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  1. So the UK is finished says Theresa Mayhem

    Facism or nazism, what we we are talking about is a denial of personality and character - a political philosophy that evaluates individuals according to stereotypes - an easy way for the thickest of society to justify their own failures and prejudices. It starts off with one group being targeted and then moves on to others. For any minority to buy into such a philosophy is hideously stupid, for a Jew it is unbelievably moronic as they are invariably top of the list. I guess Rog thinks it would be the Muslims. Wrong. It always starts with the wealthiest minorities. It usually ends with total annihilation of the perpetrators.
  2. So the UK is finished says Theresa Mayhem

    Yes, just like now. The U.K. government has the right to send EU nationals who can’t support themselves back after three months. The U.K. decided they didn’t want to do this.
  3. Animal News

    No. The EU has a directive on keeping nitrates out of the water supply (for health reasons and to prevent algae blocking drainage). The EU rules - decided by elected ministers and MEPs - don’t stipulate how national governments implement these rules. In Bavaria they had a problem with high levels of nitrate in the water - not good for a region famed for its beer - the Bavarian State Government was particularly concerned about the amount of fertiliser being used on Alpine slopes and so introduced a poorly worded ban - which a local farmer interpreted as a ban on cow pats. To get round what he though was a ban on cow pats he wrapped the back-ends of his cows in sheets. The moronic elements of the British press then flocked to Bavaria to get pictures for their ‘EU going to fit nappies to cows’ stories to sell in their moronic papers to their oafish readership. Hence your confusion.
  4. So the UK is finished says Theresa Mayhem

    Freedom of movement was there from the start - see Article 48 of the 1957 Treaty of Rome - as was ever closer union - see the preamble. I do see problems with the EU, particularly with the behaviour of the ECB (personally, I don’t see problems with the rabid leavers bugbear the ECJ - courts will always frustrate politicians). It is my opinion that Brexit will be catastrophic for some sectors of the U.K. economy, and I can’t see how it will benefit any. I think that in the name of independence the U.K. will lose a huge amount of sovereignty in practical terms, becoming increasingly irrelevant internationally. I think this is a great shame as Britain is a great country and should be trying to lead and improve the EU, whilst holding onto the exemptions (eg keeping the pound, staying out of Schengen). My worry is that failure to get a workable deal will mean a generation of stagnation followed by an inevitable attempt to re-join, which will be allowed on much less favourable terms, certainly meaning switching to the Euro, no rebate and joining Schengen at the very least. So, as I continue to ask, if anyone can see any genuine opportunities or economic upsides to Brexit please post them - it really would lift the mood if any of you ardent leavers can show a silver lining that isn’t just symbolic.
  5. Brexit Is Reversible...

    They’re called ‘fifths’ in Irish, because historically there were five ... but yeah, there are only four now.
  6. So the UK is finished says Theresa Mayhem

    Well, if you google ‘opportunities in Brexit’ you’ll find vacuous comments from the usual self-promoters, or genuine opportunities for other jurisdictions at the UKs expense. I was wondering if anyone had any geniuinely positive news from the real world that might lift some of the gloom. All I got was a regurgitation of leaver propaganda.
  7. Brexit and financial services/City of London

    No one is saying French registered companies with French staff are going to lose the right to sell French services in France you utter oaf.
  8. So the UK is finished says Theresa Mayhem

    I’m sure both sides lied. My question was, and is, do you see any opportunities in Brexit and all you’ve managed in reply is to regurgitate your misunderstandings. You really are a tiresome oaf.
  9. Brexit Is Reversible...

    Historically there are five provinces in Ireland (or ‘Éire in English). One of them is Ulster, of which six counties are in the United Kingdom and three are in the Republic of Ireland. In Northern Ireland some people identify as British, some as Irish, some as Northern Irish and some just avoid the whole wasps nest of an issue. Of the six counties in Northern Ireland only two (Antrim and Down) are majority Protestant, the usual marker for people in Northern Ireland who consider themselves ‘British’.
  10. Brexit Is Reversible...

    You have a book?
  11. Brexit Is Reversible...

