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  1. sausage

    TT Spectator In Court...

    He perhaps should have said he had to cross the road as he was in a hurry to throttle his missus...might have been ok then.
  2. sausage

    Police support workers in pubs and clubs

    Heard that clip earlier from the police 'Preloading with drink increases the risk of.....losing your mind' ????!!! I must have missed the science bit that says having some drinks before going out puts you at risk of going insane...
  3. sausage

    whinging "journalist"

    And we will assume that if and when Twinkle has cause to travel through airports...and experiences any delays/issues/inconvenience....he is calm, understanding, polite to all authorities involved and happily takes it all with a happy go lucky spring in his step ??!!!!!
  4. sausage

    New MLC looks to diversify Legco.

    And true to form AGAiN...Rob Callister saying one thing to people's faces... Then doing something different when it comes to votes...Mr U-Turn.
  5. sausage

    For Hooper read Karran

    I see Rob Collister made lots of noise about how he was disappointed with the budget content etc......and then voted to approve it. He has form for this kind of approach...was the same with the sewerage charges if I recall correctly. Make lots of 'Oppositon' type noise to try and make it sound like he is a real man of the people, fighting their corner etc....then when it actually comes to standing up and putting his money where his mouth is.....bottles it.
  6. sausage

    Nice bust.

    I responded to a post that said 'the police probably sell more than the so called dealers, they nick it of the dealers and lock em up then sell it for their own pockets ( must be happening somewhere )' I think both links I quoted referred to places that were indeed somewhere.......
  7. sausage

    Nice bust.

    Yeah.....really https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2017/oct/02/west-midlands-police-officers-jailed-plot-steal-sell-drugs https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/3975382/selfie-loving-officer-and-fellow-pc-both-charged-with-dealing-and-possessing-class-a-drugs/
  8. sausage

    Norway decriminalizes all drugs, should we do the same?

    You have made a right hash of that argument dilli !
  9. sausage

    Norway decriminalizes all drugs, should we do the same?

    Because since the year dot humans always have and always will ingest substances to alter their mood. To have policies that say 'We encourage you to take this substance, buy it from a supermarket, watch the adverts etc but if you choose a different substance, even though it might be less harmful, we will lock you up' is stupid...and unfair.
  10. sausage

    Norway decriminalizes all drugs, should we do the same?

    If people had access to regulated heroin etc instead of shite of unknown strength cut with all sorts (fentanyl etc) sold by scumbags, as well as easily accessible support and resources to help address their dependency, I suspect demand on health services such as a&e etc may well reduce.
  11. Apologies if already asked before... But is there any chance that the ramp up on the number of these argumentative wankers is an orchestrated campaign by those who don't like opinions/information shared on MF and would like to see the mods say we can't be arsed any more?
  12. sausage

    New Rules

    Good move !
  13. sausage

    Froth Cafe

    Setting up next door to one of the busiest/most popular sandwich shops in Douglas might be another guess...
  14. Packed house of commons for the Paradise Papers debate...
  15. sausage

    Liverpool Arms Closes

    Macbeths ffs !