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  1. We've ended up with an unexpected extra guest for TT. Already got 5 family members over from NZ. we have a decent sofa bed in the conservatory dining area off the kitchen, but needs privacy. looking to beg, steal or borrow a room divider screen or hospital screen from 31 May to 6 June. can collect. please PM me or ring 611999
  2. No, there are principles laid down in manx case law however and the English act codified some common law principles
  3. It was just Lancashire police, not Merseyside or IOM
  4. It was only Heysham that had the checks
  5. From which port to which port?
  6. Oh dear. No they don't. VFS are just a self interposed facilitator. They assist applicants, for a fee, put together the ( complicated ) application forms and documents and then submit the applications to the relevant government agency. Thats very different to what you portray. Theyre middlemen. Nothing more, nothing less. You're clearly forgetting what you posted. " UK no longer controls visas, Blair did a deal with the EU and they are now run by a ( very ) private company " None of which is true.
  7. Give it a rest. It was Maggie who agreed to the single market and free movement for EU citizens. The UK has not delegated its non EU visa or immigration policy making to the EU or anyone else.
  8. Isn't that what always happens with immigration, as one wave replaces another and everyone moves one rung up the ladder and further out of the ghetto? of course African Americans are a special case because of the weight of slavery. But even with a small sample of presidents and Vice Presidents it's striking that it's predominantly Anglo white Protestant. One black, one Anglo Greek, and only two Catholics. as for hispanics, when did Hispanic immigration big scale start? I think it was post WW2 from Puerto Rico, then Cuba in 1960's, then Mexico, then the rest of Latin, and later South America.
  9. Or was it illusory, and were there glass ceilings. No Catholic president until Kennedy - and he had to make public statements about the weight he'd give to the pope and his church. How many Jewish, Nordic or Italian presidents?
  10. OK, security level has been de escalated from critical ( escalating to critical was Lancashire Police excuse for introducing ID checks at Heysham ). Are the ID checks going to stop? my partner travelled on Mannanan today at 07.30. No ID check on boarding or disembarking at Liverpool.
  11. Clamshell bow doors are reasonably safe, with safety doors behind, and surveillance CCTV and interlocks. but they tend only to be used on freight roro and not passenger/freight mixed. Manx Viking had bow and stern doors and had to alternately reverse in and out, then it stopped using the bow doors.
  12. Maybe makes you read the topic?
  13. I agree post number in topic was useful. as for limited quote - it stops bloat quote. Big improvement.
  14. I'm clearly thick because I'm confused as to what point you are making. Are you saying that people who are mentally ill and who require acute emergency treatment are refused because of the cost at Mannanan Court? The costs which are fixed whether they have 1 or 32 in residence. Are you saying that too many people are admitted at huge future cost? As to the other points, complaints about what? If it's about the making of a section that goes to the MHRT, which is independent of Nobles, if it's about ongoing treatment and care then, yes it's Nobles, but there is also the Mental Health Commission. compulsory detention is very rare, compulsory treatment is even rarer. which "independent review body" are you talking about, please give concrete examples of why you say it's nasty. My recollection is that about half of patients appealing to the MHRT are discharged and the section lifted. Finally, by wrong I mean that you are incorrect. There's no moral element. It's factual.
  15. Line one is wrong. your second paragraph is also wrong, any decision based on cost would be illegal and ultra vires. the factors are set out in sections 2 and three of the Act and relate to mental health and risk to the patient and public. I can say that new guidance is in process of being issued, by MHRT, to medical, nursing and social workers in the Mental Health field and to assist patients, their advocates, family and patient representative groups. hopefully it will streamline and speed up appeals. its intended that there will be training for all those groups, and I'm probably going to be involved in its delivery