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  1. John Wright

    Salt Herring

    Not seen salt herring for years. Nearest is baccalao, salt cod. However it’s available on line, google is your friend https://www.jollysoforkney.co.uk/products/salt-herring
  2. John Wright

    IPTV set top box

    I have mine hardwired.
  3. John Wright

    IPTV set top box

    I’ve got a MAG250 and a MAG254 with a subscription package. Use one in Spain and the other in Bulgaria to get UK TV. Needs good internet connection. Tends to pixelate and freeze. The claimed minimum download of 2mbps is hopelessly overoptimistic.
  4. John Wright

    Homelessness - Harmer to the rescue

    It’s not a flat. It’s a room only in a shared house.
  5. John Wright

    Govt Pensions Revealed

    Well you wouldn’t expect to hear from UK. Your pension, and that of your wife are Manx. 25 years ago, when you moved, a capital sum was transferred from UK NI to Manx fund. The raising of pension age, both equalisation and then upwards for both sexes was definitely mishandled, here and in UK. There was lots of publicity and I find it hard to accept people did not know, however a letter, as soon as it happened would have been better. It was all started in the early days of state pensions when the age was set differently. Even then women lived longer and worked fewer years and most women qualified for a pension based on their husbands contributions. So why 60? No idea. Its worth remembering that as most women didn’t work the married Pension wasn’t paid until the man was 65. The amount you pay in, unless contracted out, or qualifying for SERPS, has no effect on pension level as long as you pay the minimum amount for the required number of years. Pensions, and retirement ages, should have been reviewed as soon as more women were in the work place, around the time of Equal Pay Act etc. Again, it wasn’t. It should also have been reviewed when the life expectancy figures rose. As for health care, actually what we get, for what we pay is pretty good. Most other countries pay more and have copay. And in the States many people aren’t covered, even after Obama Care. And even if they are the copay ( excess) is huge and there are limits on cover. Yes, there are niggles, administration that needs overhauling, but that takes money. I for one would happily pay more, even an hypothecated tax, another NI.
  6. John Wright

    manx disabled badge in UK

    There are other complications now, in places like London, where 4 boroughs are issuing different colour badges and don’t necessarily recognise badges issued out of borough. And remember its only public parking disabled spaces that any reciprocity may not apply to off street parking and private car parks including supermarket car parks with the likes of parking eye
  7. John Wright

    manx disabled badge in UK

    My understanding is that there is no formal reciprocal recognition. The IoM Government website gave out the wrong information ( that there was ) for years. The best I can set it out is that the IoM, by extra statutory concession, will not take action against UK blue badge holders parked here on temporary visits, but there are no guarantees the other way round. However not many Mr Plods or Traffic Wardens or car park inspectors are likely to know or recognise. It also follows, as we aren’t in the EU, that IoM Blue Badges are not recognised in the EU. However that is not what the government web site says. Again I suspect an EU parking enforcer won’t have a clue and will work on the “if it looks like a blue badge it must be a blue badge” principle. Ignorance in this case is bliss!
  8. John Wright

    Govt Pensions Revealed

    But the contributions paid by both employer and employee over that 30 year period should have been invested and the longer they were in the fund the more their value should have increased. If it had been fully funded we wouldn’t be having this debate, apart from the actuarial nightmare of increased life span. Future generations of retirees will have paid in sufficient to cover their pensions. So the problems arise with the existing CS pensioners, and those who retire over the next few years. I read the full reply. The vast majority are on £10,000 or less. I’m not in favour of introducing pension caps. If they’re paid the right sum for their expertise and have worked 30 or 35 or 40 years. After all 20% of the higher pension is circular and goes straight back into Government coffers as tax, plus they spend, contributing VAT and duties.
  9. John Wright

    TT 2018

    Possibly the Booking policy could do with a re write. The Booking algorithm used by the airlines prices according to supply, demand, bookings to date and the really clever ones take into account events. Airlines aren’t charities, they want full load factor and maximum yield per seat. Who made the Booking? Why wasn’t EasyJet from Liverpool looked at. With more flights and seats over TT there were last minute seats available most flights and prebooking in February gave £60 - £100 returns on even the busiest days. Flybe from Liverpool is normally cheaper than Manchester due to more flights and competition.
  10. John Wright

