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  1. No. Dr Pepper isn't a root beer. But it does taste equally disgusting.
  2. There aren't EU reciprocal agreements for enforcement of road traffic penalties, endorsements, penalty points or fines. there are reciprocal recognition of disqualification provisions between IoM and UK. however IoM can't put endorsements or points on a British or Nothern Irish licence, or vice versa- hence the fixed penalty regime doesn't work. so you can be clocked, and fined, and taken to court in uk on a Manx, or any other licence. With eu licences, in uk or IoM or Manx or uk licence holders in rest of eu that leaves an issue over collection of the financial penalty. in your case Winnie, the IoM government will release the registered keeper details. So you may get a letter asking you to accept a fixed penalty. Then they'll realise they can't do that because you have an iom licence, so they may then issue a summons, or not.
  3. I haven't seen it (the redacted copy), and if it were uploaded and complaint was made, the moderators would look at it. We are told that the redacted report is already in the public realm and that no one is named. So there might be no cause for concern. Might depend on any conditions imposed on circulation or if anyone is actually identifiable. Of course there might be good reason for delaying publication immediately. Lets say it is as bad as Speak the Truth claims, and lots of Social Workers are named and shamed. The Children's Social Services is only a small unit. Might mean it couldn't function at all immediately post publication, that could be disastrous, whereas if the summer is spent suspending, disciplining, recruiting and putting new procedures in place, then service can continue post publication. That doesn't mean doing things quietly or covering up. It just means having everything ready and being prepared to be able to provide services to vulnerable children and families post publication.
  4. That would possibly be true if there wasn't the Harbours Act 2010 and part 2 about charging and publication of landing fees or tariffs. Any regulation or published tariffs that discriminated against a particular operator would almost certainly be set aside as unfair, Wednesbury unreasonable and ultra vires
  5. You think that would be legal and stand up in court?
  6. Especially when IOMG can't offer a monopoly franchise to anyone other than the Steam Packet, because the Steam Packet own one of the lnkspans and two boats, old and debt free by the end of the current agreement, but thus able to compete and drive revenue down for its new competitor.
  7. Agree generally, but I can't identify an existing shipping concern with existing tonnage of correct size/configuration to dock in Douglas and Heysham that could be used.
  8. The answer to that is simple. The debt will be paid off by the end of the current agreement. Nothing we can do about that. so a new company or the Steam Packet start from more or less the same place, but the Steam Packet has a link span and a couple of "free" vessels. A golden share and well written franchise/user agreement can control the other things.
  9. It's not defeatist, it's pragmatic analysis. There have been mistakes for 60+ years, by the government and shipping lines. From 1950's decisions not to extend Harbour and install roro facilities, leading to the sideloaders, which were no good for freight, then Roy McDonald and the Harbour Board, fueled by hatred of the Steam Packet, building a linkspan without extending the harbour to attract Manx Line, and what a disaster that start up was. Then extending the breakwater to continue the roro revolution, whilst all along having a 20% shareholding in the steam packet and a director on the board, complete conflict of interest. Then the Steam Packet bought a pig in a poke roro vessel, not fit for purpose. Nearly went under. Shotgun marriage between Steam Packet and Manx Line. Then some stability, the user agreement, fares controlled and lower in real terms than ever. Until the IOM government changed the law to allow the debt incurred in purchasing shares to be secured using the company's own assets. Exploited by McQuarrie and its foray into infrastructure investments, offloading to an investment fund it advised with borrowing from Portugal. Remember the investment fund couldn't service the debt, so the bank foreclosed. Yes there's lots wrong with the situation, but I don't trust IOMG to run a shipping line. Yes the Steam Packet is arrogant. so we have a rock and hard place choice. Go with Steam Packet or a new company. And a new company isn't really practical or economically feasible and isn't on the horizon. Even if it were it'd be in no different position to the Steam Packet. Success depends on a well written spec and franchise/user agreement. I'm not too sure if IOMG can do that. i don't know whether to believe Quayle or Woodward, but if they are correct IOMG seems to have changed its mind about whether it wants a Ben and fastcraft or two Bens. How can any commercial concern negotiate like that?
  10. No they'd run it for freight, to link into the northwest logistics industry and distribution centre despatch schedule
  11. But it's the one that makes money.
  12. The optimum boat configuration for the Island is two Ben type boats with one doing 2 round trips per day all year round and the other doing relief, back up, break down cover and the summer season to Dublin, Belfast, Liverpool. And you can swap them around, get longer life. The fast craft requirement was always a political vanity project written into the user agreement with no regard to practicality or Sea condition limitations. it wouldn't be the overnight sailing cancelled if there were a bigger boat. The 02.15 links in to distribution networks in the UK to get stuff on the shelves first thing in the morning, so if we ended up with one big boat it's going to be evening departure from iom and 02.15 from UK for half the year. How's that for passengers? its all well and good saying block the steam packet access to its linkspan, but not legally feasible. the government linkspan will need modification to be used by a conventional roro as it's currently set up for the Mannanan. the more interesting question is where would the non steam packet service sail to/from? The new Liverpool facility isn't going to be able to handle freight. Birkenhead isn't realistically available because of the demands of the existing Irish service. so that leaves Heysham and Holyhead. The steam packet will have Heysham sewn up if they have any sense. I don't think Holyhead is suitable for anything other than emergency use. Again it's fully utilised. That raises questions about the feasibility of Liverpool at all, and especially government investing in a new landing stage and infrastructure. if a new company does get the franchise or user agreement: 1. The Steam Packet will have paid off its debts by the time it starts. 2. The steam packet can run a freight only service using the Ben with no capital investment, for several years, maybe a decade or more. Slash freight rates. 3. That would make it all very difficult for a new company to raise capital for 2 new boats and to make a go of it. We've had competition before. If that happens again one will outlast the other and pick up the pieces. Im not willing to bet on it not being the Steam Packet which would then be able to pick up two almost new boats at half the price they would have had to pay new. of course it's all speculation, but the doubts over service would not be good for the Island. im afraid the only option is the Steam Packet, but very tightly controlled, golden share on transfer, no debt, only shareholder funding, i.e. Equity rather than loan financed. Total transparency, accounts published, and a cap on return.
  13. Totally pointless mojo. He reads fake news or makes it up along the lines of his EDL sympathies and views. There's no logic to any of it. No point in arguing, or trying reason. He stalls at not English and Labour and foams at the mouth.
  14. It's where the Arts Council sits. Wonder if MNH will also have its governmental link transferred to DEC, or will sit in Enterprise under "Visits"
  15. woody2, its pointless, anything I say will be misread, misinterpreted, and spun by you to something totally unconnected with reality. You adopt extreme positions on the very far right to take the rise. its trolling. You are never wrong, however you do change your position frequently, but cant admit it. Your fake news is worse than anything the extreme left makes up, and your suggestion that Corbyn is far or extreme left is laughable. You said there were no cpo or other powers, woolley jumped on the bandwagon, paswt said there were powers. I've set out what the powers are and where they are. Your argument that they don't exist is wrong. Your conclusion is a bit like saying that even although the speed limit on UK motorways is 70mph but a conservative cabinet minister only drives at 10mph then that is what the limit is. its choices, political ones. There are lots of laws that are ignored or never enforced, but that doesn't stop them being the law.