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  1. thebees

    Planners rule against ice rink

    I've only ever met 'nice' people there, well bred n that. Seems like the opposite of what you're saying, jealous little pricks. Planning, they don't like anyone they see as a little bit better than themselves - when ofc, we all know, everyone was born with no clothes on - wankers.
  2. thebees

    The Last Film You Saw....

    Red Sparrow, it's quite good.
  3. thebees

    Racist Cartoon?

    I couldn't care less She's a tit.
  4. thebees


    I have taken up cycling, it happened because I went for a walk up South Barrule via a plantation and saw bike trails. So far, I have bruises all over the backs of my calves, a fairly random bruise on my lower back, sore arms and a beastly cut on my shin but I am having the greatest time
  5. thebees

    Brazilian Tragedy...

    Wow, that is tragic
  6. thebees

    Holger Czukay

    I am failing to see how you would reach that idea, completely. As a matter of fact I am completely dumbfounded, the best music ever, friends, laughter and love - how is that anything like an advert for a dead cow in a carb compound? Twat x
  7. thebees

    Holger Czukay

    Not only do I like it but I have seen it live and it is, with out doubt, the best thing I have ever been to we bumped into Gaudi, the music was a wall of sound that went - ok.. put your hands face up infornt of you, fingers splayed and move them back and forth towards your face - just like that Bloody brilliant and not only that but when we went out for a smoke during the break someone I knew from the Isle of Man appeared it was surreal, imagine you've gone out of a club (in the middle of London) for a smoke and someone calls your name, surreal. Then on the way back to our friends house we were rushing for the tube and ran down the massive escalator at Angel, thrilling if not somewhat mad. Best night ever.
  8. thebees

    Holger Czukay

    That's funny, I turned it on and let it bumble away in the back ground - I don't love it but considering it's age, pass me my orange eyeshadow, it's alright.
  9. thebees

    A Titanic Disaster

    It was funny but not as funny as the picture of my husband in front of the EU thing in Frankfurt, that is really funny - "Stand nice!" I said...
  10. thebees

    Good Music Never Dies

    Have you got the original How much are they? I would like to hear that but I cannot find it.
  11. thebees

    Good Music Never Dies

    And now I've listened to it again... and again... and I still do not like it but there are certain elements of it I LOVE, swan lake for example. Anyone want to make a PiL tribute band? I just bought purple eyeshadow
  12. thebees

    waterside bistro port erin

    Little fish is my son's favourite eating place, it will probably be very good.
  13. thebees


    You would have to be mad to go out in a yacht with no sailing experience.
  14. thebees

    Good Music Never Dies

    I am listening to Deep Forest & Gaudi, The Orb and lots of other Jah Wobble stuff at the moment, my ears are far too busy for that noise, I get it but I don't like it I like track 9 on Chinese dub (a lot).
  15. thebees


    I so hope so - totally f'in love him