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  1. We're in this together?

    Dear God......and you wonder why you don't get decent candidates at election time ! I too was stood behind Howard Quayle in the airport queue and he wasn't getting preferential treatment. Who gives a flying fcuk about a break even meal..,...what I do care about is that these muppets get the big calls right (and on that basis there are only two or possibly three I would trust). Pensions is a slightly different matter......we all know the Government and MHk schemes are a disgrace and we need brave MHKs to step forward now more than ever to stop that madness. But please Mr Peters, stop your vitriol - it does no one any favours and btw, aren't you subsidized by the taxpayer ?????? Thought so.
  2. We are not the only country in the world to run an aircraft registry so other European registries must have been doing the same thing. I wonder how much the UK has refunded for instance or France or Spain and to what scale . The jet thing probably sounds good to the left wing press but my guess is that it's a non story and there are bigger fish to fry here. The question outstanding though is whether Quayle has made the whole story better or worse by firing the starting gun in such a dramatic fashion and by agreeing to go on Panorama. It's a very high risk strategy when the safest option was to sit still and see what was printed / said - as Derbyshire basically pointed out during the car crash press conference. Put it this way, I've already pressed the record button and ordered my Guardian for Sunday and Monday! The other unknown in all this - how will Tynwald react if this really does start to go badly wrong for IOM ? There might be more than one emergency question on Tuesday.
  3. Planners rule against ice rink

    This is just plain nuts. Talk about pathetic, miserable behavior. Who is the chair of planning ?
  4. MLC Rant - says Manx Radio.

    Juan Turner.........12 years an MLC, taken at least £500k of our money into his own household in wages and aged 60 presumably will collect £20k a year in pension. And in that time he has done what exactly ? And then five months before he gets dumped (as he undoubtedly will) he gives us all a mouthful about how crap the IOM is and how wonderful living in the UK would be. I have absolutely no respect whatsoever for leeches like Turner. He should be charged with fraud as far as I am concerned.....especially as a closer inspection of his facebook page indicates he does absolutely eff all except go on holiday. Tosser.
  5. Falklands Jolly - Pigs in a trough

    The whole trip needs some more investigation. It should be referred immediately to the Public Acounts Committee where the Chairman........Mr.....errrr....ummm Watterson should call himself to account for his foreign travel expenditure. Then he can demand his own resignation. How Watterson can ever expect to be taken seriously is beyond me. He should have the decency to resign now from the Public Accounts Committee.............but he won't of course.
  6. Gravy Train Gets New Engine?

    Yes his remarks are slightly curious but that's not really what he said is it. What he said was that he acknowledged that the Chief Exec and Minister were making the effort to address the overspend but that circumstances were difficult.
  7. 600 more tax returns? This population is growing?

    Listened to the clips and to be fair to Cannan I cannot find any mention about population growth - he merely talks about improved economic circumstances and more people in employment. http://www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-news/iom-population-is-growing-cannan/. So to me it's misleading headline reporting from Manx Radio and for those of you (including me) who haven't submitted your tax returns for this year, he appears to be talking about the last financial year 2016/17 which ends April 17.
  8. 2017 Budget

    Most of the posters on here seem to be hell bent on slagging off politicians, civil servants, pensioners, unemployed, unwashed, unwell, each other...... It only seems to be a select minority that could ever be taken seriously. Ditto that other site on Facebook but to be fair The forum does actually come up with a few intelligent comments and alternatives. In fact right now it's like the Oxford and Cambridge debating society compared to the "crazies" on Facebook.
  9. 2017 Budget

    Ha ha..........had to laugh and they are getting more and more upset that some of their regulars are warming to a bit more positive news than usual. . It appears to be driving Mr Corrin and that ridiculous Bonzo even more insane than usual!!!
  10. Toilet Tax - this year's changes

    hboy is Howard Quayle and I claim my £5. Let's face it though, Howard does have his snout in the taxpayers trough more than most. Countryside Care Payments, Public Sector Salary and generous Public Sector Pension plus I am sure he has claimed every penny going for tourist accommodation etc. You can tell he's comfortably off by the tone of his new year radio message which was downright patronizing and smug.
  11. Toilet Tax - this year's changes

    I think you are all being a bit disingenuous - this tax was rising at £50 a year and scheduled to rise again. They have slashed that to £8 and ordered a review into the MUA business plan. I think therefore it's probably the same old Manx forums rather than the same old house of keys.
  12. Who will be next Chief Minister

    Well, no surprises. Carry on as normal.
  13. Are Chief Minister Candidates Bright Enough?

    Or maybe she likes huge cocks. What a stupid statement on a stupid thread. It really sinks the forum down to the levels of the gutter.
  14. Who will be next Chief Minister

    Putting aside the poll business for a second, I hear that there is significant discontent in the Legislative Council and rumblings of dirty tricks from one or two. Not surprising I guess given that two of the candidates are removing a reasonable additional pay check (10% of basic) by barring them from departments.........and probably even greater in Crookalls and Hendersons cases as one is a minister and one sits on treasury giving them 50% and I think 40% additional respectively. Expect a fight from Legco but it will be all about the money I'm afraid - not the best interests of the IOM - and that has got be disappointing.
  15. Who will be next Chief Minister

    Can anyone save us from relegation ? Maybe Atilla the Hun or Mussolini. Unfortunately Bell and Teare have left a legacy of fear and mistrust. Not only that but they were ultimately clueless. We are no better off than we were five years ago.......in fact we are probably worse off. So it's not really the David Moyes role - more perhaps Claudio Raneiri. Can someone lift a bunch of perennial relegation strugglers to the title !