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  1. Preen launches collection starting at just 65p

    These pictures remind me of the programme for Alice's adventures in Wonderland.
  2. Lotteria

    Did you miss the bit where I said I quite enjoy making spread sheets? It's no less productive than spending hours playing cards, or what ever. If I didn't have important things to do tonight I'd busy myself with a lottery spreadie but I've other things that require my attention
  3. Go On Then, What Are You Kistening To

    The people at this party are rubbish but the music is great (if you were a 1990's raver).
  4. Overpaid and Underworked !!

    Seriously, he is lovely. I don't know why you're laughing. All the serious God people I know are lovely, I know some nob head religious people too but isn't that just life? Oh, must dash I have a very important musical discovery to share with anyone who will listen
  5. Overpaid and Underworked !!

    I love the Bishop, he is thoroughly lovely and you know? He probably isn't in the least bit interested in the trough wallers, he just has to go there as part of his job.
  6. Peaky Blinders

  7. road menders done good!

    There is a particularly bad pot hole on the road between the fairy bridge & brown cow hill (I think thats what its called - the one in Santon) my car seems to drive towards it every day meh. There are a couple of lads that work for the tarmac lot in government that take serious pride in their work, praise to them and pants to the lazy spade leaners.
  8. Jack Frost out in the cold

    The Movenpick in Cairo offers snakes in the bar at 8pm daily.
  9. The Mountain Circuit card game

    I like card games, there are lots of people who play games. I will chuck a tenner at this Just noticed he wants £10k to produce and market something that could easily be funded for far less.
  10. 13 year-old cyclist forced off road by tractor

    Earlier this evening I was going to visit my dad so I took the scenic route back to town, as I was going past St Runius church I thought "I'll go and see the alterations Willie has made to the cottages" - That thought saved a cyclist's life and also saved me and my son's from the trauma of having an idiot cyclist kill/maim himself on my car. If I hadn't been slowing down to turn right down the road to Ellerslie farm, the cyclist that rode straight out in front of my car would have gone into the side of my car and the outcome would not have been good. If you know any mountain bikers that frequent that road please tell them to take care, I'm a bit shaken but also relieved that could have been so so much worse.
  11. The Mountain Circuit card game

    I think we should make an alternative the Isle of Man PP game - winning on MF. I'll make the cards you all just come up with the ideas, we can sell them on the prom in TT week (someone will have to keep nicks coz you're not really allowed to sell things on the prom in TT week unless you are mates with the government or council or have slipped someone a tenner bag)
  12. Manx Radio

    Is exactly what I was wondering too Twinkle. There was a lot of name calling and chest bumping going on but no story. How many pages do we have to go back before we find out what you're talking about?
  13. Nobles park water feature

    I am one of the first people to throw stones at Douglas Council but this is one of their better ideas. If I wasn't such a crabbit ald bitch I might even congratulate them