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  1. So the UK is finished says Theresa Mayhem

    So it comes down to identity politics. I like the idea of a ‘Europe of the Regions’ where it’s fine to be Flemish, Catalonian, Basque, Manx, Yorkshire, Scottish, Northern Irish (green or orange), Piedmontese, Sicilian, Breton, or whatever, and no one region dominates the rest. I suspect you are nostalgic for the era of strong European nation states. In my view, that caused too much strife in the past. I don’t suppose we’ll ever agree on that, and that colours the way we see the economic or social arguments of the other side. I’m sorry, but I don’t understand your point about ‘sapping of national pride’. National pride comes from culture, history and traditions. I can’t see how any of that was diminished by closer co-operation with the other EU nations. The ‘democratic deficit’ is a non-starter; I didn’t get a vote on Brexit and May is busy creating more Lords to get her bills through Parliament. As for the bureaucracy; as pointed out, that is in the process of being duplicated, just so the U.K. can try to get the trade deals it already has. Anyway, I’m sure it makes sense to you, and whatever happens it is bound to be a compromise fudged together by the truly awful political leaders in both main U.K. parties and the equally dire suits in Brussels. I will try hard to understand the emotions behind your views, but a little more evidence based rationale would help.
  2. So the UK is finished says Theresa Mayhem

    One substantiated example of a law that will change for the general good, a net saving somewhere, an improvement in the UKs trading position, an opportunity for growth, an increase in prosperity, influence, or security, anything will do - just not symbolic change for the sake of it, policies that the government could have enacted anytime during the last couple of decades but chose not to, or plain wishful thinking. We have an idea of some of the costs, and potential costs, eg: break-up of the U.K., 8,000+ extra civil servants, loss of right to live and work in the EU, loss of EU regulatory bodies, exit from Euratom, loss of regional funding, loss of city of culture, loss Erasmus programme, loss of most auto-manufacturing, crippling manpower crisis in the NHS, higher education and agriculture, a devalued pound and longer queues at airports, the need to create a new approval mechanism for new medicines, no trade deals (yet), and quite a weak position to be in for negotiating new deals, uncertainty about the future for forward planning, insecurity for EU nationals in the U.K. and U.K. nationals in the EU., the promotion of the likes of Gove and Davis into positions of power, and a whopping great divorce bill. One bit of tangible silver lining would be great please Quilp. I won’t accept any ‘we’ll be free from the EUSSR’ baloney unless you can point to the statues of Jaques Delores that need toppling and the EU Stazi agents that need apprehending. I won’t accept ‘the Euro is about to collapse’ either, 1/3 of EU states don’t even use it, and I won’t accept ‘it’ll be great because WW2, British Empire, we’re the whatever biggest economy, etc’, get a grip on history and get a grip on reality.
  3. More shootings in the U.S.

    Woody - the lunatic troll act is boring.
  4. So the UK is finished says Theresa Mayhem

    Have you stopped pretending now Woody? Just throwing out random thoughts like a parody of a lunatic high on Alex Jones vids. Where are Woolley and Quilp? They’re closest we have to sentinent brexiters. Haven’t they got any good news brexit stories to share?
  5. Brexit Is Reversible...

    Well Woolley is arguing for the wrong side then. He thinks people who support globalisation are thick.
  6. Brexit Is Reversible...

    Which liberal ‘values’ are you against? What is it you don’t like about globalisation? In 2000, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) identified four basic aspects of globalization: tradeand transactions, capital and investmentmovements, migration and movement of people, and the dissemination of knowledge. Obviously you are against trade and investment movements, migration and the dissemination of knowledge, and there are huge environmental problems stemming from the massive economic growth. The problem is, Britain has been at the forefront of all these developments for centuries. How can the U.K. transform itself into a state of splendid isolation at this stage?
  7. So the UK is finished says Theresa Mayhem

    May is running out of time. She has to keep working with the DUP to make sure there is no devolved assembly in NI to discuss what Brexit will mean there, and there won’t be a second IndyRef in Scotland until that becomes clear. Everything hinges on the nutters in the bowler hats.
  8. Brexit Is Reversible...

    Woolley, there is no “European superstate”, and the U.K. isn’t in “Schengen”, or the “Eurozone” (where they have the single currency). You really should leave the click-bait blogs and rags that are playing with your mind and have a long hard look at the world as it really is.
  9. Brexit Is Reversible...

    If you change the word ‘realism’ to ‘unjustifiable mania based entirely on egotistical fantasy’, that sums up the entire Leave campaign.
  10. So the UK is finished says Theresa Mayhem

    Even so, wouldn’t matter if he was drunk, or tripping out of his mind - he’d still beat you any day.
  11. Brexit Is Reversible...

