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  1. Yet Another Tenuous Island News Link

    Feck me!! I went to Salisbury last year...and walked past Greggs!!
  2. Car Tax Stealth Tax - Ray Harmer Broken Promises

    The bald plain fact is that they don't have a clue. The DOI senior management are currently verging on a meltdown because they can't figure out how to bring in enough revenue to cover their costs. And let's be honest here - if a Minister can't even deliver the first sentence of his introduction to presenting the order without stumbling over every other word, it shows he clearly not only hasn't written it (no surprise there) but probably doesn't even understand it. The FACT is that neither the Minister or his management can provide a complete and plausible explanation for these increases, as they can't think of anything genuine themselves, other than they need more money than they are bringing in. The other fact that only Tim Crookall slightly touched on yesterday, was that Harmer made all sorts of assurances last August (yes folks, the last increases was less than 12 months ago) of changes he was going to make. 6 months on...they have finished a consultation which was badly formed and really quite useless - but that is it. Not a sausage else. Not even a mini cocktail sausage. I think it is high time the bumbling idiot was removed from office.
  3. Car Tax Stealth Tax - Ray Harmer Broken Promises

    Well, today is the day when we will see if any of our wonderful political representatives (elected or otherwise) will have a pair and vote down this latest increase - the second in 12 months remember. And, if you are an MHK or MLC reading this, ask yourself whether you can, with a clear conscience allow this to go through today?
  4. Fat Controller to get a grilling...Toy Town Style

    This relationship between the UK and the Isle of Man and the Channel Islands is probably categorised as "When I want your opinion, I will give it to you" by Westminster. In the meantime, Howard should do the best he can to pretend he knows what is happening, so he can brief everyone else that hasn't a clue and give them the confidence to believe they know what is happening.
  5. I sometimes think this Government is the comedy sketch that just keeps giving. So, in today's episode of "Yes, Chief Minister!" we have the Chief Minister, Chief Secretary and his bag carrier appearing before a panel of equally clueless individuals trying to persuade each other that they know all there is to know about Brexit. http://www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-news/brexit-unclear-but-the-island-must-be-ready-says-cm/
  6. Year of Our Island - 2018 - so just another year then..

    OK, so can you please confirm that not 1p of taxpayers money has been ever used to fund or support Culture Vannin, including the salaries of the officers that work for the organisation, or any of their initiatives? Yes or No is sufficient.
  7. Year of Our Island - 2018 - so just another year then..

    The grants are available from Culture Vannin, which in turn is funded by....the taxpayer. Thats as i understand it anyway..
  8. Car Tax Stealth Tax - Ray Harmer Broken Promises

    My point entirely. It seems to me that one thing Ray Harmer is good at, is forgetting everything he said yesterday and not worrying about it. He (or should I say his civil servants) made an absolute dog's dinner of the Vehicle Duty Order last year and had to pull it the day before it was due to go through the House due to the public outcry after deciding to publish details ahead of time in the media. Now, having realised that he hasn't delivered ONE of the commitments (the consultation has only just closed so how has he managed to analyse and digest the contents?? ) him and his bunch of smug top DOI civil servants had just decided to try and sneak another increase through and hope we don't notice. And why should they care? They seem to run rings around Harmer, which it would seem isn't difficult.
  9. WTF. Who cares really ?

    I'd far rather listen to a message from Her Majesty, than the Chief Minister. That is all.
  10. Year of Our Island - 2018 - so just another year then..

    With all due respect Chris, the website is empty and it would seem that we had "Dark Skies" in January (ooh), February passed you by, March and April will see some walks apparently...and as for the rest of the year.. For god's sake, if you can't deliver something of some substance and interest to anyone other than the politicians and civil servants who dreamt up this idea, I'd rather you didn't bother. In truth, the vast majority of whatever events happen this year, was more than likely going to happen anyway! Quite frankly, there really is far more important shit to sort out than the wordy, fluffy waffle you quoted above. Sorry - but thats how it is.
  11. Students won't work in UCM refectory

    I think you read it wrong Albert. Students won't work..full stop. Teenagers and kitchen don't mix - ever tried to get one to wash up?
  12. Tell us something we don't know..

    So now its official - the majority of the roads budget will get blown on the TT Course, at the expense of the rest of the rapidly decaying road network on the Island. I suppose you have to at least admire the man's honesty. http://www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-news/road-racing-roads-come-first-says-minister/
  13. Car Tax Stealth Tax - Ray Harmer Broken Promises

    That's my point...he made all these bold promises about how he was going to help people like us - that can't afford super new cars because we don't earn £50k+ like he does. Its about time he proved he has actually got some balls and a spine and got something done. Come on Mr Harmer - stop being a lying lard arse and get on with delivering on your promises!!
  14. I see the old car tax is to go up again. Nothing unusual about that ordinarily. Except...I recall last year RayHarmer got himself into right mess over trying to introduce some cuckoo changes to the rates, then pulled the Order Paper at the 11th hour, only to have to make a whole plethora of promises and commitments about reviewing the system and promises of playing the already high duty by instalment or 6 month discs. That was last June Mr Harmer - come on...what have you done about it since?? I tell you what in real terms - Nothing, Zilch, Nada...eff all. Oh sorry, they put out some half-arsed survey...that's that box ticked then, eh? And now the Department of Infrastructure can quietly sneak another increase through thinking we won't notice... Its a bloody disgrace. Its high time someone brought our elected representatives to account.
  15. Year of Our Island - 2018 - so just another year then..

    Here we are 10th March and there is still shit all on the wonderful website...oh, but wait...DOI are going do some work on the old railway line between Douglas and Peel. Is this really the best these bunch of muppets can do? FFS!!! http://www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-news/year-of-our-island-treatment-for-old-railway/