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  1. thesultanofsheight


    Or maybe Antony Pugh owns 1500 Rajar devises he moves round the IOM around in rotation?
  2. thesultanofsheight

    Pinewood problems

    Very successful for manipulating GDP to leverage the VAT agreement. Not as successful as actual investments that will produce a return looking at the mass of loses. Since the last VAT agreement re-write and that odd deal with Pinewood to try to justify that it wasn’t all a fiddle (and justify the Pinewood share investment) we might has well have just filled big drums with £50 notes and set fire to them.
  3. thesultanofsheight


    FFS, really? So we’re basically saying there is no interest in the TT so we have to pay people to provide media coverage on it?
  4. thesultanofsheight


    Yes what other broadcaster anywhere else in the world would get a contract to broadcast an event and then say - that’s great it will cost you shed loads of money for us to cover that for you! It’s customary to pay for the rights to broadcast sports content that you then use to sell advertising around.
  5. thesultanofsheight

    Castle Mona Hotel - The Lunatics are taking over the Asylum

    The only fish Buster swims with is the brown ones that float in Douglas Bay.
  6. thesultanofsheight

    Gordon Vayo sues Pokerstars - $695,000

    And of course the contract is transacted under Manx Law so of course you have to go through a Manx Court with a Manx Advocate. Don't let that get in the way of a good conspiracy theory though!
  7. thesultanofsheight

    Thieving airport posties

    They’re just trying to wind you up. The usual trolls have been quiet for some time now but it seems they have got bored and just fancy a bit of sport. Don’t bite it isn’t worth it.
  8. thesultanofsheight

    Charging Point At Bungalow.

    Just in case you’re caught out between Douglas and Ramsey and have 4 hours to spare parking up ... WTF point is there putting a charging station there?
  9. thesultanofsheight

    Thieving airport posties

    Trolling people in a very unamusing way again ? sigh
  10. thesultanofsheight

    Steam Packet to be sold

    Blocked? Good so now I can say what I like and you dont respond as I have contributed quite a bit to this thread from the start with posts of substance. Not like you with your pretty insults at people, and what seems to be a massive chip in your shoulder about Alf Cannan and Alf Cannan’s dad (who you have mentioned at least three times now in disparaging terms). I’m not really sure what relevance that has when people have hitherto been very effectively discussing the possible business case for buying the Steam Packet. I see you have also sunk to using obnoxious language and profanities rather than offering any real input (other than the insults about the Cannans of course). I’d keep me on block if I were you.
  11. thesultanofsheight

    Thieving airport posties

    I linked to the article. You seem to support thieving government workers as you’re clearly getting so angry about it.
  12. thesultanofsheight

    Police support workers in pubs and clubs

    You’re obviously as irritating and argumentative in pubs as you are on here then if that’s how they usually ask you to leave
  13. thesultanofsheight

    Thieving airport posties

    Saw this before http://www.iomtoday.co.im/article.cfm?id=40463&headline=Men sentenced for airport thefts&sectionIs=NEWS&searchyear=2018 So three people got done for nicking £50k worth of goods in the post and, it would seem, that perhaps there is still a thieving “person or persons unknown” happily still at work being paid by the public purse for being a robbing, thieving, bastard, while we’re paying his pension for him. Maybe that’s why the queues at the airport are kept so long so that they can secretly rifle through your pockets as you wait 45 minutes to so through security?
  14. thesultanofsheight

    Steam Packet to be sold

    He came across well on the interview and I think he gave away a lot of the logic. But don’t let that cut across your genetic hatred of the Cannan family.
  15. thesultanofsheight

    Steam Packet to be sold

    I agree with you on the £5.1M and I see even Philip Dearden says it looks “odd”; but on the contract presumably if we broke early we would owe the owners of the SPC compensation. That compensation would be calculated by a court relative to the income MIOM would be expected to earn up to the official termination date of the contract. So it could presumably go to court and they might say £10M a year x 8 years to go = £80M owed in compensation. So all we are really doing is buying that income for £24M from what I can see. Then at the same time we drop in £76M of loans so that the existing owner of MIOM Ltd can withdraw its loans supporting the SPC from MIOM and take the money and run. It doesn’t look too bad a deal to me as I assume after we’ve re-papered the UA the equity will be worth a lot more and also another lender would probably be happy to come in and buy our loans out as it would be a more attractive lending proposition to a private equity firm or bank.