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  1. Manx Bean

    Spies interviewed in Isle of Man

    The two men have been interviewed about their alleged involvement in a number of instances of suspicious activity. They were captured on CCTV taking a ride on a horse tram and then walking back along Douglas Promenade holding what was identified as a cigarette pack with a sketch of Douglas Promenade on the reverse of the carton. Chief Minister Quayle immediately issued a press statement from his villa in the Algarve to say that he did not recognise either of these people, and any suggestion that they were government officials was quite ridiculous. He went on to say that despite being on holiday, he had his finger absolutely on the pulse. He closed by sending his best wishes fo everyone involved with the Rally this weekend. The investigation continues.
  2. Manx Bean

    To Infinity and....oh yea, nowhere

    Like I might be an alien being from Mars you mean?
  3. Manx Bean

    To Infinity and....oh yea, nowhere

    Never saw this coming - http://www.iomtoday.co.im/article.cfm?id=42788&headline=Space age legal case will go to trial&sectionIs=NEWS&searchyear=2018 Now, let me see - I would actually like to know how much this scam cost the taxpayer...particularly as I remember a number of politicians and senior civil servants tripping over themselves at the time.. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-isle-of-man-13231653
  4. Manx Bean

    Rally Under Threat...

    Now, this (again) is a prime example of why this Government really are pathetic in a situation like this. For a start, I note that Minister "Teflon" Skelly has been notable by his absence whilst this is going on - but now all of a sudden there is talk of Government helping hoteliers. Maybe, if all of the Departments involved in this utter platinum grade fiasco had pulled together to start with, the Rally would have gone ahead, everything would have been fine, and I wouldn't be writing this now. But no, instead of that, nothing got achieved other than to create another reason to slag them all off for their incompetence. And to add to the comedy worthy of a feature length episode of "Yes Minister", the departments all just seem to be kicking it around like its some red hot nuclear football that none of them want ending up in the back of their net. Chuckle Brother politics. http://www.iomtoday.co.im/article.cfm?id=42708&headline=Government in talks with hoteliers who stand to lose out after rally cancellation&sectionIs=NEWS&searchyear=2018
  5. Manx Bean

    Bus Vannin ends return journey tickets

    If you've ever spent a few minutes in the company of Mr Longworth, you will fully comprehend why the fare structure is a complete and utter buggers muddle..
  6. Manx Bean

    Bus Crash Birch Hill

    Mr Longworth would have had a cursory chat with the driver and then wait for the next "DOI is shite" news story to bury his one. Generally, needn't wait more than a few days.
  7. Manx Bean

    Rally Under Threat...

    You could guarantee Hot Tub Malarkey would hop on the bandwagon...can't help himself. Tit.
  8. Manx Bean

    Rally Under Threat...

    He's head of Highways aka King of the bonkers "Traffic calming" ideas and Douglas Promenade Scheme. I assume the Chief Executive was too busy with something else like reviewing his annual pension performance statement to bother about this. This wasn't quite as comical as Howard's Paradise Papers train smash, but not far short. To me, the fact they have come out with all guns blazing (a stinging press release was issued within a couple of hours of yesterday - most unusual for them to move that quickly) almost smacks of that old saying - the best form of defence is attack. I can't imagine for one second that the organisers of the rally took their decision lightly. In fact, it really must have been a decision of absolute last resort. I suspect the reality is that there was real tension and some personality clash going on here and that someone's frustrations with dealing with DOI (lets face it, if these pair - Harmer and Robinson - are representative of the calibre of personnel) have been tipped over the edge and they've gone - "you know what - fuck this". No matter who is at fault, this is one major PR disaster. So well done everyone.
  9. Manx Bean

    Police ready to race to the scene

    Got to look the Biz in the road racing capital (not rallying though) of the world, don’t you know.
  10. Manx Bean

    Rally Under Threat...

    I'm not specifically pro or anti rally, but this is a nuclear grade PR disaster for Rally Isle of Man and the Isle of Man in general. The implications go far wider than just teams losing money for the now cancelled event. As it accounted for 9 stages of a championship (amongst others), it could effectively throw a number of series and championships into chaos, meaning that the MSA will think twice before issuing the Isle of Man another permit for some time - if ever. Whichever ever side the blame lays with here - its gross incompetence. Isle of Man - Freedom to Fuck it Up.
  11. Manx Bean

    Louis Group disqualification hearings

    My favourite line from the report on IOM Newspapers is: Investors were attracted by the Louis family’s self-projected religious values and representations of low risk investment. Could almost come straight our of a Living Hope Leaders training manual.
  12. Manx Bean

    The Highways Looney at it again..

    First the planters in St Marks, then Strang..and now the latest lunatic idea from the Director of Stupid Ideas at the Department of Incompetence. https://www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-news/chaos-on-new-lezayre-road/
  13. Manx Bean

    Marketing Ploy?

    Or possibly that IOM Newspapers are regularly desperate for content?
  14. Manx Bean

    Manx Radio Apology (29th June)

    If they are trying to piggy-back on the wonderfully funny BBC series W1A, then they have failed. The one on the link shared (ineptly called IM1) was absolutely f*kicng appalling.
  15. Manx Bean

    Church Conference at Villa Marina

    And we are back in the room. I have some sympathy for anyone in this scam church who has yet to realise that their good nature and desire to “belong” is being so horribly abused by the reptiles running this cult. For a start, I have yet to receive a straight answer from the 2 people I have spoken to as to what their “religion” actually is. They can’t tell me. I also find it incredible that these people haven’t stopped to compare it to an established Church, like for example, the Chirch of. England. In the Church of England, a vicar of a large parish can expect to earn a stipend of c£16-17kpa. They will live in a property for pepper corn rent, which belongs to the Church. He/she will be educated by degree and through an extensive and exhaustive programme. The Living hope church - The lead “Pastor” earns £82kpa. He lives in a house that he owns, paid for by “gifts” from the congregation. From what I understand he has no recognised qualification to permit him to speak of. Personally, I don’t believe in any God, but if I did I would ask very challenging questions of the morality of the people benefitting financially from this cult, and their motivation.