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  1. Untrustorthy Civil Servants

    I think many civil servants are trustworthy. You can trust them to f**k something up. That said there are some good ones...though not many. In general, most of the best ones get frustrated and bugger off into the private sector a few years into their career. The civil service have lost some very good people due to that.
  2. Halal meat on the Isle of Man

    My mate Allan Ackbar got arrested at the airport again today. Third time this year.
  3. Tax avoidance hypocrisy of Guardian Newspaper et al

    What a good guy John was then.
  4. Untrustorthy Civil Servants

    I know some of what the tax office have on me. Unfortunately so do the 500 other people they cc'ed on their email.
  5. Isle of Man Newspapers Awards for Excellence 2016

    Had an invite for this. No thanks.
  6. We are Saved - The Airport Gateway To The Rescue!

    After Vision Nine, Skelly is now clinging on by his fingernails. Expect a few more desperate PR efforts from him over the coming weeks. PRatt. If Quayle doesn't sack him, it will prove Quayle is just another bullshit caretaker leader till we don't have a pot to piss in.
  7. Flat Earth?

    Coarse as well as flat? Worse than I thought then.
  8. We are Saved - The Airport Gateway To The Rescue!

    It's 1000 new jobs...camouflaging private jets.
  9. Manx Radio

    I cringe everytime I accidently hear Brindley on.
  10. Flat Earth?

    At least if the Earth is flat, rather than a globe, it means far less of a journey for many of the nutjobs in this thread to get to their Psychiatrist.
  11. Flat Earth?

    She's cracking on...once globes, her tits are probably flat by now.
  12. Remembrance Day!

    Then by definition he is not a liberal. Might I suggest you ask Santa for a dictionary this year.
  13. Union strikes another devastating blow to IOMG

    Period announcements of "this bus driver earns more than a qualified nurse and probably more than you too, and with the aid of piss poor managers is helping costing you the taxpayer around 5 million quid a year" might start waking the public up even at this time of the morning.
  14. Yes. You can switch the wipers back on now.