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  1. McVegan - Yay or Nay

    Perhaps if the Living Hope lot produced a range of wholesome breakfast cereals then people might be more tolerant of them too ... just a thought
  2. Neck/shoulder/back strain

    Have you tried those ‘special quartz rocks’, there was some bloke posting on here about them a few weeks back, could be worth a try?
  3. TT price rise

    Yeah, so avoid La Piazza ,the pubs, the campsites, the burger vans, the sanitation, the aquaducts and have a great TT.....
  4. Parsons pigs

    Woodlice are great for getting dog shit off a carpet, so every cloud and all that....
  5. I've neither the time or the inclination to read the previous 5 pages of posts, but I'm still offended....
  6. "Obviously the world ain't flat, because inflation at the start of the universe pumped it up to make it a ball (the earth), and it makes stuff in shops cost more" Alan Guth 1981.
  7. Mother hits out at drug stash culprits

    It could, they could have been 'downers' ...
  8. Big chocolate cake haul by police

    Looks like someone has made a hash of this.....
  9. Music recommendations, anyone?

    I would suggest some dance music but the image of you as a Llap Dancer fills me with horror....
  10. Confidential Document Destruction

    Doxbond ... http://www.doxbond.com/shredding_private_clients.html
  11. Tractor on Douglas beach

    Perhaps it's a cry for kelp?
  12. Chinese Christmas lights.

    At least we are not stupid enough to import something really dangerous from China like nuclear power stations. Oh wait a sec...
  13. Chemical conundrum.

    Is this any help? https://www.menards.com/msds/106998_001.pdf Found it by searching for "glitter lamp COSHH"
  14. Buddhism

    Buy a Feckin book on it TJ. Might I suggest this one .. http://www.goodreads.com/book/show/13630259-thomas-jefferson
  15. Chief Minister on Gardening Leave

    Have you just come out of a coma? Oh dear it's not going to end well ... http://www.medicaldaily.com/ex-rugby-player-woke-gay-after-suffering-stroke-240159 It's all true you know.......