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  1. Vision Nine Contract...

    The fact remains Howard needs to show he has balls now and sack Skelly. If he doesn't it will just be one more nail in the coffin of Manx apathy and delusion.
  2. Vision Nine Contract...

    Captain Qulliam - LOL! Fucking idiot!
  3. Abort67

    There is nothing to stop people standing in front of the graphic and tasteless images to obscure them from view, by means of tasteful protest either.
  4. Mere Child Becomes Health Minister

    The Oval Office, Buck's Road, Douglas - Friday 5th January 2018, 17:53 GMT. "Yes, what is it Shirley?" "Chief Minister. Mr Thomas is here." "Send him in Shirley,, and can you ring Lorraine and tell the little woman that she may need to delay our booking at Thai Thai". "Yes, Chief Minister. By the way, HE Sir Richard has been on again to say he's only available to sign whatever bit of certificate thingy you want signed until 7pm, then he's off to his Zumba class". ++++++ "Chris, my old friend. How's your day been? Single Malt? Its a rather good New Zealand one. Ok, so Chris, have you had time to reconsider my golden offer to take over the Department of Dreams now Beecroft has finally gone?" "Well, forgive me Chief Minister..." "Oh, please call me Howard". "Hmm, yes Howard. Well, as the 8th Caliph of Baghdad said in 1068 "the eyes of the sun do shrivel the larger stare but protect those that shield their eyes". "Yes, I see Chris. Look, I'll keep it simple - that is KISS, but there is only one S really. You don't want the job, Dr Allinson doesn't want the job. Cannan is actually doing a half decent job where he is despite the fact I can't stand to look at him without bile rising in my throat..that only leaves a bunch of newbie idiots. Even Jason turned me down for crying out loud!" "I have it, Chief...Howard! Dadaa! Who was your favourite US President? "Gerald Ford" "Precisely". And if you manage to turn around this mess that is jokingly called a health service, what will it be?" "A bloody miracle, Chris." "No, Chief. It will be the Phoenix rising from the Ashes!" Ford, Ashes..Ashes, Ford..don't you see? Ashford! David Ashford. Ideal Cannon fodder!" "Shirley, Shirley!!" "Yes, Chief Minister?" "Open some of that Prosecco, call Mr Ashford and tell Sir Richard we will pop by Monday morning - in that order!" "Yes, Chief Minister!"
  5. Mere Child Becomes Health Minister

    +1. Priceless.
  6. Bus Vannin. More waste/good idea?

    By Christ, there's some right shite being spouted on here fellas!
  7. 2018 phone book

    I am ex-directory, but still get one. Everyone with an MT landline has one delivered, or should do.
  8. 2018 phone book

    Maybe MT could be forward thinking and maybe have an opt-out scheme - and knock a fiver off the bill once a year. But, that's far too sensible.
  9. MUA Water Whitewash

    I'm struggling to understand how this can be anything other than a piss poor attempt to cover up the truth - pump salt water back into the main water supply - how exactly??? http://www.iomtoday.co.im/article.cfm?id=37536&headline=Steam Packet's role in contamination of tap water in Douglas&sectionIs=NEWS&searchyear=2017
  10. What is the point of this for the cost?

    MAN 1 is taxed..look again...https://services.gov.im/vehicles-driving/vehicle-search/results?RegMarkNo=man1
  11. What is the point of this for the cost?

    Is the tax disc in date though, and for the vehicle in question - or maybe your neighbour prints his own? lol.
  12. What is the point of this for the cost?

    I actually found the DVLA version handy last year when a dealer trying to sell me what he said was a 2013 car, actually checked out to be a 2012..to be honest it looks like a simple build, so probably cost buttons. I quite like it.
  13. That 50m from the DED

    It seems to me that at best this is a well intentioned idea that has turned into another shambolic embarrassment. Not mentioned here is how the funded companies are doing, and whether the Department of {insert current name] will ever see a return. What we really need now is for someone like the new Chief Executive, that Mr Lewin chap to do the sensible thing and wind up the scheme before it does start to becoming really embarrassing for all concerned. The conspiracy theorists of course will speculate that in fact the cupboard is nearly bare as the money has been 'borrowed' elsewhere, hence the modest pace at which grants are being approved..
  14. Gene Hunt would be proud

    So what does this new Connect system do Derek, and how much is it costing?
  15. Gene Hunt would be proud

    Seriously, WTF!?? http://www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-news/constabulary-still-using-paper-files/