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  1. Hypothetics aside, the old breakwater is still there a couple of feet under water so the impact would presumably be the same as it is now.
  2. Rebuild the old breakwater, and stick a linkspan on it. That'll busy the place up a bit.
  3. You're a chronic pain in the arse for everyone on this forum too. We don't seem to get any relief either.
  4. I can see why Ar(i)s(t)o(t)le likes it. It's about a grotesque outcast who creates lots of artificial characters that begin supporting and arguing with each other.
  5. I'll ask her if she's got something for your multiple personality disorder.
  6. You're the baddie.
  7. Ask LLAP/Isaac/Aristotle/Skeletor/Fuller K Rapp/Nim Chimpsky/TJ/Caesar etc. They might know.
  8. Any forum based on the IOM seems to have to to deal with Vader and his multiple accounts at some point. At least in his own little padded cell on Facebook, it lessens the time spent ruining other sites.
  9. Did you ?
  10. Absolutely. One man's picking apart of inaccurate postings is apparently another (paranoid) man's trolling. The banner at the top of the page just makes the whole business unintentionally hilarious, the usual trumpeting about "freedom of speech", translated as "freedom of speech as long as it agrees with me".
  11. You do see the irony there, don't you ?
  12. I like the fact that Angry from Onchan has a big Salman Rushdie banner at the top of the page saying "The moment that you declare a set of ideas to be immune from criticism, satire, derision or contempt, freedom of thought becomes impossible", then bans a poster with a comment that they "must learn to stop criticising others points of view". Same old Vader after all these years.
  13. Already was this year :
  14. We're in stereotype soup here. Motorcyclists are just regular people on two wheels, not "psychos", lots of them ride pedal cycles too, and most motorbikes on the market will go nowhere near 150mph. Even when they can, and it's legal to do so, only a minority choose to - the throttle goes both ways. The problem with bikes is not psychosis, just that for the duration of the motorsports festivals, a large number of motorbikes are here - as a former policeman said to me once, wherever those vehicles are, there will be accidents, and for two weeks at a time, those accidents are happening here instead of Norfolk, Belfast, Lancashire, Essex or Bavaria. Motorcycles aren't inherently dangerous to other road users, if anything they're more vulnerable than heavier traffic. The mountain is just BUSY for the festival, and having slow-moving pedal cyclists up there is a recipe for trouble, as it would be on the M1 in rush hour. As a kid, I remember folks locking up their kids' pushbikes for TT simply because it was extremely busy with the higher level of associated risk. They might have had the full legal right to be out there, and riding in speed-limited areas, but it would have been very poor judgement to let these vulnerable parochial kids on extremely busy roads. No doubt similar tantrums will be thrown over this, but it makes sense.
  15. As it's perceived to be "dangerous", it's not an unreasonable "no-go" zone - as has already been pointed out, most governments ban cycles from fast-moving arterial routes since cyclists are vulnerable, slow-moving obstacles to modern traffic. It's the same reason why they don't allow mobility scooters on the M1, or steam traction engines on the M25 in rush hour. For the TT/MGP periods, the mountain road becomes a fast-moving arterial route. Motorcyclists don't conform to a stereotype, they don't all do 150mph (only a handful of bikes will actually go that fast, for a start) ,they are a range of people with different attitudes who happen to be riding on two wheels, and they're not obliged to ride recklessly - the core problem is that there are just an awful lot of them sharing a small road for a short period of time. It's not about personal liberties or the "right" to use a road, it's simply that an unfit weekend cyclist slowly puffing up the mountain ascent during this busy time would be putting themselves at risk, and risking causing a significant accident, since the mass of faster traffic overtaking this mobile chicane at such a busy time will have to cross into the opposite carriageway and risk causing a head-on collision. It makes total sense to ban cycles from the mountain while the road is this busy. I'm no anti-cycle fanatic, but accident statistics show that it makes sense to split pedal cycles from fast road traffic. Personally I think with the growth in cycling and personal electric vehicles, a future option would be to restore and resurface some of the older trackways, railway lines and footpaths as cycle/pev routes, giving these slow and vulnerable road users safer routes for training, travelling and commuting.