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  1. John Wright

    What makes you laugh?

    People get banned. When I was a moderator it didn’t happen very often. Posts get removed. Again my experience was that it was very infrequent. yesterday some new poster shared a link, across three topics, more than 20 times. The posts have gone, so has the poster. I cant, and don’t, speak for the owner, admin or moderating team, but the level of moderating on here is very low interference. To get banned you used to have to have said something about which there’s been a threat of litigation received, or seriously breached the rules, or been a poster, possibly, with multiple identities spamming the board. Whoever the poster was multiple linking = spamming. No wonder. Historically some MHK’s have sought to have material removed. Can’t recall it happening.
  2. So, we can’t publish the flower show, Royal, Southern or Laa Columb results, nor the TT, FoM, or Rally, or which Officer has been moved, promoted, or got a commendation? Same with school sports, golf championship, sports reports...
  3. John Wright

    Bum slapper has to be nice to all

    As I’m currently using a wheelchair it’s not going to happen. What would you do, Howard?
  4. John Wright

    Bum slapper has to be nice to all

    Wholly irrelevant. I’ve explained in neutral terms the process, how and why it got where it did. I make no value judgment as to whether any of it is right or wrong. We don’t even know, and given the presumption of innocence and the withdrawal of the prosecution that the bum slap took place, equally we can’t say it didn’t happen or that the lady shouldn’t have reported it and the prosecution shouldn’t have happened. Its just one, of half a dozen, possible disposal option.
  5. John Wright

    Imperial Hotel, Douglas Promenade

    You seem to put it all down to Government and tax payers. Well, from 1950’s to mid 1990’s there wasn’t any money. Then, for a few brief years we did have cash, and it rightly went into long ternm infrastructure, drains, water, electricity and gas pipelines, a hospital, theatre, concert hall, NSC, schools. The rest is down to private investment. Of course, there’s a remote chance, very remote, that if someone had developed Benidorm here, with 100,000 bed spaces, in the 1960’s, and hung a huge sun lamp at the top of Snaefell, there would have been millions of visitors, all year round, enough to allow sea and air competition and drove down prices. Would it have happened, would we have wanted all the building, concrete, etc. A population of 150,000 to support it all? However, if that’s pie in the sky, then we’ve actually got a good deal on transport links, where cheap fares, peak times apart, are cheaper now than 40 years ago, and I think that peak fares are as well. You try flying to a European city or resort at its peak week, the same happens. You try getting flights and accommodation in Barcelona at Grand Prix time, or Liverpool, nearer to home, at Grand National, or when there are two Home matches the same weekend. I trip off boats in all sorts of places, UK, Spain, France, Greece, Italy. Gods, the Port area in most is industrial wasteland, making Douglas look attractive. I’m serious. You visit Santander, Ancona, Igoumenitsa, Patras, even Venice Ferry port. Go to get the ferry in Hull, or Newcastle, worse, experience Holyhead, Birkenhead or Heysham. All Government can do is provide infrastructure, and it can’t do it all at once. Things generally are so much better than they were in the 1960’s and 1970’s. Im not blindly defending. I’m carefully observing. Lots of investment has come in. I think there is more to come. Mount Murray, Premier Inn, TravelLodge, multi screen cinema. New promenade. Strand Street looking good. The heritage industry has been funded well, mainly by tax payer money. The north Quay and Bridge redevelopment over the last 15 years has been remarkable. Needs South Quay, Walpole Avenue and Town Square site sorting, but it will.
  6. John Wright

    Imperial Hotel, Douglas Promenade

    What should we have done with boat fares? How? Who do you propose would pay? In real terms boat fares now are less than in 1979. The Government did have a let’s have competition policy in 1977/8 and built the roro berth. How long did it take to bankrupt both companies so that only the owner with deepest pockets survived?
  7. John Wright

    Imperial Hotel, Douglas Promenade

    What policies do you think “we” implemented that made getting here unattractive or uneconomic? What policies should we have implemented?
  8. John Wright

