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  1. Manx Bean

    When is GDPR not GDPR?

    I don't think you comprehend the seriousness of the failure to pass this..
  2. Manx Bean

    When is GDPR not GDPR?

    So, despite all the hype, blind panic and feverish activity about GDPR, we wake up today safe in the knowledge that it still is NOT in force here. Yet again it would seem all that has been created is an absolute dog's dinner. Naturally, being that it is a major own goal, there is no mention of this cock up on Manx Radio. https://www.energyfm.net/cms/news_story_536003.html
  3. Manx Bean

    Visitors from the Parliament of the Motherland

    Whatever we think of these two visiting the Island and their motive, you can guarantee one thing. They are both highly experienced "Premier League" politicians that could no doubt chew our lot up and spit them out for fun. I just hope that HQ and his Cabinet Office Dream Team just managed not to embarrass us all in the process.
  4. Does anyone have faith in Ray Harmless actually understanding even half of the issues around homelessness? This report at least suggests he is clueless. https://www.energyfm.net/cms/news_story_535833.html
  5. Manx Bean

    Glen Truan Holiday Development

    Just stop and look at the facts. Mr Morphet is a lifelong smart businessman in the leisure sector. He chose to make his UK base the Isle of Man (yes, for tax purposes) and bought Bishopscourt for I think c£5.5m. He hops back and forth to Lancashire in his own helicopter. He owns a large leisure resort in the Caribbean. He saw what he thought was a good opportunity in the Isle of Man (he's got more of a clue than most), and wanted to invest into his adopted island. If the Island doesn't want this development he will either choose to resubmit, or not bother at all and invest elsewhere - maybe Jersey or Guernsey. For me it seems a pathetic and crying shame that we Manxies are once again looking a gift horse in the mouth, then punching it. I wish people would wake up. Tourism is in decline to the point where its really on it's arse. Forget the bullshit Skelly and his boys spout. The industry needs all the help it can get. I think Mr Morphet should be welcomed with open arms in Bride - intact, they should be holding a street party for him and give him Freedom of the Hamlet.
  6. Manx Bean

    Underwater Data Centres

    I'm sure it will only be a matter of time before an MHK asks a question in Tynpotwald.
  7. Manx Bean

    Vision 2020

    The only thing that has come along nicely is his stomach by the look of it.
  8. Manx Bean

    TT 2018

    I think its a pretty crass comparison to be honest. Maybe he knew that he dare not compare the mortality rate for the TT against any other recognised motorsport, so opted for comparing apples with pears.
  9. Manx Bean

    island to take giant space selfie

    But seriously, what the f*cK??!! This Year of Our Island is possibly the most disappointing pile of poo I've ever witnessed. Here we are in June - pretty much halfway through this year of "Celebration", and to be honest, I don't feel that I have seen ANY real activity or promotion of any event that makes me go "Oooh..that sounds good". It seems that most "special events" were going to take place anyway. Even this alleged "selfie from space" will require us to put out an installation of 10m x 10m....oh yes, like we all own a fucking field! To be serious, I have some sympathy for the poor civil servants who have been handed this crock of shit to manage. In theory it was a great idea, and the concept should be applauded. However, the execution is so piss poor as to be laughable. Another perfect example of how Government can take the most 'can't fail' idea and utterly mess it up.
  10. Manx Bean

    cycle lane , Lezayre Road?

    When you realise the person responsible for useless cycle lanes, was also responsible for the traffic-calming plant tubs in St Marks and down the road past Beecroft Towers, it will all make sense. What scares this shit out of me, is that person is also really responsible for the Douglas Promenade scheme...and I don't mean Minister Harmless.
  11. Manx Bean

    Beneficial Register MPs visiting IOM

    Howard Quayle will be fine - in his own mind. He is supremely confident. A born Statesman. In his own mind. I doubt he has any concerns at all. Its the bods in External Relations in the Cabinet Office that will be twitching now at the thought of the visit, and in particular, what Howard will say when he opens his mouth.
  12. Manx Bean

    Chief Minister summons new MLCs

    But isn't Whingecroft correct in stating that it was the place of the President of Tynpotwald to give them their talking to, and not the fat lad?
  13. Manx Bean

    Chief Minister summons new MLCs

    Or the Fat Controller?
  14. Manx Bean

    Isle of Man - World Leader..

    Ray Harmless.
  15. Manx Bean

    Isle of Man - World Leader..

    Thanks for all your comments - but, my point was a more general one. Why politicians here think that they are failing themselves unless they make the Isle of Man a world leader in something? Instead of being average/below average on most things and a world leader in one or two (if that is ever achievable), please can they focus on just slowing improving core public services. There really are more important issues to resolve than bloody broadband to be honest. One Minister for example thinks we would be a world leading test ground for electric driverless cars...FFS.