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  1. And the Villa Marina goes to.....Department of Children and Education....WTF!!
  2. Not to mention the cost of the rebranding...
  3. I agree Declan. But, it is called free enterprise and just goes to show that money talks. Its interesting however, that we apparently want to attract new residents and wealth to the island, then only bitch when we do.
  4. I find it interesting that some of the millstones have been cut loose, but there is no reference as to where they are being transferred to...could it be that secretly there is a mystery buyer for the villa after all??
  5. No shit Sherlock
  6. Although in reality it is more likely a public servant's vanity project. Harmer just happens to be the latest conveniently gullible fool to take up post as the DOI dream team's puppet.
  7. I disagree, Geoff Corkish is an arrogant twat.
  8. Although the twist is that this new 'cultural space' will more than likely be the perfect location for late night brawls, solvent abuse and I can well imagine it will prove to be less than popular with the Sefton crowd once they see a Douglas Saturday night in all its glory on their doorstep...
  9. I see the Fat Controller is at it again - setting up the public ready for the latest lunatic plan for the Prom to be wafted through Tynwald. I particularly enjoy the audio clip where Captain Airmiles says the public are fed up with waiting...No, I think we are fed up with our political leaders and public servants spending so much money on what is effectively an over blown vanity project. If he actually chose to lower himself to get out of his ivory tower and speak to his islanders - AND LISTEN - he may find he is talking shite.
  10. I think the reality of the situation is more likely to be that the senior civil servants have got to him. Let's face it, he's like an eager puppy that will agree to anything that he thinks will make him look good. The irony is that he can't see what a complete tit he is being made to look. He's probably even too arrogant to listen to anyone who tells him so. He has only been in post a fraction of the time that Promenade Scheme has been kicking around, so he's quite clearly just taken over the chalice from Gawne and in all likelihood doesn't have a clue what it all means, but just smiles inanely when spoken to - not to dissimilar from Trigger in Only Fools and Horses.
  11. FFS...can you imagine all the tables and chairs...really??
  12. I have to disagree. If you go into Douglas during the week you will find difficulty. Now Chester Street is free from 3pm, it is full most afternoons. Shows Brow is full most days with people who work in Douglas. So, if you are coming into Douglas to shop and can't park there or on the street or prom, you will either drive around until you can eventually find a space, or give up. In any event, the loss of those 130 spaces will more than likely have a negative economic effect on the retail units in Douglas, which will just add to the difficult trading conditions many are struggling with now on a daily basis. But I doubt whether the "experts" in DOI have conducted or commissioned an economic impact assessment, as it is their warped view that this will answer all of our prayers and the entire Island will be tripping over themselves to come into Douglas to experience the wonderful Cultural Space outside the Sefton.
  13. Its difficult to have sympathy when only a month back you had members of the Road Policing Unit dicking about in a Ford Mustang and other ridiculous road 'toys'.
  14. Oh, its all good. We are only going to lose 130 parking spaces....what the hell are these imbeciles smoking???
  15. And that is the problem. Just like Foxdale. We all know that to have taken this length of time is actually beyond a joke and shows just how utterly incompetent DOI is at managing such a scheme.