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  1. Painter man to the rescue.

    I know.
  2. US Security

    Wow. She could have blown herself and a plane up 10 times by now.
  3. Pedantic Manx police state strikes again

    No...when he got his post out...they just laughed.
  4. Painter man to the rescue.

    I know him...and you wouldn't say that to his face. Well, maybe...but only once.
  5. The Bee Gees Are Manx!

    Bring back Michael Parkinson. Gone are the days when interviewers used to ask intelligent questions and let their guests talk, and the show was not about the interviewer.
  6. GP Appointments on the IOM

    The whole system design sucks. Unqualified people assessing you on the phone, an appointment only in 3 weeks, far too many malingerers and frequent visitors clogging it all up. Maybe it's time to move to a centralised assessment and booking system where you can be professionally assessed and prioritised and allocated an appointment (in these days of digital records not necessarily at your own practice). How many missed and wasted appointments because if the way things currently operate?
  7. Pedantic Manx police state strikes again

    I think we really need to revisit what the law actually is all about here...is it about protecting the Manx public anymore, or more about keeping its public servants in highly paid jobs and revenue generation? I've read about many cases that, a few years ago would never have gone to court. It screams of statistics and justifying pay and expense. Tax penalties are now a major industry, even the average parking controller is issuing 10 to 15 tickets a day. Fines are profitable.
  8. vehicle excise duty survey

    There are similarities. Last time I visited the hospital I couldn't find a park, met numerous nationalities, had to wait a long time in a queue for an x-ray and remove my belt and shoes, and at the blood clinic got my pants pulled down and had to give a load of blood (as we usually do when buying a plane ticket here). And then had a follow up appointment cancelled on me, because it was double booked. Actually...you might be interested in reading this: https://medcitynews.com/2016/03/future-of-hospital-operations/
  9. vehicle excise duty survey

    Move 3 major govt depts out of Douglas. Congestion problem solved.
  10. Pedantic Manx police state strikes again

    This will severely damage recruitment if it makes the UK nationals.
  11. The Bee Gees Are Manx!

    Search Whatson.
  12. Vision Nine Contract...

    Captain PugWhitewash more like.
  13. Sure Home Phone and Unlimited Broadband Price Increase

    Maybe you need to try and improve your connections to the other side. Discount rates apparently currently on offer if you do!
  14. Nobles medical director

    Was it a pub quiz question and no one could spell it?
  15. Mere Child Becomes Health Minister

    Couch was collecting in a framework he defined and even help create...and is now spending in a world he doesn't understand.