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  1. Abyss are still going for anyone interested in joining!
  2. Abyss are still recruiting for those still thinking about coming back for Legion.
  3. Abyss are looking for more players to join us a socials or raiders. Raiding Sundays 8:00pm – 11:00pm realm time. We currently raid with 10-12 players each week but would love to expand this to be nearer to 20. We have cleared Nighthold normal and are going into heroics on 21/05/2017. Players who have never raided before are more than welcome too. Social Abyss is a guild for the vagabonds, the altoholics, the facetious, and those who enjoy playing the latest content at their own pace. We welcome people age 18+ of any level, class, and experience for anything from socialising to doing old achievements! Abyss We're a laid back bunch who treat the game as a hobby. So if you're interested in enjoying the game while doing real life commitments then Abyss could be for you! abyss-coa.guildlaunch.com Sammy#2614
  4. Anonym

    Manx Wow Guild Ideas

    Still playing wow myself atm, but the realm I am on (saurfang) I have to say is a little quiet haha. I have to admit our guild lost a few players as MoP was not what they thought it would be, but hey, some like it, some don't! The realm functions well with the AH, but I personally don't really notice the low realm pop due to all the cross realm things (LFR, BGs, CRZ, LFD, Guild runs etc ) so it is no biggie
  5. Anonym

    Manx Wow Guild Ideas

    Yup BWD, Tot4W and BoT are getting nerfed good! For my guild, the transition from Wrath to Cata hit us like a truck When you mess up/stand in bad stuff, you simply die! No extra amount of healing will help save your sorry self :/ With Firelands coming out next week, we are hoping to be alot more sucessfull. We know what to expect so we can make sure were ready