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  1. Norway decriminalizes all drugs, should we do the same?

    You have made a right hash of that argument dilli !
  2. Norway decriminalizes all drugs, should we do the same?

    Because since the year dot humans always have and always will ingest substances to alter their mood. To have policies that say 'We encourage you to take this substance, buy it from a supermarket, watch the adverts etc but if you choose a different substance, even though it might be less harmful, we will lock you up' is stupid...and unfair.
  3. Norway decriminalizes all drugs, should we do the same?

    If people had access to regulated heroin etc instead of shite of unknown strength cut with all sorts (fentanyl etc) sold by scumbags, as well as easily accessible support and resources to help address their dependency, I suspect demand on health services such as a&e etc may well reduce.
  4. Apologies if already asked before... But is there any chance that the ramp up on the number of these argumentative wankers is an orchestrated campaign by those who don't like opinions/information shared on MF and would like to see the mods say we can't be arsed any more?
  5. New Rules

    Good move !
  6. Froth Cafe

    Setting up next door to one of the busiest/most popular sandwich shops in Douglas might be another guess...
  7. Packed house of commons for the Paradise Papers debate...
  8. Liverpool Arms Closes

    Macbeths ffs !
  9. Liverpool Arms Closes

    As posted above....the powers that be treat/pay their staff terribly at H&B...resulting in the expected problems with staff retention and therefore serious issues with quality and consistency of food and drink. If you want a prime example check out the Woodbourne...a CAMRA pub of the year winner turned into a shithole in less than three years...that takes some talent !
  10. DED spit the dummy over Airbnb?

    Have to agree im afraid....'Hi there is that the DED...so yes I believe that the company you used for years for Homestay is closed down and under investigation for criminal activity, I believe you have now appointed a new company to manage it. So basically I will undertake all the effort of readying my house for homestay, I will look after my guests (who are regular visitors and now friends too). I will relocate myself and my family at my expense to accommodate my homestay guests so that they can enjoy TT and spend their money here....so I am just calling you so that you can charge me a fee for the privilege and tax me on the money I receive......and for this you do exactly what for me ?!' F**K the F**K OFF !!
  11. What's happening on Broadway - Sunday 8/10

    Are you hearing vareying stories?
  12. Catalonia

    Im surprised there has been no comment at all from Cerys Matthews about all this.....
  13. 50 dead in non terror attack

    Yes of course...please submit a photo of you and your family looking grim faced to IOM Newspapers asap...should make the Indy on Friday.
  14. 50 dead in non terror attack

    Does anyone know a) what time trump is scheduled to put his foot in it ? b) when the Manx papers will be issuing a story from a Manx family who were several miles away but had a lucky escape..?
  15. Rob callister mhk

    I assume you are still reading if not contributing Rob..... I have heard repeatedly from you and others in support of you is that a) The £7000 payment made to MHKS forms part of their renumeration package and b) MHK's are not obligated to either provide any details of their expenses or provide any receipts for expenses and you are therefore to be applauded for being so open and honest What I have not heard from you or others who support you is something along the lines of: 'These are the current rules around the payment of the £7000 for expenses. In light of the current financial climate and challenges the IOM faces and the subsequent increasing tax burden being placed on ordinary working people etc...I do not think that this is a proper/fair or correct system. I can understand the annoyance and frustration of the people I represent on hearing about this unaccounted for expenses allowance. It would not be allowed in most other places of work. As a new MHK on a ticket of being the voice of the people I will work to implement a fairer system'. I suspect you would be getting a lot less earache if something along the lines of this had been said instead of repeating the same mantra each time you are criticised....