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  1. once met someone who claimed to understand 709/5 tour operators margin scheme
  2. St. Helena. ?

    article doesn't mention Jonathan
  3. Falklands Jolly - Pigs in a trough

    So that would have been in the days of Cable and Wireless, now a Seriously Unreliable and Really Expensive company have taken over as the provider . Skype conversations start to degrade for some reason after about 20 mins or so..........service is no better on Ascension Pretty grim in the NAAFI on MPC ......only beer available and all cans /bottles opened by the staff before you can take it from the bar !
  4. Falklands Jolly - Pigs in a trough

    Then you will know how expensive and unreliable it is ........he isn't CBFFI now he's CBFSAI............and a teetotaler to boot .........one of two ways .......not the route I took
  5. Falklands Jolly - Pigs in a trough

    you clearly have not used the internet in the south atlantic
  6. Falklands Jolly - Pigs in a trough

    Why was the South Atlantic Airbridge not used for this trip? RAF Brize Norton via Ascension to MPA, no threat of strikes , but no air miles either.
  7. St. Helena. ?

    mr charters new partner is american
  8. St. Helena. ?

    minimum wage on st helena £2.60/hr for 18 + £1.65 for 16/17 years ................want the tourists to try and improve wages conditions etc
  9. St. Helena. ?

    Wass enquiry gives all the details .............35 on sex offenders register on St Helena out of a population of less than 5000 -------couple of cases pending so numbers will go up
  10. St. Helena. ?

    shit hit the fan big style couple of years ago .........multi million pound enquiry into child abuse ..............lessons learned
  11. St. Helena. ?

    Not forgotten, fantastic place. The old NASA road ?
  12. St. Helena. ?

    don't forget us on Ascension Island !
  13. Views On ID Checks On Travellers.

    will there be any immigration staff at ramsey or peel to check arrivals on fishing boats or pleasure craft ........or will it be a self declaration ?
  14. its a tooth tax next

    Eye tests next?
  15. What things delight you?

    Simple things .....pint with the missus in the traf in ramsey on a Saturday afternoon