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  1. Douglas Promenade Horse Tram Tracks

    You forgot £10m for the castle mona, £27m over next 5 years for the railways, and £130m for two new ferries under government ownership (not operation) And £5 for me for correctly predicting the above, (except the railways which was in the last budget)
  2. DEFA consultation Document.

    What nonsense. Can't report their whereabouts due to data protection?? Yet can accurately trace their whereabouts to inside our 3 which is why they were named and fined in the first place. Arrest the vessels or suspend the license of all vessels under common ownership until the fine is paid.
  3. Promenade Resurfacing

    Toxic, radioactive, highly explosive silt that can only be moved by a mahoosive 44t digger.
  4. Leader of Douglas Council thinks Government should buy the Castle Mona. FFS. How about DBC use their building control powers to make the current owner clear up the shit tip of an eyesore it is at the moment? From DBC website :- "Identifying, investigating, seeking remedies and taking action where necessary in matters of dilapidated or unsightly properties, overgrown gardens and other dereliction;" Don't think anyone would mind it being empty/not utilised if it didn't look so shitty.
  5. DEFA consultation Document.

    http://www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-news/men-caught-fishing-illegally-unable-to-pay-fines/ Fines not paid!! Didn't the vessel owner say they'd pick up the tab? what's the point in jail term for the Masters and all the costs that incurs for Manx Taxpayer? Arrest the vessels - let's see how co-operative the Scots really are.
  6. New Nags Palace

    Lack of high level strategic planning /oversight across all areas. No-one who understands that it possibly looks bad to the general populous to propose £1.5m on this (with zero possibility of payback) and refuse £150k meals on wheels subsidy..
  7. Reynoldsway part 2. £80 million to spend on ports

    Surely their positions are untenable if £300k doesn't solve it. As stated before, the issue is causing reputational damage to the Island, which I wouldn't be surprised if it affecting inward investment decisions..
  8. Shock! DfE tells the truth!!

    Even the telegraph getting in on the act..
  9. Shock! DfE tells the truth!!

    Yes, but who wants to goto birkenhead?!! The freight doesn't, and the day tripping Manx public don't. Have to negotiate with Peel for UK access. No other viable option. Holyhead? Don't think so!! Because we have a debt laden wheel that not round at the moment
  10. Shock! DfE tells the truth!!

    What? Because the Manx paper had a picture of a seatruck ferry on the front you've deduced that?!! Why won't it happen? What do you expect to happen?
  11. Shock! DfE tells the truth!!

    From a strategic position, I agree. There is no resilience with current harbour as only bespoke ferries can fit, and you can't have bigger ro-ro's at peak (TT) times But there is not the capacity requirement on annual basis for larger ferries to service the island without the population suddenly doubling. And you have the 142m heysham max restrictions on the UK side. As this is max size vessel that they are proposing for the new Liverpool berth at princes half tide docks.
  12. Shock! DfE tells the truth!!

    Yes, the debt is still there, but further up the opaque structure, where it doesn't have to be publically displayed... At a pag meeting a couple of years ago, Mark Woodward stated "iomspc will be able to repay the debts that they are now responsible for (after restructure) by the end of the current user agreement" I.e. 2026 was what he meant. I'd guess shareholders would want at least £150m to sell iomspc and it's ageing assets and pension liabilities. Goverment would still then have to invest additional £50-£60m in a new ferry sooner rather than later OR Goverment issues bonds to get £120m to purchase 2 new ferries and a clean slate, maybe even with the same operator. If public ownership of the ferries themselves is the right strategic way forward for the island to provide security of the lifeline services, which I'd strongly suggest it is, then the above calculation is a no brainer.... Just 24mhks and the general public that need convincing....
  13. Shock! DfE tells the truth!!

    I meant to the isle of man!
  14. Shock! DfE tells the truth!!

    No, Barrie. You misunderstand me (but my post wasn't that clear in hindsight!) I didn't say anything about government purchasing iompsc. That would be disasterous!!! And would only have effect of bailing out existing vessel owners shareholders. Govt should procure 2 new ferries and put operation of those out to tender.
  15. Shock! DfE tells the truth!!

    Day tripping not practical on a ferry route, but that's exactly what cruise passengers are. Day trippers.