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  1. Yes his remarks are slightly curious but that's not really what he said is it. What he said was that he acknowledged that the Chief Exec and Minister were making the effort to address the overspend but that circumstances were difficult.
  2. Listened to the clips and to be fair to Cannan I cannot find any mention about population growth - he merely talks about improved economic circumstances and more people in employment. So to me it's misleading headline reporting from Manx Radio and for those of you (including me) who haven't submitted your tax returns for this year, he appears to be talking about the last financial year 2016/17 which ends April 17.
  3. Most of the posters on here seem to be hell bent on slagging off politicians, civil servants, pensioners, unemployed, unwashed, unwell, each other...... It only seems to be a select minority that could ever be taken seriously. Ditto that other site on Facebook but to be fair The forum does actually come up with a few intelligent comments and alternatives. In fact right now it's like the Oxford and Cambridge debating society compared to the "crazies" on Facebook.
  4. Ha ha..........had to laugh and they are getting more and more upset that some of their regulars are warming to a bit more positive news than usual. . It appears to be driving Mr Corrin and that ridiculous Bonzo even more insane than usual!!!
  5. hboy is Howard Quayle and I claim my £5. Let's face it though, Howard does have his snout in the taxpayers trough more than most. Countryside Care Payments, Public Sector Salary and generous Public Sector Pension plus I am sure he has claimed every penny going for tourist accommodation etc. You can tell he's comfortably off by the tone of his new year radio message which was downright patronizing and smug.
  6. I think you are all being a bit disingenuous - this tax was rising at £50 a year and scheduled to rise again. They have slashed that to £8 and ordered a review into the MUA business plan. I think therefore it's probably the same old Manx forums rather than the same old house of keys.
  7. Well, no surprises. Carry on as normal.
  8. Or maybe she likes huge cocks. What a stupid statement on a stupid thread. It really sinks the forum down to the levels of the gutter.
  9. Putting aside the poll business for a second, I hear that there is significant discontent in the Legislative Council and rumblings of dirty tricks from one or two. Not surprising I guess given that two of the candidates are removing a reasonable additional pay check (10% of basic) by barring them from departments.........and probably even greater in Crookalls and Hendersons cases as one is a minister and one sits on treasury giving them 50% and I think 40% additional respectively. Expect a fight from Legco but it will be all about the money I'm afraid - not the best interests of the IOM - and that has got be disappointing.
  10. Can anyone save us from relegation ? Maybe Atilla the Hun or Mussolini. Unfortunately Bell and Teare have left a legacy of fear and mistrust. Not only that but they were ultimately clueless. We are no better off than we were five years fact we are probably worse off. So it's not really the David Moyes role - more perhaps Claudio Raneiri. Can someone lift a bunch of perennial relegation strugglers to the title !
  11. Someone somewhere was going to get punished for the last five years. Teare Bell and Shimmin probably knew what was coming and that left Skelly, Watterson, Gawne and Quayle as the fall guys. Only Watterson appears to have any credit left in the bank but he and Quayle should squeeze in. That leaves Gawne and Skelly and both could go, with the shock result now possibly lining up in Rushen. Skelly, the man who would be CM, now seemingly clinging on with his fingernails against Scampi Hampton. Even if Skelly does scrape in, he's probably going to be seen as damaged goods so this is going to be a very interesting result tomorrow.
  12. Storyline: Hans Solo Robertshaw gets elected only to become Darth Vader. In the nick of time, realizing that he cannot conquer the COMIN galaxy, he remorphs as Hans Solo again a year before the election. Believable and plausible again, he sets about convincing the earthlings that he can be trusted. In next weeks episode, we reveal whether or not Hans Solo regains the trust of the electorate and we see the first signs of the return of Darth Vader.
  13. Just reading the thread. Am I understanding correctly that Eddie Teare (Treasury Minister) chaired the meeting ?? If so surely that is unacceptable particularly if a sitting member was present. That aside, what a poor choice Ramsey appear to have. None of them fill me with any confidence so in many ways I am beginning to think that Singer is in fact the best choice given his experience. I wonder if Tim Baker (Ayre & Michael) might regret not standing in Ramsey given that he now appears to be in a two horse race with young Carlos Phillips for second place in the next door constituency.
  14. And we thought the last five years were bad. There are three names that I think on past performance may have some credibility (Cannan / Quayle / Watterson) but dear god, looking through your predictions, we really are in trouble. The sad thing is that one or two credible candidates who would have helped matters will not get in. I think that Shimmins and possibly Bowers in Middle would have enhanced that list, as would possibly others. A couple of things come to mind - perhaps we really need to review whether a) all island elections are required or b) whether we now offer better pay and conditions and secondly I pity the next CM. Even Maggie Thatcher would struggle with this collection of misfits !
  15. I am actually beginning to think, judging by reports, that Scampi may be of more value than Skelly ever will. Could there be a protest vote........i.e. One for Watterson or Skelly and one for Hampton ?? (Not my patch.....that's why I ask).