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  1. Except he hasn't got any constituents, has he...
  2. The bumbling idiot Harmer could do with being moved out too..
  3. OUCH! Bet that smarted! celebrates being named 'preferred supplier' for government mobile phones&sectionIs=news&searchyear=2017
  4. He is very critical of Government, but is still happy to collect his salary cheque each month. Try that in the private sector and you would get asked to consider your loyalties and position! If he feels that strongly that HE is part of something so useless and corrupt, then shouldn't he resign and aim to distance himself from the rot as quickly as possible? Or is he going to acquire a white charger and come galloping into Tynwald swirling a sword and becoming our overnight saviour?
  5. It doesn't stop with open mic nights, either. There is now a new an unhealthy new thing in town called the young persons cool hang out place thing. They have one in Michael Street in Peel. Its full of bean bags etc. and "managed" by a number of their slick recruiters disguised as "cool" adults. Scary stuff.
  6. How caring of Mr Speaker. I like the sentence in this report "Mr Watterson also confirmed he's been in touch with the manager of the facility to see whether the MHKs can do anything to help." Unless he's going to commit to holding tax-payer funded cocktail parties there every night, I suspect not. Idiot.
  7. This needs context. Sorry to Manx Concert Brass, but you're not quite The honestly don't understand the fuss x-in-man..
  8. Islands expense claims under Freedom of Information spotlight&sectionIs=NEWS&searchyear=2017 This sort of piss-taking with our money (tax payers) makes my blood boil. Are these people for real??? I have been on hundreds of business trips, and if I need tissues or paracetamol - I have to buy my own, with my own money. Is it any wonder we have no respect for these people? They are all like pigs in a trough!!
  9. Which is chicken shit when you compare it to the lost trade as a result of people getting pissed off when they can't use a debit card and end up heading off somewhere else. Its petty short-sightedness at its best.
  10. As has been said before, a sensible politician knows when to shut the f*** up. Sorry Rob. You blew it.
  11. As today's news proves - It's interesting, as anyone with an atom of common sense would think maybe its would be prudent to adopt the one way system for both events...but seemingly, there again this is the Isle of Man.
  12. In any event, if what the former Clerk says it true - he would surely have grounds for unfair or constructive dismissal.
  13. Are visiting bikers this thick - or is this another patronising waste of our money?
  14. Anyway, having trawled through the Isle of Man listings I find it hilarious that I came across more than one property owned by public servants. Suggesting the Government needs to get their own house in order first!!
  15. There are times where maintaining a dignified silence is better than digging a bigger hole for yourself. Sadly, many of our politicians don't get that.