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  1. thebees

    Stealing Old Peoples' Assets

    I'm going for a couple of grams of heroin in the neck, that should be enough to see me off (possibly a bit of an overkill but better to be safe n all that) ETA - not right now, when I need to go to the old folks home.
  2. thebees

    TT2018 - entertainment, tents and that

    Alrighty Nice to see you back here x
  3. thebees

    Villa Marina gig line up

    James Blunt was really really good, apparently I have seen him before (Glastonbury the other year...10 years ago) - best night I've had in the Villa for sure (Except for one night but...) .
  4. thebees

    Fish murdering bastards

    Quite shocking really but not as shocking as the cyclist that undertook the horse & did a hit and run thing, that was truly shocking. There is something fishy about the fish story, why would anyone do such a thing? And how would they know where the machine was (or something like that)?
  5. thebees

    Gubay v Drower et al

    We have this every year or so - check out the way back machine, there are still some black dog pages on it. There has been no one of Roly's mark since, he was extraordinarily clever and selfless.
  6. thebees

    18 Years Jail For Rapist

    I know what he did & just knowing has had a lasting effect on me. I HATE him.
  7. thebees

    Man Kicks Seagull

    I thought he dropped his chips by mistake?
  8. thebees

    TT Fireworks

    Maaaaaaan I mean computer controlled ones, sake!
  9. thebees

    So Which Is It ?

    My dad was with NK Dilli, according to him Bushys was very good.
  10. thebees

    TT Fireworks

    Do adults still like fireworks? Everyone has seen fireworks 750,000,000 times /yawn. What they really need is drone swarms or digital image mapping on a building, now that would be interesting.
  11. thebees

    Nobles hospital

    I was there tonight, the place is rammed. The nurses and assistant people on my friends ward were all lovely and my friend is being made better - I love the hospital x
  12. thebees

    When The Fun Stops...

    Rob, loads of people make a good living from the three sectors you mention. I don't particularly like any of it but it is kinda all we've got
  13. thebees

    Which were you. Laurel or Yanni?

    Same here, I heard Laurel in the car and Yanny at home (on my phone). You are correct in your reckoning of frequency magic, both words are said the listener is able to hear one or the other.
  14. thebees

    Royal Wedding

    Y'all know them better than me, none of it matters.
  15. thebees

    Royal Wedding

    If my dad was having open heart surgery I would not be half way over the world from him & if I was getting married to a prince I would expect him to tell me not to worry about it, there are plenty of other days to get married & to go and be with my dad. It's very cold.