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  1. He would have got a ticket if seen by a cop. Similarly the tram driver could have reported him.
  2. Consider using the buses. With the TT on, I expect you'll get your pants pulled down by taxi's, though worth giving them a ring to see if they'll give you a fixed price. Buses...
  3. Robbing barstards. There needs to be legislation on blatent profiteering brought in.
  4. Weather looking shit for practices tonight.
  5. Asked to go back for a tenner an hour I heard. Which fuckwits tip them out at the start of the busiest two weeks of the year? Oh yeah...those fuckwits running the island of course.
  6. Didn't all the IOM baggage handlers get tipped out this week? Yesterday I heard?
  7. What? The lego man survived...though we did spend 15 minutes looking for him and eventually found him behind one of the cushions on the settee.
  8. Malarkey knows that the response will be along the lines of asking "What should we do with Kunta Kinte, caught in a threesome with Sheriff Wyatt Earp's and the president's a barn on the farm holding a Ku Klux Klan convention?' Malarkey knows full well there are already many experts in the UK that have analysed this and can make far better judgements on it than him, the police and Joe Public. This is emotional popularism...nothing more....and anyone with that kind of thinking, about any kind of emotional thinking, such as new IOM laws following the Manchester bombing, introducing ID checks etc. should not hold that position in Home Affairs. Malarkey is an inept tosser. A popularist. Be wary of all people like that, who emotionalise reality.
  9. Wow. In an unusual move for me...8 posters went on my ignore list this week.
  10. This thread's gone off the rails.
  11. Isle of Man government...cashing in on misery and panic.
  12. I did hear Howard say on Sunday Opinion that 'we are all in this together'. I severely doubt that.
  13. Ann Reynoldsway...the saviour of us all.
  14.'s 20 years.
  15. Nice post Rog...but 15 paragraphs is far more easily summarised into...'We got more of the same dickheads again'.