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  1. Yes, but a significantly different type of Irishman, a UK resident one ( Belfast ) so the Manx disqualification will directly be recognised by the Belfast version of DVLA And since when did twice the limit become imprisonable?
  2. He wasn't fined anything. That £170 is a contribution to prosecution costs. The figure in IOM is less. His lawyer asked for a fine instead of a community service order. The District Judge clearly took the view Rooney wouldn't miss £20,000 fine, but that having to do community reparation work would hurt.
  3. In service training days?
  4. Most car rental companies only insure RTA minimum. Too expensive. All those extras, including CDW, go straight on their bottom line. So it's worth nothing written off.
  5. My experience is that it works well, on the whole, and that the screw up rate is no worse, and probably better, than across. I've been to a clinic this morning. Only saw GP a week ago. Had an array of tests yesterday. Consultant had results on screen as I was with him. My GP also has them on screen at the surgery and I can see them on line via Patient Access app on my phone/tablet. Thats what costs, the staffing by skilled, qualified personnel, the technology that does talk and communicate. im now waiting a phone call from Liverpool to confirm admission time, probably Monday. Ive been given patient transfer info, but I'm going to go under my own steam, boat and take car, or fly. The place isn't over managed. That isn't where the money goes. it goes on day to day care, medicine, front line staff. We are so lucky, as 83.000 people, on a rock in the Irish Sea, to have a high tech and all encompassing service. Yes, there are bottle necks, waiting lists, and niggles, and occasionally serious errors happen. Im glad it's there, however. Anyway, you may all be lucky and I may not be posting as frequently, or I may be sitting in my hospital bed, bored, and post much more.
  6. The patient didn't know it was urgent. The practice didn't have a follow up system in case of failed urgent referrals, in 2011, according to Balladoc his practice now do have one.
  7. Or your practice system needs to remind you, and your partners, to check that an urgent appointment has, indeed, been made and to follow up.
  8. The newspaper headline is somewhat disingenuous. DHSC admitted liability but suggested 1. The GP should have done more to ensure the patient was seen urgently at Nobles. The Deemster agreed 2. The patient should have kept up pressure to be seen urgently. The Deemster did not agree. Full facts and judgment here
  9. I think you might find that is a reporting error
  10. This topic is locked to avoid damage to MF in case anyone posts in public something ill judged that might end up being defamatory.
  11. It's neither stupid or embarrassing or unfair. Dilli you asked for an example of a good reason. I gave one. You flounced. seemed you weren't accepting that intersex existed and works out about 1.7% of live births. That's denial. Thats the figure before you get to transgender
  12. In denial?
  13. Child may be intersex. It happens.
  14. But it isn't determined by what they wear. That's an expression of individuality, personality and difference.
  15. You make a lot of assumptions about the causation behind the child wearing dresses one day and shorts or trousers the next. There is no suggestion this child is being forced by parents to wear any one type of clothing or another. There may be many good reasons, we don't know.