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  1. Twins?

    One is an Island Deemster, the other the President of the European Parliament. But which is which?
  2. Leukaemia 0 John 1

    It's 9 weeks today since I was first admitted. I'm feeling much better. Still in Liverpool.,. Treatment going well. Drs pleased. I've .three more days of chemotherapy before I'm discharged for 2 weeks on 29 November. Returning to IoM on 2nd December. Then on 14 December I start phase 2. That is four blocks of 4 weeks chemo twice per week with each block separated by two weeks break. So that's until end May. The really good news is that apart from 5 days induction to phase 2, and monthly clinics in Liverpool, Nobles Isle of Man Hospital have agreed to deliver phase 2 chemo in their cancer day centre and are sending over a specialist nurse to be trained in the experimental trial I'm on which involves arsenic trioxide. I'm looking forward to my own bed, the dogs, the Island, and doing a tiny bit of work. Thanks to everyone for visits, good wishes, gallons of lucozade and lots of chocolate. I've got weekend leave this weekend and I'm showing a friend from Bulgaria around Liverpool and the the weekend of 9/10 December Paul and I are getting our lives back on track and going to see Nutcracker in Edinburgh
  3. New Rules

    Druid, your ramblings are part of the problem, as far as I'm concerned.
  4. New Rules

    I fully support the move. I may not be a moderator any more, but I can tell you it's time consuming and because I post using my own name I got not only messages but e-mails and phone calls. one poster has cost me more time and anguish over the last 4 years than all the other posters I've had to deal with. i was thinking of giving up before I got ill. The personal attacks challenging a moderating decision I made for the good of the forum were a last straw. There seems to be too much mud slinging, too much negativity, the ad hominem attacks, the antics of one or two posters, the tone of the pontless left/right debate ( actually not a debate, just the exchange of fake news factoids, Insults etc ) mean I don't visit or read much. I felt besieged as a moderator, by the constant challenges. The constant criticism,. The constant allegations that we all had multiple accounts and an ulterior agenda. ive only met two of the other mods. I've never discussed politics with them, let alone any agenda. Another mod is off Island. Another I don't actually know their name. This place has changed, so much in the last 18 months or so. I'm not sure I even want to be part of it anymore. There's no real debate, there's no fun. My perspective, for what it's worth.
  5. Remembrance Day!

    I agree it's a shift, post Diana, the post Diana syndrome, where we are all apparently need to be involved and make grand public gestures. Yes, of course its generational, but I think it's at risk of becoming the very antithesis of what it set out to be. It certainly is no longer dignified or restrained.
  6. Remembrance Day!

    There has been a subtle shift in the meaning of remembrance and "lest we forget" over the last 97 years. There are no WW1 veterans left to take part, and no relatives who were actually alive then who do remember them as real people. Yes there are families and a few who knew survivors. WW2 is approaching that. Someone who was called up in early 1945 will be short of 90, just. in the UK the last 20 years there has been an vocal outcry and demand that everyone is must wear a poppy and that if they do not they are somehow letting the side down and are excoriated if in the public eye. In addition the manufacture of poppies has moved from disabled ex servicemen to commercial. We now have Armed Forces day to celebrate, or not, as we see fit, the Armed Forces and their auxiliaries. And that's the rub, the "or not". Those wars were fought so we had the freedom to make that choice. The final thing, and to me it's the most important, is that one half of remembrance and " lest we forget " was not about the sacrifice of individuals, but the equally important remembrance of the horrors of all out war and so that we never, ever, allow it to happen again. That appears to have been completely forgotten. For all those reasons I won't wear or buy a red poppy, but I do buy and wear a white poppy from the Peace Pledge Union.
  7. Facebook Political Groups

    I've never mentioned Gitanja, but I have my suspicions.
  8. Rob callister mhk

    Hello TJ, llap, Aristotle
  9. Biscuits

    Next batch send a few to me at Royal Liverpool, please
  10. Biscuits

    Look good. Well done.
  11. This is a joke...surely

    That app already exists. Tracks buses, trains, trams, in real time. Doesn't do the timings fully, yet, but does show eta at bus stops
  12. Fireworks in Douglas

    Moots, spuds n herring
  13. Fireworks in Douglas

    No, but burning druids is looking to become more popular. There are fewer and fewer small neighbourhood bonfires which is where effigies were burned. Big organised displays tend not to favour ritualistic burning of Catholics. Its probably against the Equality Act. youngsters collecting "penny for the guy" was part of my childhood, but I'm afraid it's been overtaken by that bastardised US/North American culturallly imperialistic orange and black pumpkin driven nonsense of Halloween. Wish you'd take it back along with coke, pepsi, Big M, KFC and Burger King, plus Black Friday ( which used to, and probably still does, mean something very different here )
  14. Pubs closing

    IoM beer duty was always set separately, by the IoM. It was outside the common purse. It became a common duty in 1995