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  1. A machine! Pah! Where's the zen in that?
  2. No cigar I'm afraid
  3. Sounds good. Hopefully the 2 for 1 Telecom Tuesday next week.
  4. Chuck out the yeast and get a sourdough starter on the go. Mine is a few years old now, fed reguarly and it makes fantastic loaves, baguettes, rolls, pizzas (oh man, the Pizzas! By far the best pizza dough imo). There are loads of good sourdough recipes out there, I started with Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall's - - which yields good results and have taken it from there using tips and tricks from other sources. It does take a lot longer to make a loaf (sometimes I'll proof it slowly in the fridge for 2 - 3 days) but it's definitely worth it. There are a number of no-knead recipes that work great, especially if cooked in a covered dutch oven or cast iron casserole dish. Some tips I've picked up along the way that apply to all types of yeasted bread are: Add a desert spoon of honey to the mix, the yeast loves it and adds to the flavour Use the autolyse method - this is simply letting the mix sit for between 25 mins and 40 mins before adding the salt. Yeast does not like salt at all so this allows gluten to form before adding the salt and kneading oxygen into the mix. This makes for a tastier, well risen loaf. Slap it about. once the dough is formed and mid-kneading, rub some oil on your hands and pinch a bit of one side of the dough between your fingers and whack it down on the work surface really hard (like your playing that whack-a-mole game) so the motion stretches the dough out in front of you, fold it over, do a quarter turn and do again 10 times. I keep doing this every 10 minutes for an hour. This is probably the best tip I've been given, totally transformed my loaves. The tip about using milk is also a good one, scalded milk works really well for flavour.
  5. If you get to three digits it's a shocked face. 1 and it's sexy.
  6. It's a tench moment for us all.
  7. Ooh, choking hazard. I'd watch it if I were her. Still a few hours of 2016 left and we're due a biggy I reckon.
  8. Tommy Emmanuel knows his way around a fret board
  9. There's a mature-ish woman around our way who drives very slowly everywhere in an Audi RS6. Very weird seeing her pootling past at 25mph with the rumbling growl of the engine.
  10. Those are actually rather compact guns. Howitzers is what they need. I know I'd feel a lot more comfortable.
  11. Better than that advert on the telly
  12. Some taste. They're old stuff was good but the new album is shit.
  13. one time for the Foghorn
  14. A much sought after local delicacy. Difficult to source now but the season starts again in a few hours.