though. If there are others who fish for regular fish (herring?) Then they may need access to uk waters to survive.
  7. DEFA consultation Document.

    here she is this afternoon.. primed and ready to go..... er...
  8. DEFA consultation Document.

    Barrule still tied up in Douglas inner harbour.. as at 3pm today. are our fisheries open?
  9. DEFA consultation Document.

    Holy fuck. What a capitulation and kop out. Embarrassing. Clearly we are not in charge of OUR OWN FUCKING WATERS! Put the licence fee for non manx registered vessels up to £100k per annum and have done with it. I'm not very sweary on here usually, but something here is just wrong.
  10. Construction site opposite Spring Valley

    That can happen in the pub.
  11. Construction site opposite Spring Valley

    Well when I said Jacksons of Laxey, I meant Jackson's of Agneash... can't risk upsetting those Agneashian's, like the Kardashian's except with less butt cheek. So many Jacksons, you'd think it was as easy as ABC. Your pub man is a bit harsh but....
  12. Construction site opposite Spring Valley

    Good man in the pub skeet this as it's half right!! Not Ramsey steamship. They're defunct (sent under by pension liability after 100 years of trading.....) Ramsey Shipping Services purchased jacksons laxey engineering parts merchants, and may be moving to the shipyard. Nothing to do with motor garage Jackson's.
  13. DEFA consultation Document.

    Are they only required to dock here so defa can check the catches? What about charging non manx registered vessels per kilo of scallops caught? What about a requirement to land the catch here? Don't understand why they're delaying a week. Either we set the rules or we don't (And have them dictated to us by others??) If others don't like them, don't fish in our waters.
  14. DEFA consultation Document.

    I view the shellfish on our terrtorial seabeds as our natural resource, which, managed properly, can primarily provide local employment , economic activity and tax revenue for the islands economy. Fish a different matter as of course they move in and out of our waters at will.
  15. DEFA consultation Document.

    Some action from defa. Now boats visiting our waters have to come into port. looks like step in right direction... http://www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-news/iom-accused-of-damaging-scots-fishing/ Not checked exact details though and unsure how they will enforce it with Barrule being tied up in Douglas inner harbour..