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  1. Max Power

    Tax avoidance?

    I guess it depends on how fast they are being driven? In my opinion, we are not quite there with pure electric vehicles yet, too many issues to be sorted out. I much prefer the hybrid which is well proven and the hydrogen fuel cell for practicality.
  2. Max Power

    Tax avoidance?

    The difficulty arises when you want to take the car to the UK and undertake a longish journey. I believe that the Teslas which circulated at the TT Zero struggled on the mountain and particularly on the second lap they did?
  3. Max Power

    Tax avoidance?

    You'd need two to do a lap of the island.
  4. Max Power

    manx disabled badge in UK

    I have used mine in the UK, Ireland, Italy and Spain with no issues.
  5. Max Power

    Are they taking the pi55

    I have read of concerns that kids can be targeted by bullies/thieves who can force them to 'swap' phones to obtain a better one?
  6. Max Power

    Steam Packet to be sold

    A bit like putting a plumber in charge of complicated surgery at Nobles.
  7. Max Power

    TT 2018

    'Not my words, the words of Top Gear magazine' (Alan Partridge) https://www.topgear.com/car-news/big-reads/why-isle-man-tt-worlds-greatest-race
  8. Nobody is ever told to race to an incident after a race/practice is stopped.
  9. Max Power

    £104k to spend a penny?

    That always amazes me, following the two world wars, when the island was at its zenith in tourism, there must have been countless disabled people who had suffered injury during the fighting. We didn't cater for them at all!
  10. Max Power

    £104k to spend a penny?

    This sounds a tad expensive for this little building, or am I out of touch with building costs these days? http://www.iomtoday.co.im/article.cfm?id=41158&headline=£104,000 to help people spend a penny (or 20p in fact)&sectionIs=NEWS&searchyear=2018
  11. Max Power

    TT 2018

    That is an independent inquiry being conducted by ACU Events themselves. I don't know whether there will be an official inquiry by IoM Govt. or the police but I'm sure there will be?
  12. Max Power

    TT 2018

    Surely the police would have been involved in something like that if it happened?
  13. Max Power

    Gubay v Drower et al

    What an arse, as I said, it's surprising he had a peaceful death!
  14. Max Power

    Cost of the TT & Festival of Motorsport?

    Oh really, you seem to be misinformed?
  15. Max Power

    Gubay v Drower et al

    I just came across this blog which was shared by Kate Beecroft on Facebook, it paints a rather disturbing picture of the Isle of Man and its handling of the man who was a law unto himself due to his wealth. https://newsnightblog.wordpress.com/author/newsnightblog/ It's pretty long and older members probably remember this sad tale which resulted in the untimely death of the man who exposed him on a similar forum to this. I'm surprised Gubay was allowed to die a peaceful death!