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  1. Is This Drunken Prank Funny?

    It's like the statue maker specifically used a traffic cone mould to make the hat! Genius.
  2. Is This Drunken Prank Funny?

    hurrah! They should also change the name plate at the bottom for maximum comedy effect to "T.R. Cone"
  3. Really?? that's stretching BBC bias a bit far, unless you've something substantive to back it up with?!
  4. Of course it was a topic of discussion on Question Time last night. Seemed to be a lot of anger in the audience. One woman was particularly irate about the Queen putting her money in Cayman. Where she is the head of state, and where she didn't avoid any tax. Didn't stop her from being very angry, even though clearly she couldn't/wouldn't listen or understand the above point. , just in her mind - Offshore = bad. Which is unfortunately what a lot of UK residents appear to think. I do get the feeling the timing of the push against offshores has been done to throw fuel on the fire of the Brexit negotiations (by EU/remainers).
  5. Hmm. German supplier we deal with has said he's never seen IOM in the German news so much as in last 48hrs, and doesn't sound like it's playing well there. Sounds like the CD's are being set up as pawns in the Brexit negos... which isn't going to work out well for CD's unless UK's CD's and OST's are so important for UK that they can't afford to sacrifice us.... Would suggest that UK needs it's CD's and OST's more than ever after Brexit as they try and focus more on global trade.. But then again I'm biased!
  6. Promenade pedestrian crossings

    what are all those bollards on the hotel side of the prom at the queens prom end for? Is it suspension of parking to see the real world effect on traffic flows before the prom is renovated and those parking spaces lost forever?
  7. this article is front splash on bbc website now... very nice photos of the island there!
  8. but there is no alternative to that! The voting demographic is not large enough for political party politics. I'd much rather have a bunch of individuals coming to a consensus rather than a two party system where power swings from one to the other.
  9. I couldn't help thinking after the panorama graphics that the UK (with all it's network of dependencies) should be proud that it is still really good at something! Also, that the pressure on the UK to "deal with it's dependencies" will reduce after Brexit as the UK seeks to secure and maintain global capital flows into the City of London
  10. He's written a book called "The Joy of Tax" - bet that's a bestseller.
  11. paging Stu to thread... maybe you could threaten to flog him for ham baps again?? (£70m worth of them)
  12. IIRC Ireland were not "fined" that amount. The tens of billions Euros was the amount that the EU determined that Ireland should have been charging Apple in taxes, but led to the strange situation that Ireland said, erm, no they don't and no we don't want those 10's of billions thanks. Presume this is all in EU court somewhere at moment.
  13. Bono doesn't sit in the UK House of Lords! There's a distinction between UK resident & UK domiciled. It was suggesting that Lord Aschroft is DOMICILED in Belize. This effects his inheritance tax status - i.e. not liable for it if he's DOMICLED elsewhere. If he's UK Resident, then he will be chargeable to INCOME tax on his world wide income and should be declaring accordingly. The anomaly would come if you were neither UK Resident or Domiciled then how the hell can you have a seat in the UK House of Lords??
  14. Makes sense. Perhaps that's part of the issue. Would you enter into agreement to purchase the jet and pay the import duties if you weren't reasonably confident you were going to get the VAT back if your intention was to operate commercially? It boils down to definition of "airline" as mentioned earlier in the thread and is not too difficult to envisage in some cases this could have been manipulated for the benefit of the owning company. Guess we may know more on Sunday/Monday.
  15. Perhaps so, I don't know the mechanism and was just speculating. But wouldn't that make IOM Customs & Excise massively out of pocket? they're paying all these refunds, but where was the original VAT on the acquisition of the aircraft paid? that wouldn't be to IOM Customs & Excise would it? unless they handle the "import duties" Maybe that's it. US manufactured business jet imported to IOM VAT registered company, IOM Customs & Excise should charge import duties (similar to buying stuff online from states), this is then refunded to the IOM Vat registered owning company as outlined in my previous post.