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  1. I linked to the Police's original post. They subsequently edited their post, by adding the update. I'm not now going to go back and change mine, just because they have. Hopefully that now makes sense. If it doesn't, then that's because you're always right.
  2. No. My post was made before the Police added their update. I'm glad they have identified themselves as a result of this.
  3. There are always polarised views on the rights and wrongs of cyclists. This though is disgraceful, and good to see the majority of Facebook commenters think so as well Let's see the tractor driver identified please
  4. Something to do with Farmer Quayle, snout in trough etc
  5. Newspaper article about programme of killed TT competitor says the races should go on in a BBC programme tonight&sectionIs=NEWS&searchyear=2017 Good old Moffatt, would be happy for us to go back to herring and spuds.
  6. Rob's real blog has gone live this morning... He says he won't get into too much detail about his holiday, but then does. Inane. Fortunately, he'll be coming back to a really busy calendar, dealing with various issues. CueBall's satire is spot on.
  7. I'd prefer to stick a UK SIM in my phone - e.g. GiffGaff - and then create a hotspot that the iPad can log onto.
  8. Rob Callister has now made a sensible intervention on the FB site, as attached. Interesting final comment though, where he seems to admit the site is associated with him
  9. I agree. As I've said in several posts above, though, they should not then claim to be that person's constituency MHK.
  10. I actually haven't got a major problem with that, apart from your 'No', as I was correct in what I stated, and you were not. If you'd said you were operating by proxy, that would have been fine (although I've no idea on what basis you, Edge, Perkins or Caine have drawn up a formal or informal way of approaching people representation like this). To state that you are his constituency MHK, when you aren't, appears egotistical.
  11. And, another thing... Surely there is no point ringing him - he's said he doesn't know why he was sacked. Surely we'd need to speak to ODCs, who won't comment, at least publicly.
  12. Hang on.. A few days ago you said you'd been speaking with Mr Morrison, following his sacking, as his constituency MHK. The address above is not represented by an Onchan MHK (wrongly) but by Garff. So, you are not his constituency MHK, rather Perkins and Caine are.
  13. The chairman only became a commissioner 9 months ago, which is the level of experience we have to live with.
  14. Sexist pig. What's gender got to do with it?
  15. He's gone down in your opinion