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  1. Car advice

    The "I don't want a mum/nanna bus" line is something I've heard from several mid-life-crisis ladies, who all subsequently went out and bought convertibles. I'm sure it's a hormonal thing, maybe the roof down helps with the hot flushes. Mind you, going topless will be cheap this time of year. There are a few convertible Mini Coopers, SLK's, MX-5's etc. around in your price bracket, they don't all have to be tartan-slipper shopping-trolley specials.
  2. is the mountain road shut?

    Pragmatism says that if people are going to breach the road closure order anyway, then it would make sense to clear the road and make it more accessible for said people and emergency services- it's not a huge stretch of road, and wouldn't take many runs with a snowplough to clear - can't understand why it's not done any more. In a way, you could look upon the snowy hills as a free leisure/quality of life amenity for a few days - in past years when the roads were cleared, I remember Beinn-y-Phott turning into a mini wintersports resort for a few days, with many smiling people up there sledging, skiing and even paragliding, actually getting a bit of enjoyment out of the island for once. Of course now it's cheaper to regard the wintry weather as something akin to a Zombie apocalypse, and to educate the sheltered public to regard anything out of the ordinary as something to be feared. Rather than fitting winter tyres, start hoarding food and REMAIN INDOORS !!! Mind you, I suppose if people got off their arses and cleared the pavements (like they do in other countries) rather than the usual attitude of sitting on the sofa and waiting for Aunty Government to do everything for them, it would be easier.
  3. Flat Earth?

    Why do I have to ? Can't I just ignore you and then post a completely unrelated video, as you do when you're asked a reasonable question ?
  4. Flat Earth?

    Couldn't he just ignore it and then post a completely unrelated video ?
  5. Flat Earth?

    You'd love to see him go on Youtube ?
  6. Flat Earth?

    We've already tried this proposition on Paul a number of times. He doesn't answer, just posts the usual self-interested reply and then posts some unrelated internet video. He's not able to explain why the sun appears to drop below the horizon, but at the same time is visible elsewhere, other than suggesting we're all liars.
  7. Flat Earth?

    I've been fortunate enough to fly high enough to see the curvature of the earth for myself, thanks. And I never thought Science was morbid, but this thread definitely is. At the moment, it consists of : 1) Someone posting a verifiable scientific proposition that demonstrates that the earth is not flat 2) You ignoring it and not posting any rebuttal or response other than poor quality insults and self-aggrandisement 3) You posting random unrelated unscientific mythology from the internet, then insulting those who point out it's unscientific mythology ...rinse and repeat. Lately you've failed to test or explain any of the suggestions from a number of people, answering instead with unrelated garbage from the internet. You're not engaging in any form of constructive debate, you're just seeking attention. The reason why this thread has reached over 3,000 posts is that you keep posting the same stuff, and refusing to engage with anyone that's interested in discussing the flaws in your proposition. Then you laughably talk about this being a "scientific" thread, when you clearly have no clue about the scientific method. This thread has just become your personal cry for help.
  8. Flat Earth?

    When did 7.5 miles become the metric for determining if the Earth is flat ? That just seems a random distance - it's less than the distance to the horizon for a start. Seriously, Paul, try posting "evidence" that's not complete fucking rubbish if you want to try to prolong this morbid attention-seeking thread.
  9. Flat Earth?

    I'd simply like to see an explanation for the sun going down. If the world was flat and the sun was doing the rotation thing that flat earthers suggest, the sun wouldn't go down over the horizon, it would remain at height,slowly getting smaller into the distance as it moved away, rather than disappearing below the horizon whilst remaining at the same size. Instead, we have evidence that the sun moves into different time zones , which is inconsistent with a flat earth, since it is impossible for the sun to disappear below the horizon whilst lighting another area of the planet in a flat-earth model. You can watch the sun going down below the horizon, get on a plane and catch up with it again. Not something that works with a flat earth model in any sense.
  10. Walk on the wild side.