    Wise decision... or just plain stupid

    I think there are a number of different things at play here. First, is that the move to ward 5 is not necessarily supported by service users. There are a multitude of reasons. Access was one of them, but may now be resolved. You’re talking about a few metres car to treatment at the present oncology day unit. There is adequate parking. Ward 5 suffers from remote very limited disabled parking ( serving the rest of the hospital) and long wanders through hospital corridors. Second, the chat I’ve picked on during my frequent visits to the current day unit is that Ward 5 can’t be successfully converted into what is planned, the layout is proving difficult to achieve as far as the architects are concerned. Things like ensuite side rooms so that very ill patients can be treated with dignity. Some patients can be there 9 to 5. There’s also an undercurrent of concern about exactly who is to be treated there. Something along the lines of “ cancer patients shouldn’t be having treatment alongside/mix with patients with disease x or y” The move to ward 5 may never happen. Third, there is a difference between equipment donated to or purchased by funds raised by charities, which, whilst they have to be found a home and staffed, belong to the hospital to locate and utilise as they think fit ( think colonoscopy and Ramsey/Douglas ) and a building belonging to a third party, maybe ideal at Commission, but possibly a problem down the line as medicine and technology changes. Or even a fall out between owner and hospital. There exists a parallel at Westmorland Road, in the Post Grad Medical Centre, not clinical, but a privately run educational facility. When the hospital moved there were issues of ownership, compensation etc. Above there is a statement that it doesn’t matter what the surroundings are, as long as you get the treatment. I disagree. With cancer there are multiple studies that the psychological aspect of treatment, surroundings, wellness, things like that, are also important. I’ve experience of the Nobles day unit and the haematological oncology day ward at Liverpool Royal. The whole of the facilities at the Royal would fit in the single treatment room at Nobles. The Royal have treatment stations for 30. Nobles 6. The waiting area at Nobles is a huge room. At the Royal it’s a 10 feet by 20 feet space. Nobles have state of the art treatment chairs. The Royal has a mix, but nothing so brand spanking new. I actually find the Nobles chairs uncomfortable and I do know that by 2020, when the new Clatterbridge opens behind the old Royal, bringing all regional cancer treatment together for hard and soft cancers they will have state of the art. Much of what is done at Nobles-is in close liaison with Clatterbridge and the Royal. That will continue so any new facility here needs to match the offer of the new Clatterbridge. Many patients will be using both, but the more chemo given at Nobles the fewer patient transfers are required.
  11. John Wright

    Gubay v Drower et al

    Just so you all know, MF was able to recover most of what it had paid over from the defaming poster. Think before you post. If you don’t it may cost you dear.
  12. John Wright

    MV Karina...

    That’s not what excl tax means. It’s the price net of tax, VAT, etc. There may be taxes on top.
  13. John Wright

    Oh Oh...North Korea

    You can just hear the howls of protest ( from Trump, the far right and Fox News) if Obama had signed a deal, or offered a deal, with no commitment to denuclearisation, no inspection or verification process, that dignified N Korea and its leader with recognition and statesmanship. Wait, he did offer deals with extensive verifivcation and inspection, to N Korea and Iran. Iran got signed. Trump tore it up. Speechless.
  14. John Wright

    UK Establishment exposed

    Also that all Muslims are terrorists, rapists, groomers and paedophiles. Muslims are many nationalities, cultures and ethnicities, just like Christians. And there are a very few bad ones, just like Christians.
  15. John Wright

    UK Establishment exposed

    I think Homarus and China actually prove the point I’m making. Firstly the absolute numbers are very low, but there is an imbalance. I don’t know the cause of that. But I don’t think you can conclude it’s to do with Islam rather a cultural ethnic thing with ( mainly ) Pakistani men. Nor do I think the official conviction figures are accurate, for many reasons. First a lot of recent convictions relate to offences many years ago, not investigated by the police because reporting girls were thought unreliable ( no better than they ought to be - not worth looking after or protecting ) and white males of a certain background couldn’t possibly do things like that and, probably, that you couldn’t pursue ethnic minorities because of the race card. I hope those disgraceful attitudes have gone, but I also hope the pendulum hasn’t swung the other direction so that allegations are treated as gospel and accepted without proper investigation. So, in my view, there we have it. A small minority of Muslims, figures used to demonise all Muslims, when it’s not all Muslims, but a small ethnic subsection. Its not all that different to allegations about Jews, baby killing and eating, and all sorts of other things, against Huguenots, against Catholics, Cathars, Protestants, Afro Caribbean’s, Irish, Roma, the Masons, the Gay mafia. I hope that proper detection, investigation, prosecution and trial will reduce it, along with education and integration.