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  1. take your interests off your avatar?
  2. I know a way to do this
  3. Next school year it's proposed.
  4. Ouch, if you're convicted of drink driving, does that mean you're also uninsured?? £££££
  5. except aeroplanes.
  6. That's not a big ship. Looks only around 100m loa. A big cruise ship is easily 3 x that size. Edit : star pride, 212 px 133m loa Big ship 300m+ 3,000 px+
  7. Gusto. And agree it's pizza' s are great and it takes cards!
  8. Cruise ship in the bay....because it couldn't berth. I wonder how many visited by tender and how many more would have if we had a deep water berth?
  9. I thought we kissed and made up in a previous thread? A second opinion was sought on the floating breakwater idea, and now the idea has been dropped in favour of a fixed deep water berth (more like a traditional breakwater) Definitely a good job that Manannan didn't reverse into that.
  10. Oh dear. "Crash head on into linkspan" is an eyewitness report.. Hope no injuries.
  11. Easy to be cynical, but perhaps the reporter has had "guidance" from the current ferry operator. Government are 100% right to explore their options as the current agreement runs out 2026, 9 years from now, and they want a commitment to potentially 2041 from the government now in 2017???? I'm confident there are other options available which will result in a better solution for the island in that operational profits would be reinvested back into the community, into the service and into the marine infrastructure rather than to satisfy overseas shareholders requirement for a return on their investment (or at least to minimise their losses!) Iomspc make a lot of noise about how much they contribute to the local economy, (which indeed they do) but it is a red herring. Any other ferry operator with the sizable margins derived from the virtual monopoly would surely also take it's C SR and commitment to the local community as seriously. Even this could be written into any new agreement with government.
  12. And the big wheel keep on turning neon burning up above And I'm just high on the world Come on and take a low ride with me girl
  13. Inspired. That made me LoL, if that's still a thing...
  14. You have got me wrong. Totally.