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  1. Last Ten

    Moorhouse and Castletown Square

    He maybe should!! Lol are you sure your not Mr Moorhouse, so is that a yes he should or no he shouldn’t?
  2. Last Ten

    Moorhouse and Castletown Square

    Did anyone hear this so called MHK on the radio today dithering over if the Commissioners should pedestrianise Castletown Square or not?! He was dithering so much and thinking it was a good idea sometimes and a bad idea at other times. The radio presenter tried to push him on whether he supports it or not and he said it's up to the Commissioners. Whoever put him in the House of Keys, you deserve him. How much is he getting paid again to sit on the fence?
  3. Last Ten


    Question - Will this guy be able to take legal action against the newspaper or Courts? Or is the newspaper allowed to report alleged offences and name people legally? (in this case an innocent man). This is a genuine question and this needs questioning and investigated by our elected members of the House of Keys as a matter of urgency.
  4. Last Ten

    Manx Radio Apology (29th June)

    Thank you, I was beginning to think I was hearing stupidity!
  5. Last Ten

    Manx Radio Apology (29th June)

    Cheers Gladys I think he said they unreservedly apologise for a Manx Radio intern using the word beginning in W at last years Tynwald Ceremony. If I could find it on a recording I would link it here. Thanks
  6. Last Ten

    Manx Radio Apology (29th June)

    Just before the 5pm news on Friday 29th June, Chris Williams broadcast a sort of bizarre apology relating to what a presenter had apparently said/broadcast at Tynwald Hill last year. Did anyone hear it? it was absolutely bizarre with some chap (a recording) stating fence the court being played in the background! I have not been drinking or taking any form of recreational drugs (lol) but this strange apology and the way it was read out makes me think Manx Radio want to confuse us all. Anyone else hear it?? LT
  7. Last Ten

    Win a house competition!

    Thats the problem nobody knows!
  8. Last Ten

    Gubay v Drower et al

    6 feet deep.
  9. Last Ten

    Win a house competition!

    Got an email tonight that only 6,500 tickets were sold which was not enough and I never won the money prize instead lol. Someone called Sarah did win the cash alternative minus legal expenses! Mmmmm
  10. Last Ten

    Isle of Man News and Politics

    Who cares? He is a comedy legend.
  11. Nice one dilligaf glad you haven't got a clue, thats the way it will stay.
  12. This guy is in a vicious circle, spend 1k and clean him up and send him back to where he came from. A fine will not be paid so the poor guy will fall back into this circle and possibly offend again. Caring society my arse.
  13. Last Ten

    Conrod's Carl Cox Coup

    I think the Commissioners were right (if it was them that refused) its a bloody coffee shop for gods sake, there are loads of peeps with young kids living nearby in flats etc and why should they be put out with loud noise and music all night by someones big ideas.
  14. Last Ten

    TT 2018

    Them protocols definitely need a good root and branch review then Derek
  15. Last Ten

    TT 2018

    I have to say that Tim Glover on Radio TT has an effect that naturally makes me turn my wireless off Lol - His droning freaking voice makes me want to errrm.... Switch the radio off