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  1. Yes and next TT Week perhaps they'll have to get a man to drive them round in a car as they won't be able to be trusted to not have an accident, and perhaps we should enforce a chaperone to take girls to school just in case they speak to someone outside the family? Do you know what it's embarrassing to even say you're Manx sometimes now. To me this feels almost like the decriminalisation debate we had the 1990s and how long it took the IOM to drag itself out of the Dark Ages then. Im just trying to work out who is the current Edgar Quine as s(He) won't stand up and be counted like he did.
  2. He still seems to be about as I've bumped into him a few times. He needed to get out of politics though and I'm sure the current sad state of Lib Van was part of that. It's a party beyond hope that has lost Peters independent spark. It's almost the Manx Tory party now pushing an anti abortion agenda from KB and putting up prescription charges for old folk. I'm sure he's glad to be out at at least he was an honorable man who was true to his word.
  3. I have to agree with you here. But it is starting to look like the biggest fix going. As I said a few pages back I've pledged a donation on the back of this proving to be the massive fix I always suspected it to be. The sad fact is though that we'll have the rest of the world laughing at us when we retain a system even more retrograde than Southern Ireland; a Catholic country. What should come first here is the ability of women to make choices that affect their own lives and their own bodies. But this debate has clearly now been stolen from us by religious loons who will have manipulated the voluminous consultation inputs.
  4. I would imagine now that most of its user base is paying excessive standing charges whether they use any gas or not it now has a set monthly cash flow that it can start hedging forward gas purchases against so it can screw even more profit out of the consumer.
  5. Peter was a very good judge of character. It always surprised me the bashings he used to get on here for apparently being thick.
  6. Only if they have profits of over £500,000 Woolley. Under that there's still no tax.
  7. Great and most apt word of the day.
  8. I agree and I support every word Turner has said. The biggest problem with the IOM is a lot of public sector wankers who have milked it dry for their own benefit and who are now lining up (and fully expect) to feed of its corpse. I wouldn't recommend anyone sets up a business here either these days given the escalating costs, the amount of pointless red tape just to keep people in jobs, and the constant public sector arse kissing you're required to do to achieve anything. I also agree there's a big public backlash coming (hopefully).
  9. There's building work going on there and the street is currently blocked off at the side of the old Castle Mona car park so something is definitely happening.
  10. Thanks for your reply. I can see how you could easily do that and I agree it's a risk that this is what has been done here. It will only take a few on and off island churches sending round emails with cut and paste templates in them to overturn the real views of the Manx general public on this issue by creating hundreds and hundreds of fake consultation responses. I think that's basically what the DHSC wanted in this case so that that have an exuse for staying in the Dark Ages and subjugating women's rights for another half a century or so.
  11. That's what Border reported. It won't make any difference what the people of the IOM might want. The DHSC don't want any changes to come in and putting it out to Consultation will guarantee that they now have the excuse, backed by over 3.000 nutters who live in the Dark Ages sending in their responses, not to do anything to bring us into the 21st century. I have already pledged to give £100 to a rape crisis charity when the inevitable "We don't like change around here" decision is made by the DHSC backed by the results of "The biggest consultation feedback we have ever received". i was amazed that the consultation feedback process (which I also did) does not even validate your email address or even ask you (or check) if you actually live here so frankly it's bloody useless and totally prone to abuse. Quite why you're not asked to provide a tax reference number or NI number to validate that you live here and that you're not some random nutter from some loopy church or special interest group in the UK just causing trouble before you submit your view is lost on me. It's totally prone to abuse on big issues like this. The whole consultation expertise was a joke. If the response was in the thousands I bet you less than 200 responses are from people who actually live here and would be affected by it. More fake democratic processes to give us the illusion that the CS isn't actually rigging everything,
  12. Im sure would send out a message to anymore drunken Irishmen who come over here to bully people into complying with a law whilst at the same time breaking another law themselves.
  13. Border news this morning said 4,000 people had responded which I think is worrying (when normally a consultation gets about 20 responses max) as more than likely a few whole congregations of religious nutters and special interest groups in the UK have all responded en masse and the view of the average Manx resident will have been drowned out under the weight. Government consults too much and thus is likely now to be kicked into the long grass and the DHSC can turn round and say that as 3,500 religious nutters have expressed an opinion that the IOM should remain in the Dark Ages then that's what we'll do. Hang women's rights or common sense.
  14. I don't slag off everyone any anything at all and I didn't chip away at Stu either as my post was a very tiny sentence of only a few words. I just offer my view on things just like other people offer their views on things. If you don't agree that's fine. What I don't do, however, is just sit online all day trying to create fights with people for no apparent reason and constantly snipe at other posters just to wind them up and try to cause fights that derail threads and add no actual content at all other than insulting people for daring to express their views. Its funny how the temperature on MF is starting to rise again when one poster decides to start postimg again after a break of a few weeks. I'm sure other people notice that as well.
  15. Great the angry man is back again trying to cause arguments rather than making any valid comments or observation in his posts. No doubt the forum will be back to an angry meltdown in a few days again after a few days of Notty trying to get a rise out of anyone just to fill in the day.