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  1. 200 coins eh? You could be a champion tosser. Er...
  2. Quite enlightning...only the BBC covering the story.
  3. Hmmm...about 25 demonstrators at 1pm
  4. An MHK or two will be the press.
  5. You two should get a room. And you did.
  6. I'm dreading the news coverage of the launch of the forthcoming probe to Uranus.
  7. Your Manx connections are showing up there. You've been on the Druidale again haven't you.
  8. ...and I bet your cat doesn't prefer Whiskers.
  9. Why bother with all this complex economic analysis, when they can just print more money and sneak it into the system? If the UK printed an extra £2 trillion it could pay off its debts overnight? The manx pound is actually only worth 80p compared to the UK terms of cost of living differences.
  10. I'm sure I heard on the radio at lunchtime about these so called different groups in this debate having the same website owner. Anyone researched that?
  11. Most people won't realise a condom actually failed or wasn't used correctly...until around 2 months later.
  12. I can't see how a rebate of £89k relates to 25 jobs. Or am I missing something here?
  13. Don't forget we are being royally screwed on electricity too and not just the MEA debt. VAT is already effectively 22.5% over here now. Because we don't have a poll tax or community charge here and when VAT went up in the UK to 20% to cover the difference in poll tax v community charge - we got the 2.5% handed back in the form of covering the electricity surcharge, which is revoked. and we now pay for.
  14. Why the heck would you need to dowse on the island. Your sticks would forever point skywards? It looks like IOMN&P is a closed group again?