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  1. We are Saved - The Airport Gateway To The Rescue!

    To me it is quite clear that Skelly has lost any credibility that he ever had - which in itself was questionable at the best of times - and rather than having the spine to call it a day and stand down as Minister, he is continuing to perplex his new Chief Executive (he seems a decent chap) and the Cabinet Office media Officer by insisting that they still stand shoulder to shoulder with him and keep pumping out this feeble propaganda. My source within DED tells me that he is generally seen by the people that work for him as not only an idiot, but an embarrassing idiot. But, as is the way in politics - especially Manx politics where he will lose his uplift in salary if he steps down gracefully - he will try and tough it out and hold on. It is of course short-sighted. If maybe he stood up, confessed and apologised and showed remorse for his legendary goofs, then he could possibly stand a small chance of staying on the Gravy Train next time...let's face it, that is what the majority of our politicians really care about, don't they? To me there are only two types of Manx Politician - those who wouldn't be able to earn a decent living doing anything else and have substantially increased their income by being elected, and those who are wealthy enough not to worry money and just love massaging their own egos with the authority.
  2. http://www.energyfm.net/cms/news_story_502014.html Comments, please? Article says: The Economic Development Minister hopes a project that could create 1000 jobs in the south of the Island is ready to progress to the next phase. Laurence Skelly confirmed in this week's sitting of the House of Keys that the Airport Technology Gateway Committee is ready to present its recommendations to the Environment and Infrastructure Committee after a year of planning. The Government claims research shows a technology park near an airport creates a desirable gateway for investors, which could result in up to 1000 new jobs being created at Balthane and Ronaldsway. The DED has concluded mapping and a feasibility study, and says there is over 400,000 square feet of land available to be developed.
  3. The Men from MARS are back

    Here we go again...is this woman completely out of control, and does she actually have a plan? http://www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-news/redundancy-scheme-to-reduce-health-costs/
  4. In theory..it still makes us look like a bunch of idiots though. And if you have just witnessed HQ's interview on BBC1 TV it was cringeworthy. His response to the accusations I referenced about policy makers being manipulated was it was ok, as the legislation was never enacted. But they still did it, didn't they Howard? That's like saying I was dealing drugs but nobody actually took them, so its fine!
  5. In summary, whilst most of the programme did play the moral judge (and rightly so), very little (if anything) highlighted was illegal it would seem. However, there are two dark clouds hanging over us after that programme: 1) The fact that our policy makers (and it would appear regulators) have allowed themselves to be manipulated by people trying to screw the system - whats in it for them personally? 2) That it would seem our local Customs chaps have been playing fast and loose with the rules surrounding VAT refunds (not to mention fawning over Lewis Hamilton - which means Ann Reynolds was also in on the act to agree to open the airport at 6am..). This could be disastrous for the Island. Can you imagine if the UK Treasury find us in default and order we cough up the £790.1m? Mr Cannan claims we aren't going bust...I hope he doesn't live to regret that statement! Believe me - this is big boys shit, and ain't going to go away.
  6. Appleby

    Whether we like it or not, as a Nation we have enjoyed the spoils of aiding the rich to get richer. Therefore, it could be argued that as an Island we have a Government and large percentage of the work force that are morally bankrupt and being laughed at by the super rich and the leeches that feed from them. It may be legal, but we are in effect prostututing ourselves, are we not??
  7. House of Commons Visit for Tynwald members

    The saddest part for me (after the sheer waste of our taxpayers money sending these idiots to London) is that our lot are arrogant enough to genuinely believe that they are meeting their equals. Deluded doesn't cut it. How many meals for the vulnerable would this jolly have paid for I wonder?
  8. So, Finley Hesketh got funding for £150k pa 300 elderly and vulnerable lose a life line. Just saying....
  9. All I can say to those responsible...
  10. A camera crew was just outside the offices of Appleby in Athol Street..just saying.
  11. Stupid Car Video

    And we are back in the room.. Whilst the powers that be in DED and DOI think it is a fabby idea to allow these petrol head johnnies to rock up and fawn to them by closing roads hither and thither - because they believe that it will bring inward investment - which it won't by the way - they don't give a flying fuck for the rest of us trying to go about our business. Its about time the dickheads here asked themselves why they all want to come here to play on closed roads? Is it because we are the self proclaimed road racing capital of the world? No, it is because our lot are as soft as shite and that anywhere in the UK would tell them to stop taking the piss, grow up and go play on a track somewhere.
  12. state of the place

    Sadly, Quayle sees himself as some Statesman on equal terms with Prime Ministers and Presidents. In reality, he is little more than Mayor of a small town. If you read the Programme for Government in detail, you will see that very little has been achieved other than a few bits that were well in flight before it was published, so easy wins. The only thing he has truly achieved is an increase in the balance of his Avios points equalled by the size of his pomposity.
  13. Woman in a tent

    The second I see a 'downtrodden' photo on any news article published by the local rag you can guarantee its some appalling hard luck story that has no substance to it. This woman needs a slap in the face with a wet fish to bring her into the real world. Rumour has it that she inherited this property 3 years ago, together with an undisclosed sum of cash. She then is alleged to have gutted the property to spend her money modernising it whilst she carried on living in her RATE PAYER SUBSIDISED HOUSE then when the cash was gone, she was left with a house that allegedly was inhabitable. No shame. That said, the politicians who came to her rescue and fawned over her like she is some poor refugee is utterly pathetic, and even more shameful that they should be giving this woman a minute of their time.
  14. DED spit the dummy over Airbnb?

    It seems to me that the doubling of the registration fee will in encourage more people to register with Airbnb - nice own goal there DED.
  15. Howard Quayle is our next chief minister

    Christ on a fecking bike! How deluded can this gut bucket get? I suspect the only thing he will conquer in Brussels are the chocolates and crepe. I assume his globe-trotting top two public servants (Will and Della) are there to carry his duty free home for him..FFS.