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  1. Lost Login

    Popular Rider Critical...

    Max. I hope you are medically qualified to make such comments or expect a reprimand from John Wright.
  2. Lost Login

    Manx Radio

    It is though an odd situation in that Manx Radio are not meant to make a profit to return to shareholders and on the basis that covering the TT is profitable the "TT profit" is presumably used to cover in part their public service broadcasting remit. If they lose the TT rights then presumably they the Govt subvention will have to increase to make up the shortfall? Because Manx Radio is a non profit organisation that is supported by a Govt subvention to cover the costs in theory Manx Radio should bid nothing as they would be using subvention funds to do so or alternatively they could bid £100million as the money would go on a merry go round. Manx Radio pay Manx Govt £100million for the rights. Manx Govt increase the subvention to Manx Radio by £100million Presumably therefore for a bid to be successful it would have to be for more than the Manx Radio would lose by not having the rights and requiring an increased subvention. Or at least that appears to be the logical position but logic often flies out the window where Govt is concerned.
  3. Lost Login

    Popular Rider Critical...

    I have watched football and rugby for over 50 years and probably played nearly 30 years. I can remember the odd trip to A&E, the odd broken bone but I cannot ever remember ever seeing a player end up at A&E with both arm an ankle fractures or many of the sort of injuries reported (or often not reported) resulting from crashes during the TT and MGP
  4. Lost Login

    Popular Rider Critical...

    Well it is preferable to them being in the morgue
  5. Lost Login

    Reflections on TT vs MGP/FoM

    I appreciate that the delays to closing the roads if the CoC decides they are not in a condition they can not start racing or practices etc. What pees me off though is the announcement to delay closing until a short time before they are due to close as by that time everybody has run around like a blue arsed fly to get where they need. I think there should be a requirement of a minimum one hours notice with regard to a delay in closing. That way you don't discover the roads are staying open until you have packed up and stopped what you are doing or got off the course to where you want them to go. There then should be a requirement to start racing, practices within an hour unless something arises in the meantime e.g. an emergency arises on the course. If they don't roads to be reopened for a minimum of 2 hours before they are closed again. That way rounds will only be closed when they are sure they are fit for the bikes and everybody keeps gets notice of delays to roads being closed and can plan accordingly.
  6. Lost Login

    Popular Rider Critical...

    Probably, but we would also have less crashes and serious injuries/deaths year round if we had sensible speed limits rather than giving the impression that the Island and especially over the mountain is a place where you can drive as hard and as fast as you want. Whilst this culture prevails we will attract and encourage "idiots" to give it a "blast" as it appears that as an Island we give it the big thumbs up. To improve road safety you have you the change mind set of drivers and presently the Island appears to encourage drivers putting their foot down.
  7. Lost Login

    Popular Rider Critical...

    You have answered your own question. Any specific ideas would be deemed to be not acceptable to supporters or two expensive by Govt. If you want specific ideas then limit CC capacity to say 100CC so slowing bikes down. More restricted fuel allowances so that bikes have to go slower or they will run out of fuel. More and longer electric bike classes which would require bikes to go slower to conserve battery power. Much stricter fitness and ability tests etc. Should pensioners really be racing or should newcomers be allowed until they have proved themselves elsewhere. Every marshal to have strict minimal training including first aid rather than simply signing a form. All marshals to have minimum fitness standards. No spectator to be within 5 meters of the course. All straw bale "safety barriers to be replaced by airbags. All riders to wear air bag protection to a prescribed minimum standard. Spend multi millions of pounds replacing hard walls that are not part of buildings with fencing and fencing to be safety fencing. Compulsory purchase land and buildings to straighten dangerous parts of the course, remove dangerous obstacles or create run off areas. All around the course have big obvious signs saying "if you crash you are likely to die" with pictures of the results of previous crashes.
  8. Lost Login

    Popular Rider Critical...

    Sorry don't they pay start money to encourage some to attend and partake. Don't they have a full or part time liaison officer to try and attract and encouraging new or returning riders. As for the benefit to the treasury coffers justifying it, how much value do you put on somebody's life or them ending up as a cabbage or paralysed from the neck down for the rest of their life. Does the "Island" near to earn a £1,000, or £10,000 or £100,000 per life to make the event acceptable. The IoM Govt's own report though shows that the MGP does not bring a net benefit to the coffers and the TT only does because they assume that if the TT was not on there would not be a single visitor to the Island spending money during the period. They still then have to reply on the mythical multiplier figure for the figures to add up, increase or decrease that figure and you can get any result you want. The report also as they state does not cover "other" costs to the Island like lost income to businesses as they close or work limited hours due to the TT etc
  9. Lost Login


    It appears that shortly there will be another trial in respect of a person charged with gross indecency and indecent assault. I have no idea of the facts of the case but are the BBC wrong then to report a person has been committed for trial and given their name and address. I have no knowledge of the case beyond what is posted on the BBC page and by the logic of many posting here it should not be reported unless the person is found guilty. I am not of that opinion. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-isle-of-man-45302959
  10. Lost Login

    Popular Rider Critical...

    Deciding that an event with only a couple of hundred competitors should only be put on in a safe manner so it is not expected that a handful will return home in body bags or missing parts of their body etc would be a good starting point.
  11. Lost Login

    Popular Rider Critical...

    But the MGP does not per Government figures and the TT only does if it assumes that during the two weeks of the TT nobody would visit the Island and spend money here if the TT and MGP were not on. As both are held in the main holiday periods that is obviously baloney
  12. Lost Login

    Popular Rider Critical...

  13. Lost Login

    Popular Rider Critical...

    No glee. Just pissed off that to try and make the Island a few quid we put on an event that a few each year are expected to die at or be left with serious changing life injuries. The question is not will this happen but who will pull the short straw and which side of being dead or left with life changing injuries one or two will fall. There is no shock or surprise when somebody is killed the only question is who. Knowing that somebody probably will die it seems that when somebody does sending condolences or thoughts and prayers via a public forum seems a bit trite. FFS we had an earlier posting sending prayers for their recovery. I would have thought expert medical help would be more use than asking for the help of some mythical being. I generally view such posts as being little more than a balm to the persons own conscience In my opinion we show little respect to the family and friend by putting on an event where we expect competitors to die and then basically carry on as if nothing has happened all for the sake of earning a few quid and that is far worse than anything that might be posted on a forum subsequently. This killing and maiming has to stop. To me that would be the ultimate way to show respect to all those that have died because the IoM economy appears to be more important that a persons life to some.
  14. Lost Login

    What S*** Luck for MGP

    What was that? An hour?
  15. Lost Login


    In cases like this and with social media I think an innocent person is in a no win situation. If it goes to trial, is reported and acquitted then moan about the matter being made public and the risk of vigilantism. I think the risk is there as soon as an accusation is made as if it does not go to trial the risk is the name of the accused gets out there by accident or design and there are accusations of a cover up. It is easy to get a whispering campaign going and at least this way it is said very publicly the person is innocent although I am sure they would have preferred it not to have happened. I am sure it could have been reported more sensitively, but that is with hindsight. If in a similar case similar accusations were made, proved and the relevant party found guilty the public would complain if the media did not report. I don't think there is any easy answer unless you are physic and no the outcome of a case in advance Once you have been accused, even if totally innocent, it must be horrific as whether it goes to trial there will always be a small minority who point fingers