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  1. Brexit Is Reversible...

    Perhaps BrexRef II should be a three-option question: (a) accept the deal (b) reject the deal and do further negotiation (c) reject the deal and stay in the EU (the Bobby Ewing Option)
  2. Brexit Is Reversible...

    Of course, if this was the USA, #NotMyBritain would already be trending.
  3. Job for govt equality advisor

    Aah, the good old days of Albert's 20% bloat. Thought they had gone forever!
  4. So the UK is finished says Theresa Mayhem

    That's a great story!
  5. Donald Trump

    How's that working out for you?
  6. Brexit Is Reversible...

    Don't mean to have you choke on your bitter, Rog, but BrexRef II is definitely on. Just the date and the wording to be decided, and to be fair there's not a lot of choice around those two issues.
  7. So the UK is finished says Theresa Mayhem

    Well, lots of CAPS - I'm certainly convinced!
  8. Brexit Is Reversible...

    I suspect that, if separate votes were counted for the devolved regions in BrexRef II, the remain majority would be even larger in order to defend against the prospect of a breakup of the UK.
  9. Brexit Is Reversible...

    I reckon the total cost of BrexRef II will be less than £350m per week, so it will actually be self funding!
  10. Brexit Is Reversible...

    Should the BrexRef II results be officially tallied separately for the devolved regions of the UK? If so, should certain metropolitan regions also have an official result?
  11. Brexit Is Reversible...

    "Brexit: that's wrong for a start" Works for me!
  12. Brexit Is Reversible...

    Here's a strawman for BrexREf II wording: "Should the United Kingdom leave the European Union of a short-term payment of €40-€45b to the EU, further indeterminate longer-term liabilities to the EU and the loss of freedom of goods and services through the withdrawal of access to the EU Single Market?" Any improvement?
  13. Brexit Is Reversible...

    Com on guys, compromise and agreement is possible! Look at woody and I - we have agreed that we're both looking forward to BrexRef II and the opportunity to "settle it for a generation". Again. And woolley and I - we agree that Brexit would (if it happens - subject to the result of BrexRef II, of course) have a a significant detrimental effect on the UK economy for a number of years. We just haven't agreed on whether the timescale is closer to 10 or 30 years.
  14. Brexit and financial services/City of London

    The Euro will collpase before the end of 2012. Mark my words!
  15. Abort67

    You sure you've thought that through?