    Pubs were quite different places from today. Inns and Coffee Houses had an important social function for those who lacked their own social spaces - those at the lower end of living standards would not have had large houses like we do today, they'd have lived in small, squalid places that were demolished in the slum clearances that removed the back streets that are shown in the movie. For them, Pubs and Inns were an extension of social space. They'd have different bars with different prices for different customers - public bars, lounge bars, saloon bars and "snugs", dining rooms and even ballrooms. Drink offered an escape from grim living conditions - From reading some of the documents in the Manx Notebook, Douglas grew up around the smuggling trade, and in 1811, Woods says that beer was about half the price of England, and that Malting and Brewing was uncontrolled, with drunkenness being common. Townley facetiously commented on the amount of deaths due to grog. Felton in 1798 said that most towns and villages had many small public bars serving beer, wine and spirits. Archdeacon Philpott observed in 1835 that Kirk Andreas had 33 public houses and 14 public fairs that sold alcohol, with widespread drunkenness, and made it his business to close them down - there are still very few Inns and Pubs in the north even after all this time. From the names of the landlords, it was apparent that most of the proprietors were not Manx, but from the north of England, seeking the high profits associated with brewing and selling. The licensing act of 1876 finally put an end to the free-for-all and imposed some governance, though the growth of tourism led to growth in the number of places required to provide food and drink for tourists travelling to the island from the north of England. Drinking water also wasn't very safe - although the germ theory of disease wasn't well understood at the time, those who drank a moderate amount of wine or beer probably benefited from the protective effects of alcoholic drink, including increased stomach acid, which is theorised to have offered some protection against diseases like cholera. Douglas had an outbreak of cholera close to the Quay in 1832 that killed many people, and subsequently spread to other towns in the island, and perhaps the moderate drinkers were more likely to survive. .
  11. Flat Earth?

    I think you're wasting your time. This seems more like attention-seeking than debate.
  12. Flat Earth?

    I have no idea on your actual research (if any is actually taking place), but I have doubts about your methodology based on what you're saying. I know you've previously said that you don't actually believe that the earth is flat, so much of this discourse seems to be superfluous - when questioned, you don't seem to be interested in defending a flat-earth position rather than simply contradicting the opinions of others, which seems to be consistent with an approach that is purely about taking a contrary position, irrespective of the argument. Is that what you're doing ? China has presented you with a position that can be easily tested, and isn't subject to belief or background influences, yet you're not prepared to test or explain that position. That says to me that you're not researching, since it's a substantive argument that you have given indications that you are not interested in investigating. If you're attempting to occupy the moral highground by saying that I don't know much about you, doesn't that expose some problems with your attacks on China based upon his (supposed) background ?
  13. Flat Earth?

    What you're doing is not "research", since the definition of research usually includes an element of systematic investigation. If you were truly researching the subject, you would not reject evidence that might suggest that your conclusions are wrong, merely on the grounds that it might suggest that your conclusions are wrong. Instead, you are leading yourself down the very avenue that you accuse China of taking, that of confirmation bias.
  14. Flat Earth?

    That's a classic ad hominem attack, attempting to undermine China's arguments purely by attacking his background. China has given you a set of measurements that you can easily verify - you can go out there and measure them yourself, and he's interested to hear what your explanation is for the difference in shadow lengths that's readily apparent. The measurements don't vary according to your level of indoctrination, or by your personal set of beliefs, they're replicable by anyone - you yourself can go out and measure them. Rather than attacking Chinahand's background to try to undermine a straight-forward observation, what's your explanation for the difference in shadow lengths ?
  15. New Rules

    The problem with IPs is that (a) the "problem" lunatic uses proxies - you've seen the threads where he pretended to be French etc. because he was using a french proxy at the time, so it'll just be "whack-a-mole" (b) IPs will be shared by a number of people in the case of a fixed-IP corporate gateway, and are changeable - non-fixed home user IPs will change on a regular basis. Ban a non-fixed IP, and it will change. But, as before, restricting to just IOM IP's will make it easier to build up patterns of commonality between accounts to stop all this sock-puppet lunacy.