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  1. Well done Alfred

    Jasper has as much right to post here as anyone else whether you (or me) agree with him or not.
  2. Where's Allan Bell

    Thankfully he’s reduced to posting angry rubbish nobody reads about Brexit. No doubt he’ll be back to slagging off IOM electoral candidates come next election. It’s pretty easy to work out which self entitled right wing idiot is behind it all.
  3. Where's Allan Bell

    It was nothing to do with MF. It was a load of bullshit Amy Burns posted on Facebook during her idiotic election campaign.
  4. Union strikes another devastating blow to IOMG

    Coup D’etat
  5. Well done Alfred

    It is clear where the pressure is being applied and yes pretty much if someone says there is a blacklist that’s pretty much it until those blacklisted can prove they shouldn’t be on the list by complying. You can see how they are trying to position this here there does not have to be any logic to it. Politics is not about logic. You know you might get more out of debate on here if you were capable of ever conceding that any other contributor on here might have a point and that you are not always exclusively right in everything you say.
  6. Well done Alfred

    They will create a compelling reason. This is a witch hunt now. They’ll have to find and deal with a few witches.
  7. Well done Alfred

    So sure ? http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-41986273 “And she called on the Treasury to introduce a new public register of property ownership and to help British tax havens "in transforming their economies". “He [Andrew Mitchell] echoed the call for tax havens to have a public register of investments, adding: "Registers must be open to the media, to journalists, to NGOs and to those people who can join up the dots." https://www.theguardian.com/news/2017/nov/14/tackle-tax-avoidance-in-budget-labour-urges-philip-hammond Nobody will break rank the most obvious way to ensure compliance and public registers is via black list threats to all in the wake of Paradise Papers leaks.
  8. Well done Alfred

    Threat of a blacklist will bring about compliance of all at once. As I said above and Philip confirms - the register has already been created. It is being populated with data as we speak. The argument will just be around when that data (which already exists) will be public. If they stand up in the Budget on the 22nd and say blacklists will happen if it’s not made public they’ll all fold at once.
  9. Ban On Cheap Beer

    Basically all this change in Scotland will now mean is that serious alcoholics will now have to resort to crime as they will no longer be able to buy cheap alcohol. They won’t stop being problem drinkers or alcoholics they’re just going to have to find other people to fund their alcohol intake now they can afford to because the courts have put the prices up. Watch shop lifting and street crime increase on the back of this as people with addictions are pushed further down the ladder. Stupid policy.
  10. Well done Alfred

    Yes it’s another Brexit conspiracy Woolley. We would have got away with it if it wasn’t for those pesky kids!
  11. Well done Alfred

    The blacklist might not be though if we don’t do anything. Let’s face it the register already exists so the argument will just be about whether is exists publicly or not. The register has been created and is being populated with ownership data from this year.
  12. Well done Alfred

    What say has Alfie got? Its the UK budget in less than 10 days time. After all the stink that is being kicked up if they threaten to blacklist us if we don’t have a public register than there’s fuck all Allie will be able to do about it.
  13. Union strikes another devastating blow to IOMG

    I don’t even know where to start on that as my last 5 bus rides have been provided by a fat, surly, oaf, with no customer service skills whatsoever. I wouldn’t mind hearing the odd recorded message to be honest. I wondering why someone ended up making a FOI about it.
  14. So long, farewell.........

    Great news. Can’t imagine her crap will wash in N Ireland. She’ll be eaten alive in 10 minutes. Still I suppose she had to take the job as the alternative was probably your role is now redundant.
  15. She’s a sad alcoholic who got caught drink drinking twice. Her charity was also a bit of a joke ran by a complete pisshead. She’s hardly the Malcolm X of the Manx political underground who has been silenced by the Establishment.