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  1. MLC nominations open

    Am I the only one to be concerned that there are candidates, who, if elected, will be nearly 80 by the end of their term?
  2. MLC nominations open

    You going to man the barricades then homarus?
  3. Manx Coast Guard

    Not GM by any chance?
  4. Manx Coast Guard

    I think you missed the point. I don’t think dilli was referring to accidental multiple postings, rather your ramblings. The weird glitch seems to be at your end. Random capitalisation, posting with strange content of no relevance, pictures of greasy food, cooked on a hob which appears to be a health hazard, and then making unsubstantiated statements that show stunning ignorance of the Island you claim as “yours”. Whats with the suggestion of the island being a sovereign state? There’s been no change. Still a crown dependency, A colony with no international status separate from the UK, not a UN member, not even a member of the Commonwealth.
  5. Plans for lord street

    It was on MR because Councillor Christian made a comment. Quayle got involved because government own the land. They'll be either selling or leasing the land to the developer. This is a project that has been pushed for since early 1990’s, development of the old bus station site. There have been many previous potential projects, announced, discussed, publicised and then collapsed.
  6. Plans for lord street

    But gives a much more accurate costing of the actual economics of whatever service is provided. No reason why government shouldn’t hive off its entire estate into a holding company, held by the NI and Public Service pension funds and then rent back
  7. Plans for lord street

    But that’s wholly different. In any event government here is reducing its estate, realising under-utilised or unused assets.
  8. Plans for lord street

    But how is a privately built and funded hotel, car park, shops and apartment block a PFI, even “in all but name”. No public body is going to be paying an annual rent, or fee to use. No public money is going in. Its nothing like a PFI. On your use of the term anything could be described as PFI
  9. Plans for lord street

    Where do you deduce a PFI from.
  10. Manx Coast Guard

    Barry, you’ve been had. For many years the Governors driver was/has been a civilian role. I’m talking 40+. They double as valet, frequently, and drinks server at Government House functions. And as for press coverage, let’s be clear, you wrote a letter and they were so desperate to fill the pages they published it.
  11. Manx Coast Guard

    Never existed, except in your imagination. Occasionally a small contingent was here, temporarily, very short term, for royal visits, Tynwald ceremony etc..
  12. Brexit Is Reversible...

    Actually it’s the GB DVLA. There isn’t a UK one. The one in NI is run completely separately.
  13. Jack Frost out in the cold

    No, I’m saying volume is low. They can’t make a profit on home delivery to the recipients of previous meals on wheels Service unless they have other business areas. Doesn’t matter whether they’re local or a branch of a firm across.
  14. Jack Frost out in the cold

    It’s small volume.
  15. Abort67

    Invites went out, I assume, via the Secretary or Speaker. They were Lord Brennan QC, Ms Jasvinder Sanghera CBE, Mr Bob Fayle and Mr Howard Connell. Dont think any are “swivel eyed” Howard Connell is a legislative draftsman, Bob Fayle a retired Nobles Consultant Gynaecologist , Ms Sanghera is an advocate against forced marriage, and Lord Brennan is a catholic lawyer, labour peer and deputy high Court judge, with anti abortion views, in particular in respect of diabled foetuses and an expert in bio medical ethics, human embryology and fertilisatiom . Rolling Hansard is up to the middle of Ms Sangheras evidence, here http://www.tynwald.org.im/business/hansard/20002020/k180213 RHD.pdf