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  1. Bitcoin

    Isn't there one in the Thirsty Piegeon in Douglas, certainly used to be
  2. Pubs closing

    Sorry but you are wrong the IOM GOVT increase the beer duty to stay in line with the UK. The IOM GOVT does not increase Beer Duty it has no powers to do so because of the common purse arrangement
  3. Pubs closing

    No the same, beer here is not twice the price of beer in the UK. In the south of the UK beer is far more expensive than here
  4. Pubs closing

    Beer duty used to be cheaper on the Island than in the UK back in the 80's, that's why beer was cheaper here and then Govt here decided to make it equal to the UK. The law only ever applied to beers brewed here imported beers have always been allowed and the Beer Purity law does not apply to them.
  5. Pubs closing

    Not on the Island, we have a beer purity law that does not allow anything that isn't traditional
  6. Pubs closing

    Thats me serious moustache
  7. Pubs closing

    The Brewery is not closing, I still work 3 days a week as Brewing Consultant for Okells, just not Head Brewer
  8. Darkest Dungeon

    Just bought this myself, will be playing it later on
  9. Road tax

    That was a Renault Megane that was a company car. The Porsche I bought myself
  10. Road tax

    Yeah 2014 , handles better than a 911 with a mid engine not rear like 911
  11. Road tax

    I wanted a Cayman GT4 but ended up with a Cayman S
  12. Elysium/Nostralious

    I just started playing on this got a lvl 27 hunter in about 4 days which seems faster than when it was vanilla
  13. Pokemon Go

    I walked along the prom tonight and did not see anything, pokemons, pokestops etc on the app on my phone, weird. Ingress works fine
  14. Astronomy Stuff

    More like Dark
  15. Astronomy Stuff

    It's all down to the Tisserand Parameter