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  1. Douglas Promenade Horse Tram Tracks

    And that’s before laying new rails
  2. Samphire gone forever ?

    +1. Excellent place. Vies with Enzo’s as number 1 eatery in Douglas. Lxxx its the mezzanine above the bar in the artisanal gin distillery called a Seven Kingdoms located in the old tyre garage behind The Railway pub on Banks Circus
  3. Shock! DfE tells the truth!!

    So, what percentage of the 276,000 ( approx ) visitors come, predominantly, for TT, Festival of whatever it’s called this week, S100, rallies, bike events Walking Seasports MNH Rail beaches visiting family/friends if MNH and Rail are less than 50% they’re a minority.
  4. Shock! DfE tells the truth!!

    Perhaps you misunderstood. You appear to be applying a statistical significance factor to the raw data, not to a statistical analysis of the data. i repeat, I had a stats tutor as well, at post grad level.
  5. Shock! DfE tells the truth!!

    You only have to look at the MNH and heritage rail numbers ( knowing that they are unreliable in the extreme and include residents - but without differentiation) to realise that.
  6. Douglas Promenade Horse Tram Tracks

    So, now we know. Under government control the trams made an operating loss of over £200,000 in 2017, substantially up from the corporation loss, even after reduced service and operating costs. Government spent nearly £300,000 in capital expenditure in 2017/8 on the tram service. Today it announced it was buying the old Corporation stables as “a heritage asset”, you know the ones that are condemned as unsafe, for £600,000.
  7. Samphire gone forever ?

    Yes. Sells itself as “exquisite dining”. My worst dining experience on the IoM this year. Tables too close. Tables very small. Crockery too large to sit on table and leave space for glasses, side dishes, etc. Service hit and miss. Bottled water never arrived Specials not offered. Wine overpriced, seriously overpriced, a £5.99 retail bottle of Albariño on the list for £26 Bread with olive oil and balsamic came with malt vinegar. My main, turbot, was served on a bed of curried cabbage. Just an awful overpowering taste of turmeric. My partners steak was fatty and tough. The salt baked carrots and beetroot’s were so salty as to be inedible. Deserts were terrible. website Booking didn’t work. I rang and the owner manager tried to explain what was wrong with the system, what they were doing about it, at length. I just wanted to book. Finally, having raised concerns, politely, the man in charge blamed the waitress saying she needed more training, the irony of the fact that he had failed to train her and let her loose on the public without training seemingly escaping him. Will I go back? No.
  8. Shock! DfE tells the truth!!

    Ooh. No. Depends on so many variables. Sample size, design of survey, the questions asked, reliability of underlying data. But what you are trying to do is not a survey. You are looking at raw data for actual travel ( the means and purpose are irrelevant ) in a very small market. There is no test of significance. And because the market is small a year on year change isn’t significant, neither is a run of several years AND you have to be careful which years you use as comparators.
  9. Shock! DfE tells the truth!!

    No. That was discovered in 1978/9 with Manx Line and subsequent merger. You seem to ignore flying as a means of getting here for our “largely heritage based tourism sector”. And as a twice MNH trustee I don’t accept that tourism is largely heritage driven. It’s a part, but a minority part.
  10. So the UK is finished says Theresa Mayhem

    What a load of tripe, Barrie, even for you. First, there were extensive customs duties between the Free State and UK, right up to the single market. Second, Ireland and the UK both had radically different views of what the Treaty and legislation implementing it meant, philosophically and in practical terms. That was the fudge, not the CTA. Third, you clearly misunderstand the common customs area. It’s about external tariffs on imports to the EU, including the CI, not internal excise duties or VAT. The only thing that I do agree on is that the result will take years to disentangle and arrive at a new agreement. In the meantime more and more countries will join customs unions and single market organisations, which will see better prospects to negotiate with the EU than stand alone UK
  11. Shock! DfE tells the truth!!

    Because I like to take a car, and it can be quicker, door to door in Liverpool, because of not having to travel to and from the airports and extended security times. It also saves on car hire costs. I use both. Depends when and what for.
  12. So the UK is finished says Theresa Mayhem

    For WTO we need a schedule of what we offer, and in exchange for what ( both qualitatively and quantitatively ), and with whom. The EU has one. We don’t. We can’t just split the EU schedules. Nor can we just split EU bilaterals and quotas. Take the EU/NZ bilateral on lamb. NZ won’t agree to apportioning the quota on value of imports recently, by population or anything. It’s bilateral. So UK has to start again. Then we end up with the difficulty that most NZ lamb under the bilateral quota comes into the UK and some is then sold on into the rest of the EU. That can no longer happen. Multiply that by millions of different things that are traded and 180 WTO countries.
  13. Shock! DfE tells the truth!!

    Totally agree. Given the rise in air traffic with the budget airlines over the last 20 years, and on Manx routes over the last decade, you’d expect a move from sea to air, which is what we have seen. More so we’d also expect an increase in Manx off Island travel, as we connect with other cheap flights. Donald also suggests the Steam Packet concentrates on the more lucrative markets of freight and Manx residents. Of course it does. If it didn’t we wouldn’t plug in seamlessly to the logistics of our single market/customs union with the UK and there’d be less, more expensive, food in our supermarkets. Fully accept there should be early departures from the UK, but even that is predicated by timing departures to allow travel to the ports, in the afternoon, from 80% of the UK population ( if it was any earlier the hinterland and catchment area and travel time are reduced) and at 02.15 to plug into distribution centres departures to get chilled or ambient perishables on Manx shelves at 8,9 and through the day. And Manx morning departures are timed so we can leave in the morning and meaningfully connect for onward travel.
  14. Castle Mona Hotel - The Lunatics are taking over the Asylum

    No, Stu, it isn’t. The media used to separate news, fact reporting, from opinion. The distinction is still valid. However most times what is presented as news is in fact opinion. In the case of this gentleman it’s all opinion. Is his opinion worthy of even being brought to the attention of audiences, and if it is presented, doesn’t it require the most rigorous challenging and testing?
  15. Shock! DfE tells the truth!!

    Donald, go back to the table you posted at 3.20pm on 20/4. It’s visitors.