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  1. Flat Earth?

    So, as usual Paul avoids responding to reasonable evidence and posts unrelated bullshit. Time to lock this timewasting thread.
  2. Flat Earth?

    The laser was level. If you start moving it downwards, then you're rather missing the point of the experiment. The helicopter, though ? Putting it down at water level, but unable to see it until it reached 24 feet above the water , even with a flat-earth "believer" looking at it through a telescope ? That was pretty definitive, wasn't it ?
  3. Flat Earth?

  4. Supertour 2018

    Jeez, what a drama queen. How can a few cars driving over it for half a day "desecrate" it more than the rest of the traffic for the rest of the year ? Quality whingeing.
  5. WTF. Who cares really ?

    "Walter" again ? Sounds familiar, somehow.
  6. Police in drugs factory bust

    A subsequent owner actually registered the dog as a pit bull terrier on its dog license. QED.
  7. Police in drugs factory bust

    It was a pit bull. Even the original owner acknowledged it as a pit bull. Watch the (now edited) videos on YouTube and it's obvious it was not just a butch staffy in a studded leather collar. Again, it was bloody stupid to import it and then advertise it.
  8. Police in drugs factory bust

    It was a pit bull. The original owner was even posting videos on YouTube with the title "pit bull in Isle of Man" showing it jumping and grabbing at a suspended piece of rope. Pretty stupid to import an illegal dog then advertise the fact.
  9. Supertour 2018

    Having Mr. Plod telling you not to drive like a tit doesn't make it a track day, though, does it ?
  10. Amazon.co.uk

    I've bought loadsa stuff I couldn't get locally, and occasionally it hasn't turned up - usually mundane stuff from China that gets stopped and turned around at customs. Amazon have been pretty reasonable about it, and in the few instances I've called them, they've dealt with it well. There are clearly a lot of people who don't get how the review process works. Since they started asking people who've bought something to post answers to other people's questions, it's got really special - "how many watts is this microwave ?" someone asks, to be buried under a mountain of "I DONT KNOW" "IM NOT SHURE" "I HAVE NO IDEA" replies from the technologically-declined.
  11. Amazon.co.uk

    I'm not surprised your review wasn't posted. You're not reviewing the product, you're posting a review of the delivery process. Amazon is already full of one-star reviews for deliveries, like the millions for films where the customer ordered the wrong DVD region, or got a damaged DVD. I'm not really surprised they don't want more.
  12. Electric Harley Davidson

    The negativity on this thread towards the toasters is a bit reminiscent of the reception that Honda got when they first arrived at the TT, people not being able to see past the novelty of the "funny Japanese bikes" that went on to lead the pack. IMHO the toasters are a bit at the bleeding edge of technology at the moment, but that doesn't mean that it's going to be that way forever, and it's clear that the event does have influence on what's happening in motorcycle development. Give it a few years, and with the huge investment in electric technology (from Elon Musk et al), it's bound to take off into something major.
  13. Car advice

    The "I don't want a mum/nanna bus" line is something I've heard from several mid-life-crisis ladies, who all subsequently went out and bought convertibles. I'm sure it's a hormonal thing, maybe the roof down helps with the hot flushes. Mind you, going topless will be cheap this time of year. There are a few convertible Mini Coopers, SLK's, MX-5's etc. around in your price bracket, they don't all have to be tartan-slipper shopping-trolley specials.
  14. is the mountain road shut?

    Pragmatism says that if people are going to breach the road closure order anyway, then it would make sense to clear the road and make it more accessible for said people and emergency services- it's not a huge stretch of road, and wouldn't take many runs with a snowplough to clear - can't understand why it's not done any more. In a way, you could look upon the snowy hills as a free leisure/quality of life amenity for a few days - in past years when the roads were cleared, I remember Beinn-y-Phott turning into a mini wintersports resort for a few days, with many smiling people up there sledging, skiing and even paragliding, actually getting a bit of enjoyment out of the island for once. Of course now it's cheaper to regard the wintry weather as something akin to a Zombie apocalypse, and to educate the sheltered public to regard anything out of the ordinary as something to be feared. Rather than fitting winter tyres, start hoarding food and REMAIN INDOORS !!! Mind you, I suppose if people got off their arses and cleared the pavements (like they do in other countries) rather than the usual attitude of sitting on the sofa and waiting for Aunty Government to do everything for them, it would be easier.
  15. Flat Earth?

    Why do I have to ? Can't I just ignore you and then post a completely unrelated video, as you do when you're asked a reasonable question ?