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  1. Good. It's a filthy habit.
  2. So, built for cycling, and held a World Championship...
  3. And Cycling Weekly described it (Sunday) as "the best National Championships course in years".
  4. From the main man at BlueWave..
  5. Even more next weekend with the British Road Race on...
  6. Its residents or Commissioners often do. In this case, I can't remember which version does unfortunately. In any event a village can do or have lots of things, not just Faecesbook.
  7. I'm not an expensive DED lawyer, so I can't give an expensive or expansive opinion. However, I believe that a news organisation can quote another organisation's name in a report, whether it's TT, Barclays, or whoever.
  8. Meanwhile, you only have to look at the Onchan Facebook page to see where Rob Callister's priorities lie. Busy farming the social media vote, worrying about a broken streetlight and a leak in a Commissioner's property, rather than worrying about his ongoing embarrassments on the national stage.
  9. I've said before - use dots or space when using T.T or T T - there is no trademark in place for that, so DED have no chance of starting a fight in an empty room..
  10. This is the last under the current lease. The video is worth a watch
  11. I would support it being motorbikes only, as a toll road for the full fortnight. £5 to access.
  12. Isle of Man Bank online banking lets you place notes on your account re your card that you're travelling. Got an email about it a while back.
  13. Haven't read full story, only the screen cap, but sounds like something and nothing. Sounds like, whilst abroad, he couldn't get his card to be accepted for online transaction(s), probably reasonable fraud prevention. It does say "credit or debit card services" in the article. IOM Bank does not provide credit cards, only introductions to NatWest UK, so if a credit card didn't work that would have nothing to do with IOM Bank. Debit card services are probably reasonably covered by their T&Cs. Without the full story (I'm not buying a paper) don't know why the paper has covered this (for a mate?). The customer should complain to the Bank and then the Ombudsman, who would find in his favour or against.
  14. Agree, I think it's great. £10 is nothing for a badge, and potential multiple heritage visits.
  15. So, the RNLI should have got MM, who have a license, to manufacture their pin badges for them, and they wouldn't have had to pay their £250? MM's agreement is undoubtedly wrapped up in "commercial sensitivity", but essentially it sounds as if they're paying for close to a merchandising monopoly, which is fair enough, and rightly, as Rob has positioned several times, their contract payments go to the TT 'greater good'. Going back to the £250 paid by the RNLI though, by my reading those monies should have actually gone to MM, whose production / sales of pins may be undercut by allowing another producer, not to the DED's lawyers. Rob has said several times it's complicated (maybe my paraphrasing), hasn't done a great job at ever explaining it, and it does seem a dog's dinner that may get fixed. One thing I'd like to see though is that the onus is shifted from DED officers trying to monitor shops etc, and shift an emphasis to actual licence holders to monitor, complain and take legal action to protect their purchased rights.