    There’s no such place as the ‘British Province of Ulster’ you loon.
  12. So the UK is finished says Theresa Mayhem

    I’ve been going with your straw man argument here even though I didn’t (couldn’t) vote in the referendum. I don’t really care what lies politicians stuck on buses for either side, I was just asking if anyone had seen any opportunity in Brexit and you start on about Cambodia’s trading relationship with the EU which you just don’t seem to understand. Cambodia was colonised and stripped of its wealth for a century, then it was bombed by the US and had its fledging independence disrupted by a nationalist government that wiped out a quarter of the population, including almost every educated person. After that government was deposed the country was left with land mines and orphans but no infrastructure, and no capital. That is why the EU allows Cambodia access to the single market. You may as well be arguing the U.K. will be getting emergency humanitarian relief and post-conflict reconstruction projects, after all, the UN provides that for Cambodia.
  13. So the UK is finished says Theresa Mayhem

    There’s no mention of Cambodia or any other nation with ‘least developed’ status in that document. It is about what will apply to the U.K. you fucking oaf.
  14. Brexit and financial services/City of London

    OK Woody, sit down and try to take in the following in small manageable chunks, I’ll try and make it as easy to understand as I can: 1. Finance companies are regulated by the countries they operate in. That’s important because unregulated finance can damage whole economies. 2. Sovereign countries of the EU are of course responsible for the regulation of finance in their own jurisdictions. 3. There are EU regulatory bodies that ensures the national finance regulators are playing fair, it was based in Canary Wharf, but is moving to Paris. The EBA doesn’t license services, it only checks that the regulatory bodies of the sovereign states that make up the EU are doing their jobs properly with regards to risk and fairness. 4. Since 1995 companies based in one EU country can ‘sell’ financial ‘products’ in any other EU country - (this is what they mean by ‘passporting’). So a finance product deemed ‘safe’ in the U.K. can be ‘sold’ in Germany. The U.K. company will typically open a sales office in Germany to do this, but the finance work and profits stay in the U.K. 5. If access for financial services (continuation of ‘passporting’) is not included in any Brexit deal then even if British finance companies have offices all over Europe they will not be able to sell non-EU regulated financial products in the EU. 6. You probably think that as long as U.K. companies follow broadly similar rules to the EU with regards to selling financial services in the EU, all will be fine. Wrong; ‘equivalency’ as a principle allowing free-trade in financial services is not underwritten by treaty and the EU doesn’t allow it for either commercial banking or primary insurance (that means, ‘the serious stuff’). Also, the definitions of equivalency are pretty vague and it’s quite likely the EU will be able to enforce much stricter regulation on the U.K. than it does now, affecting U.K. competitiveness and even government financial policy. On top of that, a declaration of equivalency can be unilaterally revoked by the EU with 30 days notice. I hope you understand things better now Woody. Think of it this way: If a Texan company called ‘Guns for All’ registers a business and opens a shop in Germany then that is then a German business and it will have to abide by German laws in respect to how it trades and what it sells, no matter what the law in Texas is.
  15. So the UK is finished says Theresa Mayhem

    1. I’ve tried to explain this to you before, but I’ve taken out the difficult words, so please try again: The leave campaign said it was impossible for the U.K. (this bit is important Woody - they were talking about the U.K., not Cambodia) to get free access to the single market without accepting all four freedoms. That is because the U.K. is not yet ranked as a ‘least developed’ country. 2. As our in-house stable genius seems to struggle with understanding how the world works I’ve had to explain some pretty simple stuff here below, if you have a brain please ignore, but Woody, read on: Free trade with Cambodia does not give free access for China, it just gives free access to Cambodia (and it doesn’t in any way follow that the U.K. gets free access either). You seem to mistakenly think that if a Chinese invester puts money into a Cambodian company then that company becomes Chinese ... but it doesn’t mate, it remains Cambodian. Think of it like this - Manchester City is owned by Arabs but is still a U.K. club and is therefore still allowed to play in the Champions League, which they wouldn’t be if they were an Arab club.