    In this day and age all he has to do is keep up the bumbling toff persona and the peasantry will doff their caps, pay his expenses and be happy to so.
  12. Brexit Is Reversible...

    Could hardly be less loyal if his name were Farage.
  13. Brexit Is Reversible...

    Oh of course, Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency - What a lame joke. Any thoughts on Bullshit Johnson putting down the claret for a minute to whinge about Brexit reversal being a ‘betrayal’. Pretty rich for a man who has made ‘betrayal’ the main theme of both his public and private live.
  14. Brexit Is Reversible...

    What’s ‘dvla’?
  15. Brexit Is Reversible...

    I know a carrot farmer ... ha ha, love it! Is this carrot farmer such an expert in EU employment law that he was paying £2 an hour? If so I bloody hope those snowflake headlines are true - there’ll be help to pay if British unskilled labour will be working for that if Brexit happens. Still, I can’t help but wonder why your carrot farmer friend never bothered sorting a grant for machinery before now. Maybe he’s a bit thick? He does seem to have at least one particularly stupid friend.
  16. Brexit Is Reversible...

    This personal stuff is boring Woody. Stick to the paradoy thick brexiter persona, it’s bloody entertaining - last few exchanges have been pretty good - (lumping the NFU in with the unions, then claiming to have farming interests as a landowner then saying getting rid of farm labour is a positive for the industry) - but haven’t you got any more on the North Korea / Eussr paranoia theme? I was enjoying them.
  17. labour

    The Labour Party is a socialist organisation, so how is this news? They’ve always thought about politics in terms of sociological groupings. That thinking is engrained in England’s class based society.
  18. Brexit Is Reversible...

    So, how do you think Brexit will benefit farming?
  19. Brexit Is Reversible...

    Woody, that is the funniest thing I’ve seen from you since the 100,000 North Koreans in German firms claim. You clearly think the NFU is a trade union, rather than an association of employers. It’s business is insurance sales and lobbying for agribusiness (it used to sponsor its own tory mps).
  20. Brexit Is Reversible...

    If, for example, the UK strikes a deal with the US allowing imports of chlorinated chicken or corn grown with the aid of bee-killing insecticides, or if the U.K. does away with free movement then there will have to be hard borders with the EU, including in Ireland.
  21. So the UK is finished says Theresa Mayhem

    That’ll be Gibraltar where no transition period could mean; no flights until the airlines have relocated and had new permits issued, new permits have been issued for all types of haulage, no right to work in Spain, no freedom of movement across the border, no right to sell services to the EU and an end to free trade in goods with all countries of the EU and all the countries that have free trade agreements with the EU (so that’s an end to free trade with 5 other G7 countries overnight). Barnier is trying to explain the consequences of the no deal cliff-edge. Davis is too thick and lazy to understand, or care - he knows no deal is possible until the loony wing of Tory party, the moderates and the DUP are all happy - which hasn’t happened after 19 months, and can never happen with Theresa May in charge. If the U.K. is to avoid the cliff edge there has to be compromise within the Tory/DUP coalition - which isn’t going to happen. The only way out of this that doesn’t lead to disaster is a new party of patriots acting in the interests of the country and scuppering Putin’s plans.
  22. So the UK is finished says Theresa Mayhem

    Predictions on the immediate consequences of Brexit made prior to the referendum were made on the assumption that Cameron wasn’t lying when he said: “If the British people vote to leave, there is only one way to bring that about, namely to trigger article 50 of the treaties and begin the process of exit, and the British people would rightly expect that to start straight away.” Fifteen months later the government still hasn’t a clue whether the process of exit is going to mean sacrificing Northern Ireland, Gibraltar, large swathes of the service economy, manufacturing, agriculture, fishing, the rights of British ex-pats to reside in Europe, or what. While everyone waits for the useless shower to quit spinning bullshit for the consumption of the likes of Woody and actually do some work the economy is enjoying the effects of a devalued pound and membership of the single market - that all changes next March.
  23. So the UK is finished says Theresa Mayhem

    Bloody Project Fear, now they’ve gone and got the Japanese Ambassador onboard.
  24. Brexit Is Reversible...

    Nah it’ll be a cinch. They’ll just send Fox, Davis and Johnson round the world asking what tarrifs and restrictions other countries are putting on Henry hoovers, bendy bananas, tungsten-halogen lamps, bitter ale, etc., and then slap similar restrictions and tarrifs on their products. The rest of the world will soon wake up when they work out how much prosecco the Brits drink.