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  1. Car Tax Stealth Tax - Ray Harmer Broken Promises

    I can't understand why we, a tiny insignificant island in the Irish Sea, allow our government to create ill conceived unproven policies based on controversial evidence. Why don't we let others make the mistakes first? If they want to raise revenue then don't favour electric, hybrid and low emission vehicles, just charge a size and weight tax, newer cars are low emission anyway, we don't need to legislate in their favour. Older vehicles will disappear as they become uneconomical to repair. Quite honestly, I am disgusted and angry about this, it shows quite plainly that our government are incapable of analysing anything properly and simply pander to ill conceived opinions. There is desperate need to maintain our roads but the ordinary motorist is not the only voter who depends upon the network. Our whole island depends on it just to survive in our modern world. All have transport requirements, even non drivers, such as deliveries, emergency services, buses, taxi's, cyclists, horses, schools, healthcare, the elderly, socialising and shopping. It's the ordinary motorist who pays for the network to be maintained, yet much of the damage is done by heavy vehicles such as the enormous bus fleet we also pay for!
  2. Get them working their land and producing food locally! Most are playing at it, rearing rare oddball animals to show off at agricultural shows to relieve the boredom!
  3. Car Tax Stealth Tax - Ray Harmer Broken Promises

    There is simply no justification for this! Government have encouraged people to buy low emission vehicles, hybrid and electric. They now squeal that they need the additional tax to compensate for their loss of revenue. Politicians and civil servants have no idea what they are doing and we pay for their blundering incompetence with rises year after year! As if the Isle of Man is having a huge effect on the environment, we are simply a small fart in the scheme of things! We rush in to things when it would be better to watch what sort of a mess our neighbours get themselves into across the Irish Sea with this before adopting anything which hits the population in the pocket. Once again it's the less well off who suffer! This island is going to the dogs, and fast!
  4. Time for a Manx Boston Tea Party?

    Ashford's own report to Tynwald suggests that drinking levels are falling amongst the population, particularly the young. What does he base his need to increase the already high price of alcohol on this island? The boy is a muddled thinker, as posters have already stated, those with a drink problem will always find the extra cash for their fix. It's pensioners and those on low incomes who just want to socialise a bit who will be made to suffer. The Isle of Man, where you just damn well can't!
  5. Graham Cregeen is on the spending warpath again.... http://www.iomtoday.co.im/article.cfm?id=39217&headline=Cregeen wants £3.6m to extend and refurbish primary school&sectionIs=NEWS&searchyear=2018 This comes on top of his plans to replace Castle Rushen High School, a building which has been passed as perfectly fit for purpose and in a background of falling pupil numbers! Should the Catholic Church contribute to the extension of St Mary's school or should it be 'de-faithed'?
  6. New MLC looks to diversify Legco.

    Should this election be deemed invalid and a new system be put forward to stage it again?
  7. Reynoldsway part 2. £80 million to spend on ports

    I think we are talking about two different things here, the harbour and its flexibility to cater for conventionally sized vessels and the SPCo and its future needs.
  8. Manx Radio

    I must have been thinking of another role, cheers.
  9. Jim Bowen...

    I remember a pair from the Island winning a caravan.
  10. Manx Radio

    I think the CE was around the £113k mark, it was published fairly recently for some reason?
  11. Car Tax Stealth Tax - Ray Harmer Broken Promises

    Unfortunately Joe, you are right. This seems to apply across much of government as if there is the occasional panic and realisation that "we should be doing something meaningful", which generates a lot of ill thought out policy.
  12. New MLC looks to diversify Legco.

    I'll take a lot of convincing that this whole affair wasn't the product of gender engineering, a pathetic attempt to change the make up of Tynwald without respect to the electorate and more to give feminism an edge.
  13. Car Tax Stealth Tax - Ray Harmer Broken Promises

    No, still going, it's not really a fiddle but used to distort registration statistics and move metal. A dealer here may register 100 hire cars at 45% discount, keep them for six months and then put them through an auction with a low mileage. They'll fetch better money than UK hire companies as they can clock up 10,000 miles in no time. They turn into a good profit for the dealer, he can also retail a few. Most find their way onto garage forecourts. At one time, any car from the IoM was able to be registered with the latest registration letter, making them even more attractive.
  14. Car Tax Stealth Tax - Ray Harmer Broken Promises

    Fewer registrations, we are about 1,100 new cars per year against c.2,500 in the noughties and before. There are around 4,500 new registration numbers issued annually, including those issued following cherished transfers, used cars entering and leaving the island, motorcycles, tractors trucks, buses etc etc. Sorry I can't do a shot of the SMMT statistics for the IoM.
  15. Russian Spies

    One thing I have learned is that governments, including the UK, don't give a damn about any human life unless there are votes or another benefit in it for them.