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  1. Pedantic Manx police state strikes again

    I'm sure her name used to crop up in crime reports a good while back. That said, t'internet isn't throwing up anything, which would mean either I'm wrong (which I don't think I am) or she had rehabilitated. I'm not too sure the IOM Police are all big believers in rehabilitation though..
  2. Abort67

    It's because they're an organisation collecting the 'data' - individuals filming for themselves is fine. https://www.inforights.im/information-centre/data-protection/data-protection-guidance-for-organisations/surveillance-technology-cctv/ Prosecute the shit out of them..
  3. Bluewave were decent, until after Stuart Baggs’ death. Since then, their general performance has been poor, with some of the worst customer service I’ve experienced. Gave up on them a little while back, having tried to give the benefit of the doubt for as long as possible.
  4. Keyboard Warriors

    *lets #grammarnazi
  5. A popular decision

    Here you go Swordfish. RC himself said he resigned on 9th March.....
  6. A popular decision

    Someone like Shimmins has run a large organisation, and needed to cut costs by closing departments, branches and outsourcing. I'm pretty sure he'll have had plenty of dealings with Couch when he was at tax as well. Not the most charismatic, but could be a decent outside bet.
  7. Another MLC in court

    http://www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-news/mlc-appears-in-court/ Will be interesting to see how this plays out. The Information Commissioner normally takes a fairly soft approach - carrot rather than stick for registrations under the DPA. Maybe this time JT's arrogance may catch up with him..
  8. NOISE

    Get out of bed, and go and investigate. You're more likely to find out what's going on that way, than asking on a forum. The forum members could guide you with more information..
  9. Rob callister mhk

    Black, with a big red stripe down it?
  10. Rob callister mhk

    Meanwhile, today, on Facebook... Some Onchan residents are upset about where a motorhome's been parked, and for how long. Onchan commissioners have advised them nothing can be done, as it's taxed and parked legally. After some debate, someone decides to tag Rob......”Cheers Guys, I will pick this up, thank you”. I'd want him to say, “Sorry Guys, if this has been raised with the local Commissioners, and they have advised on the legal position, then there is nothing I'd be able to do. Also, it's not actually in the part of Onchan that forms my area, but if you do wish to raise it with the Garff MHKs please do so.” But, he can't help himself. It'll be a nice part of a pointless blog again, achieving nothing. Rob will say that he does these things when he has time, without it encroaching on his very important job, and that he said he would ensure all of Onchan gets properly represented. Lots of words, signifying nothing. Matters of national importance, eh?
  11. Rob callister mhk

    That post didn't get off to a good start #grammarfail
  12. Rob callister mhk

    I suspect that a troublemaker wants the thread locked. I can’t think why...
  13. Rob callister mhk

    Go through your blog?!? We haven’t got the time you have..
  14. Rob callister mhk

    More ridiculous breaches of confidence. If you were the businessman holding a meeting with him on Monday in Coffee Exchange, we know you were discussing the paddock layout. If you had lunch with him in the Court House on Friday, the main topic was the procurement process. Lots of words and hot air, breaches of confidence, and no actual obvious content...again.
  15. Rob callister mhk

    I'm fine that he and others have done the qualification. I think he's a pompous arse though, showing the certificate via Facebook. But, most things he does make me think he's a pompous arse, so I'm not surprised.