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  1. Painter man to the rescue.

    It’s probably the only time a Jonathan King has expressed interest in a bird.
  2. Pedantic Manx police state strikes again

    Ok, so what attracted you to your very lucrative second career that you can take alongside your police pension then?
  3. vehicle excise duty survey

    They don’t use the park and ride. It’s a made up story by civil servants to try to explain why you can never fucking park up there because of all the civil servants cars.
  4. limited reactions to posts

    50 likes a day is a lot Doc !!
  5. Pedantic Manx police state strikes again

    That’s a classic civil servant line. So nobody can express an opinion on how they see other peoples behaviour as it lacks some sort of scientific basis?
  6. Spuan strides out

    Being transgender is very fashionable at the moment.
  7. Manx Radio

    Or Spectrum Windows .... nobody will hear you butchering your irritating wife!
  8. Children's Centre streamlining services

    I bet they’ve been subsidized by IOMG for those services and the subsidy is going.
  9. Pedantic Manx police state strikes again

    Jonsdottir that’s a good Manx name isn’t it? She got £4 to spend on her kids out of the deal if she is to be believed. The rest was apparently spent on cake the donor ate. It isn’t the crime of the century is it? Fucking embarrassing if you ask me with all the corruption going on here.
  10. Pedantic Manx police state strikes again

    Would you be pissed off if she gave someone £20 though? If she gave them her wedding ring or her Rolex fair play. But £20? As WTF said a way back Christian Aid or the MSPCA will fleece the elderly and the demented for much more than that when they’re at their weakest point and nothing is ever done about those “charitable donations” made when they dont know what day of the week it is. But this woman got a £20 voucher. FFS.
  11. Pedantic Manx police state strikes again

    It’s £20 .....
  12. Pedantic Manx police state strikes again

    It’s £20 ... those are rules, breaching them should not be a “crime”. There are disciplinary procedures I assume that deal with ambiguity over such small amounts?
  13. Pedantic Manx police state strikes again

    It’s still basically a dispute over how £20 was spent.
  14. Pedantic Manx police state strikes again

    So if you got given a £20 voucher Wrighty, and you bought cakes for the benefactor for some of that money, how would you avoid ending up in court? I assume you’re so far up the food chain some knobhead with an axe to grind wouldn’t come for you?
  15. Pedantic Manx police state strikes again

    Without being “fitted up” it’s basically a sad dispute over who spent a £20 voucher.