    Imperial Hotel, Douglas Promenade

    Agree, some of the delays are horrendous, down to economic cycles, boom & bust. Also down, in part, to people getting control with big ideas, gift of the gab, but doing it on borrowed money. Then the lenders won’t lend. Sam Alder at Villiers and Ferguson Lacey at Sefton and the Castlemona debacle, both bankrupt now. Unsurprisingly that happened in Victorian Mann as well. Many ventures were underfunded and collapsed. It meant they also built down to a price, jerry built, and by the 1960’s were way past their sell and consume by dates. They built on making a profit and getting their capital back in 20 years. That’s more or less the same as now. Look at the lease agreement terms at the bus station. The anchor tenants justify the build. At the end you sell out, leave someone else with the refurbishment problems, and costs. Dont understand the Imperial. Sleepwell have done a good job with two of its other promenade properties. The Imperial had tenants, they wanted to stay, but got thrown out. I’m sure Sleepwell said they were going to run it as an Hotel themselves. Maybe a bluff to get possession, let it rot, and then build new? Who knows. As for us having given up on the visitor economy, maybe we did, by not investing in accommodation in the 1950’s to 1990’s. Cobbling small scale ensuiting in Victorian guest houses rather than rebuilding was never the answer. But didn’t the visitor economy also give up on us, by discovering sun, the costas and intercontinental travel and leaving northern working class seaside resorts out in the cold?
  9. John Wright

    Imperial Hotel, Douglas Promenade

    Things get built, they have, in most cases, a finite life, they come to the end of that life, they either get restored and adapted for further use, or demolished and replaced. Unless you’ve got a magic wand I’m not sure if what is happening isn’t exactly what you want. Part of the cycle is end of life, dereliction, demolition and rebuild. im familiar with the Imperial, was in it often. I owned the Savoy at the other end of Imperial Terrace, Yes, the Birches did lots of work, put in lots of ensuites, but it was never going to be a decent hotel with modern facilities. we are getting a Premier Inn, a TravelLodge. Something will replace the Imperial. Hopefully there is enough demand for it to be tourist oriented. cycles go on and on, and repeat. That’s life. Over the last 40, 25 and 10 years we’ve built lots of new infrastructure, in a process of renewal of Victorian ( and later ) stuff that was beyond its life, clapped out. This is but another step. The moon stuff is privately funded, drains and water and electric has been public. Hotels have been private, then and now. You’ve got to have growth to generate the money, public or private to rebuild. The prom took 30 years to develop from the Peveril to Derby Castle, then its been widened, extended, sunken gardens, IRIS, it’s always a work in progress.
  10. John Wright

    Bum slapper has to be nice to all

    I wasn’t there, I don’t know the facts, other than what’s in the report. Because of the way it was dealt with the facts were not told to the court. He was charged with common assault, not indecent assault, so the lowest assault category with no sexual element. The Lady clearly took exception and reported him. He was charged or summonsed. No doubt he attended Court and saw the duty advocate. There would have been discussion of the prosecution case and the defendants case. There would have been discussion of outcomes and sentencing options and risk. Perhaps the facts alleged were disputed, perhaps a conviction would have meant loss of job. Let’s suppose it was a first offence, no risk of prison, probably not even a fine. Community sentence. So, duty advocate goes to see prosecutor, says there will be a guilty plea and trial, with all that entails of the aggrieved having to give evidence. DA then says that defendant will enter into a binding over order to be of good behaviour, if the prosecution is withdrawn. It has same effect as a conditional discharge. If he breaches he has to pay a financial penalty, but importantly it is civil, not criminal, so no conviction. Prosecutor, bearing in mind the low level of charge, the actual facts, the fact the woman won’t be called ( and named - no annonimity in common assault for the victim ) agrees. Defendant signs up, case withdrawn. Defendant has clean record.
  11. John Wright

    Imperial Hotel, Douglas Promenade

    Can demolition be aesthetically pleasing? A lot of internal stripping out has happened. Lots of roofing has been removed. Thats standard before the final push. Surely you remember the grey grim prom of the 1960’s, many of the buildings not painted, black bitumen mastic filling the cracks in the cement render? Now that really looked like WW2. Or the 1990’s with the Villiers, Greenwood House, Athol block, crumbling and decaying, or 40 years of the stalinesque bleak Summerland ( not sure, but it’s demolished site might be an improvement). Its part of the cycle of the life of a town.
  12. John Wright

    Man wins employment tribunal

    I don’t think this one has been put up yet. The previous decisions are still there. Appealing won’t stop publication.
  13. John Wright

    Radio Quirk ?

    Not offended, and I don’t think he shares his blog to that particular FB page. Bit like you, really, I ended up with more than a few links.to RC, which I didn’t want. You’re in the exact same territory.
  14. John Wright

    Radio Quirk ?

    Your responses are so predictable, and I’m enjoying watching your inevitable car crash into a ban spin along nicely.
  15. John Wright

    Radio Quirk ?

    Then you’re trolling