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  1. Villa Marina gig line up

    All very quiet about bands for TT fortnight, other than Gary Barlow, who just happens to be on then. Not that long to go now. Am sure I read Rob Callister saying there was going to be three big bands at the Villa Gaiety. Hooded Ram have also said they'll have big name bands, and I think Bushy's said similar, although Lenny who organises for them recently announced his temporary retirement from promotion. I hope there are plans, as usually there would be announcements well before this time of year.
  2. Defending the Indefensible - Chief Minister Speaks

    But at least we'd all get the felt museum we've been after all these years.
  3. Kit Kat Bar

    Google says Fort Anne course closed 1951
  4. Bands that have played in the Isle of Man

    Hawkwind did Summerland around 1995/1996. Preceded by Miss Wet T shirt and various other things to 'entertain' the bikers, and don't think Hawkwind came on stage until close to midnight.
  5. Manx Journalism At It's Very Best

    Rogue apostrophe in the topic title....
  6. Bands that have played in the Isle of Man

    Brian Wilson....genius...
  7. Bands that have played in the Isle of Man

    Jim Bob from Carter USM playing in The Cornerhouse remains one of my favourites.
  8. Aah, thebees, I enjoyed your fan-joy. You might have seen the below, but it's a similar sentiment from a current player: http://douglasrufciom.rfu.club/news/returning-to-douglas-rufc-a-representation-of-the-isle-of-man
  9. Peaky Blinders

    I know this isn't the answer to the question you asked, but there's DVDs on eBay that would come in as cheap, or less, than your nice bottle of wine.
  10. road menders done good!

    Is this the DOI starting to spunk the rest of their annual budget? At least Harmer's not naive enough to resurface the route he drives into Douglas.
  11. Man wins employment tribunal

    Reading the full tribunal decision, sounds like a right dog's dinner. Firm's regulatory controls come across as pretty much a mess, his conduct not exactly rosy either, but outcome seems fair to me.
  12. "Internet World Television"

    I hope there's not a single penny of taxpayer money anywhere near this: http://www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-news/internet-world-television-to-set-up-on-island/ A very quick internet search shows this individual has been trying, and failing, to deliver this concept at a number of venues over a number of years. What are the chances of the newly branded Department of Enterprise seeing promise in Mr Boyle's newly branded venture though?
  13. Pedantic Manx police state strikes again

    I'm sure her name used to crop up in crime reports a good while back. That said, t'internet isn't throwing up anything, which would mean either I'm wrong (which I don't think I am) or she had rehabilitated. I'm not too sure the IOM Police are all big believers in rehabilitation though..
  14. Abort67

    It's because they're an organisation collecting the 'data' - individuals filming for themselves is fine. https://www.inforights.im/information-centre/data-protection/data-protection-guidance-for-organisations/surveillance-technology-cctv/ Prosecute the shit out of them..
  15. Bluewave were decent, until after Stuart Baggs’ death. Since then, their general performance has been poor, with some of the worst customer service I’ve experienced. Gave up on them a little while back, having tried to give the benefit of the doubt for as long as possible.