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  1. Is he learning French?
  2. I thought that was you.
  3. Getting a comtract is not the same as getting a licence.
  4. Heard that from a few big fans...lead singer acted like he didn't want to be here. Normally far more interactive. Not nice when your heroes let you down.
  5. I walked past...wouldn't drink that shoite...who wants to be heaving?
  6. It was...
  7. There are gulls that regularly scavenge at certain places...Douglas/Peel proms etc. usually the same bunch/ringleaders. I don't know how feasible it might be...but maybe an MSPCA coordinated 2 days of trapping them and then flying a few dozen at a time off to one of the lesser inhabited Scottish isles might be an approach? Humame approach to getting rid of the main troublemakers. Cost a few quid, but maybe someone would help fund it.
  8. Although a welcome start, I don't think Edge's approach is particularly well thought out. It needed to be carried out in conjunction with the scope and size of government report and the review of whether jobs were actually required as opposed to wrongly paid. I can see this proposal easily being kicked into touch. The signals for that are already there.
  9. The dept needs to be drastically reduced in scope and size. Far too many 'Klingons" on big pensions.
  10. That site is no good. It's on the TT course...just think of the staffing and other logistics issues around road closures, plus nowhere really up there to watch the TT etc.
  11. "Space: the stuff between MHK's ears. These are the voyages of the Department of Enterprise. Its five-year mission: to explore strange new ways of wasting money, to seek out new contracts that will never work and new ways to fund our own pensions, to boldly talk bollocks like no man has talked bollocks before."
  12. One of the has raised nearly half the total. Respect.
  13. Department of shut the f%%# down sounds better.
  14. I'm wondering if the Bushy's story was released on the day we got shafted on a £25m promenade and a 60 year old lease with the steam racket?
  15. Mr Topham?...did he have a hat and a knighthood? ...sounds like they're running Thomas the Tank engine and pissing away £zillions.