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  1. Interesting tactic from the trolling playbook. When challenged, turn it up to 11!
  2. Somewhat guilty of hyperbole. Private equity funded insurer acquires other insurer that's been on sale for a number of years. Nothing particularly earth moving. Although CEOs tend to be a bit constrained in what they say, I wouldn't blame him too much.
  3. “...quite exciting for the Isle of Man.” says RL360 CEO Kneeshaw. Good to see FPI moving to a position of getting some focus and attention from its owners.
  4. If only Nixon had declared a War on Getting Films Wrong instead of the other thing
  5. Who? The guy with all the loaf?
  6. Nice to see St Mary's down as a big fat zero visits. Definitely a case of My God's bigger than Your God!
  7. Yeah, questions like how did she get in there, how did she poison *all* that wine, where's the bloke she was impersonating, did they have to telegraph the wine thing so much - all didn't help the enjoyment of e01.
  8. A treat for Maisie Williams, according to some papers. Completely unfair and untrue, but I can imagine her stamping her feet saying "I want a scene with Ed Sheeran. I want, I Want, I WANT!!"
  9. woodyfacts Vs legal professional, wonder who's going to prevail?
  10. Poor old Ed Sheeran. Hears he gets a cameo on GoT and then has to appear with those shoehorn marks all over him.
  11. Were you on Masterchef 1995?
  12. Some pretty big Heisenberg Compensators for a horse transporter!
  13. An interesting opinion. Might be based on incomplete information, though.
  14. Quoted for future posterity. Although, my thesis is that your "we" includes no-one other than yourself.
  15. And who else does it not include, if you wish to do it this way?